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Like he would go out of his way to make you laugh so youd look like a crazy person

Or just being super lewd knowing you cant yell at him to shut up

“Ever tell ya how sexy you look in those shorts sugar~? Would love to bounce a coin off that ass”

And youd be just biting your tongue, until he slides a hand in you back pocket, laughing the whole time at how you’re trying to not look fucking crazy to the others around

When you get home of course you let him have it, have what? You decide lol

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I’m so out of it I just ran into my door thinking it was open -_-

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y’all , i posted something to AO3 for the first time in about 7 years (and even before then it was to, and like… people LIKE it??? Are reading it??? want more??? I?? am so??? full of love??? 

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I’m currently enduring quite possibly the GREATEST FEAT OF PHYSICAL RESTRAINT IMAGINABLE to not figgugkking EXPLODE FROM LAUGHTER




my mind is tainted there’s no going back ohhhnooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Sometimes I get pretty defensive when I’m talking to a guy online about any topic, because I always expect him to antagonize me, or diminish me somehow, then I remember I’m using my new name, and an anime profile pic, and that makes the guy automatically agree with my point of view or respect me enough to leave me be…. which never ceases to amaze me

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Our new neighbors of a couple of months made a swing in their backyard for their little kids and I 😭… so cute! The kids are really sweet too and they keep accidentally kicking their ball into our backyard and would knock on our door and ask us if we could get it for them but tbh, we really don’t care like just hop over and get it but it’s nice that they ask first anyway.

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I haven’t sold on an online shop in years but I think I might open up a small shop to sell some embroidery pieces and bracelets that way I don’t feel guilty for buying more beads lmao

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Cracks knuckles

To be clear we are talking about the musical beetlejuice yeah

Movie beetlejuice freaked me out as a kid and I havent watched it in 100 years (been meaning to, bit ya know how it goes)

Cartoonjuice is cute


Why I love musical juice

  • His colour changes with his mood, I think that is the coolest, like honestly i cant think of any other character that can do that
  • He’s touched starved and just wants someone to see him, accept him, and fear for their safety around him, and as a lonely person who is touch starved I can relate to that.
  • Alex Brightman does an amazing job with the voice, I am head over heels for his beetlejuice voice, tbh I listened to the soundtrack before watching a bootleg and boy do I love Beej’s voice
  • He just wants to have fun
  • He’s gross but at a fun level
  • Growing extra limbs to so cool
  • I love how he has the clones, and how much he cares for them
  • Hes all around a well written character, who is also super cute
  • I am a sucker for the “WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP LEAVING ME?!” like it stings and I want to help lol
  • I’m also a sucker for ghosts/monsters lol

Hes a cute, well written monster, with loads of cool powers and an amazing voice

What’s not to love?

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i had put these in a draft post on mobile so i could easily find and save them on my laptop but also……………Moodboard??

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i’m dropping hollow knight tbh, 14hr in it is still just not fun for me and Yes it’s due to the type and degree of its difficulty not allowing for satisfaction or excitement even when i do make progress and overcome things

like i’m reminded of hb*mberguy’s videos on bloodborne and dark souls ii, where he references [whichever video game reviewer guy] saying the original dark souls was like bashing your head against a cement wall before he came around to it, and then talks about how a lot of early demon’s/dark souls fans Were the type who would just do that hence why “git gud” was their only response to people having trouble instead of anything constructive (and the fact that they gave a nod to that element in the fanbase with hornet’s callout during the final battles……………..)

i’m thinking also about another segment from one of those videos where he talks about people playing dark souls “wrong” ie such that their only feeling on beating a boss is relief that that bullshit is over instead of, again, excitement or satisfaction, and uses footage from some other youtuber to demonstrate how that can change by taking a different approach or playstyle. except with this game it feels like the only way to play is “wrong” by that metric; no charm setup so far (and i have over half of them) feels sufficiently distinct to change my playstyle or give me an edge on things that have been giving me trouble, and my impression is that by the time you get the right charms and enough notches to do that, anything they’d actually be useful against would already be dead

and i wanted to enjoy this game, and gave it second chances to that end! the aesthetics, music, setting, lore, and general Vibe tick SO many boxes of things that appeal to me in a game. but when such a disproportionate number of things in this game just leave me thinking “at least i don’t have to go through that again,” it all just comes apart

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btw i don’t know do you suggest a queue COZ ON THIS TIMES I NEVER USED IT

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Yep! In my opinion, the evidence that Michael has severe ASPD is overwhelming—he is undeniably a psychopath.

In addition to ASPD, he also might experience some degree of psychosis? The sedative that Loomis wanted to drug him with before his trial was Thorazine, which is an antipsychotic medication with sedative properties. (As of right now though I’m highly unsure of my stance on this one; a psychotic disorder doesn’t seem necessary to explain Michael’s behaviors!)

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it’s funny how you just offered me your arm to cry on, knowing that every single one of those tears would be caused by yourself
did that make you feel better about what you did to me? made you feel less guilty? ‘cause it didn’t make me feel better at all
i’m not even sure if i wouldn’t rather have you leave me completely instead of choosing to stay in my life as a friend, knowing i won’t be able to ask you to step out of it because i love you so much

and you keep saying you realized you do, in fact, love me, but only as a friend…
yet how can i trust you with that? you used to be so sure about wanting to spend the rest of your life with me by your side and now look at us

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