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April 30, 2020


Suspected of brainwashing has surfaced in Ninomiya. As reported by the weekly Bunshun released today, Ayako Ito, a wife who uses Nino as a puppet, seems to be in love with a suspicious psychic, and Masaki Aiba also notes a mysterious behavior of his “best friend” Aiba is worried.

“When Ninomiya married, he and Arashi members had a lot of discussions with each other, and office staff. However, Ninomiya refused to listen to the people around him. Ninomiya struggled with the discussion, and once Ninomiya was isolated in the group, he was pushed to the point of giving up on the concert. And after that the surroundings were beginning to feel the disturbing atmosphere.” (A production official who knows Ninomiya ) 

Why did Ninomiya change his behaviour? Aiba, who is the closest member, and Ninomiya’s family were worried that “someone was brainwashed and mind-controlled.” One of the reasons I was worried about my surroundings was that Ninomiya and Mr. A increased their fortune-telling and spiritual behavior.

“ Mr. A has been infatuated with a female psychiatrist for a long time, and he calls that woman “Madame.” I often used to say, “Madame says…”. It is said that he was consulting with Madam on a timely basis. ” (A performing arts person who knows the couple)

Madam’s advice solidified his intention to marry and reported to Johnny’s office president Keiko Fujishima through Ninomiya. . Mr. Julie admitted to marrying during discussions, but the opinions were largely divided regarding the timing.

“Ayako left the office she was in before she got married, and she said she was triggered by a Johnny’s executive saying, "If you get married, you should quit your job.” (Same as above)

According to Mr. A’s claim, the background behind the marriage was strongly supported by the approval of the office top. After being married, Mr. A,

who seemed unconvinced, said to him, “Why I just have to blame me!”

“While the marriage was really fun,” “I cooked dinner at home every night and waited for him to come home,” she seemed uncomfortable with being criticized by fans and other members. She was also dissatisfied with the attitude of the Johnny’s office, she said, because the marriage with Ninomiya had been concluded before the suspension of Arashi’s activities, and there is no reason to complain. Sometimes he complained to Ninomiya.” (her acquaintance)

Who is Madam,  why Ayako is fascinated?

The psychic promote herself  “I am an elderly female psychologist who claims to have a special ability to see things that are invisible to humans from an early age. I can guess the family structure and romantic history of the consultant without prior knowledge, and also about work and marriage. We have a large number of customers in the business world, entertainment industry, and politicians in order to give accurate instructions.“ [Weekly Bunshun]

This madam is basically a psychic who deals with rich people and celebrities, but from an objective point of view, even if it is nothing other than "suspicious”, people who like this kind of thing will be addicted to this. (johnnys watcher)

Seems that Ayako-san has become a long-awaited member of the celebrity after getting Nino’s money. Well, if you want to do it with your own money, but you like it, but in her case, “Nino’s income = money poured by Arashi”, so you may not be convinced by the fans? Moreover, it is said that Ayako-san is even talking about Arashi’s policy, and she seems to be completely manipulating Nino. (JW)

In the Bunshun article, in the middle of April, there was a picture of Nino packing food ingredients such as green onions and tofu in a shopping cart at a supermarket in Shibuya Ward. a national super idol?. Will it be allowed? (JW) I think that this is what Ayako, who is a housewife, is supposed to do…“ He was wearing a black cap and a light blue shirt and was walking around the store without hesitation .  (jonnys watcher) 


"at the cash register bag had the appearance of Ninomiya’s walk life full sense, was far from the top of the idol image ” (johnnys watcher) what about with Arashi image? 

What’s more, Ayako had Nino drive the car, and he said he was sitting in the back seat. On another day, she makes Nino drive her to his friend’s meeting place. It’s obvious that Arashi members will make a noise if they get up in a traffic accident, so why do you let Nino drive?

To be honest, I am worried that it may be a misunderstanding or that this is also a “brainwash” in a sense.

Ayako was brainwashed by a psychic and Nino was brainwashed by such a wife, I can’t believe it Arashi is messed up by a psychic. ..

There are many entertainers who have been paralyzed by psychics and fortune-tellers and messed up their lives. (johnnys watcher)

NOTE: what a twist plot! by A~san

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Arashi in We Are One a Global Film Festival

We Are One is a charity project COVID-19, Arashi take part in it as a special Music Performance where they play some of their performance that they have done in their concert. The video is taken from their concert DVD

The Song Line up are :

  1. Sugar - Untitled
  2. Hope in The Darkness - Digitalian
  3. Love So Sweet - Arafes 2012

Looking from the choosen performance, I think they choose the one with unique performance.

  • Sugar with the 360 camera and the lighting (I hope they play the part from the begining where they play with the pen light of the audience too)
  • Hope in The Darkness with that muscle sensor. I’m always amazed and speechless no matter how many times I see this one.. it’s just amazing seriously. One can enjoy that one even without knowing the song
  • Love So Sweet with the fireworks, that is just beautiful. If I saw it live I think I would really cry..

You can watch it on youtube here

Also this is the part of the opening talk where they speak english, I cut that part only here

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I red in 2013, 2014 or 2015 a fanfic in English about Arashi in ww2 but I can’t find it anymore. I remember it was on LiveJournal. It had a lot of chapters (16? or 20? I don’t remember) and a main image to represent the story.

They were interned because they were Japanese-Americans. Later on, Ohno became a pilot? (he couldn’t denied a request from his superiors) and Nino was pissed off because he found it reading one of his letters. There were also Aiba, Jun and Sho (I don’t remember if there is also a Sakuraiba or Sakumoto). Nino became a music teacher for children during the internment.

I don’t remember if it was Ohno’s family that had a house in the countryside and they give it to an other family to not be deported (I think they were found and died?). All Arashi boys were alive at the end of the war.

Even if I don’t follow Arashi that often like in the past, this fic was interesting for it’s historical references that I didn’t know. It’s sad I can’t find it anymore. I don’t remember if the author was a Jaide, Ohmiya or an other person. If you read this post, please please, answer to this post. I want to reread it.


Edit: find it! It’s called Poston and was posted in 2014.

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