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imagine-loki · 2 days ago
imagine becoming friendly with Loki because he has a sweet tooth and was willing to be your taste-tester since you liked baking.
You watched in amazement as Loki finished the jar of cookies in one fell swoop.
"What is it, you keep staring at me?" Loki notices your staring and asks, as he wipes his fingers.
"Were you...hungry?" You ask, still amazed.
"Hmm... I was feeling quite peckish, though I did have a meal earlier," Loki replies nonchalantly.
You bring up another jar of cookies from beneath the table, and offer it to him, "More?"
Loki's entire face lights up, and he nods his head, reaching out for the cookies.
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imagine-loki · 2 days ago
Imagine being on your period and Loki insisting that you should just have sex with him because he found out that sex can help with the pain, but you also insist that you don't want to because you're just not comfortable yet with that idea. Loki didn't want to let it go at first but eventually, he did. Throughout the day though, you've been feeling really horny and just really touch-starved. At some point, you and Loki were lying on the bed together watching your favorite show when you put your arms around him and just embraced him--with your neck on his shoulder.. and then after a few minutes, you have your legs wrapped around his body too and basically at some point, your body's kinda on top of him in a very weird angle and Loki just snorted at the position you're in saying, "Darling, what the hell are you trying to do?" He was just smiling, looking funnily at you until you let out a moan and that's when he realized what you were doing. He was going to comment on it but you quickly cut him off by putting your hand on his mouth and said, "Shut up." He didn't say anything to retort you and just let you dryhump his leg until you're satisfied. When you were finished, he just looked at you straight in the eye and said, "Love, let me." You gave him a glare. He gave a grin. You really didn't want to have period sex because it's messy and you didn't really feel like cleaning right now, but fuck it. With how horny you are and how persistent Loki is being, who gives a fuck about the sheets? The sheets can burn, for all you care. Finally, you glare at him (with a little smirk) replying, "Okay, you win."
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imagine-loki · 2 days ago
imagine that Thor went missing, and that you and your husband Loki work together to search for Thor. The situation takes a turn for the worst, and you immediately tell Loki to take Thor. whow as unconscious, out of the place, while you try to distract the enemies.
Loki widens his eyes in shock, telling you that it's too dangerous, the three of you should just stick together. You shake your head, and with tears in your eyes, you kiss Loki. The enemies are rushing towards the three of you. You push Loki towards the exit, and you run a different direction. 
The door is closing, and Loki watches your back getting further and further away.
That is the last time Loki sees you alive, and you had died helping to save his brother.
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imagine-loki · 2 days ago
Omega Mine
TITLE: Omega Mine
AUTHOR: nekoamamori
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Loosely based on: Imagine Loki discovers the Avengers have an omega who has healing powers living with them. He’s an Alpha and he wants her, badly. 
NOTES/WARNINGS:  Also on AO3 click here
You, Loki, and Aunt May walked with Wanda and Peter into the back room of the registration office.  Cap trusted you and Loki to be able to keep Wanda under control if she lost it again, so he waited in the main room for you.  Wanda was holding onto Peter’s hand, giving him her strength and reassurance.  Peter really was afraid and you didn’t blame him for it.  Being collared was no fun, as you remembered all too well.  
You’d been alone when you faced being collared.  Your parents had given you up to an Omega school the moment you presented.  They didn’t want to deal with an Omega daughter. The signs had all been there as to what you’d present as.  They’d been prepared to ship you off to an Omega school the second that they could be rid of you. You’d spent the rest of your formative years in that school learning to be a proper Omega.  
You weren’t going to let that happen to Peter.  You knew it wouldn’t. Aunt May wouldn’t do that to him. The team wouldn’t do that to him.  You’d protect him regardless.  He was a puppy under your care.
Peter was settled in a chair in the bleak room and Wanda held his hand while his throat was measured.  A silver collar was brought over by one of the workers and you saw Peter’s grip on Wanda’s hand tighten.  He was afraid.  You let your Omega aura fill the room to soothe him.  It would be alright.  
Loki’s grip on your hand tightened as well.  Loki wasn’t afraid.  Loki was pissed off.  He liked Peter and didn’t want to see him collared.  He didn’t approve of Omegas being collared and seeing it done upset him.  You crooned softly to try to soothe him, but you could tell that it wasn’t working. 
The collar was placed around Peter’s neck and adjusted before it was locked into place with magic.  It would be there forever, only adjusting for the size as he grew and if he was claimed, it would be decorated.  For now, it was the boring plain silver one that all unclaimed Omegas wore.  
As soon as you could, you got out of there.  It was best to get out of there before Wanda lost her temper again. Wanda kept fretting over Peter the entire way out of the building.  “I’m alright, Wand.  It’s over now,” Peter reassured her.
Wanda mewed.  “But… school…” the bullies would torment Peter relentlessly. 
Peter squeezed her hand.  “It’ll be alright.  I’ve dealt with bullies for years,”
Loki placed a hand on Wanda’s shoulder. “And you will need to control your temper, witchling,” he informed her sternly.  
She bowed her head obediently.  Loki was an alpha and she was only just presented.  Her instincts were still puppy and obedience most of the time, especially to an Alpha who outranked her. “I will,” she agreed.  
Loki kissed her hair.  “And I will help you,” he promised.  
You could see that his temper was still riding just under the surface.  You would have to help him… rectify that particular problem when you got back to the tower.
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imagine-loki · 5 days ago
Imagine getting some ibuprofen and a hot water bottle/heating pad for Loki's back pain. Perhaps he lets you massage it in the very spot where it hurts the most, and afterwards, has you stay and cuddle before he falls asleep
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imagine-loki · 5 days ago
Imagine that, due to a perfectly legitimate chain of events, Loki has to temporarily turn you into a Dimetrodon and walk you through the centre of London on a leash.
Thankfully, he's able to mostly get away with it by saying 'It's my Halloween costume, I'm a trickster god having a very strange day,' so the most attention he receives is from a shoal of paleontologists who're doing a pub crawl dressed as Opabinia regalis
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imagine-loki · 5 days ago
What About Trust, Chapter 17
TITLE: What About Trust CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 17 AUTHOR: fanficshiddles ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki owns a bookshop on Midgard. He had to do something there to try and avoid getting any attention. But he’s not fond of having customers, is rather grumpy and guarded. But then he meets a bright, bubbly and trusting young woman who doesn’t recognise him. To his dismay, he finds himself becoming rather fond of the mortal.  RATING: M
  Loki and Cleo decided for their first date to just have it at Loki’s. Since they both knew there would still be a lot to talk about, they would need privacy.
Loki was really nervous, knowing he was still walking on thin ice. He had to try and prove to her that he was truly sorry for what he did, that he really loved her and would never hide anything from her again.
He luckily managed to get Thor to go back to New Asgard, so he wouldn’t be an awkward third wheel.
When Cleo arrived, Loki was relieved to see that she didn’t look quite so sad or broken as she had done before. Her eyes were a little brighter. He smiled softly and welcomed her in.
Loki had cooked a stew that he knew she loved. But this time he made two pots, one was actual beef and the other was bilgesnipe like he usually made. Though he wanted to tell her what it actually was this time, so she would have the option.
They made a little small talk and then Loki poured them both some wine and they sat down on the sofa together to talk a bit before dinner.
‘I am really glad that you’ve come over, Cleo. Truly. I wanted to tell you, that what we’ve had these past few months has been real. Everything about us has been. I felt that being Luke, I was being who I wanted to be. I let my guard down with you, which is not easy for me. It was freeing, in a sense. Not having to be someone I wasn’t. Everyone expects me to be a villain just waiting to attack or mess up, or a Prince, a God. Even Thor still expects too much of me sometimes, often asks me to help him and The Avengers out. But I don’t want to be any of that anymore, I just want to be… me. And for the first time in, ever, I felt like I was able to be that with you. Though I won’t lie, I was hiding some parts of me from you. Such as using some of my powers for odd tasks here and there, that come naturally to me to do. I almost caught myself out once or twice.’ Loki sighed softly and looked down.
Cleo took a minute to absorb the information. ‘Thank you for telling me. I do wish you’d opened up to me more before, but I… I do understand why. And I do see from your point of view why you lied about who you were… I’m sorry if I jumped to conclusions too quickly, I should’ve let you explain straight away.’
‘No, no. Cleo, don’t apologise. You have nothing to be sorry for. It’s my fault for being such a fool. I just hope that in time, you can forgive me. I really don’t want to lose you, I can’t lose you. You mean everything to me.’ He reached out and gently toucher her hand with the tips of his fingers, he was glad when she didn’t pull away from him.
‘I don’t want to lose you either, Loki.’ She whispered and moved her hand closer to his, letting him link his fingers with hers, bringing tears to his eyes as he lifted her hand up and kissed the back of it repeatedly.
‘I give you my word, I will never lie to you again or keep anything from you.’
Cleo knew he was telling the truth. After everything he’d told her, she really could understand why he did what he did.
‘Tell me about your parents.’ She said after a moment.
Loki smiled. ‘Frigga, she was the most wonderful, beautiful being. You remind me a lot of her. With your kindness and the way you see the world and people. There is nothing bad within you, like with her. She also loved her flowers and plants, and books. That’s where I got my love of them from. She taught me my magic, giving me something that was just for me. I am not as strong as my brother physically, never was and never will be. He’s a great warrior using strength. Whereas I tend to use my wit and brains more than anything. My magic was something that was mine and Frigga’s, something we had together.’
‘Yeah, Thor does seem a bit of a brute.’ Cleo laughed lightly, making Loki smile widely.
‘Indeed.’ He nodded. ‘He’s not exactly the brightest, but even I have to admit he does have a big heart. That will be from Frigga, for sure.’
‘You really miss her, don’t you? I could tell by what you told me about her before, too… She was the Queen of Asgard, then?’
Loki nodded. ‘Yes. And Odin the King. We never truly saw eye to eye, more so when I grew older. But I believe deep down he did love me. Before he… Before he died, he told me he loved me and that I was his son. It’s something I’d wanted to hear for a long time. I do wish we’d had more time, in that mind frame together.’
Loki went on to tell her the full story properly. About Odin taking him as a baby. Then about when he learned of his true self. How that sent him on a downward spiral, trying to commit suicide off the bifrost. It broke her heart to hear that. And he told her about falling into Thanos’ hands. How, to an extent, he was under mind control. But Thanos had manipulated and tortured him, bringing the smallest of his feelings to the surface and using that.
‘I have no one but myself to blame for my actions in New York.’
‘But it wasn’t just down to you, Loki. From the sounds of it, something like that was bound to happen. Don’t beat yourself up about it. From what I’ve seen, from your Luke side, you are nothing like you were during that time. And you did save those people in the park. Which, was really impressive. Even though I was confused and angry, I was very impressed, and proud too.’ Cleo said and half smiled.
Loki felt relieved that they were communicating like they were now. He told her about what happened when he returned to Asgard, about being put in prison. His mother dying and then Thor coming to him for help. Told her about how he tried to take the throne again, what he did to Odin. Then about Ragnarok and how they had destroyed their home.
But they got everyone to Earth safely, built a New Asgard. But Loki decided to go off on his own, make his own path. He came across the empty building here, conjured up some money to buy it and then with a snap of his fingers had everything as he wanted it.
‘So, when you re-arrange your shop, you don’t manually do it you just… wave your hand and poof it’s done?’ Cleo asked, eyes widening a little.
Loki nodded sheepishly.
‘Not sure whether to say that’s really cool or that’s really lazy.’ She laughed, making Loki laugh too.
He was just so glad to hear her laugh again, to see her smiling. The sparkle in her eyes was coming back more and more, almost shining completely bright again. It made his heart so happy.
‘Bit of both.’ He grinned.
The timer went off for dinner, so Cleo sat at the table while Loki went over to the kitchen.
‘Not going to lie, it is a bit odd to think that I’ve been dating and am dating a God, a Prince.’ She said to him as she watched from her seat.
‘I’m just me. I won’t be having you kneel for me or call me Prince, don’t worry.’ He winked over at her, making her giggle again.
‘I do uh, have another confession to make. I’ve made two stews, one is beef. And one is… well, the usual.’ He rubbed the back of his head nervously.
‘What do you mean the usual? Is the usual not beef?’ Cleo raised an eyebrow.
‘No. But technically, you never asked what meat it was… It’s something called bilgesnipe. It’s one of our main meats from back on Asgard. We managed to take a few to New Asgard so the species wouldn’t die out. It is very similar to beef, as you know since you’ve had it before, but a lot better. But I made beef too, in-case you are repulsed by the idea and want that instead.’
Cleo was a little surprised, but she shrugged. ‘The usual is good for me. I guess it’s no different to eating some animals here, if that is one of your main dishes. And I’ve had it before and not died, so it must be ok.’
Loki smiled and started dishing up the stew. ‘I was hoping you were going to say that.’
While they ate, Cleo asked Loki a bit about Asgard. He told her some stories about growing up there and when he was young, some adventures he and Thor had together. She could tell that he did love his brother, and he spoke so fondly of his mother, it was so heart-warming.
After eating, they went to relax on the sofa again with more wine.
Loki turned in more towards her. ‘Cleo, darling… I know I messed up and I understand that you want to start again, with me, for me to earn your trust and so we can build our relationship up again. With no secrets or lies. I just need you to know, that I love you. So, so much.’ Loki said openly.
Cleo put her wine glass down on the table and shuffled closer to him and cupped his face, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips briefly. ‘I don’t want to start again… I love you too.’ She whispered, then she kissed him again, softly, slowly.
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imagine-loki · 7 days ago
imagine trying to convince your lover Loki to shapeshift to furry wild animals so you can get to feel their fur. You plea and negotiate, and Loki enjoys the game of you trying to get something from him, so he plays hard-to-get.
When he does finally transform, and you pet and coo over him, he unconsciously make content animal sounds. You grin at him, but stay silent, just enjoying the whole experience.
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imagine-loki · 7 days ago
Imagine surprising President Loki in the White House but when he sees you there, he immediately tells you that they don't have time for sex because they have a lot of things to do. Your excited self immediately feels down because not only were you offended that he thinks sex is the only reason why you decided to go there and see him, but also because he doesn't really see you both hanging out or basically doing anything other than sex, so you just decide to leave and told him not to follow you but he does so anyway.
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imagine-loki · 7 days ago
Sinister Kid
Can you write a loki x reader songfic based on the song by The Black Keys, "Sinister Kid" that has fluff and romance?
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imagine-loki · 7 days ago
Loki's Witchlings
TITLE: Loki’s Witchlings (Loki and the Witchling part 2)
AUTHOR: nekoamamori
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re a healer working with the Avengers when Loki comes to join the team
RATING: T (so far) 
NOTES/WARNINGS: This is a direct sequel to Loki and the Witchling.  Also on AO3 click here
Odin was a dick. He was a shit parent and not a good king.  Not really.  He’d changed in the past few years. He was great at being a grandfather.  That didn’t excuse him from his past crimes.
“I saved them,” he tried to protest while the court looked on, looked at the evidence of his crime in front of him. The valkyrie were still crumpled where they’d fallen, too weak from having spent centuries in raven form.  
Loki’s nose wrinkled at Odin’s blatant lie.  “It is unwise to lie in my presence father, or have you forgotten what my godhood is?” Loki asked coldly, sneering the word ‘father’.  He loved Hugin and Munin since he was a child.  They’d followed him along on adventures with Thor to protect the young princelings.  Neither of them had known, at the time, of course, but they knew now that they’d been protected by Valkyrie.  
You hated that Loki’s relationship with Odin was shattering again under all the secrets coming to light.  They had just started to repair it.  There was no helping it.  Odin had to pay for what he did to the valkyrie.  Not just to Hugin and Munin.
You would comfort Loki and be there for him later.  Right now, justice had to be served.  That was why you had a second chance at life.  Hela wanted this wrong against her valkyrie righted.   She was the patron goddess of the valkyrie.  
Odin glared at his son.  Before he could open his mouth again to spill more lies, you spoke, your wings flaring out behind you, making you look more menacing and reminding the entire court that you were a valkyrie now too.  “You ordered the valkyrie to fight against Hela when you were banishing her,” you announced, reminding the court, reminding the realm what had happened.  Most of them didn’t even seem to remember that Odin had a daughter.
It was no surprise that he would wipe their memories to hide what he’d done. 
Magic surrounded you as you spoke, spread and reminded the people.  It wasn’t your magic.  It wasn’t Loki’s.  Frigga had arrived, summoned by someone, but it wasn’t her magic either. You didn’t know whose it was at first. It wasn’t important at the moment, not really.  The story was important and it flowed through you, not even truly feeling like your own words.
“You knew full well that Hela was their patron goddess and they would lose going up against her, but every valkyrie is bound to obey the throne of Asgard, so they couldn’t fight your orders.  They were all massacred by Hela in the fight.  Except for two. Odin ordered Hugin and Munin to stay behind.  The only two valkyrie left on Asgard.
He’d sacrificed all of their sisters in order to banish their goddess. And there was nothing any of them could do about it.”
The court gasped at your words, at the truth they heard and remembered.  
The magic around you crackled and you took Loki’s hand.  It wasn’t either of your magic. 
The crackling got worse and a portal opened in front of you with black and green magic.  “Thank you, Sigyn,” Hela said as she stepped through with Fenrir striding in behind her.  
“You’re banished,” Odin spluttered, unable to think of something better to say.  
Hela rolled her eyes.  “I come to seek justice, as is my right as the queen of Helheim.  Don’t fret.  I won’t be on your realm long.  The realm has heard your crimes, father,” she sneered the word, just as Loki had done.  “You have harmed the valkyrie under my care for too long and things must change. Now,”
“What do you want?” Odin actually sounded afraid of his daughter and you understood why.  He was vicious as he taught her to be and in the height of her power, while Odin was at the end of his.  
“You to pay for what you’ve done,” Hela replied easily.  “And for the valkyrie to be allowed back on Asgard where they belong.  Their numbers have swelled in Helheim and they are finally strong again,”
The crowd was, of course, focused on the first part of that statement.  So were you and Loki.  But it was Frigga who made the first move.  “Darling?” She asked with tears in her eyes.  Her baby was home.  She shouldn’t have been there, shouldn’t have been home.  She was banished, but Frigga didn’t care.  She rushed to hug her baby, loving all her children equally.  
Hela smiled and hugged her mama.  “Hello, mother,” she said gently.  “I missed you too.  And I’m sorry for this, but father cannot be allowed to hurt the valkyrie anymore,” she said gently.  No one could deny their love for mama Frigga.  She still held Frigga in her arms as she turned her attention back to Odin.  “As queen of Helheim, I sentence you for your crimes against the citizens of my realm,”
“Hela, no,” Frigga tried to protest. 
“It’ll be alright, mother,” Hela soothed as Odin stood to protest.  “I’m not going to hurt him.  Yet.  Enjoy your remaining years of life father.  Cherish every single moment.  For the second you get to my realm, you will pay.  In the meantime…” she gestured and magic surrounded Odin before anyone could stop her.  “You will surrender the throne to your heir and relinquish what powers remain to you.  You do not deserve to be Allfather, but I will not strip mother of her husband, not until it is your day to come to Helheim,” 
Odin gasped as his powers were ripped from him with Hela’s magic.  The Odinforce, the magic that made Odin Allfather, flew to Loki and Gungnir appeared in Loki’s hand.  Loki fell to his knees beside you as the magic filled him.  You caught him and eased him down.  “Loki!”
Hela smirked over at the pair of you.  “I had hoped it would be you, little brother,” she said fondly.  She kissed Frigga’s forehead.  “It will be alright, mother,” she said.  “And I will see you again someday, when the time comes,” 
With that, Hela left you all, returning to Helheim through her portal as everyone stared in shock at what had just happened. 
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imagine-loki · 7 days ago
Hi, is goddessofmischief still around?
I have no idea, sorry.
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imagine-loki · 10 days ago
Imagine being “frenemies” with Sigyn when you were growing up. You competed with each other in everything, and were just generally never that close.
As young women, you especially vied for Loki’s attention.
When you all had come of age, Loki revealed he had feelings for you the whole time.
You still haven’t heard from Sigyn since the day you married Loki.
Not that you care. Your life is better without that spiteful heifer pointing out your flaws, anyway.
Years later, you think you see your former rival in a sea of festival-goers. Has Sigyn resurfaced? You hope she at least doesn’t notice you or Loki. You know you wouldn’t be able to handle it without crying.
To your disappointment, she does.
Sigyn makes her way to you and your husband, pretending to be thrilled to see you. As if you were good friends. Gag.
Her eyes fall on Loki, and your heart sinks as you realize nothing has changed.
Loki lets go of your hand to wrap his arm around your waist, and you smile as you realize nothing has changed.
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imagine-loki · 10 days ago
Hey, sorry to bother you. but I just wanted to ask if you do jump scares on this blog over Hallowen?
I am going to assume by that question that you are new to the blog (by new, i mean from the last year or so).
No, this blog does not partake in Halloween activities. People choose to write Halloween stories if they wish but they won't be jumpscare images, they will just be stories that you will have to click on to read so there is a consent to it. That is not to say there is anything wrong with being into jumpscaring, etc, it's your time of year, enjoy. But not on this blog and everything that is published goes through me so nothing should pop up.
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imagine-loki · 10 days ago
Imagine Loki waking up in a field on Midgard, very disoriented and more than a little scared, because wasn't he on the Statesman a moment ago? With his neck broken? And Thor hugging him and crying into his chest?
(Recently realised that Loki's TVA life-file ends at the cry-into-chest bit, so he was still just about alive for that... Share my pain!)
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imagine-loki · 10 days ago
Of Numbers and Strange Friendships
TITLE: Of Numbers and Strange Friendships CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: 76/?
AUTHOR: nekoamamori ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being friends with Peter Parker RATING: T
NOTES/WARNINGS: None so far.  Also on AO3 here
“Try again.  Ground and center,” Loki said in that overly patient teacher voice which Peter was quickly learning to hate.  The pair were in one of the training rooms. Loki had taken this particular training room over when he started helping Wanda learn to control and advance her magic.  The room was warded with the strongest shielding spells that Loki could put on them.  The shields kept all wayward magic from escaping the room to affect the rest of the tower and to keep anything from outside interfering with them while they were working. 
Now, Loki was also using this training room to train Peter on how to use and control his new Asgardian magic.  
“I’m not getting it~~” Peter whined and fwumped back on his back on the padded training mats they were sitting on.  Loki hadn’t had the opportunity or permission to redo the training room to his liking yet.  
Peter was frustrated and Loki watched his magic flare with his emotions.  He was still on the first lesson and the most important lesson at that.  He had to learn to ground himself and his magic, to center it in order to control it and build on it.  
“Which is why you need to try again,” Loki replied, still overly patiently.  “You need to learn to control your powers so your emotions do not interfere with them,” he explained again.  He knew it was frustrating.  There was no explaining when this step was done correctly. Peter just had to keep trying until it clicked.  All young mages had to do the same. 
Peter sat up again and didn’t quite glare at Loki, he was still Peter after all and no one thought he actually knew how to glare, but he surely didn’t look happy.  He was frustrated and overworked and frazzled.  “I’m not getting it,” he repeated, his eyes begging Loki to help him.  
Loki gave him a gentle look.  “Breathe,” he told his blood brother.  He was used to teaching young mages and knew from personal experience how frustrating this was.  He held out his hands palm up.  “Breathe and relax and I will help you,” Loki reassured him.  He would always help.  That was part of this lesson as well.  Peter placed his hands on top of Loki’s and fought to control his breathing and his emotions.  Loki knew this was hard for him, knew that his brain worked so fast that it was hard for him to concentrate.  “Good, now close your eyes,” he instructed in his calm teacher’s croon, specially designed to soothe anxious students.  Peter’s eyes closed and his breathing fell in line with Loki’s calm, even breaths.  “Feel inside for your magic, for your power. Focus inside, blocking out the world around you,” he tried to use the same terms that the young man did when he was talking about his spider abilities, tying the magic lesson to something he already knew.  
Loki’s own vision changed with a bit of his own magic.  He watched Peter’s power flowing through his body and around him in an aura.  In a grounded and centered mage, that power would be in a tight ball in his center and wouldn’t be flaring.  It took work and maintenance to keep one’s magic under control, especially when emotions interfered.  
“As you’re breathing, focus on pulling that power inside yourself,” Loki instructed.  He couldn’t do this for Peter, but he could use his own magic to soothe the teen’s power, to help him grip it and pull it into himself.  Loki could feel the change as Peter finally understood the feel of his magic.  He pulled it into himself with Loki’s guidance and the pair spent the next hour organizing it.  
Peter looked exhausted when he finally opened his eyes again, but he was also so proud of himself.  Loki gave him a warm smile.  “Well done, Arachnid,” he praised.  His praise was rare, and all the more precious for being so rare.  
Peter beamed, despite his exhaustion.  He was mentally and physically drained.  It had been a lot of work for one afternoon, but they both knew it was necessary work in order to keep his magic in line.  He didn’t want to lose his secret identity to anyone besides Aunt May yet.  His identity would be in jeopardy if his magic started sparking out of control everywhere.  
“So…” Peter’s eyes lit with mischief and delight that looked exactly like Loki’s got when he was in the middle of a bit of mischief.  Loki instantly gave him the same look in return, excited for whatever was on Peter’s mind.  “What can I do with this newfound magic?”
Loki saw the grand plans and ideas in Peter’s head and, unfortunately, had to very quickly squash them.  “First you learn to summon light,” it was the absolute first spell new mages learned.  Usually it was babies who figured out how to make sparkly colored lights to entertain themselves in their cribs, but Loki wouldn’t be telling Peter about that at the moment.  
“Summon light?? Not anything…. Cooler?” Peter whined.
Loki raised an eyebrow, giving Peter the perfect look of a disappointed teacher.  “Cooler?  You wouldn’t happen to be only wanting to learn magic to impress your friends, are you?” He asked disapprovingly.  Loki created a ball of light with zero effort.  “A light is a tool in the darkness.  It may be a simple spell, but it is not one to be taken lightly.  You never know when you’ll have need of it.  It can be used to light your way or blind your foes.  It’s gotten me out of trouble more than once,” he explained and vanished the ball of light.  
Peter groaned, but looked chastised.  “Seven,” he announced, using their number system to explain clearly how he was feeling.  Seven was a crazily high number for Peter, though typical for Loki. 
Loki chuckled, amused at how high of a number Peter had chosen.  “That’s to be expected, Arachnid.  However, you will feel much better once you produce some magic on your own.  Come on, let’s give it a go,” he told Peter warmly and the pair got to work, teaching Peter the simple spell. 
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imagine-loki · 10 days ago
Hi there! I’m beginning to suspect Tumblr may have eaten one of my Imagines, where Sigyn and the reader are “frenemies.”
No, it's here, I just haven't published anything in a while
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