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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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“If you think quarantine is bad, try being locked in an animal shelter with only a teenage boy and a depressed old widow for company while dogs and cats fall from the sky and wreak havoc on your town.”

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new 9 shipping chart. there is only one correct answer /j

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I made this image today and posted it on my Twitter. Feel free to use it. You can credit me if you want.

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prompt #72

“Damn the dark, damn the light,” the vigilante hissed.  “They have done nothing for me,”

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prompt #71

“Do you blame yourself?”

“What?” Villain snapped.

“Well, in this situation, it’s quite common for the patient to feel a kind of… guilt,” the therapist said hesitantly.

“What situation?” Villain asked impatiently.

“The accident,”

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Dialogue Prompt

A: “Sooo, what do we do with it?”

B: “Keep it safe. Feed it. Play with it.”

A: “We’re talking about two different things. I’m talking about the corpse. No idea what you’re talking about.”

B: “We just discussed this! We were going to adopt a pet!”

A: “Well don’t talk to me about that when we’ve just killed a man!”

B: “Well we could keep the corpse as a pet as well.”

A: …

A: “No!”

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I keep on needing this meme but i’m unable to find it so I made it myself

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when have become the clown but you’re also a cat

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Hero and Villain are both on a crowded train.  Hero tries to follow Villain, but Villain threatens to kill the person standing next to them if Hero follows them.  So, Hero has no choice but to watch as Villain makes their escape.  As Villain gets off the train, they wink at Hero, and disappear into the crowded train station.

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prompt #67

“I’m tired of always chasing after you,” Hero said, turning their back to Villain and walking away.

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prompt #66

“Oh Hero…” Villain whispered, shaking their head.

“You never met a monster you couldn’t love,”

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prompt #65

“Stop,” Hero cried, “please stop,”

“You want, so desperately, to belong,” Villain continued, relishing in the way Hero’s expression fell.  “Your whole life, you were a recluse.  Now that you’re a hero, you think it’s different.  But, you’re still alone.  People only admire you for your hero persona,” Hero felt hot tears streaming down their face.

“No one really cares about you,”

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Here me out:

A Lord of the Rings MCU AU.

I was watching Fellowship the other day, and I love the scene where Aragorn sings the Lay of Leithian (I believe this is an extended edition scene). If you don’t remember or haven’t seen the extended edition, basically it’s a song about Beren, a mortal man, and Luthien, an immortal elf maiden. They fall in love, and Luthien gives up her immortality to be with Beren. This is what happened to Aragorn and Arwen. Aragorn has a longer life expectancy than most men (it looks to be roughly 200 years), 200 years is nothing compared to eternity. 

I’ve connected LOTR to Marvel for a while now, since LOTR has lots of influence from Norse mythology and culture (ex: Middle Earth is the English translation of Midgard). But while watching the Lay of Leithian scene, it made me think of this glorious idea.

An AU where Asgardians are elves, and then one of them falls for a mortal and gives up their immortality. This could be between whatever ship you may have, or the mortal could be a reader or OC. I am seriously thinking about writing a Loki X Reader fic for this. But I thought I’d share the idea in case I don’t.

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prompt #64

Villain goes to approach Hero, but Hero flinches, expecting an attack.  Villain steps away, a devastated expression flickering on their face.

“Who was it?”

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