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#neverending story
Rhymes that keep their secrets,Will unfold behind the clouds,And there upon a rainbow, Is the answer to a never ending story!!

Show no fear! For she may fade away, in your hand the birth of a new day! 


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어하루 60일 챌린지 - DAY 23
🌺 Favorite lyrics from an “Extraordinary You” OST

Korean is not my first language, so I had to look at lyrics videos to fully understand the meaning of the songs. I listened to all the OST tracks and I really liked this chorus from Stray Kids’s “Neverending story” (끝나지 않을 이야기). Here’s the english translation of this section of the song that I liked:

“Never say goodbye
Because we are one
Because we will walk together in the same dream
Continue smiling by my side just like this moment
Longer than tomorrow, farther than eternity
I love you

It’s like describing Haru’s love for Dan Oh; longer than tomorrow, farther than eternity ♡

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Anon from yesterday about the never ending story. YES! i highly recommend watching / reading the book and (Only) the first film. (if you do both,, think of them as different stories. they're different from each other.) The movie is a classic that still brings me to tears (child from the 80's were something else. love them). It's definitely worth your time! (I remember having a crush on the childlike empress as a kid lol)

Ah, thank you!! I will check them out!

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WIP - The Childlike Empress from the Neverending Story.

I had just finished the lineart for this one when I got my tendinitis last April, so I think it’s fair to say this piece has been waiting to be painted for nearly a year (!) I’m glad I can finally get back to it, though! It’s so good to be able to paint again, you have no idea :3

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Dustin! Dustin! Dustin!

Now that was YET ANOTHER character I seriously did not expect!


Originally posted by ohbaby90s

I am trying to see a pattern in this asks. (I actually went to the wiki fandom for this and I am probably having too much fun with this -which, okay, I KNOW). So the negotiator, the smart kid, the curious guy, the observer, the level-headed boy of the group. You are probably giving me too much credit, anon. But thanks!!

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