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ka-zuki skomentował(a) Twój zestaw zdjęć

ohhh D: he’s in that? I heard about the manga in high school but horror makes me hide

Hakuei wrote a song for the live action version and called the band Litchi Hikari Club, but he isn’t in it, I think.

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Untitled Ch.1 Hakuei

#2 Hakuei

Hakeui is singing when all of a sudden Gisho comes up behind him surprising him. He gives him a kiss on the lips. He goes back to singing not wanting to look affected by his actions. He knows that they kiss all the time like this during live shows, but his members don’t realize how much it bothers him. They think it’ll help them get extra attention but he doesn’t like it. They want to use the most popular member for thrills and shocks.

Hakeui runs off the stage heading to the back area. He gets his bag heading to the bathroom. He drops the bag on the floor. He looks at himself in the mirror. He hates himself because he knows that his inner-conciousness liked the kiss. But his head is telling him that he doesn’t.

“ I need a drink”

He says to himself.

He’s about to leave when his band members stop him.

“ So do you think the show was good?” Yuuji asks

“ I don’t think we should talk outside of work”

“ What? Why?”

“ Yeah”

Gisho asks

“ I’m leaving now- bye”

He leaves heading out the door.

There are groans of Hey ! and Wait a minute.

He heads to the bar and orders any drink. Actually Hakuei is not a drinker so he doesn’t know what to get, just anything that will make him forget. He takes a drink then another drink. It gets to the point where he is finally passed out on the bar table.

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