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evaneddiediaz · 5 months ago
Things 911 writers took straight (nothing is straight about this) out of fanfics:
▫️“I got you…” - Buck losing his mind while Eddie’s bleeding
▪️“Are you hurt?” - Eddie worrying about Buck in the first place
▫️Buck taking care of Christopher while Eddie’s in the hospital
▪️Buck being the one to tell the news to Chris about his father getting hurt
▫️Buck losing it after receiving a message about Eddie being out of surgery (I 💯 saw this on Tumblr)
▪️Buck dropping everything and running to the hospital when Eddie gained consciousness
▪️Buck taking Eddie home from the hospital
▫️Buck blaming himself that Eddie got shot
▪️Eddie snapping at Buck about blaming himself
▫️Eddie making Buck Christopher’s legal guardian
▪️Eddie calling Buck - Evan
▫️Buck calling Eddie - Eds
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spooki-skelli · 24 days ago
Random CR:Kingdom + Ovenbreak family hcs cause i have a need to write something-
- Espresso is the son of Latte,but didn't know until a later time since she wasn't in his life till he turned 20(at the time he arrived at the kingdom).
- Almond now,since he's married to Latte is the step father of Espresso. He doesn't even mind since they both end up being really close. (Only cause they end up talking about their bright as hell s/o's.)
- This also makes Walnut and Cream Puff his younger siblings.(I headcannon Latte adopted Cream Puff-)
- Now onto another family, Pure Vanilla and Custard. Custard is the only son of Pure Vanilla but Custard didn't see him till way later on in his life so he actually sees Gingerbrave and the others more as family and parents.
- Though when he dose get to meet Pure Vanilla he's just a happy fella,being able to finally meet his father.
- Blackberry and Earl Grey are adoptive siblings but still consider each other siblings. They both were simple and cold at a young age but grew up together and taught each other.
- D.E and Licorice along with Red Velvet is more complicated family. D.E adopted both Licorice and Red Velet when they were only kid cookies and were nice to them at first. She did pick favorites though, that favorite was Red Velvet only because of his power. This is why Licorice pushed himself over the limit till D.E was defeated. At a young age the two always tried to do better than the other, even if it meant hurting themselves.
- Alchemist and Vampire are cannonly siblings but I always thought Pancake would be somehow related to them(that includes Roll Cake also in that case but also in a adoptive way). I don't have much of an explanation,honestly besides Vampire trying to be a supporting brother of both Pancake and Rollcake while Alchemist tried to keep the two from fussing over who's cuter and or the smallest things.
- Sparkling and Apple are father and daughter. Sparkling's a single father but he's just happy that he can spend time with his little girl as much as he can. (He sometimes ask Mint Choco or Herb to babysit if they're busy and rarely asks Vampire since he'd fall asleep).
- Rockstar is the adoptive father of Parfrait and was the one who got her into music at a young age just like how his father did. Once the two did kinda become rivals they played into it well,it was honestly fun for the two. Rockstar just enjoys spending time with his daughter and even teaching her still.
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mightbewriting · 4 months ago
May Wrap Up
Things I wrote:
7,932 words drafted in A Season for Setting Fires + two chapters POSTED!
4,508 words drafted in Untitled Novel Project. Had to step away.
10,021 words drafted in Don’t Make Deals with the Devil While You’re Drowning. 
5,553 words drafted and posted in Overwhelming Evidence, a birthday gift for @niffizzle!
Total words written: 28,014. This has been my lightest writing month in over a year and a half. Sometimes you just need to totally rethink your projects, have a couple meltdowns about it, spend some time gardening, and regroup. Here’s to a better June!
Things I read:
The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall
People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle
The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren 
A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
End of the Megafauna: The Fate of the World’s Hugests, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals by Ross D.E. Macphee
Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne
Apple Pies and Other Amends by toeatapeach (dramione, M, 76k, complete, reread)
A Thing With[out] Feathers by @senlinyu (dramione, E, 18k, complete, reread)
Best Shot by @acciomjolnir (dramione, M, 23k complete)
Between Certifiable and Bliss by @heyjude19-writing (dramione, E, WIP)
call it what you want by @hawthornewhisperer (dramione, M, WIP)
Carpathian by @niffizzle (dramione, M, WIP)
Contradictions by @ambpersand (dramione, E, WIP)
Live Rude Girls by @alovelyvillain (dramione, E, WIP)
Notte by @indreamsink (thlaise, M, 7k, complete) 
Once More, With Feeling by @wetpretzel (dramione, M, 106k, complete)
The Bodyguard by emmy_award (harmony, E, 111k, complete)
Tied in Lies by @niffizzle (dramione, E, 3k, complete)
(un)fulfilled by @ambpersand (panville, M, WIP)
Until the Ink Runs Dry by @acciomjolnir (dramione, T, 41k, complete)
Things I’m currently reading and writing going into June:
I’d like to finish a full first draft of Don’t Make Deals. Probably somewhere in the ballpark of 30k more words to go.
Post at least one more chapter of A Season for Setting Fires.
The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse
Land: How the Hunger for More Ownership Shaped the Modern World by Simon Winchester
+ a bunch of other books I haven’t started yet AND all the wips I’m following.
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saturnswrld · 2 months ago
Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Blaise Zabini or Theo Nott imagine... Set during the war, the reader as a female Death Eater (a reluctant one) coming back home after a D.E. meeting to her husband, and Blaise comforting her. A little bit of both angst and fluff. I am sorry if I have missed any important information. This is my first ever request for an imagine. Thank you!
We face it together
Paring: Blaise x Reader
warnings: angst, vomiting
“Is that understood?” The Dark Lord questioned
“Yes m’lord” They all said in unison
The Dark Lord then scanned the room, his dark red eyes falling immediately on you. You gulped at the sight of his red eyes staring at you.
“Y/N Y/L/N, You understand what is being asked of you?”
“Yes my lord. I understand” You replied. Your obedient voice making the dark lord smile viciously.
“Very well. Meeting is adjourned” The Dark Lord stood, Nagini slithering close behind him.
You stood up as fast as you could, apparating as quick as you could to your home. You ran to the bathroom, quickly emptying your stomach into the toilet.
Tears flooded your eyes as you continued to vomit. You never meant for any of this to happen, you thought becoming a death eater would make your parents proud. Bring honor to your family but all it brought you was pain and anxiety.
You hated every minute since the mark was etched into your forearm. You didn’t even think that the war would last this long. That you would have to kill.
You were broken out of your thoughts by the feeling of someone’s hands running up and down your spine. You turned to see the warm eyes of your husband.
“Are you okay, Darling?” He asked cautiously
You couldn’t help but turn and fall into his arms. Gripping him tightly as you cried, he murmured sweet and reassuring words to you as he comforted you.
Blaise Zabini, the light of your life. You two met in Hogwarts, falling in love in the middle of a war was not what you had planned but it’s not like you could escape the charm of Blaise.
He was always there. When you were happy, when you were sad, even when you became a death eater. He was there.
The Zabini’s weren’t death eaters, they followed the rules of the Dark Lord but never had they taken the mark.
Blaise always waited for you when you attended meetings, staying up late with you as you confided in him about the horrible things you saw or simply helping you forget the way the Dark Lord's presence made you feel.
“You want to tell me what happened?” Blaise asked
“I’ve been assigned a task” Blaise stiffened slightly knowing well from his best friend that being assigned a task by the Dark Lord is never a good thing.
“What is it?”
You pressed deeper into his chest, shaking your head.
“I can’t. It’s too horrible. You’ll hate me”
Blaise inhaled at the broken sound of your voice. Pulling your head out of his chest, he held your face looking into your now red-rimmed eyes.
“I could never hate you. I took a vow to be by your side always. I meant that. Now tell me sweetheart, what’s the task”
You looked down, swallowing your tears. Before looking back at the loving gaze of your husband.
“Dolohov has been tasked to find the Greengrasses.Once he finds them, my task is to kill them”
Blaise’s eyes widened as you began to cry again. “I don’t want to Blaise but he’ll kill you” You cried into his chest. Blaise remained quiet as he held you.
You were never too close to the Greengrasses but Blaise was. He and Daphne Greengrass had been best friends in Hogwarts, speaking every day. She was even Blaise's “best man” at your wedding.
The Greengrass family had rebelled against the dark lord a few months ago, siding with the Order.
Blaise then pulled you out once again, this time planting a heated kiss to your lips. You reciprocated the kiss no problem.
When he finally pulled away he spoke. “We’ll try and find a way out of this, Dolohov hasn’t even found them yet. We will find a way.”
“But what if Dolohov does find them?”
“Then I'll kill them. Daphne and I talked about this before she left. You're my wife and I love you. Anything you face we’ll face together”
You only nodded and sank back into the loving arms of your husband.
A/N : I hope I did good this is my first request and I hope you liked it. My requests are open if anyone else would like one.
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ryctone · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scenes for a fanfiction I’ll never write hhh-
But anyways; context is an AU in which D.E (AKA. Candy Cane) used to be part of Pure Vanilla’s royal guard and one night finds a little injured baby Black Raisin,,,
Images without text:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sweeethinny · a month ago
(For the asks): ☀️💘😍
thank you!! <3
☀️ - When do you do most of your writing? Do you work better during day or night?
night, more silence
💘 - Favourite line from a fic/hc I've finished?
from the last one I posted: Emerald Eyes
"You kissed her, didn't you?"
"She did it." James swallowed, still completely shocked. "Best kiss of my life, I must say."
"Fuck, James."
"It's her again, Monti," Sirius reveals, as if he doesn't say much.
sounds silly, I know, but Sirius and James' friendship is very inspired by my friendship with my best friend, and I've already made her life so miserable over some stupid boy, that I needed to make Sirius sarcastic and to be ''it's her again'', because we went through this same situation a few times
I wish someone like Fleamont had come talk to me though
😍 -  Tag 1 other creator you admire, and why?
just one? shit...difficult ok
before i need to explain something
I don't like to read stories where one side of the couple is evil, because I don't know, I always get really mad and I give up
but I thought, ok, let's read this Dark!James... And my god.
Yeah I get mad, really mad, it takes me days to read a chapter because I need to stop and send a lot of audios to my gf cursing Lily and saying ''HOW SHE DOESN'T PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE?! FUCK'', but I always come back to read because I NEED to know what happens
I told my friend on Friday that I wasn't going to read it anymore because I couldn't handle Lily because it made me so angry and I wanted to punch her
and today, I read the three chapters that I was late, and I'm going to see the new one she posted just now.
I mean, isn't that being a good writer? if not then i don't know what is
anyway she writes really well, really, so much so that even if i get really mad i can't stop reading i want to know what happens, i want to know what lily is going to do now!
so that's why i admire her.
This type of writing, at least for me, is very risky, you need to trust your story a lot so that people buy the couple and root for them, and she does it VERY well, so much so that my friend always laughs at me because she's like ''James is a D.E, tortures people, he's an asshole, and you keep smiling because he said she's beautiful.'' and it's true hahahahaha
i hate him but i love him too, just like i hate lily sometimes and i want to yell at her but i still love that girl and i want to hug her.
Anyway, I think I've said enough
send me more :)
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sevenshoneybuddhachips · 11 months ago
Hello hello :D I was wondering if you can do the RFA and maybe the minor trio cuddling please? Up to what you want and can. Thank you so much!! Loviuuu ;3;
sorry this took so long ! i’ve been having trouble with online school so please forgive me haha!! and sorry, but no v or vanderwood since im not sure how to write them in this :( Warnings: - spoilers for general after endings/routes - might be ooc for Jumin Zen: - definitely the big spoon.  - likes to hold you in his arms; it makes him feel strong, like you can rely on him to keep you safe. - he also likes to rest his chin on your shoulder when he’s the big spoon, but sometimes he accidentally digs into your shoulder too hard lol - not to say that he wouldn’t mind being the little spoon if you wanted! He loves it when you cuddle up against his back as well. - while he usually has trouble falling asleep, if you’re with him he’s able to relax and just pass out - blanket hog ngl Yoosung: - Not really into spooning - Doesn’t really like being the little spoon, it makes him feel like he’s being babied.  - he’s okay with being the big spoon, but he gets too flustered when he does it so he prefers to just cuddle in different ways. - if anything, he prefers it when you put your head on his chest and hug him. Teddy bear Yoosung !! also it allows for him to be able to play on his phone lolol -  falls asleep really quickly, but he can’t really help it. Working all those long hours at the vet can get to him, and you holding him close makes him feel less stressed. - likes to put on relaxing music; maybe video game ambience. Jaehee: - when she was still working at jumin’s company, she didn’t really have time to relax and wind down - now that she has a cafe with you? you bet she’s spending as much of her free time cuddling with you as she can - suprisingly, i’d say she’s the little spoon! - likes it when you hold her; she’s so touch starved that she craves all the body contact she can get she’d never admit to that though - also loves playing with your hair while you guys just talk about your day - head...d.e.. head scratches... (for both of you) - when she’s restocking the pastries and you walk up behind her and hug her?she can’t stop thinking about it for the next hour Jumin: - big spoon. big spoon. big spoon. - does Not like being the little spoon. he thinks it feels “awkward” (even if you’re taller/bigger than him, he’ll just refuse you outright lolol) - specifically loves cuddling you when you wear a fluffy robe he bought you - “You feel as soft as Elizabeth the 3rd’s fur right now...” - In the morning, when his hair is unkempt, he loves it when you push it out of his face and look into his eyes. - generally, he likes it when you touch his face?? like a lot - if you cup his cheek, you might want to remove it pretty quickly because he’ll use his own hand to keep it there lol Seven: - cuddling King i swear - doesn’t mind big or little spoon! he just enjoys your presence more than anything - when you’re cuddling in bed, he likes to hold your hand and stroke your palm with his thumb? he has a hard time staying still, but that movement seems to calm him down - kind of guy to smell your hair and notice if you used new shampoo - if he’s working on another coding job not hacking, he quit that remember  and  you want to cuddle, he’ll invite you to come sit in his lap !! - the first time he asked that, he didn’t expect you to take him up on it. but then you plopped down on his legs and he just. ///////////// - likes to rest his chin on your shoulder!! leans into your neck a lot.. sometimes he’ll accidentally fall asleep because he’s too comfortable and you have to wake him up. Saeran:  - Takes forever for him to cuddle you - Don’t blame him, he’s just super nervous! He doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you or make you uncomfortable  - suit saeran definitely made him hyper aware of how he affects you, so he’s generally rlly hesitant to initiate anything - once he starts getting used to it though... dude he’s gonna be so clingy - the amount of touch starvation in this man is astounding?? even a simple brush of your fingertips sends him into a blush-y mess. - if you’re like actually cuddling him? he’ll malfunction - at the beginning of the relationship, he’d be more of a little spoon as he wouldn’t be the one to really initiate things? but it makes him feel kind of embarrassed. he’d rather be the one to hold you! - when he’s finally ready to be the big spoon... he has a hard time letting go lol - several times you’ve been late to something, just because he didn’t want to stop hugging you
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findinghiddenisles · 7 months ago
Top 5 books?
Hey anon! Thank you for the ask. I hope you’re having a good day! ♥️
Ok to answer:
1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. The series is amazing. If anyone is into fantasy and adult themes. I highly recommend it.
2. Girl’s Weekend by C.M. Nascosta. A romantic and realistic look at orcs, monsters and mayhem, oh my! Looking at you @monster-bait It’s sexy, it’s sweet, and it’s been a joy to read.
3. Move your Blooming Corpse by D.E. Ireland. This books series is about the detective stories of Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady. It’s cute, Edwardian, riveting. I love it! The authors are also two women who write together.
4. When Women Ruled the World by Kara Cooney. It’s a historical non-fiction telling of the lives of the Six Female Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Absolutely love it.
5. The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne. As an astrophysicist, myself, this book is a great bridge between Sci-Fi and science. It tells you what’s true about the movie and explains the science behind it in very easy to follow rhetoric. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in topics such as black holes, worm holes, cosmology, etc but doesn’t have the mathematical foundations that come with most physics textbooks.
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yellow-yarrow · 4 days ago
very sexy of the d.e. writers to make a game that can be understood best if you read leftist theory, they tricked me into finally reading mark fishers writings and getting me excited every time i read about a concept they put i their game
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thebirdandhersong · 6 months ago
I was tagged by @called-kept (thank you so much!!!) to share 5 things about myself, and tag 10 people. 
1. I read 4-5 books at a time: usually a mix of few classics, new books, and old favourites. At the moment most of the books I’m reading are the light, bright, and beautiful sort (because exam season and also I needed a bit of consolation after Notre-Dame de Paris): Wodehouse’s Thank You, Jeeves, D.E. Stevenson’s Miss Buncle’s Book, and Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo (and just finished the EXCELLENT Adventures of Sally).
2. My current writing project is slowly chugging along!! When school is out I’ll spend hours scribbling away in my notebook. My goal is to add links here on tumblr, finish the whole story by mid-May, and have physical copies printed for my incredibly patient high school teacher before the school year ends!
3. I love my siblings :) I mention mostly my little sister (affectionately nicknamed Muffin. Out of the options we came up with she likes Muffin the most, for some unfathomable reason) but I also love my not-so-little brother (nicknamed Froglet here, because it’s cute and I know it’ll annoy him if he ever finds out).
4. I cannot watch horror movies, or anything made specifically to evoke  feelings of horror, fear, disgust to the extreme. I used to be able to handle that sort of thing, but now I find the violence level in Marvel movies hard to stomach. I still enjoy the stories (or at least I LOVED Agent Carter when I watched it this year) but blood and people in distress keep me up at night. That stuff stays in my head.
5. My childhood crush (or fictional beau, I guess) was Glorfindel. I loved him. I had the fall of Gondolin chapter bookmarked in my copy of The Silmarillion, and whenever we visited any bookstore I would make a beeline to the fantasy section JUST to find a copy of The Silmarillion, flip to the Glorfindel chapter, read his name, and mentally wave at him.
If your favourite season is spring/you’ve seen at least one flower or squirrel in the past week/you’ve been listening to Fearless/you would like to, consider yourself tagged!!
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awesomegang · a month ago
Featured Author: Mishana Khot
Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I’ve published four books so far, but I’ve been writing since I was 9, so I’ve written quite a few stories. My books are light, cozy reads with happy endings and are suitable for young readers as well as adults who are feeling tired, jaded, or overstimulated by the real world.
I’ve hidden behind books all my life and dreamt of being a writer for as long as I can remember. But I do other stuff too, since writing doesn’t pay all the bills (yet!). I run an adventure travel company called The Great Next, have written for National Geographic Traveller, Forbes, Travel+Leisure and a few other publications, and am a freelance content and copy writer.
What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? I just published The Travelling Zoo, which is a sequel to Welcome to the Zoo. I wrote Welcome to the Zoo in 2020, during the first lockdown. I wanted to write something that helped me and my readers escape to a happy place, so I dug up all my memories of growing up in an old bungalow in India in the 90s. I’m one of four animal-loving siblings, and we grew up surrounded by cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, turtles, guinea pigs, and the occasional peacock.
The book did pretty well, and I received pictures of young readers cackling over the pranks, and reviews from adult readers who loved the nostalgia of it. All that positive feedback encouraged me to start on The Travelling Zoo, and I’ve just published that too.
Do you have any unusual writing habits? Not really. I like to write in silence but I often play rainforest or ocean sounds to keep me grounded in the story. I like to write stretched out on the sofa or propped up by a dozen pillows on my bed, but one day I’ll have a big, soft armchair next to a window and I’ll do all my writing there.
What authors, or books have influenced you? Jane Austen, Roald Dahl, Lionel Shriver, James Herriot, Gerald Durrell, Georgette Heyer, the Bronte sisters, D.E Stevenson, and so many more. This is always the hardest question to answer.
What are you working on now? I’m working on a funny, yucky book for younger readers who find pooping and tooting hilarious. But I’m also in the process of outlining a couple of books – a YA mermaid story and a darker one for adults. I haven’t yet decided which of the two I’m going to work on next.
What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books? I’m terrible at promoting my books, but I find that Twitter works, as irregular as I am on it. What I’m really trying to do is understand the Amazon algorithm and tweak my SEO and content so that my books show up to people who are actually searching for their next read.
Do you have any advice for new authors? Yes, write a lot, and read a lot. Don’t just read the bestsellers – they’re usually selling so well because of marketing or social media, but it doesn’t always make them good literature. Read in your genre, read books about writing and work on your craft, read the classics (there’s an author for everyone), and make copious notes (mental or otherwise) about how you can improve or embellish your writing.
What is the best advice you have ever heard? Write the book you want to read.
What are you reading now? I’m reading D.E Stevenson’s works. She lived in turn-of-the-century Scotland and her books are marvellous. I read her Miss Buncle series a few years ago, but am diving headlong into the rest of her books now.
What’s next for you as a writer? Learning more about the art of selling my books, so that I can turn this into a full-time gig.
If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring? Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion of the World, D.E Stevenson’s Miss Buncle’s Book, James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small, and Steven King’s On Writing.
Author Websites and Profiles Mishana Khot Website Mishana Khot Amazon Profile
Mishana Khot’s Social Media Links Goodreads Profile Twitter Account
from Awesome Gang
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evaneddiediaz · a month ago
Can we please talk about Eddie’s panic attack at the mere idea of Ana being a mom of Chris?
Such a huge contrast after You two have an adorable son. There’s no one in this world I trust with my son more than you. It’s in my will if I die you become Christopher’s legal guardian. No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.
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actuallysaiyan · 9 months ago
Woah, someone who writes for Danny Elfman, never thought I'd see that! Could I request something smutty about D.E that involves choking and light degredation? Thanks :)
Tumblr media
Word count: 591 Pairings: Danny Elfman x Reader Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, choking, light degradation. Summary: Danny gets horny and decides to try out something new in the bedroom. A/N: Is there a secret Danny Elfman appreciating club on Tumblr or what? Who are you awesome people who love Danny Elfman as much as I do? Please make yourselves known, I want to obsess over this beautiful man with you guys! xD
He slams his lips to yours, crushing you beneath him. His hands are roaming everywhere on your body, making you feel hot and aroused. You buck into him, groaning into his fiery kiss. Your hands find themselves tangled in his red locks, pulling him closer to you if that’s even possible.
“You’re such a little slut for me,” he says, grinning. You feel partly embarrassed but also strangely excited.
“Maybe.” you spit back, biting down on his bottom lip. This fuels him even more, flipping you over so you’re now on top of him.
His hands grab your hips, grinding into you hard. You can feel his erection growing as he continues to kiss you all over. You can’t get enough of his touch, it’s making your skin feel hot.
You moan as he slaps your ass, smirking as he does so. You lean down to kiss him passionately, telling him exactly how you want it. He knows you’ve been waiting for him in anticipation. Your arousal grows with every second that he spends teasing you. 
His voice is gruff and deep with need as he pulls your panties aside, his fingers teasing your dripping cunt. You gasp as he enters you roughly, his fingers hooking deep inside you.
“Fuck, Danny…” you pant out, leaning your forehead against his.
“I love the way you moan my name, baby. I know how badly you need my cock,” Danny is very smug about this.
He removes his fingers after a few seconds of teasing, flipping you both over once again. His hands remove your panties quickly and he’s fast to shed his own underwear. Before you know it, he’s deep inside you, bottoming out.
“You like that, baby? You love how good my cock feels inside your tight little pussy, you slut?” Danny asks, caressing your sides. He’s pumping into you fast, but dragging his cock in and out in the way that you love so much.
“Yes, yes!” You cry out, grinding your hips against his. You match his movements.
Suddenly, his hand is at your throat, squeezing softly at first. His eyes are burning bright as he watches your reactions to him choking you. You moan as he fucks you hard, his hand squeezing your throat a little harder now.
Tears stream down your cheeks as he continues to choke you, and his pace doesn’t let up at all. He’s whispering dirty, filthy things in your ear as his other hand reaches down to pull and pinch your nipple.
The smirk on his face turns you on even more. Danny usually loved to take his time with you, making sure you were having a good time. This time, he was much more frenzied and frantic about it. It hurt but it felt so good.
He groans as your walls pulse and contract around him, pulling him even closer to his climax. You’re panting and mewling as your orgasm hits you hard, causing everything to cut to static. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over you, causing you to buck your hips against him harshly.
His hand squeezes your throat harder as he finally throbs inside you, painting your insides white with his thick, hot cum. When he pulls out, his demeanor changes and suddenly, he’s worried for you.
“Oh fuck, baby. Did I hurt you?” Danny asks, rubbing your neck softly. You shake your head no.
“I love you so much,” he tells you as he cuddles next to you. You knew he would never want to hurt you on purpose.
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mightbewriting · 5 months ago
April Wrap Up
Things I wrote:
3,007 words drafted and posted for The Couch Collection
40,762 words drafted in original novel draft
15,247 words drafted in A Season for Setting Fires
5,350 words drafted and posted for two secret projects: Rendezvous Receipts and Scone Strategies
Total words written: 64,366
Things I read:
This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens
The Dating Plan by Sara Desai
Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson
Serena Singh Flips the Script by Sonya Lalli
My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren
A Pho Love Story by Loan Le
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christoper Paolini (DNFed at 30%)
Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead
Fanfiction (I read fic this month whaaaaat?):
Between Certifiable and Bliss by @heyjude19-writing (dramione, E, 4,500 words, WIP)
The Healer’s Guide to Transfiguration by @malpal132 (dramione, E, 15,506 words, complete)
The Perks of Farmers Markets by @niffizzle (dramione, M, 7,568 words, complete)
I Am the Ferret by @niffizzle (dramione, T, 4,702 words, complete)
Mutually Beneficial by orphan_account (dramione, E, 35,095 words, complete)
Five Days by raviesnake (dramione, E, 30,707 words, complete, reread)
Once More, With Feeling by @wetpretzel (dramione, M, 53,923 words, WIP) 
Things I’m currently reading and writing going into May:
Several fic WIPs.
A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
End of the Megafauna: The Fate of the World's Hugest, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals by Ross D.E. MacPhee
FINISH drafting original novel project (i’m thinking ~20k more). Then set on a shelf until June.
Begin poking around previously shelved accidentally-reaping-souls-for-the-devil novel again (i wouldn’t be mad about drafting 10k)
Draft 10k in A Season for Setting Fires
Post two (2!) surprises.
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oberlincollegelibraries · 7 months ago
Weekend Edition: Popular Science Books
Tumblr media
Popular Science — science written for a more general audience — covers a variety of science topics. When looking for a book of this genre, you will find books written by scientists in more accessible prose covering a broad range of topics. So take a look, pick a science book today and read.
Fire, Ice, and Physics : the Science of Game of Thrones by Rebecca C. Thompson; foreword by Sean Carroll. (Physics) “Exploring the science in George R. R. Martin's fantastical world, from the physics of an ice wall to the genetics of the Targaryens and Lannisters. Game of Thrones is a fantasy that features a lot of made-up science--fabricated climatology (when is winter coming?), astronomy, metallurgy, chemistry, and biology. Most fans of George R. R. Martin's fantastical world accept it all as part of the magic. A trained scientist, watching the fake science in Game of Thrones , might think, "But how would it work?"” (summary)
The Body : a Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson. (Human anatomy)  “Bill Bryson, bestselling author of A Short History of Nearly Everything, takes us on a head-to-toe tour of the marvel that is the human body. As compulsively readable as it is comprehensive, this is Bryson at his very best, a must-read owner's manual for everybody. Bill Bryson once again proves himself to be an incomparable companion as he guides us through the human body--how it functions, its remarkable ability to heal itself, and (unfortunately) the ways it can fail. Full of extraordinary facts (your body made a million red blood cells since you started reading this) and irresistible Bryson-esque anecdotes,..” (publisher)
Elemental Haiku : Poems to Honor the Periodic Table Three Lines at a Time by Mary Soon Lee ; illustrations by Iris Gottlieb. (Chemistry) ‘Originally appearing in Science magazine, this gifty collection of haiku inspired by the periodic table of elements features all-new poems paired with original and imaginative line illustrations drawn from the natural world. Packed with wit, whimsy, and real science cred, each haiku celebrates the cosmic poetry behind each element, while accompanying notes reveal the fascinating facts that inform it. “ (summary)
The Journeys of Trees : a Story About Forests, People, and the Future by Zach St. George (Forest conservation) "An eye-opening investigation into forest migration past and present-and the people fighting to save its uncertain future. Forests are restless. Any time a tree dies or a new one sprouts, the forest that includes it has shifted. Today, however, an array of obstacles-humans felling trees by the billions, invasive pests transported through global trade-threaten to overwhelm these vital movements. Worst of all, the climate is changing faster than ever before, and forests are struggling to keep up. A deft blend of science reporting and travel writing,..” (publisher)
End of the Megafauna : the Fate of the World's Hugest, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals by Ross D.E. MacPhee ; with illustrations by Peter Schouten. (Life Science) The fascinating lives and puzzling demise of some of the largest animals on earth. Until a few thousand years ago, creatures that could have been from a sci-fi thriller¯including gorilla-sized lemurs, 800-pound birds, crocodiles that weighed a ton or more¯roamed the earth. These great beasts, or "megafauna," lived on every habitable continent and on many islands. With a handful of exceptions, all are now gone. What caused the disappearance of these prehistoric behemoths? Paleomammologist Ross D. E. MacPhee explores that question, examining the leading extinction theories, weighing the evidence, and presenting his own conclusions. He shows how theories of human overhunting and catastrophic climate change fail to explain critical features of these extinctions, and how new thinking is needed to elucidate these mysterious losses. He comments on how past extinctions can shed light on future losses, and on the possibility of bringing back extinct species through genetic engineering. Gorgeous four-color illustrations by Peter Schouten bring these megabeasts back to life in vivid detail.  (Summary)
Galileo and the Science Deniers by Mario Livio. (Scientists -- Biography) “At present, we face enormous crises, such as the minimization of the dangers of climate change because the science behind these threats is erroneously questioned or ignored. Galileo encountered this problem 400 years ago. His discoveries contradicted the teachings of the church at the time, and his books were forbidden by church authorities. Livio provides insights into how Galileo reached his bold new conclusions about the cosmos and the laws of nature. He remains a hero and inspiration to scientists and all of those who respect science, which remains threatened even today” (adapted from book jacket)
None of these spark your interest?  Then book Science Library access.  Enjoy a bit of time studying in the beautiful open quiet space of the Science Library and see what new popular science books may have recently arrived.
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outtafivestarspodcast · 7 months ago
If you liked, Alias Hook, Once Upon a Time, Harry Potter, Cinder or The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe you’ll love The Crowns of Croswald.
Anyone who has been itching for another magical world full of whimsy to get lost in will love Ivy's story. The realm is uniquely its own; the creatures are exciting and new (but feel familiar) so it won't feel like a retelling of the Harry Potter story. The matriarchal society of the story is another plus for me. I was happy with the flow of the story although the supporting characters lost me at times. Mid-level to YA readers will enjoy this one and be excited about the upcoming sequels!
*Light spoilers ahead*
Tumblr media
Ivy Lovely does possess quite a few similarities to Harry Potter and I can see where this would get in the way for some readers. But, you know what else had a lot of similarities - Harry Potter and Star Wars - and that never stopped me from enjoying either one. 
The Crowns of Croswald really did transport me to a special place, as Harry Potter did for me back when I was a kid, which is hard to do as an adult reader so I applaud D.E. Night.  I do think this series could become the next magical craze for this generation.  Ivy’s story is very similar to Harry’s - they both grew up in tiny closets, hidden away from the dark powerful wizard, witch in Ivy’s case, and then brought to a magical school by a caring guardian.  Not to mention they are both the chosen ones.  
It is difficult to write a super unique coming of age magical story without people reading into the similarities, but this didn’t stop me from devouring the book in a weekend.  It was such a fun read.  Ivy is smart and does most of the work to progress the story on her own (no smart friend helping her through everything or teachers bending over backward for her).  Quite the opposite to Harry, she is a tough girl who is extremely brave and is constantly going out of her way to help others and doesn’t wait for someone to tell her what to do!
Tumblr media
I do wish we got more interaction with her friend and love interest as well as some of the magical creatures who show up in short spurts and then seem to disappear from the storyline. But the delicate sensory descriptions of the castle and world make up for it. 
I will most definitely be reading the series as it comes out.  I was so excited for Ivy by the end of the book, and I wish the next one were already out. 
Overall I gave the book 3.5 outta five stars as it entertained me. I enjoyed the regal and bookish aspects of the story and I was hooked by the end of the first chapter.  
*I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you to the publisher. 
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nobelmemories · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                 More Nobel Memories
                 Along The Nobel Road
                                   Part XI
           Some time has passed since I last contributed any stories or memories for your enjoyment. Recent articles I have read have encouraged me to do so. It must be remembered that my memories are mine and although they might not be totally accurate they are as I remember and perceive them.
           I always have to laugh when I think of my mother’s stories. One thing I always believed was that my mother would not lie. However? She lived to be a month short of 95 years and chose to leave on her terms. In her mind, people had started living forever, and she didn’t like it.  She did not retire from nursing until she was 69 yrs. In her later years she did a lot of travelling. She travelled to England where she was born and visited Buckingham Palace and seen the changing of the guard. She also went to Rome and visited the Vatican square and seen the Pope address his flock from his balcony. She travelled to many other countries as well. I remember one day, after retiring she told me she would really like to travel but did not want to spend her money. My reply to her was: No don’t travel, save your money because when you pass Deane and I are going to have a ball. For some reason she started travelling shortly afterwards. The stories kind of changed in the last year or so of her life. She had particular stories that would be triggered by the time of day of some other daily event. The story about visiting Buckingham Palace became when I met the Queen. The trip to Rome involved an audience with the Pope. Now I have long realized that this is normal and happens as we age and when we change the story slightly this is just normal. It is real and true in this storyteller’s mind. So be forewarned. I will be 85 years in just a few months.
                                    Champlain’s Cup
            Both Nobel and Parry Sound lie within McDougall Township. There are so many historical things that have happened here that we are all part of. One story that my dad first told me about involved the Little family who had a farm in McDougall Township off the Hurdville Road. There are many of their descendants living in McDougall and Mckellar and Carling Townships to this day. The old Little farm was located on Trout Lake. It was part of the old Portage Trails the Natives travelled to and from the Georgian Bay and up the Seguin River System. The story as first told to me by my father was that the Little’s had been clearing land when they discovered a cup in the roots of an upturned tree. He referred to the cup as Champlain’s Cup. In years since then I have been told that Nathaniel Little found the cup in 1870, 23 years before my dad was born. It was in the roots of an up-turned tree. It actually was a bronze French apothecary’s mortar weighing 16 Kg. It bore the date 1636. It would appear that the Mortar was left by some travellers, however I think we can pretty easily rule out Samuel Champlain as he lived between August 17,1567 and December 25, 1635.
            It has never been established for sure, just where this Mortar came from, however the following theories have been suggested. The old explorers were known to leave a marker when they discovered a new place or country. The idea was that they could say they were there and could prove it by telling what they had left and where to find it. Such was the case when the astronauts landed on the moon and left the American Flag. As most people realize a mortar and pestle are used to make medicine. There is a mineral in the area that the natives use to grind up and make an ointment to treat skin disease. They passed on many of their secrets to the missionaries. The Missionaries from the Midland area were known to travel up and down the Georgian Bay exploring. One of these persons was a donne’ (a support person to the missionaries), he was a medical doctor from France. His name was Francois Gendron.
The theory was that he either took the mortar with him when he was exploring or retreating from the Iroquois and placed it where it was found.  It is also a known that Father Bre’beuf travelled this area in 1645 and visited an area called Tangouaen, which means “In site of the falls or rapids. The place where the mortar was found was on a portage around a waterfalls.  NOTE: The forgoing theory was copied from the Internet.
            It is said that the Mortar was subsequently purchased from Nathaniel  Little by William Beatty who kept it in their company vault. The Beatty family subsequently placed the mortar in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, across the river from Ottawa. This is a little bit of local history that kind of affects all of us. If you are not a Little and have been in the area any length of time you at least know a Little.
                                          The Lumsden’s
            James Lumsden was one of the original homesteaders to the Township of McDougall. If one looks at the Guide Book & Atlas of Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts dated 1879 and the maps produced by J. Rogers. You will see that most township maps are laid out having an approximate ¼ mile width, in the Township of McDougall. Those along the shore of Georgian Bay have a broken frontage and are laid out having the length in an East West direction. What became the Lumsden Farm consisted of Lots 3,4,5,6 Concession A. Lot No. 3 bears the name D.L.Corbiere, Lot 4 J. Lumsden, Lot 5 D.E. Corbiere, Lot 6 Jas. Lumsden. The abutting lots to the east run with the length to the north and south. Lots 28 & 29 Concession IX bears the name George Hunt.  When I was a very young boy Lots 3 to 6 Concession A were mostly owned by Dave Lumsden, James’s son. While lots 28 & 29 were mostly owned by Arthur Wright. There were some small parcels that were sold to people to build their homes on.
           There is a small cemetery located off Nobel Road just to the south side of the Esso property. It is referred to as the Lumsden Cemetery. To get an idea how these Lumsden lots ownership eventually evolved you have to view these markers. One marker was for James Lumsden died February 15,1875 age 63 years Husband of Elizabeth Corbiere. One marker was for Elizabeth Corbiere died September 24,1897 62 years. One marker was James Lumsden son of Elizabeth and James Lumsden died 18 July 1875 age 17 years. There was one marker for Mary E. Wright wife of J.D. Lumsden born 1861 died 1948. There was no marker for J.D. Lumsden however I remember both J.D. (Dave) Lumsden and his wife Elizabeth. Dave was another son of James Lumsden and Elizabeth Corbiere. Just going by my memory, I believe Dave died around the late forties. I think he also is buried in this cemetery. I remember Elizabeth as a small frail lady who had a very kind heart.
            I was told that Elizabeth was a sister to Art Wright who owned the farm at the edge of Portage Lake. Art’s house and farm buildings were located to the east of the side road that ran behind the Esso and Tim Horton’s. This was the original road as shown on the old township of McDougall map. Art’s house was approximately where Gary Barager’s house is now. I have faint memories of Art Wright, as being a small wiry man. I don’t remember his wife, although I know my parents talked kindly about her. Art Wright had three fields that he worked. One was between Nobel Road and the old side road where the Esso and Tim Horton’s and the Motel were later situated. One was to the east of the original side road that ran behind the Municipal buildings and Pineridge Drive. It was parallel to the road on the east side down His third field was behind where Gary Barager’s house was a short road towards the water.
           In about 1932 my Dad, Sid Crawford purchased five acres from Dave Lumsden. This parcel of land was bound by the old Nobel Road, which lies behind the Municipal buildings on the east, Pineridge Drive on the north, the extension road that lined up with Hammel Ave on the west and the present road going into the Township Office. Highway 69 now Nobel Road cut across this property at an angle on the front corner. Dad built the house that is presently occupied by Lemore Johnston in 1932. There was a summer kitchen on the back of our house. (A shed that was used to cook in when we had warm summer weather.) The kitchen stove was wood heated and had one of those warming closets on top and a tank you filled with water on the right side, It was a Findlay.
           I remember the stove well due to a life lesson. One time we were having supper in the dining room. We were served blue berry pie for desert. I think I got it in my head that my brother Deane got a bigger piece of pie than I. At any rate I left the table in anger, stormed out of the house and slammed the door. It was obviously too hard, because the 2’x 2’ glass that was in the upper part of the door kept on going and fell in many pieces all over the kitchen floor.
           Now my mother was the disciplinarian in our house. I think I can count on one hand the number of times my father ever laid a hand on me. This time it was a little different. I heard a loud bellow. GARRY GET BACK IN HERE. I walked back into the house, probably a little sheepishly. I had a smirk on my face. I walked right up to Dad and I guess it was a little too much for him. He hit me on the side of the head with an open hand. I did a flip in the air and ended up on the floor in front of the stove. I was a little shook-up, I looked up and all I could see was FINDLAY, which was stamped below the oven.  (I have attached a photo so you can remember this lesson whenever you see an old wood-burning kitchen stove.) It was about that time I got my wits about me and decided I had better leave for a time. I write this with tongue in cheek and take full responsibility. I have nothing but love for my dad.
           There were two items in that summer kitchen that I remember. One was a coal oil or kerosene stove range. It looked just like the picture I have attached, accept the oil container was clear glass in ours. You would fill the container with oil then turn it upside down into the holder. As you can see there was a little door in the front of the blue chimneys, you would open this door and see a circular wick similar to a lamp wick that you would light. There was a control below the chimney that allowed you to control the wick and thus the heat. I have attached a picture of a stove similar to mothers.
           The second thing I remember being in the summer kitchen was an old galvanized rocker washing machine. Mother would usually put the wood stove on to heat the water for washing. She would take the warm water from the copper boiler on the stove and the boiler in the stove for the washing machine. She used Naptha soap, anything that was particularly stained; she would first give a little scrubbing on the washboard. Then put it in the rocker washer. She had a square of bluing that she quite often put in with the white clothes and sometimes boiled them in the copper boiler. Coloured clothes were done separate to whites. Then the handle was rocked until she felt the clothes were well washed. We had an old hand pump in the kitchen from which mother would get the water, pumping it in from the well in our field. She had a stand, which she would put beside the rocker washer and put a large round galvanized tub on. This would be filled with cold water. Once the washing in the rocker washing machine was complete, she would put the clothes through a wooden wringer that attached to the side of the rocker and dropped the clothes into the tub of cold water. They were then rinsed, put back through the wringer again and were ready to be hung on the line. The clothes line was out behind our woodshed and had a 4’ stand she would climb up on. She still liked to use that in the summer time when she was in her 80’s. In the early years she had clothespins that were made out of a single piece of wood, but she eventually had the modern clothespins with a spring in them. I have attached a picture of a rocker washing machine similar to mothers.
           Around 1946 father and mother decided to put an addition on the back of the house to replace the summer kitchen. Dad had been a teamster prior to his marriage. He had started working in the logging camps when he was 14 and had made at least ten seasonal trips out west on the Harvest Train. He loved horses and was a friend of Dave Lumsden who had a couple of teams of horses. Dad would quite often look after these animals. He borrowed one of Dave Lumsden’s teams and a scraper. I have a very clear memory of his digging out a hole for the basement of that addition. I have found a picture of a horse drawn scraper that was similar to the one Dad used and have attached it. The one in the picture is missing the handles, which would be in the round tubes you can see in the picture. The teamster would have the reins to the horses crossed behind his neck, one hand controlling each of the handles. He would have the horses move forward with audio messages. Gidup, ( I don’t remember ever hearing get up.) haw or gee, being left or right. He would lift on the handles causing the scraper to dig in and fill the scrapper. He would then push back down on the handles as they moved forward stopping the scrapper from digging in. The horses would move forward or out of the hole where the teamster would give a lift upwards on the handles causing the scrapper to dig in, flip and dump the load of earth. The teamster would then drive the team around in a circle and take the next load of earth out. Dad eventually completed pouring the basement walls and floor. He was raised on a farm in Hurdville and was a rough carpenter. Dad then proceeded to build a story and a half addition that matched the front part of the house. I remember I was around ten that year. I was helping Dad put the shingles on the roof. The second story had a hip type roof at the ceiling line of the first floor, then a vertical wall and the main roof about four feet above that. I was laying shingles on the top roof and Dad was finishing up the hip about a 4’ drop below me. I suddenly started to slide, fell off the upper roof down to the roof that Dad was working on. I just had a pair of pants on but no shirt. As I slid past Dad and went over the edge, he reached out quickly and locked his fingers into the soft flesh of my lower side. I continued off the roof and he held on. I remember hanging there squealing like a pig, for a second or so before he lifted me back up to the level he was at. Dad calmed me down and we continued laying the shingles. Dad proceeded to finish the house then built a complete set of kitchen cupboards without any power tools. In later years when I thought back I was always so proud of him, you see he only had grade three education. His father passed when he was very young and he had six siblings. He assumed the father figure and was the last to marry. He was able to earn his third class Stationary Engineer’s papers and obtained a job in the Power House at CIL, where he worked for 24 years.  The biggest regret I have to this day is that I never really expressed to him how very proud I was of what he accomplished in his life. He passed in 1967.
           I have attached a picture of my mother and father’s house as it sits today. I am afraid I got a little carried away on my story and will have to continue my memories of the Lumsden’s in my next submission Part XII.
           Anyone wishing to read my previous submissions can find them at the following URL:  <>
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werewolfcookiee · a year ago
Okay. Okay man. Listen. Guild adventures redone. But AU where DE is chill and a good mom. Please. I want milk to be happy. I Will Cry if you don’t let him be happy /j
forbidden au......................... 
okay in all seriousness, Evil Women that are Not Terrible Parents is a VERY funny and good troupe that i love so, so much............. i actually kind of put it onto how i write wasabi NJKKJSJNKLASNKJL
that troupe applied to de would be SO FUNNY,,,,like the LITERAL embodiment of darkness, and corruption yet still shes always gotta make sure her sons having a good day,, she gives him a little pat on the head and says “go commit some crimes for me, kiddo” and milk dejectedly goes “please dont call me that. im 40” n shes just like “im 2000 you dont see ME making a fuss about it″ and thats the most conflict that they have 
it’s so weird 2 imagine that bc of how irredeemably AWFUL my version of d.e is and honestly i dont even. feel like changing only that and nothing else would even work bc of how many other people she hurts?? if this were an actual au i’d have to say it’d be like a matcha situation, where something was fucked up when making her, that makes her less of a bastard.....still goddess of darkness and corruption, but to a lower degree............though if that were the case literally NONE of the plot in the rewrite would happen RJNJKDLJNKSJKSFKJLKJL
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pit-and-the-pen · a year ago
C— ahh your blog is brilliant and I love itttt. Your fics are also uff, I don’t think saying they’re flawless, breathtaking even would do them justice. D.E— you seem like such an adorable and sweet friend to have. U— oui, I remember being confused when you followed me, then freaking out and telling my friend that someone I admire followed me back.
🥺🥺🥺 that is so freaking sweet oh my goodness. The fact that you freaked out makes me feel so happy because I’m literally just a person that writes sometime
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evaneddiediaz · a month ago
So… since Season 5 is approaching. I’m here for the ideas on how Buck and Eddie will get together.
I put 20$ that one of them (Eddie) will be affected by something Buck does. And he will freak out and shout at him something like:
-I asked you to be more careful! What in “you’re not expendable” you don’t understand? Did you think about Christopher? What happens if he loses you? What would happen to Maddie, Athena, 118 if you didn’t make it? Did you think what would happen to us?
-Eddie, I needed to save that person. I knew I could do it!
-What if something went wrong? What if building crushed or fire would block all exits. Did you think about it?
-But it didn’t. Eddie, I’m fine. Why are you so freaked out?
-Because I love you, you idiot! And I can’t let myself lose you. How should I go to Christopher and tell him you’re not coming home when I promised to have your back? We already lost Shannon, we can’t lose you too.
Anyway, something like that…and I WANT DRAMA
Your ideas, people?
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