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#jazz fenton
floq11 hours ago
Tumblr media
presenting: jazz fucking snaps
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floralflowerpower2 hours ago
Hey floral, not to beg on main but can you write some of the monster hunter AU 馃憠馃憟
Well this is for this prompt. As requested.
Oh and @xxmischieflovesxx im tagging you since this was based off your AU ask.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is going to be another 3 parter.
Warning for gore and blood in advance.聽
Danny could still hear his parents screaming their names as he and Jazz were thrown into a giant arena by two men with real bullet-filled guns.聽
They slammed the gate shut, and suddenly his parent's voices were gone.聽
"You fought the guards?"
Danny looked up to see a tall blonde boy sneering at him.聽
"How humiliating for your family."聽
Danny blinked, not at all understanding the conversation.聽
He looked around to find there was a bunch of other high school aged kids standing around.聽
He quickly got to his feet to help Jazz off the floor.聽
"Listen," Jazz said as she dusted herself off. "We were told that we were going to a family reunion. Not whatever the heck this is. You all just saw us get forcibly shoved in here by men with guns. Why aren't you panicking?"聽
Some of the group laughed, while the others seemed like they were a few seconds from hurling.聽
"You don't know what this is, do you?" a girl asked.聽
"No, we were supposed to be meeting our grandparents for the first time." Danny cut in.聽
"You're grandparents?" The girl tilted her head. Her sharp brown eyes seemed to really look Danny over. "What's your Family name?"
"Fenton. Why?" Danny was confused.聽
There were a few murmurs and gasps from the other kids.聽
"Back up," The girl shook her head in disbelief. "The Fenton's don't have successors. The last of their Grand Kids died during the last Trial."
"DIED." Jazz squawked.聽
"Oh, you really don't know." The girl regarded both Danny and Jazz with pity. "This is a coming of age ritual for those of us born into Courser Bloodlines."
"Courser?" Danny asked.
"It's a nickname for our kind. Coursers are dogs and horses that are bred for hunting. We are bred for hunting." The girl explained.聽
"Hunting what?" Jazz wasn't sure she liked where this was going.聽
"Monsters." The blonde kid from before cut in. "In a few minutes, they are going to release some into this very pit, and we are all going to have to fight them to prove that we are worthy to carry the family name into the next generation."
Danny stiffened. He could fight. But Jazz.....
Jazz could throw a few punches, land a few kicks, but he didn't know if she could...
"They want us to fight ghosts without weapons?" Jazz sounded flabbergasted.聽
The kids around them started laughing.聽
"No, ghosts can't harm the living. We are going to be fighting wear wolves, vampires, the walking dead, etc." The blonde boy explained with a smirk. "Things that will turn you into monsters yourselves. If you fail to defend yourself, then you will become the opponents for next year's ritual."
"Wait, these monsters used to be family....." Cold shock washed over Danny.聽
"They aren't anymore. You will need to choose a weapon from these walls to kill them." The girl from before gestured to the various weapons firmly stuck in the dirt walls of the pit they were in. "They will only budge for those worthy to wield them. I pray you both are chosen by one. They have been passed down for generations. Each has a name and a story. They are placed back here when their previous wielder dies."聽
"You mean there's a chance some of us won't even be able to pull a weapon to defend ourselves." Jazz sounded like she was near tears.聽
"I am sorry."聽
Danny dragged Jazz away from the group before she could have a complete meltdown.聽
She was a shaking mess. Danny forced her to sit down before crouching in front of her.聽
"Look at me," Danny said, taking hold of his sister's chin as she gasped for air. "It's going to be okay."
"No buts," Danny said firmly. "These people think ghosts can't harm the living. We both know that's not true. This means they probably don't know other stuff. For all we know, the weapon crap could be stuff they were brainwashed to believe."
Jazz nodded. She was still shaking.聽
"And you know I would never let anything hurt you," Danny promised.
Jazz nodded again.聽
Suddenly a bell rang.聽
The other kids all took off towards the walls.聽
Danny and Jazz watched in horror as some of the kids shrieked when their hands touched a weapons handle.聽
The contact left their hands smoking and oozing blood.聽聽
"Danny...." Jazz felt her breath catch in her throat.聽
The gate they entered through opened again. Only this time, what came out wasn't friendly.聽
They were tall wolf-man creatures that reminded him of his friend wulf.聽
These creatures were emaciated and had a desperate and insane look in their eyes. They launched at the other kids in the arena with a cacophony of snarls, drool seeping past their open maws.聽聽
Danny watched in horror as one of them dug its claws into the blonde kid from before. It had landed on his back and pinned him to the ground.聽
"No, ghosts can't harm the living. We are going to be fighting wear wolves, vampires, the walking dead, etc." The blonde boy explained with a smirk. "Things that will turn you into monsters yourselves. If you fail to defend yourself, then you will become opponents for next year's ritual."
If he got bit.....聽
Before Danny knew what he was doing, his body was moving.聽
He took off and landed a good, clean punch to the creature's nose.聽
He remembered wulf telling him how sensitive that area was after the ghost had helped him fight walker.聽
The wolf creature yelped and fell backward.聽聽
Danny used the distraction to haul the blonde kid over his shoulders and ran back to Jazz. He dropped the boy like a sack of potatoes at her feet before turning around to see that the other kids weren't fairing well.
Luckily the wolf creature he had hit before was still knocked out.聽
Danny needed a plan.聽
He couldn't let everyone die.聽
He wouldn't let everyone die.聽
Danny surveyed the walls.聽
He needed a weapon he knew how to use.聽
Even if it burned him, Danny had a high threshold for pain. He could put up with it long enough to save everyone.聽
That's when he caught sight of a sword hilt sticking out of the wall. It was 4 rows up out of his reach.聽
Danny cursed. How was he going too... Wait.聽
"Jazz, I need your sweater."
Jazz threw it to her baby brother without question.聽
Danny ripped off the sleeves and wrapped them around his hands.聽
And then he jumped onto the wall. He used the other weapons as stepping stones and grappling points. The weapons began to glow red and smoke when he grabbed them. He tried to scale the wall as quickly as he could. He couldn't afford to catch fire or have his shoes melted off of his feet.聽
Once he was within reach, Danny grabbed the hilt of the sword and yanked it from the wall.聽
He fell to the ground, landing on his feet.聽
Shock ran through him.聽
The sword wasn't burning him like the others.聽
It was shining white in his grip.聽
The hilt was pure silver, but the blade was black and had constellations carved into it.聽
The constellations were shining and moving like they were alive.聽
Danny recognized them.聽
Leo Minor, Orion, Gemini, Lepus, and Hydrus.聽
The little lion, the hunter, the twins, the hare, and the serpent.聽聽
His favorites...
The screams of his sister pulled him from his thoughts.聽
Danny didn't even think. He drew his sword and ran to defend his sister and the boy he had just met.聽
Danny tackled the wolf creature to the ground and ran the blade through its chest. He tried desperately to not think about how much the beast looked like his friend wulf.聽
Danny didn't waste time. The moment he was sure it was dead, he pulled the sword out and ran to help the other kids who were pinned down by the other creatures.聽
Danny put his fingers to his lips and blew a deafening and sharp whistle.聽
"Hey!" Danny yelled, catching the attention of the other 3 creatures. "Leave them alone, biscuit breath!"
The wolf creatures charged him.聽
Danny expertly dodged their attacks.聽
He had never been so grateful for Pandora's fighting lessons in his life.聽
He sunk his blade into one of the creature's sides as it flew past him. Blood and guts spilled everywhere.聽
He quickly pivoted on one foot in enough time to run his sword through the chest of the second one. He had to use his foot to help pull the blade free in enough time to dodge the claws of the third and last monster.聽
Danny swung his sword high above his head and brought it down hard on the creature's neck, effectively beheading it.聽
Silence fell over the pit as Danny dropped to his knees in exhaustion.聽
He was covered in guts from head to toe and breathing heavily.聽
Reality suddenly caught up with him as the adrenaline from his obsession-driven instincts faded.聽聽
Danny remembered what he was told in the beginning.聽
These creatures very well could have been the cousins he never got the chance to meet.聽
Danny broke down sobbing.聽
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beghostdocrimesa day ago
congrats on 300! i love you art soooo much. how about some dani & jazz/jack/maddie bonding?
Tumblr media
this duo is so underrepresented so I鈥檓 glad I had an excuse to make this
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thankchaosforspellcheck17 hours ago
Danny phantom au that literally just came to me in a dream. Its one where the portal never got turned on but all of the ectoplasm the fentons gathered for experiments made ghosts still show up, but weaker. Generally they can only appear if a large amount of a plant that grows/was left on their grave (usually graveflowers but it can also be everything from wildflowers, those "plant a tree on top of me" types, to even grass for the really desperate though that connection is especially weak) and even then they aren't seen by everyone. They generally appear partially covered in the plant they're "possessing."
The main character for this is actually Jazz, who gained the powers of a medium after 1 too many times dragging her parents out of the basement without one of their jumpsuits on & getting exposed to ectoplasm as a result.
She doesn't really believe what she's seeing at first and is terrified once she finally does, but eventually she accepts that she really is seeing the supernatural and tries to help out the ones she can (while sometimes exercising the truly violent ones).
Danny's a perfectly normal kid in this who's character arc is that he & Tucker made friends with a new girl in town who Jazz finds out is a vampire. Haven't quite decided where I'm going with that.
This next bit has some body horror so I'm gonna put a cut here
Vlad is still half ghost and looks incredibly creepy because of it. He wears an eye patch to hide the fact that there's a bramble vine growing out of his eye socket that he has to trim down with special shears to keep from growing out too far out of his head. It covers about half of his insides and has knitted itself into his bones. The transformation sequence is not NEARLY as pretty as it is in the show.
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your-writers-laira day ago
Danny visits Jazz's college campus, and bored of waiting for her all day at her dorm, he resorts to chaos
Or, how the rumors of her dorm being haunted spread like wildfire
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thesoulspulsea day ago
Regarding My Unseelie Vlad AU (Part 2)
I had a few ideas this morning for how to adapt Danny and most of the main cast into this AU but be sure to check out part 1 though first if you haven鈥檛 already:
And with that, let鈥檚 begin!
Main Characters
Vladislav, (aka Vlad) the Fae King of the Unseelie Court:
Tumblr media
Not much to say here, he鈥檚 basically just a really powerful and ancient fae that was never human with no prior history with Danny or Jack until that fateful night in the forest where he saw Danny and instantly wanted the raven-haired youth as a prince in his Court. And in this story he has no romantic interest in Maddie at all, if anything he might use their lives as a bargaining chip to get what he wants which is Danny to join him.
Danny 脫 Fiachna:
Tumblr media
Danny was slain by mistake by the Unseelie Court鈥檚 King as a child when Vlad鈥檚 fury got the better of him and he fatally injured Danny. (Only using this screenshot until I draw a version of Danny for this AU) However, Vlad revived Danny with his powerful magic soon after his father Jack ran back into the forest on foot, carrying his dead son in his arms, and desperately begged Vlad to give him back his life and blamed himself for angering the Fae King...
When offering his own life didn鈥檛 work, in exchange Jack tearfully swore to relinquish his son to Vlad one day, only wishing for a few more years with Danny since he didn鈥檛 deserve such a cruel fate. In the end Vlad agrees to his terms, but it鈥檚 more because he genuinely didn鈥檛 mean to harm Danny and still wants the boy to join him willingly and become a prince in the Unseelie Court one day. That said, Vlad could honestly could care about Jack鈥檚 pathetic display and in fact does blame Jack more than Danny for not being able to beguile the child into coming away with him to begin with.
Time passes, and Danny鈥檚 parents can鈥檛 help but hope they can find a way to break Vlad鈥檚 hold over Danny which is why they became Fae Hunters and forbade him from ever going into the forest alone. However, on his 14th or 16th birthday Danny starts hearing voices from the forest calling his name, the loudest of which is Vlad鈥檚, and when he tells his parents about the strange dreams and voices they panic and decide to take everything they own and leave the village behind forever.
But Danny can鈥檛 accept that since his whole life is there, his friends are there, and he鈥檚 not about to let some stupid fae King ruin his life so Danny resolves to go find Vlad, defeat him, and break their magical connection so he can be free.
As expected though, Sam and Tucker find out about his plan and decide to travel with him into the forest to help Danny, especially after pointing out how he鈥檚 almost been lured into the forest several times now while walking barefoot there in some kind of trance. Obviously Danny doesn鈥檛 want them to get hurt and tried to talk them out of it at first but then he gives in and agrees to let them come with him so the three of them venture into the forest.
As for Danny鈥檚 other friend Valerie, sadly she only finds out what鈥檚 going on after the fact and then also ventures into the forest believing he had already been abducted by the Unseelie Fae under Vlad鈥檚 command and she is determined to save him.
Jasmine 脫 Fiachna: Danny鈥檚 older sister isn鈥檛 much different than she is in the show, she believes in logical explanations more than magic and doesn鈥檛 believe in the Fae until she discovers that her brother Danny really does have some sort of strange power thanks to the fae magic that has long since become a part of him that has only grown stronger over the years.
The only difference here is she doesn鈥檛 make it into the forest by herself since her parents are terrified of losing her too. And so to keep Jasmine safe, they take her along with them to go after Danny and his friends and defeat the Unseelie King once and for all.
Jack & Maddie 脫 Fiachna: I鈥檓 putting them together more because they basically became Fae Hunters for the same reason, to protect their family from the Fae and everyone else in general from their tricks and powerful magic. And ever since that night Jack has been searching find a way to get out of his deal with Vlad since it鈥檚 not fair that Danny has to give up his human life, his freedom, all because of the selfish desires of one powerful fae.
Valerie De Grey: Valerie is one of Danny鈥檚 closest friends (and a romantic interest) but she and her father also have their own reasons to despise the fae and their magic because her mother was also taken when Valerie was just a baby and her father had to raise her all by himself.
And just like in the show Valerie has feelings for Danny that grew once they became closer and he helped her get over a lot of that bitterness of the fae taking her mother so the moment she finds out he鈥檚 missing and presumed to be already kidnapped by the King of the Unseelie Court himself, Valerie grabs her hunting gear -which she had been hiding from her father and secretly learned a lot from Danny and watching his parents train over the years- such as a bow with iron arrows, throwing knives, and all that since her father Damon is the village blacksmith she goes after him too.
And before you ask no, I鈥檓 not trying to be stereotypical I just thought it would be the best fit job-wise since you need armor to protect yourself, right? Sure he also makes other mundane things too but he also taught Valerie a thing or two as more of a self defense sort of thing so she couldn鈥檛 be taken either or if a fae did kidnap her she could survive long enough to make it back home. The important thing to remember here is that the fae are weak to iron and susceptible to fire which would also be another good reason for Damon to take up blacksmithing after his wife was abducted by the fae and they never saw Valerie鈥檚 mother again despite all his efforts to find her when it happened.
Sam/Samantha Manson:
Tumblr media
Her family comes from nobility but she鈥檚 always hated that so she ran away from home once when she was little because she wanted to live on her own and become a herbalist. That鈥檚 how she met Danny, who stopped her from going into the forest alone since his parents knew all about its dangers, mostly fae related since this is after he was revived with no memory of what actually happened between him and Vlad. He thought it was all a bad dream back then.
Sadly Sam鈥檚 parents found out where she was hiding but thanks to Danny and Tucker they managed to convinced them to stay in the village instead of taking her to live far away because otherwise she might run away again but go even further out of their reach and they鈥檇 never see her again. Reluctantly they agree to stay, but on the condition that if she insists on becoming a gardener -which is just a cover story since she actually wants to grow medicinal herbs and not just pretty flowers- Sam has to resume her studies and come back home. Sam settles for that but also says they have to let her go play with her friends sometimes too since she鈥檚 sick of being alone in that lonely mansion of theirs with no one to talk to that鈥檚 her age.
And so, as the years pass Sam begins tending to her own garden in a small hut close to the village within sight of her parents mansion, but often times she still used to sneak out from under their watchful eye to hang out with Danny and Tucker undisturbed, sharing what she鈥檚 learned from her books while they teach her stuff that they learned from their parents about survival in the wilderness. In general though, Sam still doesn鈥檛 like to eat meat, though she doesn鈥檛 give Tucker a hard time about it since his parents are another important part of the village since they provide the meat, furs, and bones used for many tools that are used by the entire village. She still teases him sometimes though about his carnivorous lifestyle.
Lastly, it鈥檚 during this time that she also begins secretly practicing brewing potions and casting magic in order to help her best friend Danny when she finds out the Fae are real too. And Valerie is her rival to win Danny鈥檚 heart.
Tucker 脫 Tuachair:
Tumblr media
For the most part he鈥檚 still a fairly average resident of the village, but he鈥檚 known Danny for his entire life and was totally shocked to find out he had briefly died because the Unseelie Court鈥檚 King is actually real, as are all those stories about the fae Danny鈥檚 parents told them as a warning to never play too close to the forest you might expect they did anyway not knowing any better and sometimes Danny would feel Vlad鈥檚 presence and shiver from an unnatural wintry chill.
The two boys used to fight with wooden swords all the time and Tucker even knows how to use a bow since he enjoys hunting (sorry, no technology in this world so maybe his hobby is carving things out of wood and bone? idk) and his parents taught him how to cook and prepare meat since his father is the village butcher alongside his wife, aka Tucker鈥檚 mom.
These skills become invaluable later during their journey into the forest since these days Danny is often very tired since he鈥檚 afraid to go to sleep at night because that would mean he鈥檇 start having strange dreams again so Tucker does most of the hunting for them while Sam sticks to gathering other edible foods in the forest such as mushrooms and berries thanks to her vast knowledge of plants.
Final Thoughts
Honestly, I could go on but I鈥檓 going to stop there since not EVERY main character has to end up in this story. This post turned out longer than expected as it is! But there you go, this is the end of part 2 and I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and down below I added a list of other potential characters in this AU so feel free to check them out!
Additional/Optional Characters
Dani (I might spell it as Danae) the Fae: I may sneak Dani into this AU as one of Vlad鈥檚 fae daughters that he uses as part of an attempt to deceive and capture Danny, but after being treated with such genuine kindness while 鈥減retending鈥 to be a kidnapped village girl who managed to get away from the dreaded Unseelie Court instead of an Unseelie fae herself.
Unfortunately for Vlad, she ends up getting too emotionally attached to Danny the longer they travel together. Taking pity on him Dani ultimately decides to betray her father by promising to help him find a way break from Vlad鈥檚 magical bond instead in secret after leaving Danny鈥檚 side for his own safety since Vlad can still use his influence as the Unseelie King on her to make her do his bidding regardless of her own will...
Fright Knight: Vlad鈥檚 most loyal servant who is the main fae sent to capture Danny as a last resort.
Aragon & Dorathea/Dora: These two already have a lot of fae traits so maybe when Vlad gets more irritated that Danny keeps eluding capture he sends one of them out to capture him, the only difference here is they鈥檙e not royalty per say but they do have a high ranking in the Unseelie Court.
Too bad Aragon wants to overthrow Vlad and become the new Unseelie King which either results in his exile or destruction. Dora is a bit too timid in human form but as a dragon Vlad can command her better. Might use the archer and the executioner ghost as Aragon鈥檚 underlings too.
Nocturne: Because yes I will use any excuse to add him into a story since I love his design so perhaps he鈥檚 the one helping Vlad influence Danny鈥檚 dreams and is among Vlad鈥檚 most powerful underlings who has already helped him lure many mortals into the Unseelie Court.
Cujo: I think it would be so cool to add Cujo as a church Grim which is a guardian spirit that protects graveyards.
Frostbite: A winter fae of the Seelie court who saves Danny and the others from a magical blizzard spell cast by Vlad to slow them down.
Guys in White: What if I added them as Templars obsessed with eliminating all fae and changlings from the world regardless of if they help or harm mortals? So they go after Danny since he is fae touched and therefore dangerous in their eyes.
Dan: Might have him appear as a vision or hallucination of what Vlad wants him to become which has the opposite effect and makes him more determined not to.
Spectra: An evil fae who feeds on the trio鈥檚 misery but who is then scared off by Vlad as soon as he finds out what she鈥檚 been doing which could ruin all of his plans for Danny.
Freakshow: A charlatan who controls a few fae using an old relic his family made with blood magic that wants to abduct Danny when he realizes the boy has fae magic inside of him.
Ember: A siren/banshee that just wants everyone to pay attention to her songs.
Skulker: Once a royal huntsman turned fae, he is ordered to capture Danny too but fails.
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rosy-dolly2 days ago
Tumblr media
DP Shiptember 2021
Day 4: Awkward, Competition, Patching Each Other Up
Jazz swears she did it while under Ember's spell.
Danny doesn't bother mentioning it was on the freshest page of her notebook.
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sickly-artist12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@artistfingers and I are going back and forth, spamming art at each other and screaming and its beautiful聽
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verycorrectdannyphantom2 months ago
Danny: I put the "if" in "life"!
Jazz: what
Jazz: what does that mean
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marauders4evr3 months ago
I think my favorite part about Jazz Fenton's character design is that someone said, "We're going to trick everyone into automatically connecting her appearance to her parents', not based on their actual biological characteristics (hair color, eye color, etc.) but by color-coordinating her with their signature outfits"...and it works?
Tumblr media
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phantombreadproject2 months ago
Tumblr media
I said this to a friend a few days ago and had to draw it as dp
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thesoulspulsea day ago
Regarding My Unseelie Vlad AU (Alternate Names)
I didn鈥檛 realize until after I posted part 2 of my Unseelie Vlad AU idea that the name changes might confuse you guys since I cut that part out when the post got too long. So I鈥檓 making a seperate one for that since I saved it for personal reference.
Vladislav, the Fae King of the Unseelie Court: aka Vlad but using an old Slavic version of the name
Danny/Daniel 脫 Fiachna: The last name is an old Gaelic version of the surname Fenton often mistranslated as 鈥渉unt鈥 which seems fitting but the first name means the same thing in Hebrew and Scottish so we鈥檒l keep it the same for obvious reasons.
Jasmine 脫 Fiachna: I may need to come back and change her first name to fit this AU since I鈥檓 trying to stick to European countries when selecting their names to fit the story setting.
Jack 脫 Fiachna: His first name has a possible Celtic origin so it can stay the same.
Maddie 脫 Fiachna: Ooo I like the German meaning of her name since it鈥檚 鈥渂attle maiden鈥 more or less!
Valerie De Grey: As tempted as I was to use the last name Le Gray I didn鈥檛 want to make her seem too posh since Valerie is such a great character. Her first name has Latin origins which basically means 鈥渟trong鈥 or 鈥渉ealthy鈥 so it鈥檚 considered a good omen to have this name!
Sam/Samantha Manson: Manson is based on the Scandinavian surname Magnusson which means Son of Magnus but eh, I鈥檒l just take it to mean she likes magic.
Tucker 脫 Tuachair: Jeez, when I looked up the name meanings and can鈥檛 help but feel like Butch was being really REALLY unfair to this character given some possible meanings of his last name which I won鈥檛 get into. So that said, I鈥檓 going to stick with the best choice here which is to basically use the Gaelic version of his first name again as his last name since it means 鈥渂eloved.鈥 I really didn鈥檛 like the other definition of Foley I found so I鈥檓 not going to use it! Take that Butch Fartman! Tucker deserves a nicer name in this AU so what I say goes and you can鈥檛 stop me, muhahaahahaaha! (P.S. Also sorry for going off on a tirade there, I just hate how Tucker seems to always get the short end of the stick...he deserves better)
Part 1:
Part 2:
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floq2 months ago
Tumblr media
did a comic based on one of my favorite incorrect quotes by @verycorrectdannyphantom
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asyl-yma month ago
Tumblr media
"Oh! It comes with the lighting too!"
Tumblr media
With any luck i will be able to write a one shot i had in mind for these :)
Inspired by:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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