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Mer Gene finally gets fed up with Snaf refusing his advances, and finally figures out a way to explain to Snaf that HE WANTS THAT D. Snaf ain’t holding back no longer, he doesn’t realise what he’s done

Sorry, I just pictured Eugene gesturing at his crotch and saying: Can I have some??

But I mean, yeah!!! What’s clearly failing between those two is communication! And Snafu is jumping into conclusions, AS USUAL, and assuming that Eugene doesn’t really want him. That he is confused and that the boy is holding onto him because he has no one else and blah, blah, blah. The same old BS we are all tired of!! You think Eugene would get in the bed of a human because he is confused? No!!! They are gross but Merry is very pretty and very kind and he likes him. Ah, well!!

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I dont think nico handled the situation very well but as someone who has never had to come out I dont feel I personally have authority on the matter. I'm sure if nico told levi earlier on the issue wouldn't seem so big as it is however I believe in the writers thinking of this storyline like yesterday.

Nico definitely didn’t handle it well. I’m myself am bi, somewhat questioning I will admit, and it was scary coming out. My dad was fine, but told me not to tell others, specifically my ex-stepmum, which includes my little sister. My mum knows but she doesn’t realy care, I think my grandma knows but she brushes over it because… yeah. It hurts but she grew up in a different time.

I’m out and proud, I don’t care. I like myself (mostly). So, yeah, Nico definitely didn’t handle it well but I still stand by the fact he was, and still is, very much scared. I reckon he was going to tell Levi at some point, but as time went on, he realised he couldn’t and that is why he kept it to himself.

If you watch that scene, after he says something a long the lines of “that’s why I haven’t told them”, he looks like he’s thinking ’oh shit, I didn’t mean to say that’ and he realises that he has to tell Levi and it isn’t the beat situation.

This may just be me trying to think of a logical reason behind all this so it doesn’t seem so out-of-the-blue and all, but I don’t know really.

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Your tags !! I feel ya! You know he's so much better in campaigns pictures or like for tailoring but as a tour photographer? Bts photographer? Magazines? No, not enough experience and his photograph style not for that. Hes not bad but just good in different areas!

yeah! every photographer has their own strengths. i think jordan does really well in a studio / static setting doing more editorial stuff… his street work leaves much to be desired imo

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Matthias, you’ve gotten a little mundane for our liking. You and Ariella make an alright couple but let’s spice things up. We’ve wanted to see what would happen between you and Octavia ever since you reconnected. Does she even know you two used to be engaged? Maybe it’s time to take a little journey to the past and do a little bit more than reconnect with Octavia. Perhaps a little kiss? I’m sure Ariella wouldn’t mind, right? Lots of love, the Gossip Witches xoxo

He had heard a lot about these notes, but as held one in his own hands Matthias felt his stomach drop. What could they possibly want from him?

Matthias inhaled sharply before unfolding the note and reading its contents. He knew his answer before he had even finished reading the note. There was no way he would give in to what they wanted. He was devoted to Ariella through and through. Nothing could change that. Not even the possibility of his secret being exposed.

Incendio, he whispered, watching the note furl inwards and engulf in flames before becoming a pile of ash at his feet. Straightening up he finished his drink and fixed up his tie before making his way back into the party to look for Ariella.



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Will there be Helena “Through her eyes” for the rest of her seasons? Also will there be anything else with Helena and MC like date night type thing or really anything? If nothing is in plans please please please make it so. And thank you for bringing Helena alive. She is hands down my favourite ❤️

I’m DYING for them to continue! :( I miss her so deeply, she’s my favourite all time LI. If @lovestruckvoltage don’t continue with anything, the mods here will do our best to bring something to life! - Mod Viv

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Top 5 most typical Finnish things (your point of view) Top 5 random things that makes you smile 😁❤

Top 5 most typical Finnish things:

1. sauna

2. rye bread

3. salmiakki/salty liquorice

4. lakes

5. torille!!!!/going to the marketplace every time Finland is mentioned somewhere

(this order is not permanent, and these are the things that first came to mind 😂)

Top 5 random things that make me smile:

Aww this is a cute one! Also I can’t put these in any order 😅

-when someone remembers something I like, even if I had said it only once

-the sounds of hockey and finnish baseball (yes I had to combine these, and I have to get this out: hockey sounds are amazing but there’s something very satisfying when the ball hits the mitt with a snapping sound)

-when a baby or a toddler smiles at you

-seeing an older couple walking hand in hand through the streets

-getting asks/messages/reblogs/other interaction on this site!! You guys are amazing!

Ask me my top 5/top 10 anything!

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Where do I need to sign to get a shoulder rub from our boy Henry?

Idk but when you know the answer tell me pls

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Me going onto the first Rumbelle episode to get references for your ouat au knowing that once I click on the episode Imma get addicted again: dammit

i feel your pain its so easy to suddenly binge two seasons out of no where

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Thank you for writing my request! I'm glad you liked the idea ☺️ Could you write more set in that universe? Maybe one of their grandchildren comes to visit his/her grandpas 😄

Oh gosh I love this AU! Also I know Julian doesn’t have any children but this is an AU so I in this he does 💖


Julian lets himself into the house, greeted by a heard of dogs that Dylan pets lovingly, before dropping his bags in the hall and moving into the kitchen. Paul is cooking, what Julian thinks must be lunch, and Julian enters silently with Dylan on his hip.

“Hey Paul,” he says, watching as the older man jumps before setting the knife down and turning to him with a surprised face.

“Hey Jules,” he says, before Dylan practically flings himself at Paul with a loud ‘grandpa’ and he laughs.

“Where’s dad?”

Paul holds Dylan on his hip before resuming his work and says “in the garden.”

Julian nods, hearing Paul talk to Dylan quietly, and makes his way through the house until he’s in the ‘garden’ as they call it. It’s more of a few fields but Julian guesses they’re used to it by now.

He finds his father planting flowers, and frowns at the sight, before bending down next to him.

“Hey dad.”

John turns to him with a smile, and looks like he wants to hug him but stops himself when he realises his hands are covered in mud.

“Hey Jules. What r’ya doin’ here?”

“Paul invited me and Dylan to stay for the weekend,” he says, and John hums in reply before shovelling the soil back into the ground.

“What r’ya doin’ this for anyway?” Julian asks, watching as his father frowns, patting the soil flat.

“Paul made me do it didn’t he. Said I needed to get me arse out of the house but I don’t see that lazy bugger out ‘ere.”

Julian laughs at his dad’s grumbling and instead stands up to help Paul, who’s trying to carry three plates at once with Dylan hanging on one of his legs. He takes a plate and Dylan’s hand and they all sit around the outdoor table.

Julian looks at the two older men, watching as John hugs Dylan before tapping his nose making him giggle. Julian sees them both equally as his father, and counts himself lucky to have three loving parents, and three loving grandparents for Dylan.

“Yer goin’ grey there Paul,” Julian says gesturing to the white streaks in his hair, and Paul shoots him a glare whilst John breaks into a laugh. Dylan giggles on John’s lap and reaches across to sit in Paul’s instead to grab at his hair.

“Grey,” he says with a cheeky grin, and Paul feigns a laugh whilst death glaring the other two.

“It’s not his fault he’s so old Dylan. He’ll be sixty soon y’know.”

“May I remind ya I’m not the oldest,” Paul says, pointing his fork at John, who laughs and bats his hand away.

Julian watches them with a smile as they bicker between themselves, whilst Dylan climbs between the two with small giggles, and he’s glad they’ve finally got the life they always wanted.

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who would you sign this summer? xxx

lots of people lol

  1. at least two midfielders (grealish, saul, partey, soumare)
  2. right winger (sancho, chukwueze)
  3. left back (telles, digne)
  4. backup striker (jovic?)
  5. another centre back
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