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*Adora and Catra are friends who were split up due to Silent Hill.
*Adora sees the monster Catra ‘the cat’ due to her own repressed feelings. 
*Many monsters they would see are branching off the orphanage. So lots of baby dolls ,children’s toys, and nuns.
*Catra sees the ‘she-ra’ Adora monster due to the subconscious thoughts of how ‘perfect’ Adora is how much better than Catra she is.

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speaking of "nb failures" double trouble is also a WAY better nb rep than gregg from ok ko, who is not only even more nonhuman than dt (they're this birdlike character who almost always speaks in this gibberish) but also a completely irrelevant minor character with very little character development and no importance to the plot whatsoever (unlike dt who actually has a somewhat major role in the story)

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It hurts that Glimmer was technically in bright moon at the same as Micah and didn’t even realise

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Thanks @cruelfeline for the hilarious mental image.
While I didn’t draw it, I headcanon that he storms away after throwing stuff around, goes to mope in his bed, maybe sleeps till next day and then cleans the mess he made.

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I want to know what DNA Hordak used to splice with his when making imp.

It is probably such a great creature.

Imp can mimic sound, fly and survive the cloning process.

Who is Imp’s other parent? What if this happened when Hordak just landed and they had a connection.

What if it was sentient?

What if Imps other parent is still alive and shows to get its baby when Imp is having a crisis over loosing Hordak.

Whatever the creature is gets summoned by imps cries to take care of the little bab.


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One of my friends has started watching She-Ra and gushing about it. And I’m sat here thinking “Just wait until THIS plot point happens.” just to see his reaction lol.

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I'm NOT a Hordak stan, he is NOT a precious baby that deserves the world like some people literally say, but I do think he deserves just one more positive interaction with Entrapta. Something where he learns Entrapta doesn't betray them and Entrapta says that they can't be on the same side anymore, but are still friends and like pats him on the shoulder with her hair before going back to Scorpia and Emily.

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Okay... so for people saying that Double Trouble's non-binary representation is not valid...Remember The Arcana? Asra? At least DT is not an Asra! Before The Arcana was released they were introducing the characters on their tumblr and teased fun facts and they were like 'Ohhh yah, Asra's non binary, cool right?' Then the whole game they just totally forgot about him being nb and used he/him pronouns and showed his bare man chest a lot... Double Trouble is not a nb failure compared to Asra.

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(1) I dont know if you watched Once upon a time but the way some (and not all mind you) people in this fandom react to Catra and Hordak remind me of how they reacted to Regina and Rumple. In the first few seasons Regina (evil queen) was the scum of the earth (and yes her crimes were horrifying) but the fandom felt more for Rumple which is ironic cause he literally said that 'he made his monster'.

(2) He deliberately turned a desperate 18 abused girl forced into a marriage with a man approaching his 60 and recently lost her True Love into a monster so he can use her and then he got pissed when she later betrayed him if you will when she locked up his True Love. Honestly it is very like (not the same but Hordak did create the environment and allow SW to roam which made Catra into who she was).

(3) Also he was the Dark One and the fandom felt that she was the worst villain just because he was in love with Belle never mind that he spent 300 years screwing over everyone. No Regina was the worst even though she loved his son. Yup lots of sexist overtones in both situations (again not everyone is like this but when someone puts it in the Catra tag then that is in poor taste).

(4) So yeah Regina spent seasons suffering and saving everyone and getting redeemed some people thought she deserved even worse while Rumple only had to be in love for people to like him in the beginning (i think he kind of made up for it in the last season).

(5) And there was also Hook who only had to be in love with Emma who was the Savior and still be an asshole with honestly abusive implications in his relationship and people still loved him and considered him redeemed cause he was ‘good looking’ while still hating Regina.

(6) So maybe i lost you if you never watched it but the double standards gall me (and yes some Catra stans also hate Hordak and it can be hypocritical and he can be redeemed but the fact that he never showed guilt and some of his fans want Catra to suffer more and even die is some serious double standards. They exist on both sides but you cant deny that it’s sexist). Sorry for this huge ask and hassle, but i needed to vent and thanks for letting me share


I didn’t watch OUAT but this sounds about right in terms of what what @sheraraven was talking about re. Catra vs. Hordak and the parallels I drew to The 100 re. sexism in female fandoms. We hold ourselves to much higher standards while seeing men as poor boys who just need a woman to love/save them and it’s a perpetuation of a really old and gross trope.

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