sepublic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
What if the Collector does betray Belos to become the final boss, but only in understandable anticipation and fear of Belos betraying him first; Bonus points if the Collector is correct about his prediction!
I feel having the Collector act only recently as a preemptive, reactionary backstab would help retain Belos’ agency as a villain, for those concerned about that. It wasn’t as if the Collector had secretly manipulated him this whole time; It was the other way around. Even if the Collector ends up as the final boss, it’s ultimately moreso as a result of Belos’ deliberate manipulations backfiring, rather than him having been fooled by someone else; In a way, the Collector would be a victim of Belos who finally predicted and retaliated ahead of time.
Tumblr media
That way it’s ultimately still Belos’ fault. He wasn’t some pawn of the Collector, and he can still be declared the mastermind and true villain of the show; As his cruelty is what prompts the Collector to betray him first. It really is purely Belos’ own actions coming back to bite him, via him once again ruining a ‘friendship’ with someone who earnestly offered that and wanted to make it work, only for Philip to push them away out of bigotry as he always has. So in the end, Belos’ prejudice is still the true ‘orchestrator’ of the conflict, so to speak. The Collector is still a pawn influenced by Belos’ manipulations, just not in a way Philip would’ve preferred.
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cj4747 · 2 days ago
One thing I love about the Young Justice fandom is that, next episode they could literally just show a blue lightning bolt and we would all lose our mind and/or start crying.
Tumblr media
Like we will see this and pass out. That’s how long we have waited for this man to come back😂
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scorpio-oreo · 2 days ago
✨Astro theory!✨
☆Y'know this is just a theory, but, I think jupiter enlarges the body part which is ruled by the house it resides in.
Like for example, I have Jupiter in 9th house and the ninth house rules the thighs, and let me tell you I have huge thighs, like I have average weight but my thighs are huge. 😭😭 I've always been insecure of them, tho.... but that topic should be kept for later!
◇And I also have a friend who had jupiter in 11th house, and the 11th house rules legs and she has very looooooooong legs.
But yeah, check what house jupiter in is in your birth chart and let me know if I'm correct!
*elegant bow*
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the-nerd · a day ago
Ok. I am not ready...but i made a bingo!!!
Tumblr media
The template is from @ustelisabeth, ready for emotional damage!!! because I'm not
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tragedyavenue · a day ago
So did anyone forget about the beating heart in Belo's Throne Room.
Who's heart is it? Is it the Titans like I had once proposed once or something worse. Spooky.
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robbyrobinson · a day ago
Spy x Family Theory: Loid's Mission Is Fake (SPOILERS)
Spy x Family is a popular manga series that has received an anime adaptation. The main premise of the series is a nameless spy (codenamed Twilight and later "Loid" to masquerade as a psychiatrist) is given the assignment "Operation Strix." His target, Donovan Desmond, is the leader of the National Unity Party, a political party that could threaten to escalate tensions between Westalis and Ostania.
But seeing that Donovan was a recluse, Loid has to adopt a child to enroll them into the esteemed Eden Academy (while unaware that his adopted daughter has telepathy) and later "marries" Yor who herself hides a dirty little secret: that being a professional assassin.
With that being said, there appears to be something off about the mission. For one, while Donovan is billed as being the main antagonist of the series, he rarely appears despite being a crucial person of interest. In fact, he is never actually shown performing "nefarious" acts. At best, it could be said that he is a neglectful parent who seemed to not really care much that his second-son Damian got decked across the room by Anya. Later chapters in the manga have him outright say that he finds his family strangers.
Where I am getting at overall is that while Donovan looks like someone dug up Edgar Allen Poe's corpse, dragged it through the mud, and left it to dry for ten days, it is more than likely that the organization Loid works for is overplaying his threat level. But the question, obviously, would be why?
I am suggesting that WISE fabricated Operation Strix so Loid could get a life outside of his spy work by settling down.
Sounds ludicrous, but thinking about it, it does make some sense. I always thought Loid had to specifically get a kid (and later saw that having a spouse would be mandatory for the interview) was odd as why did he have to get close to Donovan? But considering how Donovan himself isn't close to his kids since he viewed them as "strangers," it makes getting intimate with him for the mission more implausible. So what if Loid adopting Anya was actually NOT really important?
You may ask when they decided to fake the mission? I believe we've been clued into it from the beginning. As you may recall, Loid was doing one of his missions until eventually he outright goes "screw it" and tells his date they should break up.
So, once that plan goes wrong, they decide to do the next best thing. As for why they are so preoccupied with getting their best spy hitched and/or adopting a child? Would have to go with his backstory: in the manga series, Loid did not have the best upbringing: his home was attacked by Ostania and his mother was killed. He was left all alone to fend for himself undoubtedly giving him a good bit of trauma. That's pretty much the reason why he becomes attached to Anya: because he would see some of himself in her especially after finding out she was consistently taken back to orphanages.
But it is also because serving WISE would be a long-time commitment. With all that pressure, it is really another ploy by the organization to ultimately get Loid to retire.
The biggest piece of evidence that Operation Strix is really just a front comes when Anya finally does get into Eden Academy after being placed on the waiting list: to commemorate it, Loid has to pull a few strings to recreate the scenes from Anya's favorite spy show.
Of course, several agents are in on it largely because they were fanboying over being in the same room as Loid, but what if they were also informed about the true purpose of Strix and are playing along? Could also explain why Handler is ticked off: because they are putting in such a MASSIVE budget just because they can't just be outright and say "Hey, Loid, we appreciate all the work you've done for us for years, but we feel you need your own life so maybe retire please retire?"
Loid would obviously not take the bait if they were upfront with him. So, what better way to get him to "retire" and settle down than to create a false story by claiming that this guy Donovan is dangerous so you need to get a kid and put them into Eden Academy. That is not to say that the political party is NOT dangerous or threatens the peace, but they could be deliberately demonizing Donovan just to make the lies stick.
So, in short, the mission Loid thinks he is in is not real and was an elaborate ploy to get him to retire and have his own family after suffering trauma and things no man should ever suffer when he was a kid. He would take the bait hook, line, and sinker, but not realize that by doing so he would actually grow attached to his "fake family" until he could no longer tell the difference?
UPDATE: So while thinking more, while I believe that this is one of the main reasons for the "family" operation, I also think that it was a contingency plan WISE devised just in case they were compromised. So, what better way to "keep tabs" on him than to concoct the "you must start a family for the mission" scheme?
To avoid him questioning anything, they would still routinely check in to see how his mission was going whilst allowing him to do things like do a recreation of Anya's favorite spy show which would STILL be a blow to their budget.
Tumblr media
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bee-can-art · 2 days ago
Minor spoilers for The Owl House season 2 (specifically “Hollow Mind” and “Clouds on the Horizon”)!
TL;DR at the end.
Does anyone else remember the theory that, when in physical contact with each other, humans provide a magic boost to witches? It came out just after “Enchanting Grom Fright”, and was based upon the fact that Luz was involved in both animating Hooty/the owl house (in “Hooty’s Moving Hassle”), and the Grom fight.
It was neither confirmed nor denied (that I know of), but it’s safe to say now that it will forever remain as a theory.
However, I was thinking more about it in general, when I realised that what the theory proposes is similar to what palisman are. The official Wiki page for palismen describes them as being, “both a loyal friend and a powerful magic-enhancer, among other possible functions.”.
Palismen are made from palistrom wood, which is what we understand is what gives them their “powerful magic-enhancer” abilities.
Now, who else do we know was made from palistrom wood (along with a Galdorstone, which also provides a “boost to magic power”)?
Hunter can’t do magic without a staff (artificial or “real”). And even then, with a palisman staff he seem to be limited to his speed/teleportation (idk what it’s called) thing, and that one instance in the “Eclipse Lake” fight against Amity, where he dispurses the energy from the ability into a lighting bolt-esque attack.
The only outlier is in “Clouds on the Horizon”, where, when he does the ability to move/push Willow out of the way, Flapjack is nowhere in sight. Obviously, not seeing Flapjack could just be because of the illusion, or it could mean he can now do it without a staff (which, woooo yeah!! Improvement!!).
So essentically what I’m saying is that, although it was originally made with Luz in mind, with what we know now, the theory works a lot better with regards to Hunter.
Obviously I have no proof of this. I’m just going off an old theory, and applying information that we have now to it. And I doubt with only one episode of season two left, as well as the three specials for season three, we’ll find out if palisman logic also applies to Hunter or not.
But it’s still fun to think about, either way, considering how little we really know about Grimwalkers.
TL;DR - Because Grimwalkers (and in turn, Hunter) are made from palistrom wood (like palismen), does that mean they can act as “powerful magic-enhancer”‘s for witches, just like palismen do?
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gayeggyolk · a day ago
Okay I know people are saying Steve from Clouds on the Horizon wasn’t actually Steve but am I the only one who doesn’t believe that?? “The moles in the wrong spot!! And it’s missing in some frames!!” Yeah cause 90% of the budget was used on the Lumity kiss,, “He’s supposed to be a funny guy but he was serious!!!” Yeah cause they’re about to face the Emperor and try to stop a draining spell of course he isn’t gonna be joking around like tf y’all talkin about
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zu-is-here · 15 hours ago
About Aim's kindnap. I might be wrong, but, it does make sense that Ink was curious about the kid. There wasn't any mention of him in Dark Cream comic, so there probably was no star sanses. But even then, Nightmare's and Dream's fight was somehow entertaining to him, right? At least more, than mysterious escapades that pair is doing now.
I hope harm won't be there (at least, not the unchangeable one), but it is in Inks character, to do something like that. Aim isn't "canon" in any story, they are all outcodes now, that he won't have any problem messing with.
...I think... maybe if the Error-Blueberry comic and Aim missing are somehow linked...
You've got too close to some sides at once. ★
Tumblr media
OHHH I really like this theory of yours! ♡(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
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little-tigerlily95 · 22 hours ago
Quick Owl House theory
I feel like these moments could be foreshadowing Hooty sacrificing himself to save someone. He might not necessarily die (though he could), but possibly he could be injured enough to take him out of the fight during the season 2 finale.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pearls-and-phoenixes · 19 hours ago
With this latest AkaYona chapter, yeah, I don't think this thing with the miracle cure plant was meant to cure the Crimson Illness, and I hoped it wasn't. It seemed too...not to say all that Hak went through was easy, but it made the plant seem like a mcguffin. A couple things here caught my eye and got my gears turning though.
Soo-won tried so hard to throw/pack away those bonds, but ultimately, he does care about Hak and Yona. In this chapter, the plant did not make the pain go away 100%, but he acknowledges that in the moments after Hak handed it to him, collapsed in his arms, he forgot the pain. Their bond in action was stronger than the illness/curse. And yes, that may just be overwhelming emotion, but what if it's something beyond that?
I'm thinking about the dragons' reaction when Hiryuu stayed human, the fact that he loved humans despite how awfully he was treated. From the dragons' perspective, it made no sense. He had a bond with them. He left them for what? How were humans worth it? Worthy of him? They gave him the dragon warriors and with them tried to recreate the kind of bond they understood. The warriors would love and be loyal to him unconditionally because their blood said so. Human bonds were too frivolous and couldn't compare with that, surely.
Did they have a grudge against the choice Hiryuu made? Even subconsciously? Zeno says that the dragons' short lifespans are because human bodies can't handle the dragon blood, but what all is involved in that blood? Perhaps some resentment? Resentment that Hiryuu chose the company of unworthy humans over that of the dragon gods.
In that case, what happens when a human shows that their human bond is unbreakable? Could that be the key, not only to "curing" the Crimson Illness, but also to saving the current dragons from young deaths?
Hak went through a lot with Yona before they even knew to look for the dragons, fighting off armies and falling off cliffs. (And I do so wonder what Hak would have done had Yona stayed in Fuuga like he planned, but that's a topic for another day.) When they found Kija, he had the perspective that I think the dragon gods did: Hak protected her for the money, and now that she had Kija, someone with a "real" bond to her, she didn't need Hak anymore. He would leave.
So, I'm wondering if it's Hak's loyalty--and how it motivates him to act for Yona's sake and Soo-won's sake--might be the key that finally shows the dragon gods what Hiryuu saw in humans and overturns their resentment.
Re: Akatsuki no Yona chapter 225 (released May 20, 2022)
Disclaimer: This is my first fandom/theory post ever. I'm trying to be less of a sticker on the wall and get over my fear of admitting I like things.
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cj4747 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
When they showed this scene I really thought Connor was fixing to remember seeing Wally looking like he was in the Phantom Zone, but no😃
Also if Wally does come(which is looking pretty iffy at this point) I better see tears streaming down everyone’s faces. The way they acted with Connor is like when u find a cat on the side of the road. You want to help it, but you also don’t want to touch it with a two foot pole.
After being dead for 5 years, maybe Wally’s death will have a bigger impact on them. I at least want to see Dick and Artemis cry.
We still got two episodes left. I really think they’re going to show like Wally’s foot or something in an end credit scene to set up next season(which we still don’t know if we’re going to get yet). Who really knows now though, anything can happen 🤷🏼‍♀️
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most-likely-shadowhisker · 6 months ago
Nine rings were made for men. Seven for the dwarves, three for the elves, and one for the big guy himself. One, three, seven, nine. There is but a set of five missing to complete the sequence of odd numbers. I propose that this missing set of rings of power was gifted to a mysterious someone by their true love, along with a partridge in a pear tree (among other things). In this essay I will-
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theoutcastrogue · 4 months ago
“I have graded more than 500 undergraduate papers about why Plato is an idiot and no one would ever behave in the Republic the way he has the people behave in the Republic. I have graded maybe 15 brilliant undergraduate papers about why Plato thought people would behave that way in the Republic, and the differences between Plato’s worldview and Plato’s psychology and our own, and why he thinks this thing that to us seems wrong.
That to me is the much harder kind of critical thinking, the empathetic kind of critical thinking that doesn’t criticize but reads carefully, critically, prudently and with empathy and connection to try to understand the other side, which I think is something that doesn’t just apply to the academic world, doesn’t just apply to how we write a paper in a class. It applies to how we read a blog post, how we judge a New York Times article, how we evaluate when someone has posted something on Twitter that they want us to hate or like to hate, as Twitter often is, whether the empathetic reading, which is the really challenging critical element, is there.”
– Ada Palmer [x]
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brickkerz · a month ago
Wait wait WAIT! Did they cry because they already remembered!? And they were just pushing Eda away to keep her safe!?
Tumblr media
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captainofmischief · 28 days ago
Look, I'll be honest. I didn't read the comics. I've been very much team "I don't care whether we see Jake Lockley or not" b/c frankly the narrative focus on Marc & Steven already has me so completely engrossed in the series. But considering my dash has been filled with 'where's Jake?!' posts for the past several weeks...
I'm kind of surprised that we're not talking about how this is clearly not Marc...???
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For starters, he's injured. And if I'm not mistaken, this is the only scene in the episode wherein any version of the character has the bloody nose (which is a weird continuity detail considering Steven looks the same the rest of the episode as he does when he pops up in the psych ward, and so does Marc when he shows up later with an uninjured face). And from what they’ve hinted at regarding the undisclosed alter, Jake is prone to violence and would therefore be the most likely to fight back with extreme force (hence the banged up face). Anyway, right off the bat, the scene is framed by an implied element of disorientation. So we as viewers kind of naturally assume that ‘Marc’ maybe had some kind of altercation and is still struggling to identify the layers of what's real and what's imagined (in no small part because WE are struggling with that very same thing).
Tumblr media
But the way 'Marc' observes his surroundings doesn't feel like he has any recollection of this office or Dr. Harrow, which is weird given his realization at the end of the last episode. Once again, this could easily be attributed to general confusion due to sedation or injury. However, Dr. Harrow is also conveniently reiterating where ‘Marc’ is and what is supposedly going on. He is the one who calls Marc by name, and could easily be an unreliable narrator bc he is simply not aware of Jake’s existence. The viewer is meant to believe that Arthur is trying to guide and ground him, and yet this would also be a clever way to unwittingly catch Jake up to speed.
Then there's the most obvious piece of evidence against this being Marc: his voice. This person has a distinctly different accent than both Steven and Marc. Of course, the writers very cleverly mask this for the most part by having him speak very little throughout the scene. And when 'Marc' does speak, it's mostly short, breathy, distressed one-word mutterings. That is, until he eventually rises from his chair and makes a stand. At that point, the accent is extremely PRONOUNCED (I encourage you to go back and watch it). But the scene very conveniently ends with sedation, once again calling all we've seen and heard into question.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look how unique his facial expressions are though! Everything from this man's eyes to the way he holds his jaw feels different than the Marc we've come to know up to this point in the show. And considering how BLOODY BRILLIANT Oscar Isaac has been able to distinguish between Marc and Steven, I am inclined to believe that this is no accident.
I could be wrong, but I think we just met Jake…
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xoxo-ren-xoxo · 6 months ago
"I don't want to read leftist theory it's all written by old white men" FANON IS RIGHT THERE
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I understand not wanting to read theory because it's exclusive, elitist, or just plain hard to understand, but I'm begging you to please give Fanon's work a read if you can. Especially if your argument for not reading theory is the quote above.
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neatokeanosocks · 3 months ago
So what’s the deal with endstone?
Tumblr media
Endstone is the block that makes up the terrain of the end. Its texture is an inversion and recoloration of cobblestone, suggesting that its form is that of the opposite of cobblestone. Cobblestone is lumpy, so that makes endstone pitted. Now, I’m not a geologist, but I’ve been put through enough elementary school rock cycle units to know that is one weird formation.
Let’s theorize.
My first thought was “maybe it’s like honeycomb-weathered sandstone? I mean, look at it, right?”
Tumblr media
“That looks exactly like endstone! Very alien, too. Perfect for the End.”
Wrong! Here’s why:
First of all, honeycomb weathering needs saltwater. This is because it erodes sandstone kind of like how ice erodes rocks, the salt crystals solidify and loosen the sandstone particles. There is no ocean in the end, and even if there was, it’d have to splash the end islands like millenia-roasting rotisserie chickens for full coverage.
Endstone takes 50% longer to mine than both cobble and sandstone, meaning it’s likely much more resilient. Honeycomb weathering is common in sandstone in the first place because it’s such a soft sedimentary stone! 
So it’s not honeycomb weathering. What else could it be?
Maybe all those pockmarks are caused by space debris hurtling through the end, like on asteroids and moons. But that must be a lot of debris traveling at high speeds for no reason, for the End islands to have around 12 craters per square meter! You’d think it’d be dealing constant damage to the player! That doesn’t explain why the insides of the end island have the pits too. And if you really look at the surface of an asteroid, it’s just a normal sterile rock field!
Tumblr media
(Image courtesy of the MASCOT Lander, 2019)
So perhaps the end islands are igneous rocks like pumice? Those are filled with bubbles caused by their rapid cooling as they exit their volcano of origin! They’re even yellowish sometimes like endstone! But there’s a problem.
Tumblr media
These holes are too tiny. It’s already a stretch to make pumice form at all, let alone at such a huge scale, without writing some nuts theory about an enormous planet-sized volcano that had its geothermic energy harvested by the Old Builders™ to fuel their dimensional gateway experiments, which went horribly wrong resulting in an eruption that literally tore the universe into thirds... ok maybe somebody should write that. I digress.
Geology has failed me. Let’s get into biology. “But Neato,” you say, “we’re talking about what kind of weird rock endstone could be. Surely, that doesn’t have anything to do with biology!”
Don’t call me “Shirley.” anyway it’s bones
ok ok hear me out. Coral skeletons.
Tumblr media
They construct their own skeletons out of limestone, which is left behind when their soft tissue rots away. I’m not necessarily saying that the End islands used to be enormous coral colonies, but I am saying that they certainly could have been alive. They were alien creatures, able to create such structures on such a large scale, so is it such a stretch to suggest that their built-in mechanisms for doing so were refined enough to turn resources into a biological cement harder than stone?
It seems like every dimension other than the End has fossils. Ribcages, pretty large, yet recognizable as something that could have once been alive and distantly related to you. But the End is utterly alien in every way.
 Maybe you just don’t recognize that you walk upon the remains of something greater than you could have ever comprehended.
I cannot stress enough that I am not a geologist, biologist, or enderman. The End is a completely alien world to us, a void where dragons soar and abandoned ships float. There could be thousands of completely nuts enderian natural phenomena that aren’t possible anywhere on earth that make endstone’s unique look possible! Please add on any ideas you have!!!!
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prole-log · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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greeniegreengreen · 29 days ago
Someone mentioned that the scales got balanced because Marc had to let Steven go and face his trauma and I'm not the same after that.
Jake better help him get Steven back or so HELP ME.
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