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#dylan o'brien

New story coming soon! It’s a fanfic based on Dylan O’Brien’s character, Caleb Halloway in Deepwater Horizon.


They say if you love someone, you should let them go. But, does that apply when letting them go means allowing them to go away for three months and work on an oil rig? Abigail Peterson loves her fiancé Caleb Holloway more than anything, but that doesn’t mean the next three months are going to be easy for her.

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Warnings: SMUT, fingering, unprotected sex, language, car sex

You should be happy with a little bit of nerves on your wedding day. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t happy. I was debating whether or not I was making the biggest mistake of my life. All I could think was that this was all happening so fast.

Chase asked me to marry him less than three months ago. We had only been dating 10 months when he asked me. Even when he was on bended knee and said those four words, I had a uneasy feeling in my stomach. I cared for him and I told him I loved him, but in that moment I wasn’t 100% certain that he was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And I have one person to blame for that doubt.

Dylan O'Brien.

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Wolf Moon

word count: 5.2k

Season 1 masterlist

In honor of nearly being done with season 2 here’s part one or season 1!

Warnings: mentions of dead body, underage drinking


I sighed under the warmth of the steaming hot water pouring out of my shower. After a long day like this was was just ready to finally go to bed and get a good night’s rest for my first day of sophomore year. I let all the soapy water run off my skin before stepping out of my shower and grabbing a towel.

Standing in front of the mirror I wipe the fog from from it and begin reaching for my toothbrush before I hear a loud bang coming from downstairs.

Was my father home already? He usually stayed out a bit later than this.

“Dad?” I call out. I slip on my slippers before walking out of the bathroom and into the hall. “Dad?” I call out into the now eerily dark seeming hallway.

No response.

I slowly make my way down stairs grabbing a candle stick holder on the way down and inspect the entire lower level of my house only to find nothing.

I furrow my eyebrows and turn around bumping into someones chest before screaming. I raise the candle holder prepared to defend myself no matter the costs as the assailant begins screaming as well. I prepare to lower my weapon in an attack before I recognize the screams.

“Stiles, what the heck?!” I huff.

“You were gonna hit me with that?!” He yells back.

“Why is everyone screaming?!” Scott says running down the steps.

I groan and flick on a light before turning back to them.

“Why are you guys in my house so late?” I yell. “We have school in the morning!”

“Okay,” Stiles starts. “So my dad get this call and the next thing we know every police officer is rushing off to the woods and-”

“Long story short, Stiles is dragging us to find a half of a dead body.” Scott finishes for the hyperactive teen.

“Oh, no, I’m not doing that.” I shrug. “Actually Scott. Why are you even doing that? You said that you wanted a good nights sleep before practice tomorrow.”

“Right, because sitting in the bench is such a grueling effort.” Stiles teases.

“No because I’m playing this year in fact I’m making first line.” Scott proudly says.

“Hey, thats the spirt. Everyone should have a dream- Evan a pathetically unrealistic one.” Stiles says.

Scott and I both glare at him before I sigh.

“I’m not going, my dad would have a fit.” I say.

“Awe come on, Cori. It’ll be fun!” Stiles tries to persuade. “Plus you’re always bitching about how nothing ever happens in this town.”

“I just showered and you want me to go running around in the dirty woods looking for a dead body.” I deadpan before remembering I wasn’t dressed. I gasp and dive behind a nearby chair. “Oh my god! Get out!”


“Get out before my dad comes home and sees you guys!” I peep from behind the chair glaring softly.

“Oh come! Your dad will never find out you were gone.” Stiles tries.

“I know my dad seems like some nice vet guys but he’s really strict about my safety you guys know that…” I sigh. “Look I’ll see you guys in the morning okay? Then you guys can tell me all about it.” I say.

Stiles sighs before nodding. “Fine. Stay home and be a killjoy.” He groans pulling Scott towards the front door.

“Good luck! Don’t let the big bad killer get you guys!” I shout as they close the door behind them. I stand from my crouching position behind the chair and make my way up the stairs to finish getting ready for bed.

After putting on some comfy pajamas I  quickly call my dad to tell him I’m home, safe, and going to bed as I lay down for the night.

Hours later I shiver in my sleep and open my eyes to see my bedroom window open and I hear loud clamoring coming from outside. It must be Scott and Stiles again. I groan deeply and walk stomp down the stairs and out the back door to shout at them to go home only to see no one there. I look over the fence to see a still empty driveway before humming. It was probably just a deer messing around with the bird feeder again.

I hear a deep growl coming from behind me and I freeze suddenly feeling fear fill up inside of me.

I slowly turn around to see a growling beast staring at me. I slowly take a step towards my house before the growling beast charges towards me while I let out an ear curdling scream.

The next morning I was still shaking. That nightmare… it felt so real. But it couldn’t have been. Even if it were just some wild dog that attacked me outside, I would have woken up mangled in the backyard. So obviously it was nothing for me to worry about.

“Are you sure you’re alright Cori?” Jackson asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine, 100%.” I mutter as he pulls up next to Scott on his bike.

“Dude, watch the paint job.” He says as he climbs out of the vehicle.

“Thanks for the ride Jackson.” I smile getting out of the car.

“No problem.” He grins down at me before glaring at Scott one more time.

“I still don’t know how you can be friends with that asshole.”

“Jackson’s…a lot. But he’s okay once you get to know him-”

“I know, I know. He’s fine and he’s dating Lydia.” Scott says rolling his eyes.

“So what was it you had to tell me and Stiles?” I ask walking towards the building with him.

“Something bit me in the woods.”

“Something bit-” I shout before lowering my tone. “Something bit you in the woods.” I whisper-shout.

“I know.” He mumbles.

“Scott!” Stiles says running up.

“Hi, Stiles.” I wave before he shushes me.

“Okay let’s see this thing.” He says before Scott lifts up his shirt to reveal a bloody patch on his side. I gasp as Stiles reaches to touch it. I slap his hand before mumbling a small “Really?”

“It was too dark to see much but I’m pretty sure it was a wolf.” Scott says before I tense up. No, Cori it was just a dream, it had to be. I even woke up in my bed. I think letting out a deep breath. We begin walking towards the school as Stiles replies.

“A wolf bit you? No not a chance.”

“I heard a wolf howling.” Scott says.

“No you didn’t.” He replies again.

“Well why not.” I ask wanting to feel some sort of clarity.

“Because California doesn’t have wolves okay not in like 60 years he says chuckling at the both of us.” He states in a duh tone.

“Really?” Scott and I say at the same time.

“Yes, really there are no wolves in California”

“All right, if you don’t believe me about the wolf then you’re definitely not going to believe me about when I tell you I found the other half of the body.” Scott says sounding a bit superior.

“Gross.” I frown.

“Are you kidding me?” Stiles says.

“No, I wish I’m going to have nightmares for about a month.” Scott groans as Stiles chuckles excitedly.

Tell me about it. I think.

“That is fucking awesome. I mean this is seriously going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to this town since…” he stops looking over our shoulders. “The birth of Lydia Martin. Hey Lydia you look…like you’re going to ignore me.” he says a bit disappointed.

“Cori! Come on, I wanna show you this new gloss I bought.”   She chirps pulling me away from the two. I mouth a quick ‘sorry’ before following her into the school.

“I still don’t understand why you hang out with those two.” She says.

“They’re not so bad.” I say.

“Hm.” She hums with pursed lips. “Well come on, we have English to get to.” She says strutting away. I chuckle and follow behind her.


I look across the school hallway and see Scott looking over his shoulder quite intensely. I give him a small wave before noticing the staring wasn’t directed at me but this gorgeous brunette girl standing a locker down from me. She gives Scott a smile and a grin looking between the two.

“Oh, hi, you must be the new girl.”

“Yeah, Hi.” She says holding out her hand for a proper handshake. “Allison.”

“Cori, with an I.” I say with a smile.

“Nice to meet you.” She smiles.

“So where are you from? A different state or…” I trail off.

“Oh, well I’m kinda from-”

“That jacket is…absolutely killer. Where’d you get it?” Lydia says walking up behind me.

“Oh, um… my mom was a buyer for a boutique back in San Francisco.” Allison replies.

“And you are my new best friend.” Lydia comments with a smirk.

“Wow, Lyd’s, hurtful.” I tease as Jackson comes up and wraps his arm around her.

“Hey Jackson.” She says smiling up at him.

“So this weekend, I’m throwing this party.” Lydia starts.

“A party?” Allison asks.

“A classic rager. Red solo cups and all.” I chuckle.

“Yeah, it’s Friday night. You should come.” Jackson says.

“Ooh, I can’t it’s family night this Friday. Thanks for asking”

“You sure? Everyone’s going after the scrimmage.” Lydia asks.

“You mean like football?” She asks

I giggle.“No.”

“Football’s a joke. The sport here is lacross. We’ve won the state championship for the past 3 years.” Jackson says.

“Because of a certain team captain.” Lydia says hugging into Jackson.

“They’ll be practice in a few minutes that is if you don’t have any class.” He says.

“Well, I was going to uhh-”

“Perfect.” Lydia says grabbing her hand.

I giggle as I mumble to Allison. “Lydia can be a bit much at first but she’s actually a great friend.”

“I hope your right.” She mumbles back before we chuckle together.

Lydia, Allison, and I all sit down on the bench as Scott stares over at Allison. He must like her, I should talk him up to her.

I watch as Coach throws a helmet and stick to Scott while I silently panic. It’s gonna be really hard to tell Allison how great he is while he is being a complete failure right in front of her eyes.

“Who is that.” Allison asks as she studies Scott on the field.

“Him? I’m not sure who he is.” Lydia says cocking her head to the side like a confused puppy.

“Lyd’s…” I shame her.  "That’s my friend Scott. He’s really sweet.“

"Oh, are you guys…close?” She asks.

“If you’re asking whether or not we’re into each other. The anwser is no.” I say before leaning in. “And I’m sure if you had a thing for him, he’d be falling all over a chance at that.” I tell her. She slightly blushes before looking back towards Scott on the field.

Scott covers his ears with his hands as Coach Finstock blows his whistle before a ball socked him right in the face. I wince and sigh as the team laughs. Dang it Scott. He gets back up shrugging it off before quickly catching the next ball, and the next one, and the next one after that. I blink rapidly. What?

“He seems like he’s pretty good.” Allison says.

“Very good.” Lydia agrees.

“Yeah, he did say he practiced all summer.” I say looking at him in curiosity.

Jackson steps up next looking like he’s ready to take down a new threat and I roll my eyes. I loved Jackson but he really was such a jerk sometimes. Scott catches the fast ball with easy causing he to gasp before cheering.

“Go Scott!” I cheer as Lydia does the same. I look at her strangely and she gives me a knowing look. Lydia Martin does love a winner.

Scott smoothy throws the ball over his shoulder directly into someones net suprising me further.



“I don’t know what it was. It was like I had all the time in the world to catch the ball. And that’s not the only weird thing.” He says putting me down after I refused to walk over the very small body of water in my canvas shoes.

“I can hear stuff I shouldn’t be able to hear. Smell things.”

“Smell things?” I ask.

“Like what?” Stiles says.

“Like Cori’s lemon chapstick or the mint mojito gum in your pocket.” He says. How did he know I used that chapstick?

“I don’t even have any mint mojito-” Stiles starts before pulling out a single piece of gum out of his pocket. He gives Scott an odd look before carrying on. “So all this started with a bite?”

“What what if it’s like an infection like my body’s flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock or something.” Scott says in a worries tone.

“You know what? I actually think I’ve heard of this it’s a specific kind of infection” Stiles tells.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

“Yeah, yeah I think it’s called lycanthropy.” He says forcing a small groan to leave my lips.

“What? What is that? Is that bad?!” Scott says panicking slightly.

“Yeah it’s the worst but only once a month.” Stiles snickers.

“Once a month?” Scott questions.

“Mhm, On the night of a full moon.” Stiles says before lowly howling.

“Stiles you’re an idiot.” I sigh as Scott pushes him

“You’re the one who heard a wolf howling.” He chuckles.

“Dude there’s seriously something wrong with me!” Scott groans.

“I know you’re a werewolf grrr…” Stiles laughs. “Okay obviously I’m kidding but if you see me in shop class trying to melt all the silver I can find it’s because Friday is a full moon.”

“I could have sworn this was it. I saw the body the deer came running I dropped my inhaler.” Scott mumbles.

“Maybe the killer move the body.” Stiles suggests.

“If he did I hope he left my inhaler those things are like 80 bucks.” Scott says as I mindlessly look around before my eyes meet hands down the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Oh my god.” I mumble as he stomps over towards us with an intimidating glare worn onto his face.

“What are you guys doing here? Huh? This is private property.”

“Oh I’m so sorry we were just looking for my something we’ll go right now. Sorry again.” I say playing with my sweater sleeves.

“Yeah man, we were just looking for something but forget it.” Scott says as he tosses his something and with quick reflexes Scott catches it. It was his inhaler.

The intimidating man gives one more angered glare before turning around and walking the way.

“…all right come on, we got to get to work” Scott says pulling my arm.

“Dude do you know who that was?” Stiles asks stopping us.

“Hands-down the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life?” I mindlessly answer.

“That was Derek Hale you remember right he’s only a few years older than us.” Stiles says ignoring my comments.

“I do like older men.” I mumble

“Cori- remember what?” Scott asks.

“His family they all burn to death in a fire like 10 years ago.” He answers.

“Oh, no.” I mumble.

“I wonder what he’s doing back.” Scott says.

Stiles scoffs “Come on.”


I flip the sign to closed and walk back into the bathroom where Scott is messing with his wound.

“Need any help?” I ask watching him lift up his shirt.

“Uh…maybe. I’m gonna take a quick look at it first and see.” He says.

“Call me if you need me. I’m gonna go check on the animals.” I say before walking towards the back where all the caged pets are. I always played with the animals so when adoption time came they’d be social with people.

A few minutes later Scott drags in a bag of food calling out. “Hey, Kitties.”

The cats behind the cages begin growling and hissing at his appearance.

“Scott?” I mumble.

“I uhh… can you just feed them tonight?” He asks.

I nod as he quickly exits the room. Seconds later the frenzy calms down and I huff.


I slowly begin feeding all the cats as I wonder why they all reacted to him the way they did.

I begin looking for Scott and find him in the operating room with a dog… and Allison. I duck behind the wall but continue to listen

“So it looks like she’s going to live and I’m pretty sure she even let you pet her now if you want.” He says.

“I don’t think so” she timidly says.

“Oh come on. You want her to sue? I heard this breed is very litigious.” Scott jokes. It goes quiet for a moment before he speaks again. “See? She likes you” he says. After another beat of silence Allison speaks.


“Sorry, you have an eyelash on your cheek.” He says

“From the crying?” She sniffles.

“I’ll get it” he says

“Thanks.” She says quietly. A few minutes later Allison and Scott leave the room and I walk out from around the corner proudly.

Scott reenters the room cheering silently.

“What happened?” I ask.

“I asked her to Lydia’s party.” He says smiling.

“And?” I say breaking out in a grin.

“She said yes!” He says. I scream happily and run up to hug him.

“Scotty I’m so happy for you!” I say lightly punching his arm.

“Yeah, I’m kinda surprised.”

“Don’t be Scotty, you’re great. Now let’s close up for real.” I tell him

“Yeah. Thanks Cori.” He says.

“Don’t mention it.” I say.

The next morning at school I was still happy for Scott. I told Allison that he told me the great news and that I was really happy for her. They really would be a cute couple.

But someone was trying very desperately to ruin my happy mood.

“Jackson…” I say with an exasperated sigh.

“You are right?”

“Yes I am.”

“And you would tell me if he was.” He whines.

“Yes, Jackson, I would. But Scott isn’t on any drugs he just practiced all summer like he said.” I say slamming my locker.

“Look Cori, the kid is freaking out, okay? I talked to him earlier-”

“Oh my god what did you do?” I groan.

“Cori, he- just be safe around him okay. If you really trust McCall, just be safe.” He says.

“I will. Stop worrying, okay? You’re still the guy who made us champs. And how many times was that?” I question in annoyance.

Jackson sighs looking off past me then back to my face. “Three.”

“Exactly, three whole times. Having someone as good as Scott on the team can really help that to make it a fourth. So take it easy on him.” I plead.

He rolls his eyes and lets out a puff of air. “Fine.” He says. “Coming to practice?” He says.

“Oh you know it.” I say walking with him toward the field.

I sit next to Allison while we watch the finals go down to see who makes the team this year. Jackson was being a bit rough on Scott but he was still pulling through.

Quite  impressively I might add.

But at least in the end he made the team! Allison and I stand up and cheer. I look down a few rows to see Stiles sitting on the bench looking in disbelief and confusion.


The Friday had rolled around and Stiles calls me sounding erratic and confusing. He begs me to come to his house. I quickly agree taking note of his frantic state.

I open his bedroom door and slam it behind me.

“This better be good Stilinski. I was helping Lydia set up for her party.” I sigh raising my eyebrows.

“Oh please. I asked for your help. I knew you’d be over in a second cause you’re a total pushover…And a coddler.” He says turning back to his computer.

“Why am I even friends with you? I mean, Jackson may be a jerk to everyone else but at least he’s nice to me.”

“Shush. Now listen to this.” He says making me roll my eyes. A loud knock sounds on the door and Stiles closes his laptop before walking over to the door. It was Scott.

“Hi Scott.” I wave.

“Get in here. I’ve been up all night reading websites books all this information-”

“Dude how much adderall have you had today?” Scott asks.

“A lot doesn’t matter okay just listen-” Stiles starts.

“Oh is this about the body? Did they find out who did it?” I ask.

“No, they’re still questioning people even Derek Hale.” Stiles says.

“Oh, the guy in the woods that we saw the other day?” Scott says.

“The hot guy? Why?” I ask.

“Yeah, yes,… Cori- forget it! That’s not it okay.” Stiles says pacing the room.

“What then?” Scott asks.

“Remember the joke from the other day not a joke anymore.” Scott gives him an annoyed look…the wolf the bite in the woods.

“Stiles, I left party planning!” I whine.

“Give me a minute I started doing all this reading do you even know why a wolf howls?” Stiles asks.

“Should I?” Scott asks.

“When a wolfs alone it howls to signal its location to the rest of the pack. So if you heard a wolf howling that means others could have been there by maybe in a whole pack of em.” He says

“Whole pack of wolves?” I ask.

“No.. Werewolves” Stiles says looking between the both of us.

“Stiles, I am going to kill you.” I groan.

“Are you seriously wasting my time with this our time you know I’m picking up Allison an hour and Cori is planning a party like she said!” Scott exclaims.

“I saw you on the field Scott what you did wasn’t just amazing it was impossible.” Stiles says.

“Yeah so he made a good shot.” I shrug.

“No he made an incredible shot. I mean the way you moved your speed your reflexes people can’t just suddenly do that overnight and then there’s division in the senses and don’t even think I didn’t notice that you don’t need your inhaler anymore.” He says to Scott.

I think back and realize that Stiles was right I haven’t seen Scott use his inhaler in days

“Okay dude, I can’t think about this now we’ll talk tomorrow.” Scott says.

“Tomorrow- what no. The full moons tonight don’t you get it?!” He asks.

“What are you trying to do? I just made first line I get a girl with a girl who I can’t believe wants to go out with me and everything in my life is somehow perfect why are you trying to ruin it!” Scott yells.

“Scott, I think he might have a point.” I say coming around to the idea.

“She’s right Scott I’m trying to help you’re cursed Scott and it’s not just the Moon that causes you to physically change it also just happens to be when your bloodlust is at its peak.” Stiles tells him.

“Bloodlust?” Scott questions.

“Urge to kill.” I shrug.

“I’m already starting to feel an urge to kill, Stiles.” Scott deadpans

“You got to hear this. The change can be caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse all right? I haven’t seen anyone raise your pulse the like that Allison does you got to cancel this date I’m going to call her right now.” He says digging through Scott’s backpack.

“What are you doing” Scott asked

“I’m canceling the date.” He shrugs.

“No give it to me!” Scott yells, shoving Stiles into the wall and raising his fist.

“Stiles!” I scream in a panic. “Scott let him go!” I shout.

He shoves over the chair in an angry rage knocking me over onto my butt along with it.

Stiles and I both stare at Scott in utter shock as he heavily pants. Scott has never been one to be aggressive. Or even angry, really. For him go and get physical was next level.

“I’m sorry. I-I got to go get ready for the party.” He says as he looks down at my fearful face and frowns before saying again. “I’m sorry.” As he exits the room quickly

Stiles comes around towards me and picks up the chair moving it off of my body and giving me a tight squeeze on the arm.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine, just a little…spooked, I guess.” I say looking over at the chair.

“Wait, Stiles wait, look.” I say pointing to the chair with three slash marks across the back of it.

“Oh my god it’s real.”


I sigh as I stare at the pool water thinking about what happened earlier. Scott was so violent earlier, and even though it was because of the whole werewolf thing it still made me worried. If Scott was ready to hurt Stiles, what would he do if he got mad around the wrong person? I look across the pool and see Scott and Allison exit the house. Scotts eyes meet mine as he shyly waves. I turn away from him taking another sip of my drink. I turn back to him to see him staring in another direction I look over to see Derek. I turn my head to the side and curiosity and look back the Scott. A dog barking captures Derek’s attention as Scott continues to look. I stare at him. I should say something.

I slowly make my way to the other side of the yard but by the time I get there he’s gone.

I huff and go back to the snacks table to get another drink. I keep my eyes on Scott for the next half hour as he watches something intensively. I follow his eyes assuming to see Derek again but instead seeing Jackson and Lydia showing off way more PDA than necessary. Also…was Lydia making eye contact with Scott?

Okay… I guess.

I look back up at Scott and he winces a few times before trotting off. I throw back the rest of my drink and squeeze my way through the dancing party goers trying to get to him in time with no luck.

I follow Allison out front to catch up with Scott but by the time we get there he’s already pulling off in his car. We both stare at him in disbelief, me a bit more being that I was a more than a bit tipsy. Probably shouldn’t have stationed myself in front of the punch. I should’ve known it would’ve been spiked.

“Allison, I’m a friend of Scott’s. My name is Derek.” He says.

“Derek, hi.” I say stumbling on his shoulder. “You smell like the wilderness.” I say.

“You guys know him.” Allison asks unsure.

“Yeah.” I hum inhaling his scent. Pinecones.

“Scott wanted me to give you guys a ride home.” He says in a friendly tone. He was so handsome when he smiled. He should do it more often.

“Okay, come on Cori.” She says helping me towards his car. “You really trust this guy.” She mumbles following behind Derek to his car.

“Mhm, Derek looks a bit, grrr. But he’s mmmm.” I slur.

“Geez Cori, how much did you drink?” She asks hauling me closer to the car as I slumped over her.

“Three… mmm maybe five.” I giggle.

“I’ll help.” Derek mumbles as he lifts me in his arms carefully as Allison opens the passenger side door. I snuggle into him briefly before he sets me in the car and buckles me in. Something about him was so… inviting.

Allison climbs into the back seat and gives Derek her address before we pull off.

After arriving at Allison’s house she bids Derek and I a nice goodbye before he began driving me toward my house.

“You really shouldn’t drink.” He mutters making me giggle.

“I didn’t mean to.” I pout. “The punch at the party was spiked”

“Be more careful then. It ruins the developing brain.” He grumbles. I chuckle.

It ruins the developing brain.” I laugh. “You’re so serious. I say only earning a side eyed glare.

"You should smile more.” I giggle. “You’re pretty when you smile.” I slur with heavy eyes. “And you smell like outside, but good. Like fresh cut grass and pine trees.”

He glances over at me before his eyes move back at the road.

“It reminds me of a beautiful lumberjack. But less burly. And you smell like sexy potpourri.” I slur giggling slightly.

“I bet you’d look even prettier with a beard.” I mumble leaning against the car window.

“You’re almost home. Don’t fall asleep yet.” He mumbles.

“You could be an Abercrombie model or something.” I mutter feeling myself get more and more sleepy.


“Shh. Nap time.” I whisper closing my eyes.

“Cori?!” A loud voice booms from outside my room.

“Cori?!” A loud bang sounds and I jump up in surprise.

“Cori, oh my god!” Stiles says diving into my bed to hug me.

“Stiles get off me you cretin. Why are you- how did I get home.” I groan feeling extremely groggy with a slight migraine coming on.

“Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? Fuck, did he bite you?!” Stiles asks lifting the hem of my shirt. I slap his hand away and glare at him. I get up and go over to my bathroom to take some  aspirin and drink some water.

“Sorry, just- Derek is the alpha, and when he drove you home I thought-”

“Stiles, I’m fine okay. And I don’t think Derek would hurt me. Even if he was the alpha. Geez my head.” I moan rubbing my temple.

“But he is the alpha.” Stiles quips.

“I don’t think so.” I say crawling back into my bed. “Now please get out of my house before my dad gets here.” I say.

“Oh, he already is.”

“And you came in here screaming?!” I groan.

“You’re friends with me, he should be use to it by now.” He shrugs.

“Go away Stiles.” I sigh.

“That’s all the thanks I get for making sure a monster didn’t eat you for din-”

“Goodnight Sti.” I cut him off.

“Seriously! This is all the thanks I-”

“Goodnight and goodbye, Stiles Stilinski!” I shout.

“Yeah, whatever. And close your window there are werewolves running around town!” He calls as he exits my room.

The following week,  Scott, like Stiles, attempted to lift my clothing to check for scars to make sure Derek didn’t hurt me.  Or worse, bite me. But after a harsh slap from me I assured them both that nothing of the sort happened. I did remember the car ride home with him though. God it was mortifying. I can’t believe I said that to him. A beautiful lumberjack, who smells like sexy potpourri?! What was I thinking?!

Scott still had to apologize to Allison. I had talked to her and turns out she was really upset about the whole ditching thing. I told her that he had a very good reason to bail on her hoping it would help her go easy on him.

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Request: Thomas (maze runner) x reader where the reader is very risky in missions and makes Thomas very worried but she brushes off his concern- maybe he leaves for runs earlier so the reader doesn’t follow or something? Change it up if you like. 

a/n: thank you for the request anon, make sure to requests more! 

Warnings: Injury. all the GIFS iI use is a credit to the right owner. 


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‘‘You’ve could be hurt y/n,’‘ 

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zabrak are a humanoid species, recognizable by their crown of vestigial horns. during their rite of passage they get their face tattooed with a pattern of lines of their own choosing, their skin can have many different kinds of colouring (including peachy white, pure white, yellow, red, tan, brown and black), and eye colours humans lack as well (like purple, yellow, red, and orange)


+ good with mechanics, honest, strong, confident, determined
- prideful, lacks empathy, stubborn, tactless


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