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bitch-ass-aliens · a day ago
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Alex & Forrest | Season 2 || Isobel & Anatsa | Season 3 Roswell, New Mexico
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djchika · 2 days ago
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Alex Manes Week 2021 Day 1: Found Family
(I started this pre-3x08 but wasn’t able to finish it on time. Basically the gang got tired of our cosmic iconiclowns and took matters into their own hands)
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alex-manes-daily · 13 hours ago
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Alex Manes smiling ❤️
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michealguerin · a day ago
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Alex Manes Week 2021 Day Three: What if?
  ↳ Jones kidnaps Alex in 3x12
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youaremyworldlois · 2 days ago
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Alex Manes Week 2021: Alex Manes will always protect his family
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rafascosmic · 2 days ago
Malex Monday Art! I'm perpetually in love with everything about this scene, so i had to draw it again but at a different angle 🥺
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manesalex · a day ago
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“We are all Dad’s victims. Sure, he beat me up, but what he put the rest of you through was abuse too. He made you watch while he kicked my ass.”
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alexmanesss · 2 days ago
title: surprise
summary: day 1 of alex week. found family. post s3. now that they are officially together, michael wants to give alex the best birthday party ever.
ao3 link
“Mikey, are you sure this is a good idea?” Liz asked her friend as he put up banners all around Alex’s house with his powers. The curly-haired alien looked over at her and rolled his eyes.
“This is his first birthday celebration since we got together. I need this to be perfect, Ortecho.”
Max and Isobel were on their way with the drinks, while Kyle, Maria, and Rosa were making food for the party in the kitchen. Dallas and Heath would have been there, but they were on a date, apologizing to Michael for not making it.
Alex had been out of the house since 8 am, having no idea everyone would take it over. They still had two hours before he would be home, and Michael hoped he would like it.
He finished with the insane amount of birthday decorations as Liz looked at him with a smirk. He caught her look and sighed.
“What?” He pretended to be busy putting extra tape on one of the signs, his cheeks turning an embarrassing shade of pink.
“You loooooove him,” she teased and watched as he paused what he was doing. Turning to her, he gave her a look as if she was stating the obvious.
“I’ve loved him since we were 17. Nothing has changed, other than the fact that we are finally dating like normal people would when they love each other.”
“It’s cute.”
“I’m not cute.” He muttered, and she snorted out a laugh.
“I didn’t say you were cute. If anything, Alex is the cute one in the relationship.”
Michael let a grin cross his face, showing his agreement at that statement. “You got that right.”
Liz smacked him on the shoulder.
“Let’s get this house ready for your cutie to come home. You sure he doesn’t mind being surprised?”
Michael gulped as he lied through his teeth.
“He’ll love it!”
They stood together, facing away from the door as she finished helping him tape up the decorations. They didn’t hear the front door open as they argued over how much tape they should be using.
“Why does it look like Party City threw up in my living room?” Alex asked, and the two scientists froze. There was silence throughout the first floor, the occupants of the kitchen also now realizing the man of honor was home.
Michael turned around slowly before grinning and at the same time looking like he wanted the floor to swallow him whole.
“Uh, surprise?”
“What did I say about surprises, Michael?” Alex said, trying to look angry and failing.
“You hated them.”
Liz turned to her partner in crime, smacking him on the arm. “You said he loved them!”
He winced, shrugging his shoulders, and watched as Alex took a step closer.
Both of them took a small step back, afraid of Alex’s wrath. The man let out a laugh at their reactions before grabbing Michael by the arm.
Shocked by Alex’s unusual reaction, he was even more dumbfounded as Alex grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek.
“I love you.”
“You do?” Michael asked warily. “You’re not mad?”
“Why would I be mad if my boyfriend and friends threw me a birthday party?”
“You told me you used to hate surprises!” Michael asked, confused. Alex frowned, biting his lip before responding.
“My dad’s version of surprises turned me off of the idea. It was never good when he surprised me,” he admitted sadly. Shaking his head, he looked at his sweet, caring, beautiful boyfriend and let a grin appear on his face again.
“But you? You can surprise me all you want. I can’t let my dad ruin something like a surprise party from the people that love me. I love you, Michael.”
“I love you too. Happy birthday, honey,” Michael teased, before giving Alex his own kiss on the forehead, before leaving another one on his lips.
“Aww!” Liz squealed, and they separated and looked at their friend in amusement.
“What?” She pouted.
“Liz, come help us with the food,” Maria said from the doorway, smiling at the pair before walking over to Liz and dragging the woman away from them.
Michael let himself breathe, taking in his boyfriend. He raised an eyebrow at that moment, realizing that Alex was home from work two hours early.
“Why are you home so early anyway?” He asked, letting his hands lightly grip Alex’s face.
“Eduardo let me leave early. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t question it. I wanted to get home to you.”
That admission had Michael preening, realizing how happy it made him that Alex wanted to come home to him sooner rather than later.
He pulled Alex to his chest, wrapping him in his arms. Alex was shocked at the action before wrapping his arms around the other man, leaning against his boyfriend, feeling the warmth engulf him. He knew he had to get used to this feeling. The love emitting off of Michael for Alex was almost too much sometimes, but Alex knew he could get used to it. He loved Michael just as much.
They were standing there for what felt like five minutes, wrapped up in each other and not wanting to let go, before Isobel and Max came in, holding several bottles of alcohol and a six-pack of some kind of non-alcohol beverage for Rosa.
“Let’s get this birthday bash started!” Isobel all but yelled before running to the kitchen to greet Kyle with kisses.
Max huffed out a laugh, looking at the two men, who were looking on with eyebrows raised. “She started early,” he gestured to the empty alcohol bottle in his hand.
They watched on amused as the rest of the gang came out of the kitchen. Maria and Rosa were holding the food and setting it down, as Kyle and Isobel couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other.
“Hey!” Michael exclaimed, throwing a plastic party noisemaker at their heads. “We’re eating here.”
“I can’t help it if Valenti is hot.”
“Alex is the hottest one in the room,” Michael stated matter of factly. Alex’s face went beet red, feeling Michael pull him into his side. “But I can keep my hands off of him in front of people.”
“Michael, you’re literally hugging him right now,” Kyle stated, clearly entertained by what was happening in front of him.
“And you were kissing him earlier…” Liz revealed.
“It’s his birthday. That should be allowed!” Alex hid his head in Michael’s shoulder, the warm feeling coming back.
He loved this ridiculous man.
He lifted his head before kissing Michael on the lips quickly and grabbing a plate of food.
“Yes, it is my birthday, so Michael can kiss me all he wants.” Michael grinned at that. “I love you guys, and I know I don’t say it enough. I wouldn’t know what I would do without you. You’re my family. Now let’s eat, and then we can play whatever crazy party games you had planned.”
“I got lightsabers…” Michael started, and everyone watched on, trying not to laugh as Alex froze at the surprise.
“Are we lightsaber jousting Guerin?” He asked, putting his plate on the table, the food clearly forgotten.
“You’re a Jedi baby,” Michael smiled, looking at Alex with so much love he didn’t know how much his heart could take. “Of course, we’re jousting with lightsabers.”
Michael should have guessed that Alex wouldn’t want to eat after that admission and let himself be dragged out to the backyard. He grabbed two of the lightsabers he had in a box, leaning against the wall in the hallway on the way out.
He came to a sudden stop and pulled Alex to his chest, knowing he needed to let him know once more how much he adored him.
“I love you, Alex.”
“I love you back,” Alex responded before slowly grabbing one of the toy lightsabers out of his boyfriend’s hand.
“Now, if I have to move in with me.”
Michael’s eyes went wide as saucers before letting out a smirk.
“And if I win?”
Alex squinted at him, looking like he was thinking hard before smiling.
“You have to move your airstream into my backyard.”
“Doesn’t that just mean…”
“That you still move in with me? Yes.”
“We’d both win in the end then.”
“We already won, Guerin. We have each other.”
They looked at each other and smiled, feeling the love behind those words.
Suddenly, Alex’s smile turned into a smirk as he lit up the lightsaber.
“Now be prepared to get your ass kicked.” They raised their arms to fight, oblivious to their friends watching from the back patio.
“This is some weird foreplay, guys,” Rosa stated, taking a swig of her sparkling water.
All their friends murmured in agreement before watching their friends. Kyle looked confused before blurting out, “Are lightsabers part of Star Trek or Star Wars?”
“Ay dios mio!” Liz exclaimed before patting Kyle on the arm. “Stick to what you know, Kyle.”
He shrugged, clearly still lost, before looking on and smiling as his best friend won the fight and jumped into Michael’s arms. Michael tried catching him before slipping on the mud from the rainfall earlier that morning and falling to the ground. They all gasped and moved to help when they noticed that Alex was currently kissing Michael all over his face. Clearly, no one was hurt.
They all looked on, their faces full of mixed reactions before Max put an arm around Liz, spoke up, and looked at the group.
“Let them have this.” He cleared his throat. “Pictionary, anyone?”
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insidious-intent · 2 days ago
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Alex Manes Week 2021 
Day 1 - Found Family
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djchika · a day ago
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Alex Manes Week 2021 Day 2: Tropes
Featuring: Popular Kid!Alex and Nerd!Michael
“Stop,” Michel hissed when Isobel continued to glare at him. “I’m not asking him to prom.”
The massive eye roll she gave him was not unexpected.
“C’mon, Michael. It’s not like you don’t know each other. We hang out all the time.”
“No. He hangs out with you,” he corrected. “I just happen to be there.”
“Potato-potatoh,” Isobel said with a dismissive wave of her fingers. “Doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been in love with him for almost as long as Max has been in love with Liz and our brother’s actually managed to score a date with her. Are you really going to ride off to UNM with Schrodinger’s teenage romance hanging over your head?”
Isobel was, as usual, annoyingly right. Graduation was just around the corner and then they were each setting out on their own adventures. The thought of not seeing Alex ever again made his entire ribcage ache with a stupid, melodramatic longing and because of that Michael paused. He paused for five seconds. Scratch that. He paused for three seconds and yet Isobel was grinning at him like she’d already been crowned prom queen.
“I knew you’d cowboy up,” Isobel said, “Now tell me how you’re going to do it because I can’t live down another dorky promposal like Max’s. My mean girl clout can only do so much.”
Michael resolutely ignored the actual cave of bats suddenly flapping around in his stomach as he let Isobel steer him down the hallway.
What’s the worst that could happen?
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foramomentonly · a day ago
The beautiful, talented, funny, smart @adiwriting sent me this meet ugly prompt and she deserves all the good things, so I wrote it. I hope you like it!
Will post on AO3 later tonight.
Prompt: obsessed with the pretty barista who flirted with me and then made me the worst chai latte of my life
"Michael, I'm literally begging you. Don't put your life on the line like this!"
Michael rolls his eyes, hardly breaking his stride as Isobel jogs up to his side to pull at his arm.
"I'm not risking my life, Iz," he scoffs, "I'm getting coffee."
"From the worst barista in the world!"
Michael shakes his head, stopping in front of the Crashdown's long, gleaming windows to pull off his hat and attempt to fluff his long, wispy curls. Isobel clicks her tongue as she watches him, finally taking pity and batting his hands away to wrap a single lock around her finger, taming it into a perfect ringlet that she allows to hang over a wide, golden eye.
"I know you like this guy," she says firmly, "but his lattes are literal poison, so please ask him out this time."
Michael grins, practically skipping up the street to the alley-turned-outdoor-cafe and heading straight to the order window cut into the side wall of the adjacent building, Isobel trailing wearily behind.
At the window, a man with dark eyes and a full mouth leans on his forearms on the sill, messy strands of brown hair falling across his forehead. The sleeves of his tee shirt are tight against his shoulders and arms. He scans the open air cafe half-heartedly, searching for tables in need of bussing or an unhappy customer. The grimaces after first sips and mostly full, pushed aside cups are evidence enough of general dissatisfaction, but the man doesn't seem surprised or chagrined. He looks resigned, bored even; that is, until Michael shuffles up to the window belt buckle-first, his half-unbuttoned flannel a deep V down his chest.
"Michael," the man says with a slow smile, rising up and pressing his hips against the little half door below the window to lean farther out towards his customer. "Let me guess: chai latte?"
Michael winks and pulls out his wallet, slipping a five dollar bill across the sill beneath two long fingers.
"You know me so well, Alex."
Alex takes the cash and drops Michael's change into his waiting palm, eyes darting over Michael's shoulder to Isobel behind him.
"Anything for you?" he asks, and Isobel snorts.
"No, thank you," she sings, "I like my stomach lining intact."
Michael glares over his shoulder, but Alex just laughs.
"I know," he says with a shrug. "I'm lucky to still have this job. The owner's a friend."
"DeLuca?" Isobel asks, suddenly pressed against Michael's back in interest.
"Yeah," Alex replies. "She needed some temporary help and I needed something to do after my discharge."
He points to his worn shirt, to the faded Air Force logo spread across his chest. Then he tilts his head, smiling knowingly at Isobel.
"Should I tell Maria you said hello?" he asks casually, and Michael watches his cool, confident sister sputter and squeak her way to a soft, unnaturally high, "Sure!"
Alex nods, flashing perfectly white teeth in a broad grin, then turns his back to them, whirring and grinding sounds drifting out of the open window as he makes Michael's coffee. Michael elbows Isobel teasingly, eyebrows raised in a silent question, but she just scowls at him and smooths out a non-existent wrinkle in her shirt.
"I added something new," Alex says hopefully when he returns, sliding a hot cup with a disturbing amount of foam resting atop a dark, dangerous-smelling liquid. "Maybe you'll like it?"
Michael smiles and raises the cup to his lips as Isobel gags. Burnt espresso, a mouthful of cardamom, and something spicy that numbs his lips--chili powder, maybe?--sit on his tongue as he swallows it all in a single gulp, a weak smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.
Alex sighs.
"If you can wait like ten minutes," he says, shoulders slumped, "Maria's on her way and she'll re-make it for you."
Michael shakes his head, Isobel's perfect curl flying across his forehead, and he covers Alex's hand where it rests on the sill.
"No, no," he says with a squeeze to Alex's dry knuckles. "It's great. Thank you."
Alex stares at him, dark eyes warm and dancing across Michael's face.
"Just ask me," he says softly.
"Ask me out," Alex repeats in a low voice. "I'll say yes and you won't have to pretend to like my coffee anymore."
A broad, dopey smile spread across Michael's face. While he's distracted, Isobel dumps the latte into the trash.
"Go out with me tonight?" Michael breathes.
Alex grins and leans half out the window to take Michael by the back of the neck and pull him into a lingering kiss; chaste, but promising as Alex's fingers stroke through Michael's curls, tugging his head back so that Alex can offer a slip of tongue across Michael's bottom lip.
"Ok," Alex whispers against Michael's lips when they pull apart.
From behind him, Maria's sharp voice suddenly calls out, "Alex, why the fuck is the cayenne pepper out?"
Alex grimaces, Michael laughs, and Isobel jumps, running a hand through her hair and shoving Michael out of her way as she crowds the window, suddenly desperate for service.
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