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“rin matsuoka” - The sky is the ultimate art gallery just above us

“rin matsuoka” – The sky is the ultimate art gallery just above us


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☀️Happy Birthday Gou Matsuoka!☀️

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a redraw but in college uniform and w a smile … bc he deserves it …

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i physically cannot stop drawing rin

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Rin Matsuoka Lockscreens

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Rin Matsuoka & Nitori Aiichiro Matching Icons + Headers

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Rin & Haruka & Ikuya Pack

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Matsuoka -  Mahou no Star Magical Emi


Binge watched this anime and despite him not being a main character, I like his character

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I tried my best in this one, so hope you like it💘 (I putted them as a couple so I hope you don’t mind, but if you do just tell me and I’ll change it. Sorry, I ship them so hard).

A. Festival | Haruka Nanase

“I didn’t expect much people in here.”

“It’s Coachella.” Rin smirked at him. “Don’t be surprised.”

Haru sighed without relief and winced a little at the noise of music and people screaming around. It was giving him a worse headache than he already had.

This was their third day in USA and so was the last day of Coachella’s Festival, so Rin thought it would be a good idea going there to hang out and altough Haru wasn’t too happy with it, his boyfriend was too excited with the idea to say him no.

Another day he wouldn’t have minded, because he loved to spend time with Rin and seeing him happy with little things like the Festival too. However, this time he was feeling a little sick. His stomach was making unhappy noises and he could swear that the uneasy and nauseous feeling wouldn’t go away anytime soon. But still, he couldn’t let Rin know.

What did he ate anyway? Hot dogs? Burritos? He didn’t remember, and didn’t wan’t to know.

Haru sighed again under the music and rested his full body on Rin, closing his eyes with a wince. The other boy got a little surprised and stopped whatever he was doing to hold him.

“Woah, you okay?”

Haru nodded with his head, trying to ease the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was feeling dizzy now and the music wasn’t helping.

“Haru.” Rin put all of his attention to him this time. “Hey, open your eyes.”


The dark haired boy didn’t wan’t to do it, because the ground was being like the ocean right now. That made him really sick, like if from one second to another the virus actually hit him and started to work on his body. Rin was slowly moving him but he couldn’t listen and also felt a wave of nausea uprising his esophagus. He felt gross.

“I know you’re enjoying the music in your own way, but your weight is kind of weird.” Rin said, laughing a litte. “Let me hug you.”

Rin put one of his arms around his shoulder and Haru tried to move away, but another wave of nausea hitted and he belched sickly on his fist. That was the first time that Rin noticed how pale and shaky Haru was.

“Fuck, are you sure you’re ok?” Haru nodded again with stubbornness and Rin sighed, putting both hands on Haru’s shoulders. “No, you’re not. I’m not stupid Haru. What the hell is bothering you?”

Rin sounded angry, but Haru knew for sure that he was worried. However, when he opened his eyes and tried to say something, the only thing that came out was another belch. This time wetter than the other. He was going to throw up, he knew it.

Both knew it.

“Let’s go outside.” Rin said, fast enough to start walking with Haru far away from all the people. “I know we are outside but-”

“I’m gonna be sick.”

Haru burped again with an acidic taste on his fist, and Rin almost freaked out.

“Hold on, we’re almost there.”

“Rin…” Haru whimpered in a nauseous way, grabbing Rin’s arm for dear life.

Then, he swallowed hard at the taste of bitter and felt how Rin putted him on a bending position beside a three in the parking lot. After that, Rin started to make slow circles on his back with his hand to make him feel better. There weren’t too much people watching so he thought it was fine enough for him to vomit.

Haru coughed a little bit of saliva and yellow bile in the grass. Then, he grabbed his stomach with one hand when a gurgle sounded from it, fuck, he was really sick. More than he thought.

“You look really bad.” Rin muttered, trying to make her boyfriend feel better with new patterns on his back. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Haru wanted to answer, but another belch escaped from his throat and his entire body started to jerk forward. His stomach was doing flips like a blender and before he even knew, a big burp bringed out a mouthful of colorful vomit on the grass.

Rin wrinkled his nose.

“There you go, babe.” Haru coughed hard at the taste and without advice another mouthful was pouring out from his throat. “Just let it all out.”

The dark haired boy belched and threw up again, the sound of it splashing hardly in the pool on his feet. His chest felt heavy at the movement and his ears were pounding, his entire body was shaking and vomit just keep coming again and again. He felt like he was drowning at this point.

“You’ll feel better after, maybe it is a stomach bug.”

Another wet belch bringed out everything he had eaten in lunch that day and then, coughed a little when he felt it coming from his nose too.

Rin kissed his shoulder and just kept making circles on his back to make him feel better. When he noticed that nothing more than saliva and yellow bile was pouring from Haru’s mouth, Rin thought it was time to leave the festival.

“Easy, Haru.” He said, this time grabbing Haru by his shirt. “I think you’re done for now. Take deep breaths.”

“I feel sick.” Haru muttered under his breath, bringing up an airy burp on his fist. The taste of vomit was still on his tongue and unfortunately, they haven’t bringed water with them so Haru couldn’t wash his mouth. He only stayed with the taste.

“I know you do, can you walk?” Haru nodded, even if all of his weight was on Rin’s body. “Geez, I should’ve known.”

Haru coughed a little on his hand and then tried to breath slowly as Rin was doing it on their walk to his car.

“In and out, that’s it. Deep breaths.” Rin said, this time noticing how lethargic Haru was, and every color on his face seemed gone by now. “Since when you started to feel like this? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Morning.” Haru barely said, noticing some people looking at them. “You were happy.”

“You stupid idiot.” Haru grimaced a little, he knew how worried Rin was and he wasn’t happy with it. “Don’t do it again.”


They arrived to Rin’s car and he immediately putted Haru on the copilot seat, with a clean plastic bag he found in his car glove box on Haru’s legs just in case. Then, he went to drive back to the hotel.

Minutes passed before Haru started to hug his middle with both arms, while he whined under his breath. He bitted his lip after, and placed his face on the cold window in silence. Rin opened it a little after noticing the high car temperature, that way Haru could have more air to breath, because he still looked very nauseous to him.

“You doing okay?” He asks, after hearing the upset gurgles on Haru’s stomach.

Haru said a tiny “no”, before swallowing hard and bitting his lip again. Rin sighed with worry, without removing his look from the road.

“What did you ate to end up like this?”

“I don’t-urp know.” Haru curled up, with his face in the middle of his legs. He was feeling really bad and Rin didn’t knew what to do now, because he even was driving slowly to make him feel better. “G-god… too sick.”

“You gonna throw up?” Rin said, very anxious for not being able to help. Haru nodded and grabbed the plastic bag with both hands. “We’re almost there, then you can rest and have some medicine.”

Haru jerked forward on the bag and retched a bit of bile, the sound of it echoing on the silent car. Rin couldn’t help the little jump he did as a response to the sound, because it was the first time hearing Haru puke so loud.

“Sorry.” Haru said, coughing on the plastic bag.

“Don’t be. You can’t help it.”

Another splash sounded on the plastic bag, with Haru gagging after, his whole body contracting with each heave. It wasn’t too much vomit like before, Rin noticed, but this time seemed more hard for Haru.

“G-god…”Haru whined in a whisper, before gagging again in the now soiled bag, trying to end this nauseating feeling by just getting over with it.

He started to dry heave and closed his now teary eyes with his mouth open. Rin tried to make him feel better by rubbing his leg when he wasn’t making a change while driving, but he knew it wasn’t enough.

Suddendly, a last heave made him burp a large amount of colorful vomit, making Rin jump again at the sound of it splashing in the plastic bag. Haru coughed a little after that and blew his nose, just before going back on the seat with both eyes closed.

The rest of the road was silent, with Haru whimpering sometimes or Rin trying to make him feel better with jokes, even if Haru wasn’t in a state to laugh. But he tried, and that gives him a good point as a boyfriend.

“We’re here.” Rin said, finally parking outside the hotel. “Are you awake?”


Rin took that as a “yes”, so he took the vomit bag from Haru’s hands and threw it away in a trash can, after getting out of the car. Haru tried to get out too, but he was so exhausted and out of energy that he couldn’t. Rin did it for him anyway.

“Shit, you look like death.” Rin said, trying to walk inside with Haru’s weight on him. “Tell me if you wanna puke, I don’t mind if you do but please tell me.”

“Hmm.” Haru nodded, swallowing at the still putrid taste in his mouth.

“You’re warm.” Rin suddendly said, as if he haven’t noticed before. Then he got on the empty elevator with Haru. “Maybe you have a fever…”

“You think so?”

Rin placed the back of his palm on his forehead, and Haru shivered at the touch.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a fever.” Haru sighed without relief at the bad news, when Rin pulled away his hand and went out of the elevator. “I’ll need a cold patch and maybe some ginger for you, but if-woah woah, easy.”

Haru didn’t know what was happening to him right now, but his whole body was heavy and he felt like sleeping himself. There were dark circles on his vision and he couldn’t hear clearly what Rin was saying.

“Shit, shit. Stay awake, Haru.” Rin was freaked out, trying to catch his boyfriend so he wouldn’t fall on the ground. “I think you’re dehydrated, fuck. Stay awake.”

Haru couldn’t hold on and he fainted without advice. Now Rin was opening his room door desperately, too much that when he did it, the first thing he did was to put Haru on his bed, not even bothering if he leaved the door open, because the second thing he did was to get a glass of water and a wet towel.

When he went back to the bed again, he putted the wet towel on Haru’s forehead and the glass of water on the nightstand. Then, he opened the window and with a piece of paper he tried to give him air, that way he could wake up and take some water and medicine.

Haru looked peaceful, but the bags under his eyes and the slight blush on his cheeks told him otherwise. Rin sighed, trying to do his best to help.

He knew Haru would wake up soon, because his stomach was still making unhappy noises. He felt bad for him, but he would be there no matter what and he would take care of him.

It was going to be a long day, but he would do anything for Haru.

And Haru was greatful of that, even if he couldn’t say it right now.

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Rin stood there on your doorstep again, the spring rain falling heavily. With no one else to turn to for this particular problem, he always went to you. And, no matter what happened, you always had your door open for him, even when your brain said no.

“Come inside,” You open the door for Rin and he makes his way inside. He creates small puddles where he walked due to the rain, but you didn’t care. “What happened this time?”

“We got into a fight. A stupid fight that started over laundry.” He mumbles. You look at his eyes at notice that they’re red and puffy. “And then I said some stuff and she she said some stuff and it escalated to her talking about my dad.” He cringed at the memory. 

Their relationship had been like that for a while. They had been dating for over a year and anyone looking in at the relationship could see it was toxic. Yet, Rin always claimed otherwise. He said it was perfect and that every relationship had it’s ups and downs.

“Rin, this isn’t healthy. This is the second time this week something similar happened.” You go to get Rin a towel before he made an even bigger mess.

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