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Holy Frick!!!


Can you believe I finally did it!? I took a trip to New Orleans! I’m super excited. Today’s my first day here and I can’t wait to see what this city has in store for me

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I adore the music from the Baroque Period: #amazing Antonio VIVALDI, #gorgeous George Frideric HÄNDEL, and #awesome Johann Sebastian BACH.

Classical Period: #pretty Joseph HAYDN, #blessed Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, #brunette Ludwig van BEETHOVEN, #crazy Niccoló PAGANINI, and #yummy Franz SCHUBERT.
Early Romantic Period: #healthy Gioachino ROSSINI, #curly Hector BERLIOZ, #hot Johannes STRAUSS, #fresh Felix MENDELSSOHN, and #adorable Frédéric CHOPIN.
High Romantic Period: #cool Franz LISZT, #excited Richard WAGNER, #colorful Giuseppe VERDI, #nice Jacques OFFENBACH, and #beautiful Johannes BRAHMS.
Late Romantic Period: #weird Georges BIZET, #blonde Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY, #young Antonín DVORÁK, #lovely Edvard GRIEG, and #cold Nikolai RIMSKY-KORSAKOV.
Impressionist Period: #happy Giacomo PUCCINI, #sad Gustav MAHLER, #delicious Claude DEBUSSY, #cute Enrique GRANADOS, #funny Juventino ROSAS, #fit Sergei RACHMANINOFF, and #brunette Maurice RAVEL. (at Facebook)

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Mondaiji tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo? | Ep. 9-10

My favorite overpowered pretty-boi Izayoi (that rimes hehe) gets thrown around a bit. I took the liberty of keeping some of the cool and flashy fight scenes in there.


I really wish this had a second season ;-;

Btw, I really recommend this anime to you guys. It’s not groundbreaking, but nontheless very entertaining with a fairly good plot and an op character done right. So of you’re looking for a fun little filler anime, this one is perfect! :)

(also… the light novel volume 8 is sooo whummpyyy idek where to start ×.×)

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i got an appointment with a really amazing tattoo artist for next saturday and i’ve been wanting this for literally !years! and i’m !! so !! excited !! to get this started !!!! 🥺🥰

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It’s been so long since I have been on tumblr but I just wanted to say hello followers! Also, wanted to say (late, because I’ve had these tickets for a while now) that I have BTS tickets! First kpop concert! I’m going to the fedexfield concert at Landover, Maryland on the 27th of February. So, if anyone is going to this one in particular then we might see each other. :)

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19 February ‘20, 11.23PM

My sister and I went to dinner with a friend who used to be like a brother to us. We were not really in touch the past few years but it was nice seeing him again. It was so much fun to talk about the old days. He still remembered a lot from then and we were laughing non-stop. It was just great. It’s awesome how you can re-connect after a few year and still vibe on a good level or even same level as before.

Moreover, I received an email from my favorite professer confirming to be my BA thesis supervisor. I’m sooo excited and glad that she accepted to supervise my paper. She’s an amazing professor and I’m extremely impressed by her knowledge. I really wanted her for my bachelor thesis. I’m looking forward to work with her.

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