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123moiaussi · 6 hours ago
Ah! This is absolutely adorable ☺️ Elain bumped into Az 3 times and I guess the third times a charm because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon🥴 I love that Elain has a cat (she’s totally a cat person) and I love that we got information on her dad through something as simple as the dress 👗 I do hope she manages to get the stains out. However I’m excited to see how close proximity will bring these two kids together👀
Tumblr media
Bake Off With Love
The Great British Bake Off was the most-watched television show in the UK, and Elain Archeron has just gained the highly converted position of a contestant.
6 months ago when she applied, the quiet Archeron sister never imagined that she would ever be selected. She applied on a whim with confidence borrowed from her 2 sisters. But now she was here in the quiet countryside all alone in the bake-off tent with harsh criticism from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Elain is ready to give up. She misses her garden and her sisters. She is trying as hard as she can and isn’t sure how long she can stop the tears from falling. Her only saving grace is that of the quiet, dark-haired and beautiful crew member, Azriel.
Azriel has been working on the crew of The Great British Bake Off for over 5 seasons, he expected this year to be just like the last 5. But it’s different. He met Elain Archeron. After an unfortunate run-in, Azriel is tongue-tied, not sure how to talk to the most beautiful woman he’d ever met. He had heard the stories of love at first sight and true love, but he never imagined that it was real. Until now.
Read Chapter One Now
@1islessthan3books @123moiaussi @aconfusedkoalalover @onceupona-chaos @illyrian-lover-flower
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123moiaussi · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
slothrust – horseshoe crab, @randomingoftherandomness​ , kirsten sims, hrvoje majer, jfk, dunkirk (2017) dir. christopher nolan, haevn – the sea
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123moiaussi · a day ago
First off, thank you so much for the tag @gripefroot 💖. I feel incredibly honoured and lucky to be apart of your tag list as I’ve loved your other fanfics and I adore your writing.
I apologise for only writing down my comments now but I felt like I needed to do your fic justice. So, buckle because I have 6 pages of comments and ideas and just me fawning over your writing✨
We start off chapter with the absolute banger of a vision. This section of the chapter is so different to the rest and it works perfectly well. It manages to highlight the contrast of what I am assuming is a vision that Elain has had recently (or maybe it’s from way back that she hasn’t spoken about it yet).
I notice that you’ve made references to some certain and absolutely wonderful theories; specifically @offtorivendell & @shadow-singing. I’m waiting in anticipation to see how you’ll weave these wonderful theories into the storyline🌅
Tumblr media
Girl, you had me sold by the description of the night in Velaris. 
“The night was an inky black shield dotted with the silver and gold (I legit imagined starry night). Velaris far below, the stars above and only the whistling wind and thump of his own heart for company.”
This small section is magnificent. The detail is brilliant and  poetic. I just love how the description indirectly emphasizes how silent and beautiful Velaris is as well as how as is also a still at this moment. Just before the wolves come 🐺
Following on from the wolves thought, the metaphor of the wolves as Az’s inner thoughts and wants is great. The association of wolves evokes the idea that his thoughts torment him (how they hound-him if you will).
Az’s shadows are so sneaky and they’re this mysterious entity. His shadow’s always react to Elain’s presence even before he notices. I’m excited to see how the shadows are drawn to Elain since they seem to betray his orders and reservations around him by inviting her into his room. They seem to ‘cling’ to her and maybe they’re collecting intel on her and her relationship to Azriel.
How you use the description of Elain as well as the contrast between his actions and his thoughts is phenomenal. He’s physically still but his thoughts portray his wants🥵🔥
Onto the first section of dialogue. It’s not very flowery or descriptive (the direct conversation between them) in nature but it shows how they can read each other pretty easily. I appreciate how you’ve made Elain very blunt with Az. She’s hurt and confused and she’s looking for answers (as she should). Her observant nature is highlighted with her watching his body language and his wings as he is observant of her facial expressions and reading the emotion in her eyes.
Along with Elain’s bluntness, there is this innate sense of vulnerability that she cannot hide. With her family, she finds it easy to mask her emotions or prevents people from seeing how things affect her. Feyre, highlights in ACOFAS that Elain’s mask is cracking but she braves it all. This scene shows her without her mask and that is vulnerable🎭
“Secrets were best whispered alone in the night: Azriel had always known that. Known that honesty could burst out at the right moments, if prodded enough, uncaring of the consequences it could bring.”
Instead of brushing her off, Az recognizes this vulnerability and puts his own reservations and feelings aside. It’s likely that Az’s understanding and capability of listening to people has been learnt through spying👀🕵️
It is very interesting to see how Elain prioritizes Az’s feelings. In the canon text, we can see how Elain tries to not disappoint the people around her as well as be a source of joy for others. We can see in this chapter that she misses him but feels guilty for being the reason behind his absence at family dinners and his isolation. She is willing to give up time with her family and something that she enjoys (well at least then there wasn’t this awkwardness between them). With this in mind, Az’s comment on her not caring is stark in contrast to the reality. By prioritizing Az’s feelings, Elain is showing through her actions that not only does she feel guilty and responsible for his unhappiness but what she is willing to do to ensure that his spirits are lifted. As a bonus, we see Elain’s determination  when she makes the decision to stop attending family meetings so that Az can attend. 
“You’re hurt when I’m not there,” he said. “No different than I am at your absence.”
Finally Az admits that he is unhappy because there is distance between them and this really ups the angst. With the following paragraph, it’s interesting how Az is attempting to rationalize his thoughts, feelings and words along with Elain’s. He sees this as some sort of Love game (I had to drop a Lady Gaga reference here since I had the opportunity to do so)👩‍🎤. This interaction accentuates how the distance between them pains them but on a small scale what they are willing to sacrifice to be near each other (which could be foreshadowing for something). 
Elain’s confession is chef’s kiss🤌💋It perfectly reflects Az’s POV. She feels the same amount of angst as Az does but for different reasons but have the same basis: they can’t be together because of a social expectation of respecting an unwanted mating bond. They stay away and hate it because it feels like punishment. They are avoiding their feelings but it doesn’t help dilute their feelings, it makes the angst and desire more intense😩
Despite Elain’s confession, Az is still trying to convince himself that she seeks him out for necessity, such as, to relieve herself of her wants and desires, instead of the deeper reason. With her declaration that she cares for him and wants him, we know along with her words and actions that she is drawn to him and is willing to accept all that he is. Elain is willing to break rules and disappoint her family (which was highighted as a potential fear and insecurity she has in the Feysand Bonus POV) to be with him. With this she is taking a stand for what she believes in and she is allowing no one (including Az) to decide for her. Yet, he can’t see why she deems him worthy because of this self-loathing issues. Those definitely need to be addressed and I’m sure that you will address them 😉
In addition to this, the punishment line really hits the nail on the head with what Elain and Az are both feeling and my goodness is it excellent. It mirrors some of Az’s confessions in the canon POV and its brilliant🪞
Even with the risks that Az states, Elain is willing to do whatever it takes to be with him and provides him with solutions. He is trying to rationalize fighting against his feelings and she’s replying back with answers she can see what he is trying to do and is attempting to stop that train of thought. She is committed to making this work (and this follows through in chapter 2) even when Az has his doubts. This shows the growth that she has gone through in the background of the series and I am here for it.
Ugh, I love love love this raw honesty in their dialogue and actions. 
“Once I have you…I won’t be able to stop wanting to have you.”
“I’m afraid….of what my life will be without you. I’m afraid of wanting you for the rest of my life with no hope of having you.”
“There’s nothing in me that can deny you.”“
These are honesty bars, they could easily be set to beat and placed into an operatic ballad.
When they say each other’s names, if it doesn’t happen in canon (next book) at the same level of angst and adoration, I don’t want it. This made me have incoherent thoughts with how good it was. And in addition to the names, how Az is affected and concentrates on every movement and every touch is so good.
“Will you have me?
Will you risk it all?
He could see in her shining eyes. I would risk it all for you.”
And to top it off, even though its already so angsty and passionate, their final confession isn’t even said. It is seen and understood and wow I love how brilliant it is. They can read each other and thank you for putting the stake in the heart of the miscommunication trope because that definitely isn’t their style. 
Once again, it is significant that despite the declaration, Az still tries to convince her that being with him is a bad idea. The subtext highlights that he still feels unworthy of her adoration, sacrifice, and her attraction. He is trying to convince himself that she is hesitating or wants something else because he is baffled that she has chosen him. He promises to do anything and everything to be worthy of her yet she tells him she only wants his heart. He is willing to destroy Ramiel, that is quite the declaration🗻
Now onto the more physical and steamier parts of this chapter. Ma’am the tension and chemistry for the rest of the chapter is absolutely phenomenal. He hasn’t even kissed her but they can leave each other breathless. Call it what it is: undeniable attraction and devotion ( starts playing Call It What You want - Taylor Swift).
 AND THEN HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO SEND HER AWAY!!! Wow, the way I wanted to throttle him because he hurt and confused her again. We know he’s trying to savour her touch, her smell, her taste and everything but he feels unworthy of it. He wants her everywhere and he wants her in his heart just like she confessed that he is in hers.
I’m beyond excited to see where this story goes and what you have planned. Thanks once again for the tag✨
A Court of Dusk and Shadows ❲1❳
Tumblr media
The throne was white. 
No - it was every color of a sunset. With the descending sun blazing behind it, it turned gold and orange and pink and purple. New shades spreading across with each passing minute as night crept on. And beneath it - shadows lengthened and spread from the carved base, wild and free. 
The throne beckoned. Come sit, it said to me. Come take your place. 
Beyond the throne were marble pillars that stretched proudly into the sky, woven with vines of moonflowers and orchids. I could not see any roof - dusky clouds obscured the view. And below, far, far below - the sea rippled in shining waves, beating against the island in shimmering hues. Boats with bone-white sails seemed to drift forever. Distantly I could hear voices: voices laughing and talking and teasing and bargaining. The calls of animals, the hammer of forges. 
And everything smelled of salt and fragrant flowers and lemon. 
But I could feel, rather than see, what was making my heart wrench away from the lovely sight. A hand outstretched in front of that throne, leading up to a smiling face clear of sorrow and fear. 
A scarred hand. Extended from the dark, and I knew that between us was where light and shadow met.
Come sit, he said, echoing the throne. Come take your place, and I’ll be at your side forever.
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123moiaussi · 3 days ago
Gwyn & Elain would be friends.
Really good friends! And no one can convince me otherwise.
When they'd meet, Elain would be so impressed and amazed at the priestess who'd helped her sister, who'd scaled Ramiel, who was overcoming so much on her own journey. She'd ask Gwyn about Valkyrie history and listen with rapt attention. (And they'd share humourous stories about Nesta, said sister miffed but amused as she listened in)
Gwyn would learn about Elain's love for gardening and would express how she hasn't seen meadows or been surrounded by blooms in a long while.
And you know what Elain would do?
She'd make a garden at the House of Wind, maybe just a small one, in an area protected from the harsh winds. Or she'd have Nesta or Rhys create a greenhouse. And Elain would do the planting but she'd ask Gwyn to join and help her, other priestesses too. She'd teach them how to nurse the plants, how to discern their ailments, how to transplant and propogate them. And that space would become a safe place of peaceful refuge.
Can you imagine Gwyn singing as she sifts her fingers through soil? Because I can.
"Oh, your voice is so lovely. The plants are sure to flourish! They already seem livened up!"
And Gwyn and the other priestesses would teach Elain fighting techniques here and there, if Elain was so inclined. They would tell her of their homelands or places they've seen because Elain is so eager to hear of new lands.
We know our girl Gwyn likes personal and craft goods so you know what she'd enjoy? Pastries. Elain would bring her fresh pastries made of fruits from her gardens, with unique flavours even the House quite couldn't achieve.
And Nesta would be happy to see two of her loved ones getting along, being supportive of each other, raising each other up.
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123moiaussi · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Can we c̸̡̢͎̦̖̈́ ą̷̦̩̼͎̜̓̑̄̔́͝ͅͅͅ n̷̨̝̯̙̤͆̈̇́ͅ c̴͕͓̰̦̪̭͎͖̠̋͒̀͜ ę̷̧̙͖̼̘̦̬̦̺̈͒͆͊͝ l̵̜͉͓̥͊̑͛̚̕  shoulders?
They have no right to be this hard to draw.
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123moiaussi · 7 days ago
Why is it the first and only time I’ve seen art of this scene👀💖
Tumblr media
“He led me past displays that sparkled like small constellations, the worth of each … Even as a merchant’s daughter, I could not calculate the worth of any of it. And toward the back of the chamber, shrouded in a heavier darkness … I’d heard of catacombs on the continent, where skulls of beloved or infamous people were kept in little alcoves—dozens or hundreds of them to a wall. The concept here was the same: carved into the rock was an entire wall of crowns. They each had their own resting place, lined with black velvet, each illuminated by— “Glowworms,” Rhys told me as the tiny, bluish globs crusted in the arches of each nook seemed to glitter like the entire night sky. In fact … What I’d taken for small faelights in the ceiling high above … It was all glowworms. Pale blue and turquoise, their light as silken as moonlight, illumining the jewels with their ancient, silent fire.” — A Court of Wings and Ruin
find my art.
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123moiaussi · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every time I wrote your name, I lied. Every time I wrote your name, it was the truth.
1.Clarice Lispector | 2.Nickie Zimov | 3.Warsan Shire | 4.Pablo Neruda | 5.Madeline Miller | 6.Nickie Zimov | 7.Madeline Miller | 8.Vincent van Gogh | 9.James Joyce | 10.Nick Lantz | 11.Ocean Vuong | 12.Nickie Zimov | 13.Richard Brautigan | 14.Keaton St. James 
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123moiaussi · 14 days ago
Let’s go y’all
put a "∞" in my ask box and I'll shuffle my music player and give you my favorite lyric from the song that comes up.
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123moiaussi · 15 days ago
What is this nonsense?! Signal Boost!
im begging anyone who sees this post to prevent rapesexual, im begging you. no one will see this but if you do reblog to get the message out that these fuckers exist and dont deserve to exist heres the flag so you can know who to fucking block, report and tell to fuck off
Tumblr media
i dont want this to ruin the pride and help with self esteem of being lgbtq+ so a signal boost from larger accounts might be nice
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123moiaussi · 15 days ago
This is a very interesting thread. As highlighted by other users in replies and reblogs, Elain has little page time but I’ve always found her appearances very interesting and telling.
I do agree that I think Elain’s engagement to Grayson is a far more complex context to what we’ve currently been shown in the book.
As much as I don’t agree with this sort of societal belief about women and the sad fact that for most of history women were responsible for the honour of a family, I think we tend to forget that Elain was raised to be an asset on the marriage market. With that she was taught to behave and conduct herself in certain ways the ensured that her reputation as well as her family’s was not ruined. With this commodification of her value on the marriage market it has stifled her personal growth as an individual and has manifested itself in various behaviours. I do think that her passivity on her life has been borne out of how not only her mother/father raised her but how her sisters were raised to view her (especially Nesta). She had to be moulded into this submissive and passive person because of she “stepped out of line” it could’ve not only affected her but her family. I do agree that what happened in the cottage should not have taken place and the blame/responsibility shouldn’t have been placed on any of the sisters. However, if Elain was the last real asset the family had and with her beauty was the ticket out of poverty, she couldn’t have done anything “unladylike” because that could’ve potentially ruined her chances to marry well and help her family. Once again, I must emphasise that with this she might’ve hurt members of her family. However, she does acknowledge that it was necessary to amend her past mistakes with putting everything on the line. She put her dreams (I personally think she has/had more dreams that she’s sacrafised for the sake of family reputation) and her future life that she was bred for on the line for her sister that carried so many burdens in the past.
Not too long ago, I was chatting with @queenringer about Elain and Grayson’s engagement and how I think that by choosing to marry Grayson (a man of her choice and the other factors with that) she was beginning her journey to self empowerment in the limited way a human women could do in the circumstances. In ACOSF it’s highlighted that Mama Acheron planned for her and Nesta to be responsible for Elain’s marriage. By Elain “choosing” (I say this in a way that I think the situation under which the engagement occurred is very complex and calculated as @nikethestatue has highlighted) to marry Grayson and marriage being the most important goal that she was moulded and raised to achieve, she took a massive step to start making decisions for herself and her future. Elain says that Grayson hated Nesta and for me this line highlights and contrasts the mother saying that Nesta and her would be responsible for Elain’s marriage. Elain “choose” Grayson despite the fact that her mother (and to an extent Nesta) were going to be responsible for the most important decision in her human life and that their approval of her betrothed was paramount.
So, by being turned into a fae, a individual of the people she grew up and fearing because of a history of slavery as well as violence against humans, she was not going to take it well (and I don’t think it will be completely resolved). She started to make her own decisions despite what her family had planned for her, heard about the potential for war (and I do think that marrying Grayson was not just a love match but one in which she was helping secure the reputation of her family and their safety) and tried to calculate a way in which she could protect her family (in the human lands as well as Feyre was with the fae and the fact she put her dreams on the line to assist her sister who was with people she was taught to fear her whole life) shows us that despite Elain making massive decisions and trying to help out in the only capacity she could (through marriage as a human woman) it still didn’t turn out well for her and her family. She and her sister got turned and the life she was raised to have was ripped from her grasp as well as the only capacity in which she was taught to believe that she could help her family.
I do think that Elain has (for the most part) been worried about how her decisions affect her family and has been trying to live up to those expectations to avoid the disappointment she can bring them (through ruining their status or upsetting them). However, she is slowly showing resistance to those expectations and sticking up for her beliefs which does show growth. She’s willing to offer help even when it gets refused. I do think the fact that her helps gets rejected definitely messes with her psyche and she’s going to learn and accept that she is far more capable than she was raised to believe (IMO I do think her relationship with her mother PreACOTAR will be explored in future books because I think it has affected how Elain is as a person).
What I really would love for Elain’s arc to to accept that she will not be able to please everyone and that she’s going to have to fight (be active) for what she wants. I think with that will come with her rediscovering and defining herself separately from the person people believed she was. I do think it’s possible that her warped perception of herself and her identity will be fully fleshed out and that there will be fundamental beliefs that Elain has that will change or only grow stronger. I know that I have ideas about where and how I think these themes and arcs will be explored but there is not denying that it’ll be interesting to read about✨
I’m not sure if I’m making complete sense but feel free to ask questions 💖
I was rereading the bonus chapter in ACOMAF, when I came across the part in which Cassian asks Nesta:
Tumblr media
But in ACOWAR, Chapter 49, we find out that Elain had known all along of Graysen’s (and his father’s) hatred for Faekind:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yesterday, @lord-lochan , @spell-cleavers​ and I were talking about Elain’s self-hatred that was probably ignited or exacerbated after her re-encounter with Graysen in ACOWAR.
But now, as I ponder more and more on it, it’s becoming clear that Elain has been waging a war within herself, torn between her passive, enabling, naive and selfish past-self and her regretful, lonely, flighty and pretending-everything-is-fine present-self. 
I think Elain knew from the start what kind of man Graysen was. And, despite Feyre ( a Fae, Graysen’s sworn enemies) being her sister, Elain still went ahead with the engagement. Despite what Nesta had claimed in the bonus chapter in ACOMAF, Elain was very much aware of Graysen’s hatred for fairies. 
I think that her hatred for herself and for her new identity does spring, on one hand, from Graysen’s rejection. 
But, on the other hand, I think it also springs from her perception of being served justice, a what-goes-around-comes-around ending. 
Her ending up alone and mated to a Fae male is a “suitable end” for someone who was ready to disown her Fae sister and throw Feyre’s existence into perpetual obscurity.
Her ending is suitable for someone who willingly closed her eyes and enabled her fiance’s hatred just so that she could get her happily ever after. 
I will say this. 
Elain’s journey to self-discovery in the upcoming books will be highly karmically-charged. In a way that perhaps neither Feyre’s journey nor Nesta’s had been. 
As of ACOSF, I am 100% sure that Elain wouldn’t be able to look in the Ouroboros Mirror and not lose herself to self-pity, to her stubborn denial that she has never done anything wrong. 
Elain needs to stop thinking that she’s a victim of a cruel fate. Her journey will be premised on her discovering her voice, her power to decide and her  responsibility for her actions. 
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123moiaussi · 22 days ago
This is so cute💖 I love the fact that they exchange their skills and Az reminds Elain that she is valued 🥺✨ Also Az being complimented by Elain is top tier🦋🌸😘
New Day, New Recipe
Tumblr media
“ Love doesn’t just sit there like stone; it has to be made like bread. Remade all the time. Made new.” — Ursula K. Le Guin
Pairing: Elain / Azriel
Theme: Fluff
Elain hummed as she gathered ingredients in the kitchen. She’d been given a new bread recipe from a sweet fae woman at her gardening workshop and she decided to try it to keep herself busy for a while.
Normally she would meet Azriel after her workshop, however, he was away on court business and their training had to be cancelled. It was Mor who offered to winnow Elain to and from her workshop that day instead and Elain was glad that she didn’t have to stay home and dwell on how disappointed she was that she wouldn’t be training, especially as Nuala and Cerridwen had also been sent off on an assignment and were not around to keep her company.
Elain tied her apron on and continued humming the tune as she measured and mixed her ingredients and wondered what Azriel was up to. She found that her thoughts wandered to Azriel quite often lately, he was so interesting and as the Spymaster of the court he was always off to different places for his court business. Every now and then he would tell her stories about where he’d been and they always made her long to travel and see all of Prythian. He told her about all sorts of fae she’d never seen or even heard stories of before. He would describe the architecture of the other courts and of course any special flowers he’d seen along the way. A few times he’d even brought her seeds from other courts. Elain wanted so desperately to be able to venture out, but she knew it wasn’t safe yet-not until the threat from Koschei and those wretched Queens had been dealt with. She suspected that Azriel’s absence had something to do with them and hoped that he was safe wherever he was.
Elain paused, laughing softly as she looked up from the mixing bowl. “I know you’re there, there’s no need to hide.” She waited a moment before going back to her mixing, covering the bowl and preparing another batch of dough before stopping and glancing toward where the small shadow kept darting around.
“Are you trying to tell me something by dancing around over there?” She asked, making her way over, watching as the shadow twirled and twisted before hanging in the air.
“Are you here to deliver a message?” She asked, but the shadow simply floated there. “Aaare you here to check up on me?” She asked, laughing as it moved a bit. “Here to check up on me and keep me company?” The shadow twisted and twirled again.
“Well thank you, I could certainly use the company today. It is awfully quiet with everyone out. Not that you can help much with the quiet, but it IS nice to have someone to talk to-if you don’t mind me talking to you.” She said, covering the second bowl and setting it aside to rise. The shadow slithered closer along the counter and Elain assumed that it didn’t mind her chatting.
“You like to dance?” Elain asked, watching the shadow move around. “I miss dancing, I think I lost that part of myself somewhere along the way here.” She said wistfully, recalling all of the lovely balls she attended before her whole life changed. “I’d like to find it again, now that things are feeling so much happier and more hopeful. It feels like everyone is moving forward again instead of struggling to keep things from falling apart. We should all be dancing more.” She said, laughing as the shadow began twisting and twirling around her.
“You want to dance with me?” She asked, watching as the shadow bobbed up and down. She dusted her hands off and untied her apron, setting it to the side. The shadow twirled and Elain gave her best curtsy before twirling around with it, humming music she recalled from the last ball she and Nesta had attended-when they were both still human. The steps all came rushing back to her and she lost herself in it, that carefree feeling she thought would never come back, she let it take her-even if just for a moment. Even if there would be scrying and other work ahead, she could let herself have these moments of happiness from time to time. Perhaps it would help to remind her just what they were all fighting for.
“This is much easier with someone else leading.” She said, and it wasn’t lost on her that for the first time in her life she truly was leading her own life. She wasn’t completely in charge just yet-but she knew that day would come. She knew that becoming fae had changed everything for her. That idea had been horrifying once, but now it felt like absolute freedom and excitement. Suddenly, anything and everything was a possibility for her and she had no one to tell her what was and wasn't acceptable for a Lady like her.
Azriel crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe, watching as his shadow twisted and twirled around Elain as she danced, her smile positively glowing. His grin widened as he heard her humming along with whatever tune was in her head. She looked so happy in this moment, it was what he knew they’d all hoped for, that Feyre would have her sisters back one day; that they would both claw their way back from the darkness they’d been plunged into. Elain at least seemed to be faring well, much better than Nesta was anyway. Selfishly, Azriel was glad that it was Lucien who seemed to be the target of what little anger Elain did show instead of he and his friends. It was unfair, he knew it and he had a feeling that Elain knew it too, but he couldn’t bring himself to feel too badly about it. Lucien had played his part in what happened-he supposed they all had and they should all play their parts in helping the sisters heal too.
Elain danced, her eyes closed as she saw herself in a grand ballroom, surrounded by courtiers and not a care in the world. She twirled toward Azriel, slowly coming to a stop, the image in her mind fading away.
Azriel couldn’t stop himself from taking Elain’s hand. Chuckling as her eyes shot open as he swept her along. Elain laughed, letting him lead her in a turn around the kitchen, he clearly knew what he was doing.
“Azriel, is this a hidden talent? I’m very impressed.”
He laughed and shook his head. “Not exactly hidden, just not often required as you can imagine. Rhys’ mother and Mor whipped us all into shape-even Cassian if you can picture that.” He said.
“Actually, I can. I’ve seen you both train, it isn’t completely unlike dancing, you both move with such ease. I’ve had my feet stepped on enough to know that you can be injured doing both.” She joked as they slowed and she twirled under his arm one last time, dipping into a curtsey as he bowed with an easy smile.
“I didn’t think I’d see you today.” She said, moving to put her apron back on.
Azriel leaned back against the counter and watched her. “My business didn’t take as long as I expected. Are you here all on your own?” He asked, his expression not giving away how he felt about that when Elain nodded her head. “Mor was here, she left not too long ago. Though I am capable of being home alone.” She said, scrunching her nose slightly at him. And the house is safe anyway, isn’t it?”
Azriel nodded. “You’re right, you’re right. Is that why you didn’t throw a punch at me when I surprised you?”
Elain nodded, smiling. “I always feel safe here.”
“I’m glad. I owe you, you know. An outing for the day.” Azriel said.
“But the deal was an outing for every training, and I didn’t train today.” She corrected.
Azriel hummed in agreement before picking up a butterknife and twirling it between his fingers. “Knife training?”
Elain snickered. “With butterknives? What about my bread?”
Azriel grinned. “You show me how to make bread and we can work on holds then.”
Elain nodded. “It’s a de-“ she stopped herself and nodded. “Alright.”
Azriel chuckled, washing up. “Not keen on another tattoo so soon?” He asked in a hushed tone.
“Not sure how I’d hide another if its any bigger than the first.” She said, snickering as she offered him an apron. “Sorry, I don’t think I have an Illyrian sized apron, but at least it should do to keep the flour off of you.”
Azriel tied it on and rubbed his hands together, ready to begin.
“I hope everyone is in the mood for bread tonight.” Elain joked, washing up before sliding another bowl in front of Azriel and instructing him on the ingredients to add.”
“You do this everyday?” Azriel asked, mixing.
“Not every day, just most days. It keeps me busy and I like it, especially when I have a new recipe. I find it relaxing.”
Azriel nodded. “I can see how it would be.”
“Now, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty at the end to make sure its all mixed together.” She said, watching as he mixed the rest with his hand. “No need to be dainty with it.” She teased, watching him and giving a nod of approval when the dough was thoroughly mixed.
Azriel smiled to himself, he wasn’t sure if she realized how dainty she seemed to everyone else most of the time. If only they knew.
“Now we cover this and wait for the other two to rise.” She said, laughing at his dough covered hands, moving to help take some of the dough off, gently as if afraid she might hurt him. Azriel felt his face heat as her gentle fingers moved over his skin. Elain never seemed to mind his hands, had never recoiled or gave him those pitying looks that others did. When he was with her, he seemed to forget about being self conscious about them-about anything really.
“Now lets wash up and in the meantime, I’m in your hands.” She said, smiling up at him before they both washed their hands and put their aprons aside.
Azriel nodded with a smirk. “Today, I want to start with some simple moves that don’t require much strength. Unfortunately, its likely that if someone attacks you, they’ll be larger than you so we can’t always rely on strength to be enough.”
Elain nodded, looking up at him. It hadn’t gone unnoticed by her just how large every male was, even Lucien who was smaller than Cassian and Azriel seemed to tower over her.
Azriel moved to face her, he could sense her nervousness and gave her a small smile which seemed to put her at ease. She smiled back and gave another nod, letting him know that she was ready.
“Now I want you to be the aggressor first so I can show you and then we’ll switch. First situation, someone grabs you by the wrist.” He said, nodding as she held him by the wrist. “Fear will make you want to pull away, don’t. Take control back instead. Put your hand over their fingers and hold their hand down.” He instructed, putting his hand over hers. “Then swing your arm and move to grab their wrist.” He moved slowly, so as not to hurt her as he twisted his arm in her grip, grabbing her wrist and holding her arm behind her. “From here, you can force them to their knees, or just shove them and run.” He said, letting her go. “The goal is for you to escape the situation, not to stay and fight.”
Elain nodded. “Grab their hand, swing my arm, grab their wrist, push them down and run.”
Azriel nodded and grabbed Elain’s wrist and she hesitated for a moment before putting her hand over his and grabbing his wrist with the hand he held. She pushed down slightly, holding Azriel’s arm. “Was that okay?”
“That was good, just try not to hesitate, if someone grabs you like that, they deserve what’s coming to them. Also, don’t worry so much about hurting me.” He said with a smirk. “Again, with a little more force.”
“More force, got it.” She nodded, letting him snatch her wrist again, twisting in his grip and twisting his arm. She pushed until he dropped to one knee before releasing him.
“MUCH better, you can give them a shove once they’re off balance too, and then you run.” He instructed, looking down at her. She seemed so small, he hated that he needed to teach her any of this, but they both knew it was necessary.
“Next situation.” Azriel moved closer to her, slinging his arm around her shoulders and pulling her in against his side. “I’m in your space, what are you gonna do about it?”
Elain moved, trying to duck under his arm, a whine escaping her as she ended up in a loose headlock. “This is where I would bite you.” She said, slapping his leg.
Azriel let her go, chuckling. “I can’t make it TOO easy for you. You have the right idea, but they’re not gonna let you go if they can help it. Okay, put your arm around me now.” He instructed, bending his knees slightly to allow her to reach across his shoulders as he had done to her.
“Alright, grab their wrist and hold it down.” He said, taking hold of her wrist, forcing her to keep her arm draped over his shoulders. “Grab their shoulder and then duck under their arm, you’re holding their arm now so they can’t get you in a headlock. As you duck under, you pull that arm as hard as you can behind their back.” Azriel kept hold of her shoulder as he ducked under her arm, pulling her arm behind her back and holding her there. “From here you would kick the back of their knees to drop them and give yourself a chance to run.” He released her and she looked back at him, thinking. “What is it? You have a question.” He said, noting her uncertainty.
“Its just…you’re crouching so I can reach, if someone attacks me, they’re not going to be quite so accommodating.” She reasoned.
Azriel considered for a moment. “If your attacker is too big to reach, then step 1 is to hit him in the groin OR elbow them in the ribs as hard as you can, that’ll shorten him enough for you to do the rest.”
“Fair enough.” Elain agreed, laughing. “We can skip that step I suppose.”
“I’d appreciate it if we could.” He said, smirking before slinging his arm across her shoulders.
Elain took hold of his wrist, gripped his shoulder and ducked under his arm, pulling his arm behind his back. “And then I would kick the back of your knee to take you down, right?” She asked, excitement in her voice.
“Right, that we can practice when we’re in the right space again.”
“Alright, I like that one, wish I’d learned it ages ago.” She joked, but Azriel felt something in him go cold. He wondered how many “gentlemen” had gotten closer than she’d wanted, but he schooled his features and nodded. “That was very well done.”
Elain smiled and nodded. “Thank you, I think maybe one more and then back to the bread?”
“Alright, one more.” Azriel thought for a moment before nodding to himself and getting down on his knees. “Go ahead and grab me by the hair.”
Elain hesitated, then slid her fingers into his hair-careful not to pull.
“Alright, you’re gonna swing your arm over again and bring it up, trapping their arm with yours.” He explained as he moved his arm to hook under hers, just enough to show her but not enough to hurt. “You’ll want to pull up more than I am to take them to their knees.”
“Alright.” Elain nodded, absently smoothing his hair down before moving back into position. Azriel tried to ignore the tingles it sent down his spine, they were friends and this was training he reminded himself. They were friends, just friends.
“Let me know if I hurt you.” He said, taking hold of her hair as gently as possible.
“Its fine.” She assured him, waiting for his nod before hooking her arm over then under his.
“Go ahead and put some more pressure on.” He instructed, dropping to his knees as she did so. “Good, now from here, you might be able to break their arm, you could also punch them in the face, both would give you a chance to run away.”
Elain nodded and let him go. “Thank you, Azriel, I think these will be most helpful.”
“I hope you never have to use them.” He said.
“Me too.” She said, the look they shared saying that they both knew that she might. She shook her head, her easy smile returning as she moved to wash up again. “Alright, back to YOUR training.”
Azriel washed his hands again, watching as Elain set two bowls on the counter, uncovering both.
“Okay, the dough has risen.” She said, sprinkling the counter with flour. “You want to dust some flour on your dough so it doesn’t stick to your hands again.” She sprinkled, watching Azriel do the same. She was very sure he would never do this on his own, but it still gave her a sense of satisfaction-teaching him something that he didn’t already know.
“Now you want to fold your dough, and push it.” She instructed, folding her dough over and pushing it forward with the heel of her hands. “You can’t hurt the dough.” She said as she stepped closer, Azriel moving to let her step between him and the counter, bringing his hands back to the dough, caging her in.
Elain felt her face heat slightly, but she watched as he folded the dough and waited until she put her hands over his. “You can’t hurt it.” She said, guiding his hands. “It isn’t as delicate as it seems. Its very hard to over work your dough.”
“This is why you punch so hard already isn’t it? This and hauling rocks around the garden?” He teased, smiling.
“My bread is better than my punching, I’ve had way more practice.” She said and he could hear the smile in her voice. “Just a little more and we should be done kneading.”
“This is pretty relaxing.” He confessed. “You usually do this with Nuala and Cerridwen?”
Elain nodded. “Yes, ever since…well since I felt well enough to leave my room.” She said quietly. “I enjoy their company very much.”
“They’ve told me that they enjoy your friendship as well, Elain” He said, still folding and kneading.
“Oh?” She looked up at him, a little shocked that they would talk about her with Azriel.
“They could have been reassigned months ago, they like it here, they like spending time with you.” He offered. “We all value your friendship, Elain.”
“And I value theirs, and yours Azriel.” Elain gave his hands a gentle squeeze before he moved his arm to let her pass.
Elain moved back over to her dough, a gentle smile on her face now. She hadn’t realized how much she’d needed to hear it, that the wraiths saw her as a friend and not an assignment; that Azriel saw her as a friend. She kneaded her dough a few more times before nodding and bringing her bread pans over.
“Now lets form our dough into a ball and put it in the pan.” She instructed, turning her gaze back to Azriel who stood watching her before forming his own dough, forming the mound in his hands before placing it in the pan. “Very nic-“ she laughed and Azriel froze.
“What did I do?” He asked, looking at his dough, brows raised.
“Nothing. Your dough is perfect, you’ve just powdered yourself with flour.” She said, motioning to her cheek to show him. “Littler higher…bit more…lower…to the right. Nearly there, just a bit higher.” She directed, Azriel’s eyes narrowing as he noticed her fighting to keep herself from laughing.
“Higher like here? Or here?” Azriel asked, his thumbs leaving smudges of flour on both her cheeks.
Elain gasped and batted at his hands, laughing. “I am not engaging in a flour fight, not when Rhys isn’t here to clean up with his magic!”
“Truce then, the shadows don’t clean.” He offered, hands up in surrender.
“Truce.” She agreed, laughing and reaching up to dust the smudge of flour from his cheek. Azriel reached out, gently thumbing the flour from where he’d put it.
“What’s next for our dough then, boss?” He forced himself to ask.
“Now is the fun part, we can make a design or decorate the bread, give it a simple pattern or just put it in the oven as it is. Feeling creative?” She asked with a smirk.
Azriel shrugged, smiling. “It’ll taste good even if its ugly, right?”
“We’ll start with something simple.” She promised. “Now I get to show you my knife skills.” She said with a mischievous smirk as she slid a small knife over to him and used her own to carefully cut the dough into quarters, then began making shallow cuts in the dough, quickly creating a leafy wreath pattern on each quarter.
Azriel cursed under his breath, trying the same pattern and getting very close.
“Azriel that is so well done.” She watched his careful hands as he finished.
“You’re not the only one who can be a good student.” He teased with a smirk.
“You think I’m a good student?” She preened and he laughed.
“Alright, alright, now they go in the oven and we’ll have some-hopefully delicious bread with dinner tonight.” She said, moving the pans into the oven and checking on the third bowl. “Your dough hasn’t risen yet, but it should be ready by dinner too.”
Azriel smiled, leaning against the counter. “Thank you for the lesson.”
“Thank you for the lesson.” Elain offered in return, fingers drumming on the countertop, her heart skipping as Azriel slid his hand closer until it was under hers, her fingers gently tapping on his palm.
Her eyes moved to meet his and he moved to take a step forward when they heard the sound of the front door opening and multiple people filtering in. They both heard Rhysand asking after Azriel and Elain gave him a smile.
“Duty calls. See you at dinner.”
Slowly, Azriel slid his hand away and nodded. “See you at dinner.” He turned and left to join the rest of the group, leaving Elain who leaned back against the counter, wondering what exactly had just happened between them.
After Dinner, on his way out, Azriel made one more visit to the kitchen. Elain looked up and smiled. "Hey, if you're on your way out, don't forget your bread." she said, sliding the wrapped loaf over to him. "It rose while you were busy with Rhys, so I finished it for you."
"Thank you." He said, taking a peek and smirking. The loaf was decorated with a different pattern, flowers baked into the surface as well. "Show off."
Elain laughed. "Goodnight, Azriel"
"Goodnight, Elain." Azriel smiled before disappearing into his shadows.
Elain made her way back to her room, a smile on her face. Something was definitely changing between her and Azriel. In one day she had gone from being excited about their friendship to thinking of the possibility of something more.
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123moiaussi · 23 days ago
TAYLOR!💖 I knew I wasn’t on the wrong trail with a first date prequel😉
However, I did not expect something as cute as an accidental spaghetti kiss 🍝💋
I love how both Az and Elain are fussing and the sibling dynamics that were at play🥺 I love that Feyre and Elain had a little moment together and Nesta being overprotective is top tier✨
The awkwardness and charming tone of this fic is absolutely brilliant and adorable🤞🌸 I feel bad that Elain choked on her spaghetti but Az’s little kisses are the best😘
I can’t wait to see what else you have planned for us✨💀🥺🌈🦋
IDBTWY Prequel - Spaghetti for Two
Thank you, @perseusannabeth, for the cheesiest of cheesy prompts! This was too damn cute not to write. Since they've technically already made out in a closet, this won't be their first kiss, but you do get their second. 😘 I still can't believe that I've been writing this fic AU for a year. Thank you all for your love and support. It truly means the world to me! 💙💚💜
I’m not doing a tag list anymore because they’re really more trouble than their worth. For notifications, you can follow and subscribe to my fanfic account where I will be reblogging updates and snippets only. You can also find me on ao3.
My fanfic account: @tswaney17fics
My ao3 account: tswaney17
Please let me know what you think about this update. I love getting your feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
Credit to @featherymalignancy​ for Cassian’s nickname, Cash. 😘
Trigger warnings: no trigger warnings except for absolute cheesy fluff.
Word Count: 1,750
Azriel stood in front of his mirror, fussing with his hair as he had been doing for the last ten minutes. His stomach fluttered in anticipation of his first date with Elain.
First date.
The idea of going on a date with her after all this time pinning over her made his heart trip over itself. Granted, they had already made out in a closet—but it was different this time. It wasn’t something that forced them together, this was of their own free will. And even though he knew Elain liked him too, he just wanted their first date to go perfect.
His bedroom door flew open, his brother’s barging in, unannounced, and found spots on his bed to sit down on.
“Don’t you two ever knock?” he asked, glaring at them through their reflections.
“You’re primping,” Cash teased. “More so than this one here,” he added indicating to Rhys.
His other brother squawked in outrage. “I do not primp.”
Both Azriel and Cassian raised a brow at that.
Rhys hmphed, crossing his arms in protest.
He gave up on his hair and fixed his stare on his brothers. “I just want this to go well.”
Cassian’s face softened—a classic older brother gesture. “Elain adores you, brother. Everything is going to be fine. Plus, you already made out with her—so, she knows how well you kiss.” He shrugged nonchalantly.
Az huffed, rolling his eyes. “How romantic of you.”
Rhys hit Cassian in the back of the head with a pillow. “It’s a wonder why Nesta hates your sorry ass.”
“She does not hate me. She finds me attractively annoying. There’s a difference,” he assured them, the swaggering brute.
“If you say so,” he muttered, turning back to the mirror to mess with his hair again.
Rhys was off the bed and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Stop fussing. You look great. Now go sweep that girl off her feet.”
Az’s cheeks blushed pink, but he offered his brothers a small smile, hoping it hid his nerves well enough. “Wish me luck.”
Elain slid her hands down the front of her lilac summer dress to try and calm the butterflies in her stomach. She was going on date—an actual date with Azriel. She was still in disbelief that only a week ago they were making out in a closet at a party.
And now they were going on a date.
This was not just her first date with Azriel, but her first date ever. And she really wanted it to go well.
But it didn’t stop those nervous doubts from entering her mind. Like, what if they couldn’t seem to hold a conversation outside of school? What if he found her incredibly dull?
Elain shook her head, her brown hair swishing over her shoulders.
She needed to stop thinking like that. Azriel liked her. Had told her as much. She was just overanalyzing everything like normal.
A knock on her door pulled her from her reverie before Feyre peeked her head in.
Her sister smiled at her. “Elain, you look lovely.”
Feyre was three years younger than her and wouldn’t be joining her in high school until Elain was a senior.
“It’s not too simple?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at her backside. She pinned half her hair up and added a soft wave to it. Her makeup remained light, just a bit of mascara, blush, and a light pink lip gloss.
Elain would be lying if she debated whether or not to wear the lip gloss at all. Her cheeks heated at the thought of kissing Azriel again.
“Simple elegance is something to strive for,” Feyre quoted from her current favorite movie, Footloose, oblivious to her sister’s dirty thoughts.
She giggled before giving herself another once-over. “Okay, I think I’m ready.”
The doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of said date. Her cheeks turned pink again—the butterflies in her stomach kicking into overdrive. Elain took a deep breath then linked her arms with her sister to lead them from her bedroom.
As she and Feyre made their way downstairs, she overheard Nesta giving Azriel the big sister lecture.
"—and if you so much as hurt her, I’ll cut off a piece of you that I know most males are fond of.”
“Nesta!” Elain hissed, shoving her sister away.
Azriel stood on the threshold of the front door, face an ungodly shade of red with wide eyes.
Nesta gave him another once-over, pointing her fingers at him in a silent way of saying, I’m watching you.
“I’m so sorry about that,” she said when her two sisters finally left them alone. Her eyes drifted down the bouquet of flowers in his hand. “Are those for me?” she asked softly, nodding in their direction.
“What? Oh! Yes. Um, here,” he stuttered, thrusting the pink flowers in her direction with a shaking hand.
“Peonies,” she whispered, taking the bouquet from his outstretched hand. “My favorite.”
Azriel scratched the back of his head. “I remember you mentioning that they were your favorites once in class.”
Elain remembered that conversation from a few months ago. They were learning about plants and photosynthesis when she saw a picture of peonies in their textbook. Without thinking, she blurted out that they were her favorite flower. “I can’t believe you remembered that from like three months ago.”
He slid his hands into his pockets, shrugging. “I always remember what you tell me, Elain.”
Her heart hammered in her chest and she felt her cheeks dust with color under his watchful gaze. “Let me just put these in some water.”
They arrived promptly at a small restaurant on the outskirts of Velaris. The truck was barely turned off before Azriel jumped out and was at her side opening her door for her. Elain slid out with the help of his hand. “Thank you.”
He smiled and let his thumb brush over her knuckles. Seeming unable to help himself, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “You look gorgeous, by the way. I meant to say that earlier, but your sister threatening to cut off my manhood made my brain short circuit.”
She giggled, giving his hand a comforting squeeze as they made their way into the little Italian bistro. “Again, I’m sorry about that.” He just squeezed her hand back in reassurance.
They were sat at a table, secluded in the back—something Elain guessed Azriel had asked specifically for, knowing they both liked the quiet.
As they waited for their food, the two of them chatted about anything and everything. Family, friends, their plans for after high school. Since they were sitting on the same side of the booth, Azriel had kept her hand in his, his thumb casually brushing over her knuckles that sent chills running down her spine.
“Tell me something about you that I don’t already know.”
He seemed to debate his answer, finally settling on, “I’m going to start working in a mechanic garage next month. It’s only a few days after school, but the owner said I could pick up more hours during the summer.”
Elain smiled brightly. “That’s amazing. Do you like working on cars?” she asked.
He shrugged. “I tinker here and there. But I figured it’d be a good way to earn money and get some work experience under my belt.”
“I think that’s great. You’ve always been good with your hands.” Her cheeks flamed at the underlying innuendo.
Azriel quirked a brow, but couldn’t stop his mouth from quirking up in the corner.
“That isn’t—that’s not what I meant,” she stuttered trying to backtrack. “I just meant like your hands are large—no wait, useful in experiments—using the Bunsen burner!” She covered her face with her hands, groaning in embarrassment.
Azriel tipped his head back and laughed. “You’re cute when you get all flustered.”
She glared at him through her fingers. “Stop laughing at me!”
His teeth found purchase in his bottom lip to quell his amusement, but the shaking of his shoulders told her he was failing miserably.
Before she could utter a retort, their waitress returned and their food was set between them. A plate of spaghetti to share—to save room for dessert, she had explained.
Her earlier embarrassment faded as they ate and continued chatting. Elain’s worry about lapses in conversation or Azriel finding her boring drifted from her mind as she realized how easy it was to talk to him. They always seemed to find something engaging between them.
They laughed until tears filled their eyes and smiled until her cheeks started to quiver.
Azriel was already gorgeous, but when he smiled at her like that, he was devastating. It was no wonder girls at school whispered about him in the hallways. From the sharp cut of his jaw, to the high angle of his cheekbones, to the green and gold strands of his hazel-colored eyes. He was best described as classically beautiful.
Elain was so lost in thought; she hadn’t realized that they both shared the same spaghetti noodle until their lips barely brushed. Startled, she sucked in a breath, accidentally inhaled the pasta down her throat, and began to choke.
“Shit, Elain!” Azriel smacked her back as she coughed violently into her napkin.
The room turned to stare at them. Even the waitress came over to check on them. “Are you okay?” she asked concerned.
Elain gave a thumbs-up as she continued to cough until the noodle dislodged from her throat and went down. Her face was burning and she knew the color of it matched the marinara sauce on her plate. She looked up into his mirthful eyes. Grabbing her water, she took a large swig before demanding, “Are you laughing at me again?”
The corner of his lips turned up into a smile. “You have to admit, my kiss taking your breath away is pretty funny.”
She playfully shoved his shoulder. “Um, rude!”
His hand came up to the back of her head and he pulled her in for a real kiss. Something soft and slow that made her heart flip in her chest. It was the gentlest of pressure. Her skin heated as he pulled away.
Elain pretended to give it some thought. “I think we should try again,” she teased, leaning back in to kiss him a second time.
Neither of them noticed their waitress slowly backing away from their table, a soft smile on her face.
Remember, sharing is caring! Please reblog if you liked the fic. It helps spread my work and I truly appreciate it. 💕
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123moiaussi · 23 days ago
I love that the school rivalry echos that of a new age school Romeo and Juliet💖
latibule (n) (elriel)
Tumblr media
summary: elain and azriel hide themselves away from the world, seeking a moment of peace from the rivalry between their schools.
prompt: there were a lot of fights and a lot of fraternisation going on with the local public school and the private boarding school au
word count: 2.1k
note: here is the second july upload! this was another piece i did for the writing month challenge. i loved this one because i got to return to my favourite tropes, secret relationships and forbidden romance!
hope you enjoy,
lily <3
read here on ao3 // masterlist // july upload schedule
latibule (n) a hiding place, a place of safety and comfort
The forest was dark. Silver moonlight shone down through the smallest gaps in the canopy and shadows filled in the rest. Armed only with her phone’s flashlight, Elain felt afraid. Usually she wasn’t scared of the dark but when it pressed in, suffocating her on all sides, she could feel her heart race and breath shorten. It wasn’t far to the clearing now but time seemed to slow with every step she took. Every snap of a branch or rustle of leaves sent Elain panicking, her pace ever-increasing until she was almost at a full sprint. The path only seemed to get longer as she ran but she pushed harder until she stumbled into the small clearing.
It was slightly brighter here, moonlight streaming in through the wider gaps in the canopy above. It was bright enough that she was able to see after she turned her phone’s flashlight off. Despite the light and space around her, nothing could stop the anxiety from pressing in. The sensation of someone watching her sent a wave of chills down her spine and when she spun around she was greeted only by that oppressive darkness that had followed her as she made her way there. She shivered slightly, wishing she had brought a proper coat. Elain was clothed solely in her thin pyjamas and wishing that she had paid more attention. In her excitement, she had dashed out the door and forgot to grab the hoodie that she had left out for herself. She had barely remembered her keycard.
The silence was thick around her, only punctuated by the occasional hoot of an owl or the call of a nocturnal animal. It was almost peaceful and Elain let herself relax ever so slightly. That was until a branch snapped behind her and she twisted so quickly she almost fell. She stared into the darkness, there was no one there; only a strong sense of dread lingering in the cool night air. She let loose a breath before a voice sounded from behind her.
She let out a shriek and tripped over a root as she tried to get away. A hand around her waist caught her fall and spun her around before pulling her into a hard chest. She looked up with fearful eyes to see amused hazel ones gazing back. The person cracked a slight smile at her reaction to their arrival. Elain let out a sigh of relief and wrapped her arms around them, burying her face in their chest.
“Azriel.” She breathed.
The small smile on his face widened into a full grin and she felt herself doing the same. That was until she remembered how her heart had leapt into her throat when he scared her. She pouted at him and smacked his chest. “Don’t scare me like that!”
He let out a full-bodied laugh that dispelled any ill will she felt towards him and soon she found herself joining in.
“I’m sorry,” he told her as his laughter subsided. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Although I may do it again now that I know how funny you look when you get scared.”
She scowled and pushed out of his grip, immediately regretting it as the cold flooded back in and embedded itself deep inside of her.
“Don’t you dare! I won’t meet you here again if you do.”
Now it was his turn to frown. He held out his arms but she refused to step back into his embrace.
“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I won’t do it again.”
Still, she refused to return to him. A mischievous expression grew on his face and she only had a second to register it before he launched himself at, arms at the ready to scoop her into a hug. She shrieked again, although this time it was less out of fear and more out of amusement. She burst into a sprint just as his arms closed around the space she had just vacated. She ran in circles around him, leaping and twirling over the uneven ground with the grace of a ballerina. He ran after her, both of their laughter echoing off the trees and filling the clearing with unfiltered joy. However, Elain could only run around the small area for so long. Whilst the moonlight provided enough light to see, the floor was still dim, meaning she couldn’t see the root that jutted out in front of her. She felt her foot catch and she stumbled into a tree, arms out in front of her to stop her from fully crashing into it. She righted herself and turned in time to see Azriel behind her, his arms coming to rest on either side of her head, caging her in. They both breathed heavily, winded from the unexpected exercise, but smiling. They stared at each other, the adrenaline wearing off and love taking its place instead. Azriel leaned in, face hovering close to hers waiting for permission. She nodded and closed the space between them. Time seemed to pause as her lips met his. He leaned forward, deepening the kiss and pushing her further back against the tree. Heat rushed through her as she felt his tongue brush against her bottom lip and she opened up beneath him. Elain gasped as he swept in and she brought her hands up to tangle in his hair. It was soft beneath her fingers. She tugged slightly and he let out a light moan as he detached himself from her lips and began to kiss along her jaw and down onto her neck. One hand removed itself from the tree, so she was no longer caged by his arms, and instead found a place on her hip, fingers moving to slide beneath the thin fabric and brush against her bare skin. She let out a huff as she felt his lips move against her neck before tugging at his hair again.
“Stop, you’ll leave marks.”
“I’m being careful,” he murmured against her neck before returning to lightly nip at the one particular spot that made her knees weak.
She laughed, “You said that last time and I had to wear turtlenecks for a week after.”
He detached himself from his work to stare at her, his dark hair flopping over his eyes.
“I got carried away.”
She hummed as she placed a gentle kiss on his lips before wrapping her arms around his middle and pulling him close to her. They stood, wrapped in each other's embrace under the moonlight for what felt like hours. A deep sense of peace enveloped her, all previous feelings of fear and cold drifting off into the clear night sky. Finally, they moved away from the tree Azriel had pressed Elain against. They chose to sit side by side in the centre of the clearing where a small patch of grass separated them from the cold hard ground. She leaned her head against his shoulder as he bought an arm to encircle her waist.
“I’ve missed you.”
She sat up, turning to take him in properly for the first time that night. He sat in pyjamas, like her, but he had his favourite hoodie on to protect him from the night's chill. The moonlight caught his hazel eyes and sent them sparkling, highlighting the veins of green that resided in them. He was beautiful, and he was hers.
“I’ve missed you too.” She told him before placing her head back onto his shoulder.
As they sat in silence, in the middle of the night in a clearing in a forest, the truth about their situation settled in. A burden that only they seemed to carry. Humans are pack creatures, they are loyal to their groups, and this felt like an ultimate betrayal. Elain and Azriel went to different schools, Elain attending the private boarding school that the forest belonged to and Azriel attending the local public school in the town. To those who were outside of the situation, it sounded like they were being dramatic but to them? It meant everything. A deep animosity ran between the two schools. Those who attended the public school believed that the private schoolers were ‘greedy, egotistical pricks with sticks up their asses’ whereas those attending the private school deemed the others unruly and beneath them. No one knew where the intense rivalry had stemmed from. Maybe it was the private school buying up the forest that surrounded them, banning the town’s residents from entering what was once a precious location to them. Or maybe it was the time that some boys from the public school had broken into the private school’s grounds and released so many rats that they struggled with an infestation for years afterwards. Either way, pack mentality had taken over and now every time the two schools interacted it ended with insults being hurled, items being vandalised and even full-blown fights. And the worst of them all were the two sets of siblings who ruled their respective schools. Azriel and Elain’s siblings.
The Archeron sisters and the Knight brothers had always disliked each other after a bucket of slime intended for someone else had landed on Nesta, Elain’s older sister. The situation had only escalated from there but Elain and Azriel had never partaken personally in it. They only tagged along with their siblings whenever they wanted to pick a fight, which was how they ended up meeting. Elain’s sisters had crashed a party thrown by Azriel’s younger brother, Rhysand, bringing a whole host of their preppy private school friends. The evening had ended badly. There had been two hospitalisations with broken noses after fights had broken out and the police were called. Elain had snuck away long before anything had really happened and that had been when she had bumped into Azriel. They hadn’t realised their respective relations at first and had exchanged numbers after spending the whole evening together, away from the crowd and drama of the party. Even when they discovered the resentment that ran deep between their siblings, they found themselves not caring. They were too wrapped up in each other's company to worry about a rivalry they had never cared about in the first place. And when Elain had finally kissed Azriel, any remaining doubts had flown away on swift wings as they realised how deeply their feelings went for each other. Despite their disinterest in the conflict, they knew they had to keep their relationship under wraps. It would destroy their family, their reputations and everything they had built. Which was how they ended up here, only seeing each other briefly every so often and hiding away from the world.
“I wish things were different,” She whispered, shuffling closer as an icy breeze snapped around her exposed ankles and sent a chill up her body.
“Me too.” He replied. “I wish we could see each other whenever we wanted, that I could take you on dates in town without worrying what people would think, that I could tell people how much I love you.”
Elain felt her heart stutter and her eyes widen. She leaned away from Azriel, moving to sit in front of him so she could look him in the eyes. Whilst it had been heavily insinuated before, neither of them had ever taken that leap. An expression of worry washed over his face.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I do- I do love you, but please don’t feel pressured to say it back.”
Azriel’s nervous rambling and blushing cheeks only served to make her fall harder. She shut him up with a gentle kiss on the lips, raising her hand to cup his cheek.
“I love you too.”
She pulled back in time to see the brightest smile she had ever seen. He let out a sigh of relief and bundled her into his lap so he could hold her more comfortably. Despite his warmth, the cold still crept into Elain and she found herself shivering slightly. Azriel frowned at this before pushing her away slightly so he could pull off his hoodie and hand it to her. She examined the bundle of material that now sat in her lap.
“Won’t you be cold?”
“I’ll be fine,” he promised her. “Besides, you look cute in my clothes.”
She giggled lightly at this as she pulled it over her head. It was warm and far too big for her, but it only added to the charm. She snuggled back into his arms and looked up at the stars above. The situation they were in was complicated: a road riddled with potholes and glass, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. But that could wait. For now, they had the forest, the stars and each other. And that was enough.
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123moiaussi · 24 days ago
Ah I love this theory 💖
What if Elain Archeron accidentally Made Ents; a crack theory 🌳
Please don't screenshot this post without credit.
Disclaimer: this is a crack theory that makes no claims to accuracy; though, if it does come true, I believed it all along, of course. 🙃
Tumblr media
A while ago I posted a semi-crack theory/headcanon/what have you that discussed whether Elain Archeron may have unintentionally Made her necklace on solstice night in ACOSF, when she was working through her emotions after Rhys - unbeknownst to Elain - interrupted her near-kiss with Azriel, forcing him to leave her in the hall as he winnowed upstairs to Rhys (poor form on behalf of both of them, by the way).
I was speaking to @123moiaussi after that post, and she mentioned that Elain could have potentially Made her old engagement ring from Graysen, too. I know that the metal wasn't hot, but pearls are porous, so who knows? She might have!
But that got me thinking about what else Elain could have Made while she was dealing with her trauma, as I suspect she has been slowly making progress with that behind the scenes... what about a home-grown defence system?!
What if Elain accidentally Made the ACOTAR equivalent of Ents?!
Amren mentioned, in ACOSF, that a Made fae such as Nesta - and, so, by extension, Elain - could potentially "transform" a living being into something else when their "emotions are high."
Tumblr media
Amren also suggested that she wouldn't eat any food that Nesta had prepared; now, as far as I can remember, we're yet to see Nesta have a hand in cooking anything, but who do we know who does cook and bake? Elain. We are being reminded of Elain’s existence in this scene.
Tumblr media
I don't think Elain has "Made" any food that she's fed to anyone, because surely they'd notice something - anything - happening after two years, though I do wonder if she could add some oomph to any potions or powders that Nuala and Cerridwen, or even Madja, may make going forwards. I would also love to see her growing her own ingredients, and learning to brew potions herself.
Many readers have assumed that, aside from baking, Elain uses gardening as part of her arsenal to cope with her trauma, which would suggest that her emotions could be running "high" while she's working. Feyre all but confirmed it, in her ACOSF bonus chapter.
Tumblr media
If Elain is digging through her traumatic memories whilst gardening - especially the memories that pertain to her kidnapping and the war - then what if she accidentally imbued some of her Cauldron-gifted magic into the plants or ground that she tended at the time?
I would assume that such experiences would lead to wishes for protection and defence; ergo, if this crack theory proves true - however unlikely that may be - and Elain has created Ents of a sort, then the land of Velaris itself could fight back when necessary, to defend its people, plants and animals from invaders.
That being said, there is always the risk of them not being "hasty." Hopefully Elain’s Ents would say good morning with a little more brevity than Treebeard and co., and show up to battle before nightfall.
Tumblr media
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123moiaussi · 25 days ago
No lies detected😎
Azriel reactions to Elain: his eyes never lie
Everything will be supported by the text. This is clearly a pro-Elriel meta, so if Elriel is not your cup of tea, this post isn't for you. English isn't my first language, so sorry for any possible mistakes. Be kind!
I really think that Azriel's reactions and emotions concerning Elain, especially her well-being, are very telling. I need to emphasize that it is more than just simple reactions to something she's done or said, and to support that I will draw attention to the fact that his emotions change according to what is happening with Elain.
But before a fun fact: Azriel is known for being unreadable, so in a lot of scenes where he can't suppress or hide his emotions, he get to see them in his eyes. Keep that in mind.
Azriel’s hazel eyes churned as he studied my sister, her too-thin body.
In this case Elain is clearly struggling. With exception of her sisters, Azriel is the only one who tries to understand her in that scene. It's clear: he is genuinely concerned about her, so much that Feyre can see the agitation in his eyes.
Considering that he was that worried about her, let's take a look at his reaction in the end of the book:
That smile grew, bright enough that it lit up even Azriel’s shadows across the room.
If her smile lit up his shadows, that means he was watching her, so we got a reaction. Remember: he saw her in her lowest and showed concern, so now he is relief, happy that she is better.
Azriel’s hazel eyes glowed golden in the shadows. Nesta said, “Then you will die.” Azriel only repeated, rage glazing that stare, “I’m getting her back.”
I stood. Met Azriel’s wrathful stare.
Azriel’s shadow-hand grasped my own, tugging me closer. His rage rippled off his invisible form.
When Elain is captured, again SJM shows us his emotions through his eyes: sheer rage. Azriel - the most unreadable character, the one who is a specialist in hiding his emotions - is so pissed off that Feyre could sense his rage even though he was hidden in shadows, which are a mechanism he uses to shield himself, and yet they couldn't hide it.
He wasn't just "worried" when she was taken by the Cauldron, no! Azriel, one of the most composed characters, was furious at the thought of someone hurting her, so he risked his own life, because he needed to see her safe.
It is no surprise that we have so many scenes in ACOSF where he reacts to the mention of Elain being captured.
Tumblr media
Here, we have a very, very sudden change of mood. He was laughing at Cassian, but then his brother mentions something bad happened with Elain, which means she was involved in whatever shit that happened. Azriel immediately goes still and then asks what happened to her, he wants to know if she's ok. His primal concern is her well-being. Then we have shadows darkening his eyes, again his mood changes according to what is happening to her.
And what an interesting contrast: while his shadows light up when she's feeling better, they swarm him when he gets worried over her.
If Elain isn't well, eyes churning. If Elain fights with her own sister: shadows darkening his eyes. If Elain gets kidnapped: blind, I-am-getting-her-back rage in his stare.
If Elain demonstrates that she has been paying attention to him and gives a very thoughtful present (and makes a joke):
Then Azriel tipped his head back and laughed. I’d never heard such a sound, deep and joyous. (...) Azriel mastered himself enough to say, “Thank you.” I’d never seen his hazel eyes so bright, the hues of green amid the brown and gray like veins of emerald. “This will be invaluable.”
His eyes again reflecting what he is feeling: joy.
And again it is so much more than just a simple reaction. He could have just smiled when she gave him a present, but no! SJM emphasized the importance of that scene by saying that Feyre never saw him react like that not once, but twice. His reaction was very different from what he usually shows.
It is a far cry from this scene right here:
I looked away at the heat, the yearning that filled them (his eyes).
I don't think it is a coincidence that these two lines take place in the same chapter: Feyre can see desire in his eyes when he is receiving Mor's present and then they shine with joy never seen before when he got Elain's.
So now when Azriel looks at Elain:
Then his gaze shifted to Elain, and though it was utterly neutral, something charged went through it. Between them.
Something charged in his gaze.
But if he can't be with her in that moment:
Shadows darkened his eyes, full of enough pain that she couldn’t stop herself from touching his shoulder.
He is suffering. Later in the next day, Clotho could also tell that he was sad, and how did she notice that?
Your eyes are sad, Shadowsinger.
Not his face, not his features. She saw it in his eyes.
Joy, worry, pain, rage, sadness, something charged... All of this shining intensely in the eyes of someone who is often hiding what he's feeling and all of this involving Elain. In conclusion, very often Azriel's emotions are in tune to what happens involving her and we can read them in his eyes.
This is how we can say that when it comes to Elain, Azriel feels deeply.
Tumblr media
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Thanks for the tag @kingandfireheart 🥺💖✨
Little Casio would definitely be interested in the walls not just because of the posters of paintings and friends but the fact that my walls are an interesting shade of blue👀🦋🥶 I think my kid self would be drawn to all the vintage and retro tins I’ve collected as well as my artist model hand that is currently covered in necklaces🤣 🤞
Tagging: @mardereads19 @themissyvonne @queenringer
imagine you as a child, rummaging around in the current version of your room. what would they be drawn to?
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123moiaussi · 25 days ago
last night I dreamt a full fucking detailed episode of What We Do in the Shadows which was all about Nandor and Nadja entering into a rapidly escalating prank war with Nandor losing and having an identity crisis over being defeated in battle
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why you should reblog and support content creators
i’ve been on tumblr since 2012 and became a content creator in 2014/5, so i’ve been here for years and I can confirm that: people barely reblog posts now and it’s becoming an issue. yes content creators make stuff mostly for them, but if we post them it’s so people can see and enjoy it. and this happens when you hit “reblog”
the likes/reblogs ratios is a big disaster. when I first started, the reblogs were like 70% of a post with 30% of likes. now it’s 10% reblogs and 90% likes. likes are good, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t give us visibility.
reblogging = sharing posts to your followers. it’s easy and quick
reblogs are important because it motivates people to create stuff and create more
it’s a great way to introduce your followers to a show/an artist/sports. i don’t wanna throw myself flowers but a few of my followers got into motorsport because I was reblogging posts about it (and also creating gifs and edits)
reblogs are a great way to make new friends because your followers/mutuals will see you have stuff in common and it will help to engage a conversation and start a friendship.
content creators spend a lot of time editing and a reblog shows that these hours weren’t lost 
reblogging helps us making our work be seen as tumblr’s tags are sometimes broken and they don’t appear in tags
it encourages people to create more and. i’m posting graphics and reblogs are encouraging me to keep posting them and creating more
top bonus is when you leave nice stuff in the tags. we see them and we love it and we love you
reblog because it’s free and the button exists for a reason
there is many more reasons but i won’t spam you
we are nice
we provide stuff for free
we take requests and make stuff you ask for
we share our resources: colorings, writing tips, where to get pictures, where to get fonts, tutorials, links for softwares
because we struggle a lot with tumblr’s tags
because people are sometimes rude to us and send rude asks (ex: writers - to publish their writings sooner)
because our work is being stolen by people claiming it’s theirs
because our work is being reposted on other social medias without asking us and crediting
i’m not pointing a gun to your face screaming “REBLOG”, i’m just telling you that if you like a post, you should think about reblogging it so your followers can see it and you’ll make one person happy <3
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As a self-proclaimed lover of bread, I appreciate the tag @illyrian-lover-flower 💕
Tumblr media
I don’t usually reach for bagels🥯 (they’re not really the breakfast bun everyone goes for where I’m from), however the description is fairly accurate💀
Imma tag some bagel buddies, especially @themissyvonne because I know your love for bread 🍞 👀🥴
@mardereads19 @offtorivendell @suelky @tswaney17 @thedreamthieves2013 @1-or-a-0 @stars-who-gaze @azriiel
pls take my what kind of bread are you quiz
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Seer
“Lucien murmured to me, eye still fixed on Elain, “Should we—does she need …?”
“She doesn’t need anything,” Azriel answered without so much as looking at Lucien.
Elain was staring at the spymaster now—unblinkingly.
“We’re the ones who need …” Azriel trailed off. “A seer,” he said, more to himself than us. “The Cauldron made you a seer.”
-A Court of Wings and Ruin, Chapter 32
Art by me
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