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She/Her. 25 years old. Capricorn. Multishipper and a Crackshipper. Back in DanganRonpa Hell.

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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             ImpyTricky’s Freelancing and Commissions!

Send me an IM @impytricky-freelancing if you’re interested in a commission!

Want to read my TOS and see more examples with different price ranges for Sprite and Art Commissions? Click here!

Want to read my TOS and see what the different Editing options mean? Click here!

If you’re feeling generous, you can give me donations here!

If you can’t commission me right now, reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you!

Hey guys! I really need to upgrade my PC’s RAM so I can make more designs for my redbubble store, so I need to save up a little over $100.00 to buy the amount of RAM I need for the upgrade

So, I’ll be holding a 15% discount, as a sort of Autumn/back to school sale!

Please contact me over at @impytricky-freelancing to get things started!

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Any tips of breaking out of a writing rut?

  1. Exercise if you can. I did a workout this afternoon and my novel ideas are FLOWING right now.
  2. Make a playlist/graphics. Other forms of creative media are a good method of taking a break while still working those creative muscles. It’s not procrastinating if it helps you in the long run.
  3. Freewrite!! Pick any object in the room and write for 5 minutes without stopping or fixing typos. Just go for it. I once did a freewriting piece about a lamp in my bedroom and it ended up becoming a piece that won second place in a competition I entered.
  4. Chat with friends!! @smartcookie727 and I will bounce ideas. It really does help.
  5. Try writing in a different genre. When I’m burnt out I dabble in other genres and it usually helps a lot.
  6. Try writing with a pen and paper. Sometimes the laptop turns me away from my work. I get distracted, the screen strains my eyes, etc, etc. Old fashioned pen and paper is great. Take some notes. Somehow it feels easier to draft on paper. You don’t have to worry about typos.
  7. READ. READ. READ. Anything and everything. I cannot stress this enough. Reading and writing go hand in hand.
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EVERYBODY knows (or should) that you DO. NOT. STOP. in Vidor, Texas. 

It’s best to just run out of gas elsewhere. Whatever you do, black folks, DO NOT STOP IN VIDOR, TEXAS. 

There’s a good chance you’ll get lynched or just come up missing - and I’m not joking.

also do NOT stop in Harrison, Arkansas!!!! (relatively close to OK and MI) a nazi town with a BIG KKK organization.

Reblog To Save Life

Okay but like reblog to LITERALLY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please puHLEAAASSEEEEEEE BE SAFE

They are called sundown towns and there are a LOT of them in the US.


This website has a clickable map where you can see suspected and confirmed sundown towns by state, as well as information about whether these attitudes are historical or current.

Sundown Towns by James W. Loewen

Reblog for the link

reblog for the link


If you are white, don’t stop in any of those towns either; spend your money elsewhere.

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Mom help I haven’t had physical contact with another human in over a month and I would kill for a hug.. any tips from the quarantine king

“Warm blankets and hot drinks are going to be your best friend for the next few weeks! Be sure to have plenty of phone calls with friends, so you don’t lose the humanity in your interactions. And be sure to stay hydrated and clean! It’s an overlooked detail, but we have to keep treating ourselves well. I’m so proud of you for being this strong! Stay hopeful for me, okay? And it’s not the same as getting a hug from a real person, but I offer them. I learned that I can’t really get sick through the screen, so it should be okay!”


✭ Thanks for stopping by!

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My Secret Santa piece for the saiouma pit, mine is for @personified-smol who wanted fluff with implied big angst. WELL. I did more than imply it because I couldnt figure out the animation flicker I wanted with my new computer/less programs, so enjoy a prince coming for a sleeping ruler~

Hope you like it and hope you have a happy new year <3

EDIT: Had to reupload, the image files shrunk for some reason the first time.

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talking bout their crush 

How much I wish they would spit it out to each other. XD

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I literally felt like I did not have a choice.

Robin Williams says reblog, you reblog. 


did i even really have a choice?

okay robin williams

i hesitated for a second and then considered the repercussions

just gonna reblog…


already 400,00 notes

800,000 …Make it a Million


Break it.

if Robin says reblog. You reblog!

It’s at a million now do 2 mil

You don’t just fucking not reblog Robin Williams

Fuckers better reblog or you won’t get any wishes.

We miss you Mister Williams.

You’re free, Genie.

I certainly hope so, @nerdasaurus1200

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Saioumota Week 2019 - Day 2: Road Trip & Long Distances

Description: Kaito, Shuichi and Kokichi pile into an old car and drive away from their troubles.

Word Count: 2189

Read on AO3 here

The sun beat down on the bill of Shuichi’s cap as he leaned against the window, watching the signs flash by. The map was loosely grasped in his hands until they got closer to their next exit. He crumpled it a bit, tightening his hand, then letting it go again, staring at the tiny creases, like new markings on the face of the region. Maybe making somewhere new, just like they were hoping to find. His half lidded eyes drift to the driver’s seat, where Kaito sits at the wheel. His overly large sunglasses and gel free hair made almost look like a stranger, but the big grin on his face despite everything and his hand tapping along to the song playing through the crusty speakers gave him away.

Shuichi shifted his shoulders with a wince, and turned to glance into the backseat. Sprawled across the entirety of it was Kokichi, seemingly asleep. The hoodie he had been wearing was pulled off and thrown over his face to blot out the sun. He hadn’t said much since the argument about seatbelts, and the middle one was still awkwardly clipped around his waist, even sideways. A bump in the road bounced him up, and Shuichi heard a groan under the fabric.

He turned back to the map, and then out the window. A rest stop was coming up. His tired eyes widened a little.


Keep reading

This was so incredible! You hit all the right feels with them given what they’ve been through! Goodness, this is so good to be a stand-alone or strike you as a “to be continued”

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About that Liku’s post (💖😫) I wanted to say that when you love really much a character, or even someone real like a singer or actor, I think after some time it becomes normal you can even make fun of him/her, ironically, let’s clear, because it means he/she is more familiar to you and this is such a beautiful thing and Nalu fandom got this quality.

We can make fun of them as we can criticize them whenever they do somethin we don’t like, like it happened with chapter 23, because loving a character doesn’t only involve loving him/her and admiring him/her endlessy, but being able to acknowledge his/her flaws too.

So yeah that’s why here on tumblr i love the fandom, because we all are able to stan Natsu and Lucy not in a toxic way, but in the right way.

Hell yea! I truly stand by this 100%. That’s the way to go.

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Another birthday gift for best boi because I couldn’t resist

Come on Shumai, he worked so hard for this!

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chapter 2 kaito is the epitome of sex appeal Prove Me Wrong

  • makes sure you eat breakfast in the morning
  • tells jokes when he thinks you’re stressing too much
  • promotes a healthy workout routine for a healthy mind! routine can pull you out of your depressive thoughts.
  • literally all of this 
  • offers hugs!!!
  • wears womens underwear
  • doesnt know how to count
  • eats your leftovers 
  • believes in you!!!!! no matter what!!!!!!!!! supports you in all you do!!!!!!!
  • wants you to smile!
  • optimistic! and opens you up to optimism too!!!
  • a perfect hand…. to hold….

what more could you fucking want

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I’m starting a reblog-and-tag game

Make yourself with this picrew (made by the awesome @sangled) and tag up to 8 people! I’ll start

@yume-fanfare @apocalypse–enthusiast @eva-arikuri @zayria @transboyklug @caoomi @arya-art + anyone who is in the mood!

i wasn’t tagged but hey im cute

@punk-rowan @amedeono @louderthanthedj @frost-bite–leo

I WAS tagged, thank you Izzy <3

@amandafullmetal @rhymingteelookatme @alisaieism

I was tagged too ^.^ by my lovely wife

@fyrielle @avwalya

Here’s my Avwalya, I didn’t get all the right colors but close enough! 😅

Tagged by: @amandafullmetal

Tagging: @enkidu-egi @sin-rose-bloom @yuki-yukichan @kikyo-mihata @tiggyarts

I thought this was cute!

Tagging @kikyo-mihata @kha-merc-ffxiv @shinnoni @vylette-elakha @trishelle @cahli-tia @captainkurosolaire @gunnarsvard @agent-nightingale-xiv @white-marionette

@vylette-elakha @latildarommel @scalebound-codex

Lat in her asexual pride. Total dweeb.

Tagging @serelia-evensong @olivia-lovecraft @nyura-shadowstep @nightelftrash and others who wanna do it

As close as I could get to Jak! The damn ponytail that works comes in this weird black and red two-tone, alas.

@miqo-vynnie @miqo-masha @miqo-yan @sylastair @resistance-ranger @final-aria-fantasy @wonderland-ffxiv

I’m getting way too into dollmakers recently. I blame you @sedatayuun I’m also tagging you.

And @thedarkestdragonknight @chxsingthemoon @thevoilinauttheory @resistance-ranger


So, I, uh, got mixed vibes about whether it was supposed to be us OOC or our characters…. so I did both! Because I had a lot of fun with it. Have a Maximiloix and a Maximilian!

Thank you for the tag!

As for who I am tagging… hm…
How about: @renofmanyalts, @jasleh, @an-honest-waltz, and @yiff-yiff-for-phan!

My hair is currently blue, but they didn’t have the right shade so I put my old hair color

I’m tagging @garageband-bitch @mcdepresso and @sunflowerrshark

thanks for the tag!! i tag @orikeepitasecret @readysetyeet @philgayphilgay @kyubikofang @sniper-wife @itsyaboiskinnyghoul and @im-a-mental-boy!!

I’m gonna tag:

@savetheearthebros @im-just-gonna-smile @i-just-wanna @thisthinginabox @queendragonbree @deadpan-sexual and anybody else who wants to do it

First off you did a great job baby!!!!!!

@ancientritualsofthevoid @meshiitsukaii @thegrumpyjournalist @pandaslayer00 @readysetyeet @thisthinginabox @trashedeggnog

And @anyone else who would want to do it!!!!


@northofnowhere4 @the-crimes-of-immoral-gays @the-curious-procyon @everyoneprotector @the-babbling-babel-fish @anyone who wants to do it!



@thatgaydemigodnerd @broadwaytheanimatedseries @u-w-o-t @chemically-imbalanced-romance @chaotic-evil-danplan @readingisthenewcool @rainbab @danplanb


@dantasticplan @danplan-screenshots @daniels-script

Boom panic with long hair

@danplan-fan @danplan-plandan @another-danplan-blog

@danplan-incorrect-dialogues-2 @danplan-shipping @another-danplan-fan

@danplanh @yukinohananana017

I have two pictures! One of them is more like my avatar or when I’m cheery and the other is when I’m studying lol (yes I wear glasses!) I also have a few acne scars but I forgot to put it 😅 (I’m also pretty self-conscious of myself so-)

@relxion-kunp @ixdoxdanplanxstuff @stephens-knife @hosuhs-hairtie @dansthemanwiththeplan @danplan-fanclub and other people if u wanna! (I’m sorry I don’t know how to tag QwQ and I’m sorry if you’re already tagged pls forgive me)

eh it’s my sona but it looks cuter than me lmao

@irenesrelic @pretzelplan @keeiion-oop and uhhh anyone who wants to ùwo/)🔪

@wizardhours @airadrawzzztrash @silverdashipper @ anyone else who wants to join??

anyone can do this

This Picrew is so nice(=^・ω・^=)

@drk2x @deatte @deryuj @kaedeakamatsu @exhausted-bisexual @genocider-syo-is-still-my-queen @nursesanrioremade and anyone else who would like to do this.

thanks for tagging me bab!!

i tag anyone who wants to do this!! plus @diaplatinum @achiouma @lesbian-skout @bidoofgodofdestruction @nakaimosu

This was so cute!! Thank for the tag Kaede!!

The art style? Adorable. So much variety and styles I love it!! I feel like it looks a lot like me too sjkdksk

I’m going to tag @brightstarblogs @linabigface @96percentdone @captainstrawberrywings @personifiedfangirl and @yasuhibro, you don’t have to it if you don’t want to!

Thanks @achiouma!

I tag @trixie8264 @dreamingkatfish and @bowsersrighthandwoman

No pressure at all if you don’t want to 😊

Ooo, this picrew. I’ve actually used it before so I got some pics already, but this is still cool. Both versions jump between accurate and not for how I look (ie my red is dyed red rn,but I don’t have any piercings,) but still I like them tbh

As for tagging, well I guess really anyone can do this, but in particular why don’t @jeanetulip @selenashuu @illusion-of-sea-axes @megastarstrike and @elivie if y'all haven’t been tagged yet and wanna give this a whirl, go for it.

Here is I. I don’t like it

Guess I’ll tag @letmeshipinpeace @psidragons

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so have both! Also I guess I can tag @cheshirerising , @golden-redhead , @rev-eeriee , @fallenyetstillup !

This is totally optional but I hope y'all try it out. Especially since I had fun with it ouo

Don’t mind the grumpy expression, my face is like that. Whoops.
@byakuya-mioda @lore-a-lie @saiharakaedes @alottaribbons @jadeologie @queenroseskull
You can chose to do this too as I know I had fun with this. 
(Thanks Zetta for tagging me)

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summer vibes

Please carry on, they all scare me to different degrees but I love them all the same

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Hey guys I’m not actually dead. But I got something to share with y’all!

Me and a few of my friends set up a Saiou AU server where you can share, support, and even just read saiouaus!

it’s still new and most of the channels are empty, but it’d be appreciated if you can help us expand! Even reblogs are helpful.

Invite link:


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Happy Birthday Kazuichi Souda!

Best BROT3 btw

My all time favorite DR BROT3! 

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