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#s: angel

here is the many foreverfell groups, from the trio Angel, Grey, and Abigail to the pair of viruses sweethearts known as Cherry Feather and Amber Berry!

these guys come in more themed variations from their different environments and care, normally these either are because one of the three they are formed from is an outlier with a change in needs so their grouping changes a bit to help the outlier stay “normal”

as of now there are no found variants of Feather or Amber yet.

again please check on this list so you can learn about any new variants of these five babs!

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a portmanteau of the angel Apollyon and the rune Hagalaz- an angel of the Seraphim circle, angel of rebirth through chaos/destruction.        

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my gf is wearing a flannel that matches their eyes and theyre all freckle cheeked and perfect 

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