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16 year old Corky Carroll, Pipeline . . 1964

Photo: Grannis

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Ran out of stock on my every day diapers eeek. Decided its inventory time.

Some of these ill never wear because they leak.

-Assurance be better. Who are you even helping making that garbage. Stop making incontinence so difficult to deal with.

Some I dont wear often but will in a pinch because they feel like a wet blanket wrapped in plastic backing.

-Tranquility your tabs tear and you feel like a wet blanket. For shame!

Some ive owned for a year because they arrived feeling like hard cardboard. I cant even walk right in them 😕.

Northshore, dishonor on you, your cow, and your business. Pick up the quality on storage. You’re the only brand I’ve ever had a problem with that sort of thing multiple times.

Northshore you guys get a extra talking to. You make amazing products.

Your pullups are by far the most absorbent. Your megamax used to be but I feel like you might have had to cut cost to keep making them. Still quality diaper.

Your air Supreme i can tell are a good quality diaper but they arrived hard as a rock. Same with the polka dot ones.

Time to fix your storage problem because I like what your company does and I believe you truly believe in your message. Moving on.

Some i don’t know which ones im ordering because the packages are different but it says its the same brief?

Tena way to go. You have become my go to diaper for overnight. Fix ya packaging 😄.

Rearz, you make being incontinent not as bad as it needs to be. Thank you!

Egosan outstanding comfortable diaper. Felt like I was wearing underwear again and I couldn’t even tell when I was wet. I could only tell I needed to change by the thickness of my brief. Not a bad thing not feeling wet all day for all ya’ll diaper lovers.

Oh and Depends no, just no. I do like the black pullup. Absorbency 0.5 out of 5.

This is my rant about ordering diapers. I am happy to make recommendations to anyone who has questions. I know how many thousands of dollars I spent trying to find the right diapers for my daytime and nighttime use.

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