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#surf life

We’ll teach you surfing amidst a dream panoramic beach, or you can just rent a board and go surfing by yourself

We can show you the best places to skate through various West African cities

or arrange a yoga lesson next to the ocean near the coconut trees

We can organize jungle and beach hikes for you, find a gym, which fits your needs, or we can even organize the perfect massage for you after your training sessions

We will guide you through local food delicatessens and/or provide you a small cooking class on how to prepare local recipes with local ingredients from scratch

We will take you through the big local markets, and if you want to party, we can show you the night-life scene of the city with its clubs, bars, and festivals

Whatever you like, you can decide how much you would like to rely on us with your activity plans

Whether you just need information: where, how, and when, or need to have your activities fully coordinated with our help,

we are here for you

Whatever you need, send us an e-mail, and we’ll get started !

Coordinate your active holidays through West Africa with us!

Justice’s Brother -

100% made in Ghana

 Solely run by Ghanaian locals

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