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#Danny phantom
shadowentity01 · 43 minutes ago
You shall not harm him.
Tumblr media
I live.
14 hours.... Why do I do this to myself? ; - ;
This is a part in my main AU. As you see, Clockwork is protecting little Dan from the Observants.
I might redraw some other AU pictures of mine. :)
Please do not steal.
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hitchell-mope · 44 minutes ago
And now she knows
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hitchell-mope · 46 minutes ago
I hate that bastard
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hitchell-mope · 54 minutes ago
Her heart’s in the right place. She’s completely out of her depth. But her heart’s in the right place
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ankossketches · an hour ago
#vladmasters fathering baby #dannyfenton
I just had a urge to draw something cute ! Based on kibbitzer reference sheets.
#vladplasmius #dannyphantom #danielfenton #plasmius #father #babydannyfenton #dadmoments #fathering
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princess-of-the-corner · an hour ago
Phantom Chloe au: will Chloe give off any ectoplasm from her bodily fluids? Like if someone scans her bed will there be minor ectoplasm residue from small bits of sweat, or will there be some in the sink from when she brushes her teeth?
Oh so this is getting into general Halfa headcanons which means I will be tagging it in the main dp tag!
Okay. So.
The ectoplasm in a Halfa goes down to a dna level. So anything that contains dna would register.
I don't think sweat does, but saliva is a decent sample.
It's such a small concentration that you can't like. Spit in a cup and have one of the Ghost Detectors go off, but if you analyze it the same you would with regular dna, you'd see the ectoplasm in it.
The concentration would be even higher in Ghost Form. And some things like blood become straight up ectoplasm.
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The fentons are so funny when you compare them to real-life ghost hunters though. Imagine having a ghost hunter convention and everyone is discussing how descriminate actual cold spots from places with bad ventilation or what frequency spirit boxes should be on and then these two weirdos in jumpsuits with a FUCKING BAZOOKA walk in and try to explain that not only are ghosts a lot more solid then everyone thinks but they're also all evil and need to be hunted down.
And everyones just like
"Oh its the fentons. I wonder if they brought fudge again this year."
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mordo-draws · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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2018 (part 1)
I like to post old art because I know people like to go back and look  at progress. So I’ll post these so curious people can do just that.
So yeah I started a new blog and you’re gonna see my signature on my  art change. I’m gonna say sorry in advance for adding this all in tags.  Lmao.
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Danny has way too much power because of Clockwork's staff.
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typo-art · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cleaned up a sketch I drew during DnD. Drawing every day is really helping me get back into the zone.
I’m thinking of trying to needle myself into doing dannymay and churn out some finished pieces.
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The Nerd and the Jock
Warning- Some angst but mostly fluff. And I'm so sorry for making yall wait. Kind of busy with school, but that's all.
Danny POV
I was shoved into the lockers by none other than Dash.
"What's wrong, Fenturd? Already in pain?" Dash 'innocently' asked.
I braced myself for the hit, but nothing happened.
I opened my eyes and saw that Phantom was blocking Dash from hitting me.
"H-Hey, Phantom," Dash started saying, but Phantom cut him off.
"What did I say about harming my boyfriend?" He said, sending Dash an aura of darkness.
I sweatdropped and told Dash to run, which he did.
I had to hold my boyfriend back from beating Dash up for the fifth time this week, but I know that he'll do it later.
As soon as Dash was out of sight, I calm my ferocious boyfriend down by kissing his cheek.
It did the trick, and I politely smiled at Phantom.
"I know that you hate Dash for bullying me, but I'll appreciate the favor. After all, you owed me, remember?" I said, cheekily smiling.
Phantom groan and held my hand tighter.
"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just, don't get too cocky about it," He said.
I smiled, gave Phantom another kiss, and left.
Once I was at the door, the school bell ranged, and students were coming late to class.
I headed to my room where Katheren my goth friend was.
She smiled when she saw me, which was rare, but frown when she saw someone else.
I quickly walked away and sat right in front of her.
There were my old/fake friends Sam and Tucker.
They giggled with each other while rubbing their noses, making me and Katheren nearly baff.
I hold it in, but Katheren made some gag noises, causing me to chuckle.
"At least I have you... unlike them..." I said with a smile.
Katheren smiled, and then the teacher appeared.
Everyone else got to their sits while Sam and Tucker were too busy making out.
"Excuse me, young ma'am, the class had started. Get to your sit, right now!" She said.
I don't blame her; they've been doing this since they started dating.
I sneakily smirk when Sam "sadly" got up to leave.
Katheren held her giggles as Sam shot a glare at us both.
We don't mind it, but it does get annoying whenever they are staring.
Once class started, I saw Sam glancing over at me and then at Katheren.
Yet again, with this game? Why it's so much fun? I sarcastically thought.
Katheren got the idea and rolled her eyes.
Wonder how Phantom's doing without me? I thought, knowing that he'll come and chase me as soon as class ends.
I smug at the thought, still paying attention to class.
When the teacher saw me with that look, she asked me what she said.
I told her what I heard her say, and she continued with class with an unimpressed look.
Can't blame her for that either; Sam's always been too clingy towards Tucker, which I'm actually thankful for.
I can't imagine someone I'm dating, other than Phantom, to be that clingy.
That's just not me...
As the lecture went on and on, soon, the school bell ranged.
We headed to lunch, and I saw Phantom waiting for me at a table.
I smiled and signaled Katheren to come and sit with us.
She shrugged and accepted the deal.
We sat with Phantom, and all of us were discussing how our day was so far.
Then, all of a sudden, Sam and Tucker were walking towards us.
Katheren rolled her eyes as she saw them coming.
Phantom, overprotectively, wrapped his hand around my waist, making me blush.
That didn't stop them from coming, but I was prepared.
When they were this near to Phantom, I asked Katheren if she can beat them up.
She said yes without looking at me, making them stop.
Then, they left without glaring at me, making me smug.
"Thank you~," I said, making Katheren confused a bit but shrugged it off.
Phantom sigh happily as he kissed me lightly.
I smiled and pulled him into another kiss, making out with him soon after.
"Urgh, gross, get a room," Katheren said, making a disgusted face.
I laugh and we continued our day as it is.
And always will be in the future...
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loophole666 · 3 hours ago
I have seen a lot of posts of hunger AU and I think that 'living' ectoplasm has a texture like a jellyfish. And sea turtles have throat spikes to keep them down. So do ghosts have throat spikes?
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my therapist: you should write a journal of your feelings
me: *projects trauma onto fictional characters*
my therapist: no not like that
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only-in-december · 4 hours ago
I'm trying to figure out if I should have Danny mention that Ghosts aren't dead. Because, in my AU they aren't. And...I don't know if I should have him point that out at some point, or just have the kiddos work up to that realization. Like, would Danny pay any attention at all to his parents' theories on ghosts?
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starry-river-serval · 4 hours ago
2 and 5 (for anything but for ml if you want a specific fandom)
*Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?*
I always and always will believe in AlyaNino brotp supremacy. 
whatever Darius and Brookyln from Jurassic World got going on I’m fine as both an otp or a brotp
jaune + weiss/ruby like they’re buds ya’ll sorry
*Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?*
they broke up bu I absolutely could not stand l*kanette
gonna be honest I was really keen on sam/danny from danny phantom even though I wasn’t really in the “fandom” when that was out idk idk valerie and danny was really really good
OH SPEAKING OF ML I was like eh okay about nathaniel/chloe but the more I saw it the more I hated it and basically any boy/chloe ship is just that ship but with different hair color which never works out in my mind because she’s a lesbian (unless it’s like chlonino which absolutely fucks)  
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andydona-chan · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Found this small little guy and re-painted it with Danny's clothes (I don't even know who he is supposed to be, he's about and inch tall btw), I still need to think on how to fix his face and hair, for the t-shirt, I don't know, the high collar doesn't look too bad but it doesn't fit either... Anyway, this is the result
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si-li · 5 hours ago
What are your thoughts on ghost king/prince!Danny?
I really like the idea of king/prince!Danny!
I like to think that while he’d want to refuse the crown and all the responsibilities with it (because he obviously has a life outside of being a hero), he’d also start boasting and shoving it in Vlad’s face, like ha! I’m the king, your ruler, your liege and you’re not >:3c
so yeah I think it’s fantastic. I started some sketches on how he could look like, which I’ll be posting somewhat soon :)
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