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spaceman-earthgirl · 9 days ago
#33 for supercorp
33. “Hi! Yes...umm...I’ve been a little bit stabbed.”
Okay, Kara can admit it now, even if it’s just to herself, she might have a tiny, like miniscule, crush on her best friend. Nothing major, just, you know, she’s head over heels in love with her and would do absolutely anything for Lena, just little feelings like that.
Which is why when her phone rings and Lena’s face lights up the screen, her heart skips in her chest and she feels suddenly warm.
She can’t help but smile as she answers the phone.
(She’s glad Alex isn’t around to tease her about it).
“Hey, Lena.” A pause. “Lena?” Kara frowns, instantly on alert when Lena doesn’t immediately talk.
“Hi! Yes...umm...I’ve been a little bit stabbed.”
Kara’s already out the window. “What! Where are you? Are you okay?”
By the time Lena has answered, Kara has already found her heartbeat across the city and is heading towards her. “I’m in the hospital, I’m okay, they fixed me up and gave me some drugs but I want to see you.”
Some of the panic eases in Kara’s chest as she lands outside the hospital. She almost flies straight to the floor Lena is on but doesn’t want to draw too much attention to herself or Lena. “Why didn’t you call me?”
“It’s only a little stab, knew you were busy, I saw the news.”
Kara can hear it now, the effect of the drugs Lena is on, the slight accent to her words and how she’s not forming full sentences. She’d think it’s cute if not for the worry still strong in her chest.
“You know, any time, for any reason, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there.”
Kara can hear the smile in Lena’s voice. “I know.”
Kara briefly pauses her conversation to ask a nurse for directions and then she finds Lena, lying in a hospital bed, looking tiny, swamped in the white sheets. It’s not a good sign that she can’t immediately see where Lena is hurt, that it’s covered by the blankets.
“Lena,” Kara breathes, too quiet for the woman herself to hear, more of the panic abating in her chest at seeing Lena’s okay with her own two eyes. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine but they won’t let me leave.”
“I think that should be up to the doctors and not you.”
“I’m a doctor,” Lena points out.
“A medical doctor.”
“Details,” Lena shrugs, followed by a wince at the movement.
“Try not to move too much,” Kara says, hand on Lena’s arm to still her. Or that’s Kara’s reasoning anyway, she keeps it there because Lena’s warm and it’s nice to have physical reassurance that she’s okay.
“Thank you for coming,” Lena smiles, eyes beginning to droop.
“Always. Now, why don’t you get some sleep.”
“Will you be here when I wake up?” Lena asks, eyes wide and a little scared. Kara’s not sure if it’s because of what happened, which Kara assumes was yet another assassination attempt, or because she doesn’t want to be alone.
“Of course, I’m not going anywhere.”
“You promise.”
“I promise.”
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stennnn06 · 11 months ago
83 for supercorp please :)
83 - “Another sleepless night, huh?”
Runnin this back to S2 where everything was new and fresh....when Lena toyed with Supergirl, and times were simple. Got a few requests for this one, so will also do a later season post-reveal version. 
The footsteps touch down gently, the wind barely a whisper as the curious hero walks across the balcony. Lena turns from her desk, sensing something behind her. Her muscles tense for a moment, before she realizes who stands outside. She walks over to the door and opens it.
"Supergirl? What a surprise," Lena greets her, arms crossing. She knows better than to think this is a friendly visit. "Is everything okay?"
"Of course," Supergirl assures her, smiling under the pale moon. "Your light is the only one on for miles. Another sleepless night, huh?"
"You've been keeping tabs?" Lena feels her chest warm at the unexpected intrusion, but not in an unpleasant way. It's surprising, but she tries to keep it from reaching her face.
"Over the city," Supergirl tries to navigate. She pauses, tilting her head in Lena's direction. "And you," she admits, shrugging. "I wanted to make sure you're okay after...everything."
The shuttle explosion and helicopter attack had been less than 24 hours ago, so it seems only natural that Supergirl would be on high alert. But for Lena, it's already water under the bridge. Just another fine day in the life of a Luthor.
Lena steps over the threshold outside into the warm night air. She closes the door behind her, and Supergirl follows her lead.
"It's par for the course, Supergirl," Lena chuckles dryly as she leans over the railing. "You'll learn that about me soon enough."
"I look forward to getting to know you," Supergirl says quietly.
Lena doesn't know why she almost believes her. Why she would even dare to trust that a Kryptonian would want to get to know her. She supposes she's just a glutton for punishment. But Supergirl's eyes are unwavering, with a sincerity that defines otherworldly, and Lena forgets to question. She sighs, looking out over the city.
"It's quieter here than I thought it'd be," Supergirl says, following her gaze and staring out over the horizon. The street lights glow a comforting yellow, and a few cars drive slowly down sleepy side streets. It isn't the nonstop chaos of Metropolis. There's an easy current here, flowing through the city like a lazy river.
"It's almost unsettling," Lena grins. "I'm used to chaos."
She's sure Supergirl knows it all -- the lies, the terrible, awful things her family has done and will continue to do. And she doesn't fault her. Luthor will always be a name that comes with a price. But if Supergirl has preconceived notions, she doesn't show it. She simply squares her shoulders and places two calming hands on the railing of the balcony. She's surprisingly gentle, the way she barely touches the steel, even though Lena knows she could bend it in half. The idea sends a current straight through her core.
As if she can read her mind, Supergirl glances over her shoulder and smiles softly.
"I want you to know I'm here," she says, her voice kind and easy, like a gentle wave.
"You're hard to miss," Lena replies, because it's easier to deflect than fall into whatever kind of pull Supergirl has.
"I mean I'm here for you," Supergirl corrects. She twists her lips like she's thinking, then reaches into a pocket that Lena can't see. She pulls out a watch. It's ancient, but familiar, and majestic in ways that Lex's is not. She hands it over. "In case you ever need me. Just press that button and I'll be there."
"We hardly know each other," Lena protests, staring at the watch, dumbfounded. "How do you know I won't use this against you?"
"You won't," Supergirl says, her smile dazzling and confident.
Lena swallows heavily. It's completely unexpected, but she can't help the way her heart pounds in her chest. She takes the watch -- and, by extension, an offer of trust. She nods quietly.
"Thank you," she whispers.
"I'll be able to tell you everything one day," Supergirl says, as if she knows the future, and knows it to be true. "But this is a good place to start. I'll see you soon, Lena."
She nods once, and then rockets into the air, strong and powerful and fast, and Lena feels the way her entire body trembles in her absence. She looks down at the watch, the gears and mechanisms intricate and sacred.
"Good night, Supergirl," she whispers into the night.
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mrsluthordanvers · 4 months ago
Omg yes I love your tags about the cup of noodles, it’s so accurate
seriously though, can you imagine?
- - -
Alex rips open the door and immediately throws it shut behind her, narrowly catching Kara in the face, forcing her to dodge so it doesn’t shatter...again. Kara sighs as she pushes open the door. She doesn’t have enough energy to fight with Alex today. She’s hungry and already spent the day avoiding near disasters. Despite the bad mood Alex must understand because when Kara gets to the kitchen a yellow cup is being tossed gently in her direction. Slow enough Kara can catch it without crushing it.
“What’s this?” Kara stares at the yellow cup wrapped in a plastic film, giving it a little shake.
“Cup of noodles,” Alex offers unhelpfully. But when she turns to look at Kara who is still studying the cup with a skeptical look, she almost smiles. “It’s good. I promise.”
Kara nods and watches Alex, carefully mimicking how she pulls off the plastic wrapper.
“Pull the top off next, but not all the way. You want to be able to hold it closed,” Alex directs as she fills the kettle.
“Then you’ll fill it up with water.” Alex continues, moving away to set the kettle on the little base plugged into the wall and flicking the switch the glows orange just as she hears the tap turn on. Alex turns to catch Kara putting her cup under the running water.
“Hot! Hot water!” Alex yells in disgust, leaping to slap off the tap and startling Kara in the process.
“I’m boiling the water!” Alex points at the white plastic kettle. “You need hot water to cook the noodles.”
“Oh.” Kara replies quietly, feeling a mix of embarrassment and agitation. It makes sense, and she knows she should have thought of it but she had followed Alex’s direction. There’s not much she can do at this point. The look on Alex’s face says she’s already messed it up. Sighing, Kara does the only thing she can think to salvage the situation. Taking a deep breath she stares into the cup, until she can feel the familiar heat growing behind them. She says a quiet prayer she doesn’t blast through the flimsy cardboard and releases a small burst of energy.
When she stops the beam of heat she looks down at the cup with a growing sense of satisfaction. The water is a little frothy but definitely steaming, and the cup is still in tact.
When she looks at Alex with a bright smile, she’s met with a pained look.
“You said hot water.” 
Alex’s mouth opens a couple of times before she looks at the old kettle slowly trying to heat her water and makes a noise somewhere between a sigh and a groan as she tosses her cup at Kara who smiles victoriously.
“I can’t watch this.” Alex stares at the ceiling as Kara turns on the cold tap water.
thanks @battenthecrosshatches for the inspiration
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spaceman-earthgirl · 8 days ago
Supercorp #50?
50. "No! Don't go! You're warm!"
Silence meets Lena’s question, but she sees Kara’s lips turn up slightly, knows her girlfriend is awake.
“Kara?” Lena tries again, but still gets no response from Kara, who’s still feigning sleep.
Lena doesn’t try Kara’s name a third time, but instead she just leans forward, closes the small space between them in the bed to press a quick kiss to Kara’s lips.
Kara, who definitely isn’t asleep, responds immediately to the touch, chases Lena’s lips when she pulls away.
“I knew you were awake,” Lena smiles, blue eyes blinking open to meet Lena’s, brighter than normal in the morning light of Kara’s bedroom.
“That’s not fair, you know I can’t resist it when you kiss me,” Kara pouts.
Lena has to kiss her again.
“Still upset?” Lena asks, pressing an other quick kiss to Kara’s mouth just because she can.
“A little, perhaps another kiss will help?” Kara asks, a smirk on her face as fingers reach out to dance along her arm, over her bicep. “Maybe two?”
Lena laughs, and as much as she’d love to give in, to lean over and kiss Kara again and again, to explore the body that’s currently covered in nothing but a sheet, she knows they have to get out of bed. “As much as I love what you’re thinking right now, we have to get out of bed soon or else we’ll be late for your sister’s birthday brunch today.”
“Sister? I don’t have a sister.”
Lena rolls her eyes, but leans over to give Kara one more quick kiss. “I’m going to tell her you said that.”
“No! Don’t go! You’re warm,” Kara protests when Lena tries to get out of bed, a strong arm snaking around her waist to pull her closer.
“Kara,” Lena sighs, leaning into the contact for a moment. Kara always makes her feel so warm, so safe, so loved.
“Fine,” Kara says after a long moment. “But you owe me cuddles tonight if we get out of bed now?”
“You did not want just cuddles a moment ago,” Lena laughs.
“Well, I do now,” Kara says, pressing a kiss to Lena’s bare shoulder, the closest thing to her lips. “Your cuddles are the best.”
Lena thinks Kara’s cuddles are the best but she doesn’t argue the point. “Cuddles tonight, then,” Lena promises.
She didn’t want to get out of bed in the first place even though she knows they have to, and Lena wants to get out of bed even less now. But she does, Kara easily following when Lena’s no longer in the bed too, after trading a few more kisses with Kara because she can’t help herself of course.
They’re only a little late to brunch.
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ekingston · 6 months ago
Your “very much sabran berethnet” tag!!! I will never watch Merlin the same. I’m in the middle of rewatching Merlin and my gay ass brain just got distracted by Katie and didn’t even think to make that connection oh man
Okay yes good for SURE but ALSO, hear me out:
Katie McGrath as Sabran and Antonia Thomas as Ead:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I rest my case.
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c-optimistic · 9 months ago
The scc one?
this fic is my child. I've been working on it so long. remember that craiglist thing that had gone around, about kara pretending to be an alien gf for thanksgiving? it’s a christmas version of that. here’s a snippet:
Sitting across from Lena at some high-end restaurant she’d never have visited on her own was a strange experience.
Having Lena stare back at her with a curious and perplexed expression was practically surreal.
“I was drunk when I wrote the advertisement,” Kara said, if only to break the silence.
“I was drunk when I responded to it,” Lena answered smoothly, taking a sip of her water, her eyes never leaving Kara’s face. “You’re really an alien?”
“I really am. And you’re really Lena Luthor?”
“It isn’t obvious enough?”
“Cat Grant is dying to get a one-on-one interview with you, you know. I hear you’ve been difficult lately, and refuse all calls from any journalist.”
Lena’s eyes narrowed. “Are you a journalist?”
“I wish. I’m unemployed, hence the ad.”
“Listen, Kara,” Lena began bracingly, setting her glass of water to the side and leaning forward on her elbows. “I know when you posted the ad you weren’t thinking of someone like me responding to it.”
“Well, I wasn’t thinking much to be honest,” Kara tried to joke, and though Lena offered her a smile in response, Kara could tell it was forced.
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spaceman-earthgirl · 5 months ago
Valentine’s idea: Kara goes to Lena’s office on Valentine’s Day to take her out to lunch as a surprise (either as a Valentine’s date or just a normal gal pal lunch and hoping to confess her feelings later). But when she walks in, she sees/ hears Lena on the phone calling someone her valentine and saying thanks for the flowers/ chocolate/ scotch or whatever and wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. She ends the call with “I love you, talk to you later” or something. Out of shock/ respect for Lena, Kara didn’t listen to the other end of the line and thinks she’s too late and Lena is seeing someone. Up to you if they end up going to lunch or not but it turns out the presents are from Sam and they’ve been each other’s Valentine’s every year since they met (as friends except for a bit when they dated) and it’s a tradition now but nothing more than friends. Kara is relieved and confesses her feelings to Lena later on
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Thanks for the prompt, this is definitely all your fault! This idea definitely spiraled and is now a 5.5k fic oops.
when I've got you next to me
Kara plans to confess her feelings for Lena on Valentine's Day but her plans are derailed when she finds out Lena has a girlfriend.
Read the fic on ao3
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ekingston · 2 months ago
Hi I love your new art for robie’s fic so much. The way they look at each other is everything 😍😍😍
Hi! 🤗 Thank you, they were a joy to draw — how could they not be, with such terrific source material? I tried to explain to my wife the other night that I only succeed maybe 10 percent of the time to get the picture I’m drawing to match the one in my head, but their expressions in this one are exactly what I envisioned when reading that lovely final scene!
Thanks for stopping by, lovely to hear from you!
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i-am-robie · 4 months ago
Yep Nicole made all of them (Azie left a comment on the “one week” post saying everyone isn’t ready for her epic week of drawings so I’m guessing we’ll get a new one each day). They’re so cool
That’s freaking phenomenal, they’re both treasures.
I’m assuming that she’ll do one with William and honestly I better hear about NOTHING BUT NICE COMMENTS and positive feedback!!!
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comickergirl · 4 months ago
Hey! I really love your danvers and midvale stickers that you have available for wondercon. I was just wondering if you’ll have those available at future cons too?
Thank you!
As long as I have stock left over, yes! That said, I’ve got plenty of the Midvale, but the Danvers Detective Agency sticker is almost out, I think I’m down to about ten or so. I’d recommend grabbing it from my storenvy site.
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spaceman-earthgirl · 3 months ago
“Wait, you love me?” For supercorp
Thanks for the ask, I hope this was what you were expecting!
“Wait, you love me?”
Lena startles, spinning on the spot to find Kara standing in her balcony doorway, slack-jawed, eyes wide as they stay fixed on her.
But Lena can’t look at her, blue eyes showing too much of something she can’t quite figure out, so she turns back to Alex instead and knows in an instant what Alex had been doing, she had known Kara had been there when she finally got Lena to admit her feelings for her sister.
“And that’s my queue to go, please talk about this, I’ll text you both later,” Alex says, giving Lena a mildly guilty look as she quickly stands and leaves the office before Lena can stop her.
“You love me?” Kara asks again, quiet, and this time when Lena looks back at her, she can see the hope in Kara’s eyes, the awe as she steps closer and then fingers are tangling with hers and Lena is powerless to say anything but the truth when Kara is looking at her with such a soft smile.
“I do.”
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msdanvers · 20 days ago
Hi, I love your Apollo and daphne au! I got completely pulled into it and was so absorbed by your writing and the story. I love how they both just kinda froze in gay shock like “oh shit she’s gorgeous” haha. Also all your gifs and edits are absolutely incredible and so amazing
oh my GOD come here bro
Tumblr media
this is for you
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c-optimistic · 7 months ago
Your supercorp fics never fail to make me feel all the feelings and I love them a lot. Thank you for sharing them with us
you’re awesome and amazingly kind
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spaceman-earthgirl · 3 months ago
“I can’t believe I’m going to marry her” for supercorp please
Thanks for the ask! I hope you like this.
“I can’t believe I’m going to marry her.”
“Are you sure about that, marrying her I mean?” Sam asks with a nod of her head, not that Lena needs the direction, she knows where her fiancée is, has been watching her ever since she left Lena’s side to attack the food table.
“This is our engagement party,” Lena laughs, rolling her eyes as Sam’s disgusted face, which is probably a fair reaction to Kara shoving as many potstickers into her mouth as she can fit and then talking with her mouth full.
Lena’s probably a little biased, but she thinks it’s cute.
“It’s nice to see you like this, so happy and in love,” Sam says, nudging Lena’s side, disgust gone from her face now as she gives Lena a warm smile.
“Thank you,” Lena smiles, unable to deny either of those things because it’s true, she is very happy and very much in love.
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i-am-robie · 2 months ago
Robie! Omg your new supercorp fic is so soft and adorable and amazing! I love all of the yearning and how in love these two idiots are. I honestly couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. Kara letting Lena slide down her front until she’s touching the ground is so gay and hilarious and great. The fact that alex and nia were in the kitchen but Kara didn’t realize made it even better 😂 I’m already excited to reread this soon
I’m so happy you loved it!!! I knew what angle I wanted to take immediately because the concept art was just so good during the matching round—and then @shipinsight was basically the nicest person of all time because she was willing to do what amounts to TWO pieces so me and the other writer could each do different settings (even if then it took me like two months to actually sit down and write it). If you haven’t left kudos on the art, please do!!!
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ekingston · 2 months ago
Easter! Holy shit your latest artwork is so so gorgeous, I can’t even deal 😍😍 Also your latest holiday wine chapter is just *chef’s kiss*. It’s so worth the wait (plus extra for me cause I’ve been saving it). I missed the dynamics of these idiots so much. I love how Kara was going to jump out the window and how alex knows exactly what I’d happening and is so done 😂 plus supercorp’s whole dynamic and all the scenes on the mountain and that ending omg. All so incredible, you’re amazing
Thank you, you’re amazing!! And I’ve missed them too! Can’t wait to see which one of these four makes the next blatantly flirtatious remark/godawful pun/last minute swerve/idiotic move 😛 We’ll find out soon enough! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, have a wonderful day!
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mrsluthordanvers · 5 months ago
I was not having a great day this morning but I’m reading some of your fics on my lunch break and they’re helping me feel so much better. So thank you for your amazing writing and awesome fics
I have also been not having a great day and this message was a really nice ray of light!! I’m glad we were both able to make each other’s days better <3
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spaceman-earthgirl · 7 months ago
10, 16, 19, 21 for sanvers please
(I was hoping I'd get a sanvers ask thank you!!!)
10. Who starts a snowball fight?
Alex, because she sees an opening and she can't help but take advantage of it. She doesn't regret it, because it's a lot of fun, and afterwards when their clothes are wet and they're cold, it gives them a good excuse to snuggle by the fire and drink hot chocolate and it really is the perfect day.
16. Who picks out matching ugly sweaters?
Maggie does, mostly because she knows Alex will protest but also because she knows Alex will look cute in one and likes the idea of them matching. Alex only agrees for the exact same reasons, because Maggie would definitely look adorable in an ugly Christmas sweater and because she likes the fact that they'd have matching outfits.
19. Who wants a kiss under the mistletoe?
Alex, because the few ones she's had in the past have been awkward and uncomfortable and she'd hated the entire experience. But now she has Maggie, who she very much likes to kiss, and she wants nothing more than to forget all those awful kisses and make new memories of kissing Maggie under the mistletoe instead.
21. Who is bad at ice skating and keeps falling on their butt?
Alex. Maggie finds it hilarious as she can skate circles around Alex and Alex is so competitive that she grumbles about not being able to skate. Alex blames it on the fact that she grew up at the beach, not in the snow. It works out for both of them though because it means Alex's hand stays in Maggie's most of the time and by the end, Alex is semi stable and can skate around the rink, albeit slowly, on her own. She looks so proud of herself that Maggie can't help but pull her close and kiss her...which leads to both of them falling over because Alex loses her balance again.
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i-am-robie · 12 days ago
Hi omg I love all those details for the realization ficlet so much!! So so cute and such a great idea
i'm desperately trying to focus on my work today but i really just wanna swim in that for a bit instead :) I'm glad you liked the tags!!
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