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Jake saving Sam’s life….yet again. He’s really good at that 😅 I’m honestly very proud of this piece (especially since it took almost 14 straight hours 😩) and is it too early to have a favorite piece for this year already?? 😂 Hope you all enjoy! 😁

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“It’s the men who have the power in the transaction. They have it generally anyway, on land. They decide when to mate, and for how long. They also own land, as they own good, and the women get the use of it only by permission….Oh, yes. And this’ll make ye laugh: The one thing they think they need is more men. When a woman’s with child, they hope for more boys, boys and boys and boys…Why should a woman hope for a son? The landmen take their pleasure without regard for anyone aside from themselves. No doubt that’s why yer mother was so glad to have caught a merman.”

- Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal

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Some coloured sketches to show my designs for my Merfolk ASL au!

In this AU they were raised by Jinbei and the sun pirates! Luffy still met Shanks as a child though and got his strawhat, however he doesn’t wear it except for when he’s not in water directly as to not damage it. 

All three have burn scars from an event that happened when Sabo and Ace were 18 and Luffy 15. After an argument, Luffy ‘’ran’’ away, followed by Ace who’s the fastest swimmer out of the three of them. Luffy was nearing Sabaody when Ace caught up, but a fishing trap caught the both of them, but Ace managed to free Luffy before the slave traders got him. Luffy gets help from the pirates, Jinbei and Sabo, and when they arrive to the slave house and see a Celestial dragon about to purchase Ace, Luffy punches him.

Akainu is the admiral that arrives, not Kizaru, and Luffy takes an attack meant for Sabo as they attempt to fight their way out of the slave house (Which were difficult seeing as they’d never been on land without a bubble coral), where he then got the scar. Ace, shielded Luffy from another attack and got his scar. The attacks sat the slave house on fire, and Sabo was badly burned while he carried his brothers out as Jinbei and everyone else held the marines at bay. Rayleigh and Law helped them escape, and Law treated the trio in his submarine. 
Because of this event, Luffy felt responsible for his brothers scars, which Sabo hides, and decided he’d stay at Fishman island the rest of his life to atone for it. Sabo meets Koala and Hack and decides to join the RA. 
Ace stays with Luffy, as he feels guilty for causing the argument that lead to his capture, as well as for Luffy’s guilt despite his young age.

Ace does manage to convince Luffy to leave home and become a pirate of his own when he’s 17. Luffy leaves with a bubble coral, his strawhat and Sabo asks Kuma to send him to East blue, where Luffy can get a nice start to help him get used to being on land. There he meets Coby, then Zoro and his crew is started.

None of them have a DF! 
Ace stays with the Sun pirates, even though Jinbei told him he could leave. He eventually does set out and joins the WB. 
Im hoping to do some short doodle comics or an illustration with them in the future, but for now have this coloured sketch!:D

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Final illustration of 2020, a redraw of my fat trans merman from 2017!

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I’ve created a lot of mermaids and mer-children in the past 7 years (or longer if we count the ones I drew as a child) - but this is the first time I’ve ever drawn a merman. It was a pleasure to collaborate with @mermanjax (IG) on this non-profit coloring page. His feedback throughout the creation process (and even digging for reference photos for me) is the reason this page is oozing with so much mer-magic. I hope you enjoy coloring Jax as much as I enjoyed drawing him! Please feel free to tag us both if you share your finished masterpiece online. And as you can see by my purple/pink dolphin….anything goes! Get creative and dive in! (Download via

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I’m really proud of the way the sketch turned out for this Inktober2020 prompt, so I just had to colour it. I was definitely inspired by siamese fighting fish/betta fish. I might colour more of my Inktober prompts later.


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New oc that actually has some backstory and personality

tw for mentions of/implied wounds, sharp teeth, shapeshifting and bandages (they’re very minor bust just in case, if you need anything tagged let me know)

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Interesting concept, anon. I like it.

Shark mer: unable to breathe above water comfortably if at all. (Speaking is pretty much a no out of water, or at least very uncomfortable)

Dolphin mer: can possibly (?) speak underwater but doesn’t (uses up stored air requiring a sooner trip to breathe).

Some form of sign language or signaling between them seems like a good compromise to their situation.

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Hey Anon!
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you… 

I got pretty sick just before christmas and ever since then I’ve just been struggling, everything seems very very difficult and exhausting. So I’ve just been focusing the little energy I do have on somehow getting out of bed in the morning to get to work. 

I haven’t written since then either and I don’t know when exactly I might have the energy to :( Unfortunately. 

Don’t worry, though, I won’t abandon the story, it is going to continue as soon as I’ve recovered! :)

Funny enough, I can’t wait to know what’s gonna happen next, either, because I don’t actually know yet, either! :D Not really, at least. I have some ideas :3

Thank you for asking though <3 it’ll be back, soon, I hope!

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Wanna rp with a whiny, bratty prince of Vestal? A prince with daddy issues? A prince you can love, hate, break, etc? Well, here he is!

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