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#dogs rule

request: I just found your blog an hour ago and I already like your writing. Can i request Kakyoin, Josuke and Bruno Buccellati with a S/O who woke up in the middle of the night just to pet and play with her cat and then go back to sleep happily 🐈 (im sorry im too obsessed with my cat)

including: kakyoin, josuke, and bruno

summary: some of the best boys reacting to s/o waking up to play with her cat

warning(s): uhmm, cat allergies? PLS idk its just wholesome cat petting

a/n: im glad you like my writing, i hope you like this one too!

(i also updated my rules list for anyone whos interested in giving me a request :0)


┊ ༑ ࿐ྂ。


kakyoin noriaki

  • MAD ptsd from the trip™️
  • very alarmed at first
  • he jumps up beside you and FLINGS an arm in front of your body and calls out hierophant
  • he is on X GAMES MODE
  • eyes on SAUCERS
  • chest on ASTHMA
  • your cat is SHOOKEN.
  • and so are you
  • but youre most definitely by now used to his sudden alarm and worry when it came to sudden movements when hes unguarded
  • “im okay nori, im just playing with the cat. sorry for scaring you”
  • give him a hug, kiss, SOMETHING PLS
  • comfort him or he’ll be up for the whole night guarding you until you fall back asleep
  • he hesitates to fall back into bed, but you show him youre okay and hes chilling
  • still watches you for a couple of seconds before falling back to sleep
  • protect this cherry man at all costs


josuke higashikata

  • kinda groggy when woken up
  • so he just whines and stretches while slurring complaints at you like he always does when you wake up earlier than him
  • “baaaaaabe, what are you dOiInNgGgG”
  • “BaaAbYyy you woke me uppPpp”
  • “cOme laY doWnwnwn im getting coOoldd”
  • “josuke ill lay back down soon oh my god let me pet the kitty”
  • he goes silent for a minute
  • and you get happy at the thought of him finally going back to sleep
  • but when you look back at him hes just staring at you like ಠ╭╮ಠ
  • this is the same person that beat a man into a stone.
  • you cant resist his little pout though
  • and his hair down and messily thrown about in his face? pls
  • just pet the cat when you wake up next morning its not worth josukes petty attitude
  • as soon as your back hits the bed he throws his arm around you
  • he pulls you comfortably into his torso, peppering small kisses on your neck before going back to sleep


bruno buccellati

  • wakes up startled but strangely calm?
  • he knows youre not in danger because he wouldve sensed the enemy beforehand
  • my mans is a capo at one of Italys most powerful gangs, its in his blood to just feel danger
  • he is still of course prepared to throw hands (or zippers-) if he needs to
  • he groggily watches you play with your cat, confused at your random ministrations
  • “… are- are you alright, bella?”
  • once he confirms youre okay he stays up with you just to be there, toying with the cats tail occasionally
  • he had to admit, seeing you play with your cat was one of his new favorite things to see
  • he starts rubbing your side when you notices your body language becoming more sluggish
  • thats what called it a night for you, Bruno had such a way with his hands
  • bruno gently pulls you and the cat to his body and sighs softly
  • and if you werent tired then you are well over SLUMP now
  • mumbles sweet nothings in italian to get you and your purring cat back to sleep
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Ready to run!

Love this sequence of photos, really showcases the excitement of the dogs; they are so full of energy. While waiting for the rest of the team to be hooked up there is sometimes do a bit of arguing between neighbors. But as soon as they are moving it will be all business. 

photos by John Nunnes

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