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giuliadrawsstuff · 23 hours ago
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Levihan moments part 5.
Thank you all Levihan fans it’s such a pleasure to see my silly stuff liked commented and reblogged, this truly is a wonderful fandom. It really fuels my creativity (and quite occupies all of it since it seems I can’t draw anything else but Levihan these days). Hope you like this new batch, let me know your faves and if you have new ideas shoot ‘em up.
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shawnsigma · 2 days ago
Aegh well let's do this. This little thing will just feature the reader doing some nice SFW stuff with me
Thing (not part 5 of that story)
[ Shadow Monster (SM) x Monsterfucker Reader (MR/you) ]
Just another day in your little studio apartment, it's a Sunday and you've decided to actually do nothing and relax for once. You've just woken up and as always, your flatmate SM is already at the desk using their computer. You have a pretty clear view of them from the bed with no walls in the way and they always make sure not to make too much noise so as not to wake you up if you're still sleeping. They haven't noticed that you're awake yet, so they're being their usual quiet, careful self.
It's not too long before you move a bit and make enough noise for SM to notice, turn around and see you. A warm smile forms on their face and they get up... it's always been mesmerising to watch, they're boneless and one and a half times your own size after all. They make their way to the bed and sit down next to you, then gently place their enormous hand on your shoulder.
Good morning, how did you sleep?
You simply nod.
That's good to hear... want something to eat?
You slowly shake your head and start to blush when you notice SM's leaned in a bit since they sat down, looking directly down at you.
You know... you don't look like you got enough sleep. Maybe you need to do something about that...
They slowly lie down next to you, going over you to get to the opposite side to where they where sitting. You look over to see them laying on their side, looking back at you.
You know, you're pretty cute when you're tired... come here now.
Just as those words leave SM's mouth, you feel their claws on your back and they get closer, gently holding you against their soft body. They moved up a little, so your face ends up in front of their chest. You move your head a bit, leaning into it.
There... relax...
You feel slow rubbing and scratching on your back as SM's voice gets softer and quieter, lulling you into a sense of comfort and peace.
You need more sleep, I understand. I can help you, so just enjoy this...
You feel your face slowly burying itself into SM's chest and hear some pleasant noises coming from inside, most likely a deliberate move since they have no organs or anything that would normally create those noises. It's like hearing someone's heartbeat, except this time it's being done just for you, and it's relaxing...
You spend a few minutes like this, with you enjoying the sounds in your ears and the rubs and scratches on your back.
I love you, MR...
SM's head lowers a bit as they gently lift yours so your eyes can meet. You close your eyes and prepare, and in just a second...
Without saying anything, you both go back to your initial position and relax again, with you slowly drifting to sleep and SM holding you as tight as ever in their soft, comfortable grasp.
The End (for now at least)
...and that's it. Let me know what you thought of this, like if you enjoyed it and feel free to reblog, leave notes or even ask anything. I hope you have a wonderful day or night, and remember: I'm always watching. ;)
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giuliadrawsstuff · a day ago
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Went a bit spicy with Levihan after readying @mello-jello and @clickerisha​ quote. Hope y’all like it.
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elfbingo · 28 days ago
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A little Dadmight sketch for you guys. This was inspired by a random stock image I found while looking for photo reference. I love the idea of a quiet moment between Toshi and his smol son!
In addition, I love how Toshinori would be way too tall/long for normal furniture, so he's draped over the edges and even scrunched a bit.
Edit: Anyone who wants to can color this :D
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mooncakebun · 2 months ago
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Having an art block lately so haven't done much 😖😭
Good night 😴😴❤️🙈
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