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#danielle phantom
phoenixphantomrise · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay Day 17–Freedom. Dani has broken free from the seriously crazed up fruit loop.
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this-is-z-art-blog · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
We're soarin', flyin' There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach 
DannyMay 2021, Day 17
↳ Freedom
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13thdoodle · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ Dannymay Day 17 : Freedom ]
When I realize making mistakes were an option, the world suddenly opened up for me. It was refreshing.
im skipping the glow prompt for now to catch up n draw my boi 31 qwq
I wasn't sure how to picture this prompt but it probably didn't sets in immidiately that he's free from GiW until later on while he's hanging out with Dani n Danny or sth, late realization like it finally dawned on him qwq
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sykloni · a day ago
Day 17 - Freedom
Tumblr media
My brain just made the conclusion:
Freedom = Happy Danielle
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squrriellysketches · a day ago
Tumblr media
dannymay day 16: glow
i went for a less literal translation.also it’s only a sketch because i’m spending time with family
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the-random-phan · 2 days ago
Cosplay Contest
WC: 1,332
Post Phantom Planet, Danny decides to enter a cosplay contest of himself. Hilarity ensues when he recognizes one of the other contestants.
Danny looked around at his competition haughtily. Copies of his hazmat suit and white hair could be seen all around him. At least 20 people were seriously cosplaying, the other 10 or so just had t-shirts and sometimes wigs, obviously just entering the competition for fun.
"There are some pretty good costumes here, Danny." Said Tucker, who was standing next to said halfa and also watching the crowd.
"Like I would lose a costume contest for myself." Danny snickered. He and Tucker had been looking forward to this all day. Ever since the reality gauntlet incident, Danny had wanted to do this. And now that everyone knew who he was after the Disasteroid - he stood by his claim that that was a horrible name- he felt comfortable doing so without ghost hunters showing up. At least, he hoped.
The pair of the trio -Sam's mom had dragged her to some party, she would be coming tomorrow- had wandered around the convention all day. It wasn't completely Phantom-themed, but given that he'd saved the world a few months ago, a lot of it was. Danny pointedly stayed away from the artist alley. Frankly, he was a bit afraid of what he'd see. It was also cool that they got VIP passes, in exchange for hosting a panel on the last day of the convention. Danny didn't think that a comic-con suited him necessarily, but he is like the first real superhero so it kinda made sense.
"I don't know, Danny. I could probably confuse you and that guy." Tucker said, pointing at someone that did look a lot like Danny. But his face was a bit longer and he didn't have Danny's freckles. There was also a person who was a lot shorter than Danny and had a rounder face, he looked almost exactly like 14-year-old Danny. It was uncanny.
"Oh come on, he's not nearly as handsome as me." Danny made a goofy grin before it broke and he ended up laughing along with Tucker.
"I'd be inclined to believe you, if you hadn't gotten turned down by Paulina even after you saved the world."
"I turned her down, you-"
"Contestants please come to the stage." Came a voice over the speakers. Immediately the crowd began heading in that direction. Danny said goodbye to Tucker and headed for the stage. He'd made sure he was entering a contest that didn't have a prize of any sort, if he won he wouldn't want it. But this one is just for fun, and they tell everyone what place they're in so he wouldn't be taking the glory away from anyone else.
Danny got into his spot in line with his doppelgangers and they went up to the stage, one at a time by order of the number they received when they signed up. Three judges were sitting at a pop-up table in front of the stage. Danny went across the stage -number 22- with a smirk on his face. He was half-tempted to fly over it and out himself there just to give everyone a laugh but decided not to, instead channeling the very essence of his "Phantom" persona into his expression and gait. One of the judges looked slightly confused, one was seemingly surprised and the third was unreadable. Danny didn't stretch out his time on stage and joined his lookalikes on the other side of it.
"You look just like him. How'd you get the glowly look?" He exclaimed. Danny stuttered for a moment. How would a cosplayer make themselves look like they have an aura? Should he have tried to tone it down?
"Woah-" Said a guy who had a mid-tier cosplay. A bit of his blonde hair was sticking out from under the wig.
"Uh- that's my little secret." Danny gave a grin he hoped was convincing. The guy just gave him a knowing smile and a nod before going off somewhere else.
Danny waited with bated breath at the last ten or so Phantoms crossed the stage, and then the judges asked them all to come up, standing side by side. Some had to stand on the step leading up to the stage at the front because they wouldn't all fit shoulder-to-shoulder. The judges took a few more moments of deliberation before the unreadable one took a breath to speak. The halfa leaned forward unconsciously, beaming and waiting for the judge to say 'number 22.'
"First place goes to number 13!" The announcer said with a big smile on her face.
"What?!" Danny looked surprised that someone had shouted at the same time as him. He saw the short cosplayer from before standing next to him and squinted his eyes before he realized exactly who it was.
"Awesome!" Exclaimed the long-faced guy from earlier. At the same time came two shouts of:
"Danielle?!" He exclaimed.
"When the heck did you get here? I though you were still in Tokyo!" Danielle smiled sheepishly.
"I wanted to have some fun, but you beat me to it!" She socked the older halfa in the shoulder and made him laugh.
"Uh- is there something going on here?" Asked the guy judge who had looked confused earlier. The Dannies exchanged wide grins.
"Oh nothing much," Danny started. And then he triggered his transformation back to Fenton and let his feet leave the floor. (he'd been practicing using his powers in human form, it seemed it'd paid off.) He'd made sure to wear the same outfit as Antarctica, just to be sure they'd recognize him.
"Hey I thought we agreed on cousins- and I got back just to mess with this. I even cut my hair! In both forms!" She exclaimed. And she was right. Except for her jacket and beanie, she looked just like him. She was even wearing the same clothes in human form as Danny. He wondered at first where she got them but then he looked a bit closer and saw a spaghetti stain he distinctly remembered making a few weeks ago.
"My clone and I are just a bit confused how we didn't win a costume contest on being me! Guess I wore the wrong face this morning." Danny said the last part, looking almost troubled. Danielle changed and rose into the air with him and the whole room froze. Except for Tucker, who could be heard cackling.
"Did you raid my closet?" He asked. He thought a few things had gone missing!
"Are you really Danny Phantom?" Interrupted one of the contestants incredulously.
"It had to be authentic! I've gotten like twelve compliments on my outfit just today." She smiled a smile that reached her eyes, one Danny had only rarely seen.
"Me?" Asked Danielle, though she knew it wasn't aimed at her.
"Nah, I'm just a clone of this dork." She elbowed Danny in the ribs.
"I resemble that remark!"
"Clone?!" Came a confused consensus.
"Oh yeah, Plasmius was a real fruitloop." Danny said, and the pair nodded in sync. That was almost creepy. There was a beat of silence before Danny continued.
"So I figure I'm disqualified -you too buttmunch- but I'll say here; I'm hosting a panel tomorrow and I'll probably somehow convince this brat to join me. So be there!" With that Danny disappeared, invisible, and Dani followed suit a moment later.
The first ten minutes of Q & A the next day was just about the competition, and Danny had completely confused half of them by saying he had no idea what the heck they were talking about. And when questioned about the girl next to him he told them that was his sister- if they were true fans how didn't they know he had two sisters? Overall he trolled the crowd for a few hours and explored afterward as Phantom, getting compliments on his cosplay. Sam somehow convinced him to go down artist alley, claiming no one was allowed to have explicit stuff.
One: Sam was wrong. And two: There was so much blood.
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m0nomercy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
kept seeing purple skinned ghost kids and.,..... ,,..... yes i would like to draw that..... so danielle
(i believe i saw the concept first by @coffeecakecafe !!! pls lmk if there's anyone else i should credit!!)
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fureliselost · 2 days ago
Hey folks! We’re back at art breeder again to do our most beloved:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ectopuke · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
happy mothers’ day
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dagranwrites · 8 days ago
inspired by the all souls trilogy and some thoughts on the show i had, a one shot collection i am using to even the ground between danny and vlad
four one-shots so far, the first three are primarily about vlad & danny bonding, part 4 centres more around danny & dani
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dagranwrites · 8 days ago
i have been doing an awful lot of thinking about dani and vlad’s attempts to clone danny and it’s been giving me headaches for various reasons, so here are some thoughts
Tumblr media
i have been mulling over the fact that dani was stabilised by using the ecto-dejecto, which increases a ghost’s strength and apparently has worked infinitely for her since application and there is just... so much to unpack here
for my own sanity’s sake i will start by focusing on her ghost half, though we don’t actually know how ghost dna works, for all that we know, hell we don’t understand everything abt dna as it is - “genetic structure infused with ecto-plasm” is not as helpful as canon thinks it is!
on a very basic level this could mean exactly what it sounds like at face value, which might even explain why the ecto-dejecto only needed to be applied once, bc ecto-plasm doesn’t seem to shift states easily once it’s stable
i already hate how much this breaks reality, because look, we’re like mouse in matrix rn explaining to neo that the machines don’t know what tastee wheat actually tastes like and the sludge pudding they’re eating may be actually the taste of cornflakes but nobody knows bc the machines botched the job AND MAYBE THAT’S WHY SO MANY THINGS TASTE LIKE CHICKEN
like we can base ghost dna off of our dna,  we can say that despite being coated in ecto-plasm it works like regular human dna as long as the halfas are in their human form, but none of this is real so we already don’t know
so maybe canon worked out for once
but maybe also ecto-plasm is its own genetic material on a technicality effectively making danny, vlad & dani chimeras and at this point we can throw my previous statements out of the window again and have to define how ecto-plasm works on a genetic level and how it works together with human dna
which is a level of pandora’s box i will not get into today, but basically what i am saying is that dani might actually still have unstable ghost powers and needs regular shots to stabilise her, but how would she even do that without the ecto-decjecto? does she eat ecto-plasm her fellow ghosts? does she get cravings for the green goop? is there human food that allows her body to self-regulate so she gets other cravings? is there a type of medication she could take? is she actually the cannibalistic vampire plasmius could have been?
okay, okay, let’s just leave that for whatever it is right now and look at her human half
dani’s human half was never stabilised
did it need to be? look, i’m no expert in genetics just really enthusiastic, but when she was dissolving it didn’t look like she was just shedding her ghost half but her entire body was going goopy so i’d say she was at risk as an entire being so yeah her human half should have required some stabilisation too
our dna is actually not something that’s set in stone, it’s quite unstable tbh, but it also has a ton of ways to repair itself entirely unprompted by outside influences, so technically we could say that since she was the only sapient clone it’s safe to say her human body is generally stable enough to deal with normal ranges of dna machine broke
however she has ecto-plasm in there! whatever the heck it is now, it’s in there! and she was melting!
so i am going out on a limb here and say that anything that destablises her ghost half automatically destablises her human half, the basic principle of this actually works on regular dna
if the her human dna is generally unstable there are really only two ways this can go and both are bad and i am going to deal with neither bc they would completely hijack any other plot that may been previously present in your fic
but then there is also the matter of her being a clone in the first place
how much research went into that, it’s not like there are cloning for dummies books
how many theoretical degrees does vlad have, is his scientific field just “yes.” bc it’s all of them??
genetics, bio-engineering, micro-biology, neuroscience and some form of medical degree is some of the stuff that comes to mind for me
ghost lore & biology are not real degrees but i’m pretty sure vlad has whatever it takes to get them
when dani first shows up she is said to be a 12 yrs old biologically and a couple months chronolically, which tells us a lot actually
cloning dolly the sheep took over 200 tries, so it’s fair to say that vlad ended up with a whole lot of experiements that failed shortly after conception and that he managed to get three living clones before dani was even a thing is immensely impressive
it also tells us that he was able to speed up the ageing process/development of their growth through means unknown to us
however, i do not believe that any amount of accellerated cell growth gave dani knowledge
hear me out for a moment, it’s very likely that dani actually had the brain chemistry of a 12 yo when she woke up, and having that would have given her a number of advantages over baby clones
that gives her an incredibly good base level for processing the world around her, taking up new information and assessing it, as well as being able to clearly “voice” (and i use that word loosely here) her likes and dislikes, 12 is also a very good age for molding a brain, especially when it’s empty, very impressionable age still
but that’s it
i don’t believe she popped out of that tank ready to take on the world with a plethora of knowledge bc vlad injected it into her brain matrix style, we don’t know enough abt the brain yet to do that and even if we could, we couldn’t do it at that speed and time is something vlad does not have when it comes to cloning, it’s not like baking a cake, he wouldn’t have been pressing a button and popping clones out of tanks like they’re muffins!
i will fight anyone who tries to tell me dani knew what a fork or a goddamn toaster was when she met danny (ok no i actually imagine vlad taught her table manners but you get the gist)
for a long time, probably the entire span of the rest of the show since her creation and first meeting danny, anything she did, she would have done for the first time in her entire life 9/10
being 12 and being able to speak would actually cover most of the gaps for her, but her speech would have likely included a lot of “this” and “that” and “there” and her behaviour would have been mimicking people more than often not to stand out, and she probably would have parroted people for a while to learn new words (i think she keeps a notebook full of things new to her)
so i believe those few months after her creation before she was sent after danny, vlad finally got to take a shower and shave and dress nice again, while suffering severe caffeine withdrawal for a couple days, and he’d just teach her stuff
a few months isn’t enough to cover everything, but just enough if he’d done nothing but that
it would have gotten dani familiar with basic things like walking, using words properly, and flying, just as much as what a fork is, table manners but also how cars and electronics work and what she was supposed to expect from the outside world, and since she was the first one who was self-aware vlad would have doted on her, if only bc he’s proud of his achievement
it would also explain why dani was willing to trust him blindly up until the last moment, or why she calls him “dad”
dani’s ghost half being primarily strengthened might explain why she primarily lives as a ghost bc it could simply be more comfortable for her when it comes to states of being, but it could also be because the ghost world is less judgey when it comes to her lack of experience in being alive
i mean?? they’re ghosts?? many of them died prematurely and would have missed out on so many things they otherwise would have gotten to experience? i bet dani just feels more at home when she’s with them, more like she belongs
this is neither here nor there, but i believe she and danny have some level of shared empathy, it’s not like luke and nell from haunting of hill house, just enough to easily read each other
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dagranwrites · 9 days ago
part 4
*kicks down door* I continue to write things! I- do not worry, we will get back to the half-ghost bonding in no time just- bear with me. this is going somewhere i promise.
danny wants to know how ageing works for half-ghosts, also he talks to his parents aka The Conversation but I accidentally poured chemical x over it and now it's steeped in dani-heavy-tones
@lord-of-cactus, @dp-marvel94, @deuynndoodles, @caeli-averno, @jennfreckles, @mushroom-omnomnom, @dangara2610, @prydoniantrash
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darthkvznblogs · 9 days ago
How would Ellie like the new Bad Batch cartoon?
I think she’d have conflicted feelings about it - the Bad Batch being not just clones but defective clones, she could easily identify with, but seeing the vast majority of clones fall to their programming and seamlessly fold into the Empire would mess with her something fierce.
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squrriellysketches · 10 days ago
hey! want some of my danny phantom art on something tangible? well good news you can do that. if these go over well i’ll add more stuff. please reblog to help me out n_n
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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this-is-z-art-blog · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Go with the flow, with the flow, with the path You hope for the best, you take what you have
DannyMay 2021, Day 6
↳ Core
Water powers! I think she should get to become a puddle on command
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fureliselost · 11 days ago
I was talking to a friend about a possible continuation for the Dad Vlad AU (fic, post), and we mentioned Wes in terms of this AU. Since there will probably not be enough material to write about it, here it is:
Wes’ first reaction to Dani is “THERE’S TWO OF THEM”, which immediately jumps to “CLONE!”. And everyone is so fricking done with Wes, because, well... that’s not a logical conclusion to get to.
Then, my friend asked if he would figure out that Vlad is Danny’s bio dad. The answer is no, because that’s a logical conclusion and Wesley only gets correct conclusions when they’re absurd. Wes thinks Vlad’s a vampire (I mean, he does have reason to think that) and that he’s somehow the reason Danny’s a ghost (idk, he prob thinks Vlad tried to turn Danny but it went wrong and Phantom happened).
Before that, Danny was cautious and joked about it to throw people off his tracks, after? Danny and Dani are taking full advantage of the trolling opportunities :)
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