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Conviktvm - מָוֶת (Maveth)

Death is, has always been, and will always be universal. You may acknowledge such entity as a female, a male or simply an unexplainable force that surround us and shelters all with it’s unseen yet powerful wrath. Some call it by it’s most common known name, Death or The Reaper, or there are those that address to this magnificent entity as “Santa Muerte”, some refer to it as Exú Da Morte, some acknowledge it as The Left Handed Reaper, The Scythe Bearer, Qayin, among many other names. Call this natural ever eternal, and constantly present force as you wish, but one thing will always remain carved in stone, Death is certain. And so with this song I proclaim, I submerge myself to seek a deeper understanding of your unknown nature, to seek your answers with respect, devotion, and admiration; to look beyond the horizon and guide myself towards the essence of my birth, your teachings, and your beginnings.


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The verb יָדַע (yadah, “to know”) includes mental awareness of who God is and the consequential submission to his lordship. To know him is to obey him. The sage is calling for a life of trust and obedience in which the disciple sees the Lord in every event and relies on him. To acknowledge the Lord in every event means trusting and obeying him for guidance in right conduct… [in all] a person’s course of life, actions and undertakings. This is a call for total commitment in trust for obedience in all things.

NET Bible Commentary on Proverbs 3:6

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The verb שָׁעַן (sha’an, “to lean; to rely”) is used in (1) literal physical sense of leaning upon something for support and (2) figurative sense of relying upon someone or something for help or protection. Here it functions figuratively (hypocatastasis: implied comparison); relying on one’s own understanding is compared to leaning on something that is unreliable for support… inherent human understanding [inevitably] functions in relative ignorance unless supplemented by divine wisdom… It is dangerous for a person to rely upon mere human wisdom.

NET Bible Commentary on Proverbs 3:5

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(About the Hebrew in the Good Omens comic) Also, Idk if this was intentional or not, but the specific phrase you used for heaven––גן עדן––literally means "the Garden of Eden" which is a nice touch, given Aziaraphale's (and Crowley's) history.

It was kind of intentional but kind of not! I was trying to do some research because initially my idea was just to have heaven and hell on either side of the coin because they’re… two sides of the same coin. ;D 

But for some reason I couldn’t find a way to write Heaven in hebrew without it meaning Garden of Eden… I ended up going with that word because I also liked the implication. :)

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  • i keep doing the 100daysoflanguages (sang a disney song for 3 times, wrote about my day in 3-5 lines, learned 1 new grammatical concept x2, read 1 article, wrote a dialogue, learned 10 words from a vocab list from tumblr)
  • previous week i managed to talk for 10 minutes in a row and that’s cool


  • keep speaking for speakingin20 at least 20 minutes a week (i don’t feel like uploading most of them but here’s today’s session (tw: kinda apathetic and depressed)
  • but dropped the buildyourvocab cause i don’t think i need to learn the vocab related to music 
  • about my reading challenge: 9/20 now, read frankenstein, a clockwork orange, and the picture of dorian gray


  • not really active studying, but i learned 2 or 3 lessons at lingohut, keep using duolingo and drops


  • started it just 2 days ago with the 34hlc just few days ago and it goes fine (i’ve learned basics 1-2, alphabet 1-2, possesion, demonstrative determiners, plurals, negation and phrases, also watched videos on youtube about the alphabet, tones, and the consonant clusters)
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Wednesday word of the day - Hebrew slang “Sof Haderech (סוף הדרך)” - Literally means “end of the road” but used to describe something awesome. Like, “that party was at the end of the road.” -Thought Catalog Project Name: “White House.” Landscape Design by Paul Hendershot Design, Inc.

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