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obeymebutcursed3 hours ago
Ah yes it is a wonderful drawing. 馃槉
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obeymebutcursed3 hours ago
I've been waiting for someone to say snaddy so I didn't have to so this is a boon 馃悕
I don't know how to feel about that.
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obeymebutcursed3 hours ago
What's better than baby Satan giving everyone migraines? Baby Satan being a clingy nightmare doing it out of pure love.
Baby Satan bawling and clinging to Lucifer's leg and sinking his teeth into him when he needs to go to daycare.
Baby Satan just absolutely pouncing on people in the middle of the night because he has a lot of love to give, and a lot of energy to do it.
Baby Satan SCREAMING bloody murder at bedtime and breaking out of whatever enclosure he's put in because he wants to be with papa Luci at all times but especially bedtime.
The brothers all have their fair share of huge scars running all over their bodies from when baby Satan didn't want to let go of them and raked his claws on whatever limb he could grab.
Lucifer has mastered the art of how to walk like nothing is wrong when there's a toddler koala-clinging to his leg and biting him
Baby Satan just wants to give a lot of love.
He may be a gremlin but he wants to give everyone attention.
Whether that attention be comforting or not depends on the day.
There are days where he just wants to cling to his brothers and be sweet and there are other days where he demands attention. With his nails. And teeth.
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obeymebutcursed6 hours ago
Ok so i had a weird dream and i wanna tell you about it.
Let's start by saying that i'm italian, you know that people say that italian food is one of the world's best cookings?
Basically i was at purgatory hall and Solomon was tryna feed me the "food" he made. when i told him that it wasn't even edible he went "is it because you're italian?? You won't eat my food because it doesn't meet your standards huh!?" And was really mad, he was treating me as if i was some kind of snobby rich person and saying that my taste was "too refined for mortal food" and stuff. then Mammon randomly appeared and threw a brick in his face singing neomelodic songs (it's a genre very famous in Naples, i personally think it's bad lmao-) and i started insulting Sol in dialect and i woke up.
(also, i hc that Mammon speaks Italian because of the Naples jokes. But that's too long to explain so i'm not gonna tell you lol)
This sounds like a FANTASIC dream.
Oh what I would give to have an om related dream again 馃様
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obeymebutcursed7 hours ago
I swear, most of the stuff on this blog isn鈥檛 even that cursed, it is just dumb. Then you get stuff from star anon, tooth anon, flame anon, etc that is legitimately cursed, and then I remember that this blog isn鈥檛 actually supposed to be cute and kinda wholesome (despite that being the majority of the posts). I just get whiplash. I love it here. :)
This is true.
This blog is really just a mix of dumb, wholesome, and cursed.
But its great.
Though I do feel bad because with this blog I've neglected my other main blog quite a bit. (@obeymebabes)
I guess it's just because I enjoy the instant interaction I get from this one.
My main blog is great but it's so.. quiet. It's only ever just requests.
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obeymebutcursed7 hours ago
I remembered the thing about Levi's snabies liking the bath and I imagined him taking a bunch of his saltwater dwelling snabies to a flotation tank. They put a ton of Epsom salt into lukewarm water and you can just chill and float in a sensory deprivation tank. It's like being deep in the ocean with how dark and quiet it is. It's very relaxing and even good for them and their snaddy gets some much needed rest cus he don't sleep! He would walk into the building with a bag for his "swimsuit" praying it doesn't move too much or be too loud before he can dump his children into the tank.
I'm gonna be really honest here.
All I got out of this was that you called Levi
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obeymebutcursed22 hours ago
Beel has put a person's chopped hand in a shaker because he thought hand shakes means to make shakes out of hands
- 馃敟anon .
Oh Beel honey no-
No that's not at all what that means-
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obeymebutcursed23 hours ago
If Levi skates in the devil dom he can just use his tail as a counterweight to balance and catch or move himself around. Clever resourceful snek boyo 馃グ
This is very true. He would be a good skater as soon as he figures out how to do it.
It might take him a bit though.
His coordination is not stellar.
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obeymebutcursed23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wheeled Leviathan
I wanted to draw Levi gliding past casually, but I couldn鈥檛 get it right, so I ended up just sketching a pic of him in demon form with the heelys on the side instead.
He looks so happy!
And his heart tail 馃グ
But yes oh my god Levi just casually gliding out of a room with his Heeleys? Yes. Absolutely.
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obeymebutcursed23 hours ago
Dude I don't think you understand the level of dead I would be.
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obeymebutcursed23 hours ago
Levi with wheels.
Instead of Ruri-chan, his idol is Lightning Mcqueen.
He says "Kachow" and random car terminology instead of chatspeak.
When he's nervous he makes engine noises with his mouth.
Leviavan 馃悕
HAHAHA instead of a bed tub he would totally own a lightning mcqueen bed.
He would know the movies inside and out.
It would be both terrifying and wholesome
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
ive missed fucking around on this blog but it was better for my mental health to take a break from tumblr lol, i'll be getting back to spreading my simeon supremacy and general fuckery soon lmao - simeon makeout anon
also if simeon is ever shown in the obey me anime i will not apologize for the person im going to become bc goddamn that man is so fine 馃槱馃檹
I understand!! 馃グ
I'm super glad you're doing better, and I have missed seeing your asks relating to the precious angel boyo.
I really hope they have the side characters in the anime too. But I don't think my heart will be ready to handle so much simping. They're all going to be so pretty. 馃槶
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
I meant that as in like they had absolutely no fucking clue that MC has scoliosis.
-mini fridge pickle/Belphie randomly mooing/Diavolo Lover anon
Well they do now!
MC is crying? That's illegal.
MC is not allowed to cry.
They will comfort MC regardless.
And apparently learn some things along the way.
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
there's an audio on tiktok that says smth like "at first i was mmmm feet as a joke but bro i don't think it's a joke anymore" and it makes me think of levi bc levi most definitely has a foot fetish
Dude I'd love to comment something normal but
All I can think of thanks to the previous asks is Levi has a foot fetish because he's got wheels for feet.
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
simeon has gotten blackout drunk and woken up in the middle of a random lake in his angel form on an air mattress with 30 raccoons
i will not be explaining my logic or reasoning for this
- the simeon makeout anon who hasn't been on tumblr in months
But back to the original point
It was totally set up by the bros. Or maybe Dia.
30 raccoons for the 30 drinks he downed without hesitation the previous night.
Or maybe 30 for each eye.
You did say he would be in angel form so-
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
Levi getting his money from Mammon
Levi is always watching.
Do not underestimate the snake.
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
Hold up, what if MC has scoliosis and like the boys catch them lying flat on the ground next the fireplace to help ease the pain and they鈥檙e like in tears because they didn鈥檛 have pain medications with them.
-mini fridge pickle/Belphie randomly mooing/Diavolo Lover anon
MC would then have a flock of demons at their side ready to take care of them.
Do you think they wouldn't take care of MC? Because I can guarantee they would.
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
He probably falls several times before MC manages to get their snorting under control and offers to help.
He would have been fine if he wasn't a bundle of nerves, straight up loses control of his limbs like a deer on ice.
Poor boyo.
At least it would provide endless entertainment.
Snake boyo cannot skate but he is very much trying his best.
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
how can y'all talk about my girl's pussy but sleep on what's new pussycat
I have no idea what these songs sound like (and I don't know if I want to) but I'm confident Asmo had something to do with why they were written.
Asmo is a musician after all.
So who knows~
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obeymebutcurseda day ago
"Like being whipped by razor blades"
It's still a good whip if you're not a coward
Okay you know what?
Fair enough.
Plus it issssss Belphie, what do you really expect?
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