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roarsaidthedinosaur · a month ago
🍓 ME!
you cannot half ass a single thing in your life, including (dare i say especially?) how much you care about people. you paid me one of the best compliments i’ve ever been given because you just like… knew exactly what to say. also you have this uncanny ability to look at an article of clothing on any person and then FIND THE PLACE TO PURCHASE IT. HOW.
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jennamacaroni · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
just jumping between discourse here but @ratherembarrassing​ did both conflicts not get resolved?  like id argue we see both being resolved at the same time?  plz elaborate
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amaltheaz · 4 months ago
Are you asking for THREE ideas??? Bully for you if it wasn't what you meant, I am gonna give you three anyway 😂
1. I had this one-shot set in late season four, completely in Lena's point of view. I can't remember from which point in season four though I do remember having written a scene between her, Alex and Supergirl, and having her think about how Alex and Supergirl seemed more "professional" than how they used to be and then reminding herself that it wasn't really any of her business.
OKAY, I found the doc where I outlined it just because it was gonna bug me not remembering when I had set it 😂
It's set AFTER Kaznia and Lena is enjoying the fact that she and Kara are spending more time together again, just as she and Supergirl are also working closer together. It makes me kind of laugh thinking about this now just because of what ended up happening in the finale because I had the gang come up with a plan to confront Lex. It'd be Lena, Alex, Supergirl etc etc. and then the end of the one-shot, my plan was to have Lena texting Kara, just to check in and to make sure that Kara was safe and Kara is telling her she's at home, watching a movie (haha). And then the whole thing was supposed to end on a text from Kara saying something about how she believes in Lena, how she's the best Luthor and that Lena would save them all. Y'know, something really soul-destroying
2. I think I've mentioned this in a different ask but I have thought about making an angstier version of fwb au. Though the angst isn't from Lena not knowing about Kara being Supergirl, I think you and I have talked about that before being a big no-no for us. But no, the angst from this one would be more the normal (what is normal anymore lol) relationship angst. I think it could have been fun to explore that anyway.
3. Okay, I'm getting a little worded out so I will leave you with an au that I've wanted to write forrrrrrrrever but like, words are hard AND WHO HAS THE TIME
Robin Hood au
With Lena as Robin Hood and Kara as Maid Marian because that's always how I pictured it. I feel fandom would probably see it differently but OH WELL, they don't have ever have to see it now lmao
send me a 💭, and i’ll share an idea for a story i’ve wanted to write but haven’t had time to.
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perpetuallyfive · 3 years ago
■ and/or/with ☾ for lena and/or supercorp
If they were to actually live together, I don’t think either of them feels a NEED for a large space but they end up with one anyway. Because Kara has so many PEOPLE that come with loving her and they might all need beds at one point or another and being able to provide for her people makes Kara happy, which makes Lena happy. So they suddenly have a surplus of beds. 
Kara assumes that maybe Lena might have business guests and doesn’t want to question the need for so much extra. She’s never been rich before and doesn’t want Lena to feel self-conscious about it. Probably Lena’s old place had more than she realized and this is normal for a woman who owns a giant tech company alongside a global media brand. 
Kara actually realizes what’s going on when Eliza, Alex, Sam, and Ruby are all staying the night and she’s so touched. 
A lot of the minimalism that still defines Lena’s office life goes out the window. She has her own work space that’s still really contained, and it’s not like things are a mess, but now there are all these other things that Kara has collected throughout her life and many connections and none of them actually match any of the rest of the decor.
Lena’s first impulse is to get rid of most of her own old stuff and pay an interior designer to buy her things that match what Kara owns instead. Kara is, of course, horrified by the thought of Lena giving up on any old attachments and sentimental connections.
She is even more horrified once she realizes Lena has no attachment to almost any of her things.
The actual solution ends up being that Lena still pays the interior designer very well, although her services are no longer required, because she and Kara go shopping together instead. They try out sofas for almost an entire day and keep getting sidetracked because Kara insists that they test them out by sitting very close together to make sure they’re soft but still firm. 
Lena does her standard Luthor eyebrow raise at that one.
Kara’s old sofa goes into one of those spare bedrooms. Alex probably uses that room the most. (With Sam.)
Lena wants to buy Kara a telescope after she goes on a family visit -- !!! -- to stay with Eliza, but it’s so hard to see the stars in National City. 
She ends up buying her an observatory instead, and naming it after the Danvers.
It takes roughly twice as long for them to buy a bed as it did to get a sofa.
Lena never expresses that she wants to be the little spoon, because it’s never up for discussion. Kara just defaults to wrapping Lena up in her arms. 
There’s never an objection.
I’m pretty convinced Kara doesn’t need as much sleep as most, you know, people, but she always makes a point to get into bed earlier than she feels like she needs to in the hopes that it will convince Lena to stop working and come to bed.
It works pretty well and sometimes Kara just decides to not be subtle and stands in the office doorway in her pajamas and says something about being cold.
Lena does not believe it.
There’s never an objection.
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fiddleabout · 3 years ago
we both decided to take a [yoga/fencing/cooking etc] class and we’re the only two assholes not taking it seriously and everyone else is giving us dirty looks but we keep grinning over at each other; ALEX AND LENA S'IL VOUS PLAIT
“Everyone take a deep breath in and then let it out slowly.  Let your stress out with the exhale and bring your shoulders down away from your ears.”
Alex presses her lips together as tightly as she can to keep her mouth shut, swallowing the groan at the soft breathy words of the instructor at the front of the class.  She glances out of the corner of her eye to the woman on her left, the clearly misplaced swipe-right on Tinder that Kara had encouraged her to go on a date with.  The rock climbing pictures and the text suggesting that they meet at a gym before going for coffee had piqued her interest, right up until she was handed a yoga mat and told to leave her shoes in a locker.
She’s going to kill Kara for this.  She slaps a smile onto her face as her date– Kylie, and honestly she’s not sure what she expected from someone named Kylie except for exactly what she’s getting– glances over at her with a grin and a wink, and Alex follows half a beat behind the rest of the class as they move into a triangle pose and then down into a plank.  
Alex blows a loose bit of hair out of her face, taking her irritation at the class out on the lock of hair falling over her eye.  It draws a poorly-disguised look of annoyance from Kylie, and Alex hurriedly mouths Sorry! in her direction and then stares down at the mat under her hands.  She glances back over after a moment to where Kylie’s got her eyes closed and is clearing breathing serenely to the eight-count the instructor is moving through in that still soft and still breathy and still incredibly annoying voice.
Past Kylie’s ponytail is another woman who’s also looking around the room, boredom written into the flat line she’s pressed her mouth into, and Alex raises an eyebrow.  She’s got the precise ponytail and sleek Lululemon look of everyone else in the room, but is clearly ignoring the instructor’s insistence that they all breathe together to relieve the collected stress from the outside world and is instead wrinkling her nose daintily and huffing out a not-at-all-quiet sigh of annoyance. 
Alex barely swallows a laugh, catching it behind her teeth just in time, if not enough to keep entirely quiet, and it comes out like an amused breathy snort and draws a collection of dirty looks her way.  The bored woman raises an eyebrow at her slowly and then one side of her mouth lifts into a smile and she outright winks at Alex, who very nearly loses her balance.  
The class continues to pass by, the instructor somehow maintaining her soft guidance while also clearly irritated with Alex and her new comrade in arms, both of whom go through the motions and spend half their time making faces at each other over Kylie’s ponytail and rolling their eyes.  By the time it’s ended, Alex has clearly screwed up her date– made clear by Kylie muttering something about how this probably isn’t going to work out with us and huffily rolling up her mat and abandoning Alex– but she sits lazily on her still-unrolled yoga mat with her elbows on her knees and chin propped in one hand, eyebrows raised at Kylie’s irritated stomp to the lockers and the similarly irritated glances thrown her way by the remainder of the class.
“How dare you disrupt such a sacred experience,” her partner in crime deadpans from where she’s rolling up her own mat.
Alex grins and rocks up to her feet smoothly.  "I guess I’m just not cut out for such seriousness,“ she says with a shrug.  
"How’d you end up here, then?”
Alex shrugs again and jerks her thumb over her shoulder to where Kylie is at the lockers, deep in conversation with the instructor and occasionally shooting glares Alex’s way.  "Shouldn’t have swiped right, I guess.“  She rolls her mat up sloppily and shoves it under her arm.  "What about you?”
“My assistant insisted,” she says with a smooth shrug of her own.  "She’s normally on top of things so I figured I’d give it a try.  Which is probably a better reason than a Tinder date, I have to say.”
“No argument here.”  Alex pauses and then holds one hand out.  "I’m Alex.“
"Lena.”  Her handshake is firmer than Alex expected, a concise and practiced movement.  "Bad Tinder choices notwithstanding, it was at least nice to have someone else hating this as much as I did.“
Alex clears her throat and glances down briefly at her bare feet for a moment.  "I was going to be getting coffee with said Tinder date after this, but do you want to–”
“Yes,” Lena says quickly, only to clear her throat as well and smile wryly.  "I’m much more of a coffee person than a yoga person.  It’s more relaxing and I ironically need it after this.“
"Great,” Alex says, a bit dumbfounded, because Lena is pretty and also going to go get coffee with her now on no notice.  "Let me just get my shoes and we can go.  There’s a place I know a few blocks away on–“
"The one on Broad?” Lena says.  "I love that place.  It’s right next to my office.“
"The L Corp building?” Alex says automatically, and then abruptly freezes with her shoes hanging from her hand, half out of the cubby.  "Wait, are you Lena Luthor?“
"Ah,” Lena says slowly.  "Guilty.“  She shrugs and folds her arms over her stomach carefully.  "If you don’t want to get coffee then I–”
“No!” Alex blurts out.  "I mean, yes, I do want to, no, I don’t want to.  I mean– I read your research on using interfuron-gamma against multidrug-resistant TB, it was–um, great,“ she finishes weakly, face hot.  "I mean.  Yeah, I’d still like to get coffee.  If you do.”
“You read my paper?” Lena says after a long moment.  "And understood it?“
"Well, yeah, I mean, it’s not my exact area of focus, but I still got the gist.”  Alex turns her focus to her shoes, fumbling with the laces to keep herself occupied.  
“That’s a first,” Lena says, smiling again as Alex pushes back up to her feet and clears her throat.  "That that’s what someone brings up when they find out who I am, that is.“  She tilts her head towards the door.  "Shall we, then?”
“Yeah,” Alex says with a smile of her own.  "Lead the way.“
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swashbucklery · 3 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your post: A thing that I need to be a fic trope immediately...
excuse me
Oh sry is that not your jam? Because lbr if these two are going to date they’re going to be insanely, intensely competitive for months. Like, 80% of their courtship (which is what Amaya calls it, when they’re making a big deal about yelling at each other in the kitchen over who is stupider for the fourth time that week) is just really intense bickering because they both super like each other and they hate it.
(Have I told you my theory yet, about Ava? Bc I’m waiting for the show to confirm that she actually has a massive crush on Sara from training at the Time Bureau. She said it in ep 2 she spent the last five years studying the Legends’ exploits and oh she just ~happens to have the exact same weapons and fighting style as Sara oh she just ~happens to know every detail of her life including the shitty retail job she held after losing her ship oh she ~accidentally recognizes Sara’s sister from the photo in her office like come on queermo try to dial your thirst back at least 10%. Please consider 25-year-old Ava starting her training at the Time Bureau Academy For Suits and devouring everything she can on Time Captain Sara bc let’s be real: she’s cool.)
Anyway, they for sure hook up by accident at least four times, and then get into a huge fight over who’s a worse kisser and it literally ends in fisticuffs and this is how they grudgingly agree that maybe they’re not not dating, ugh.
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supercorpbookmarks · 3 years ago
Supercorp Secret Santa Fic Recs
it takes a muscle to fall - ratherembarrassing 
"Hey Siri," she sighs, kicks her heels against the side of the building whose roof she has commandeered for her little feelings party hideout, "Google 'am I in love with my best friend?'"
something so precious - Dawn 
Alex sets Lena and Kara up on a blind date because she feels like they would hit it off. She's not wrong.
[yeah, we really are] - bs13
Lena hasn't heard from Kara Danvers in three years and is perfectly okay with the fact. But when she wakes up in a world that isn't hers, with Kara in her bed and two kids she doesn't recognize calling her Mommy, she's quickly coming to the realization that maybe she's not as okay as she thought.
Is This Thing On? - BroodyJC 
Lena gets caught on mic saying exactly what she'd do to Supergirl if given the chance
Notifications Gone Wild - cfo_absolute 
Supergirl gets an Instagram and posts a picture of her and Lena and... well... neither of them really expected this kind of response.
Please Clarify - gveret
Lena's been thinking a lot about all the ways she could ask Kara out. She'd never thought she'd need to use every single one of them, though. (In which Lena tries to confess her feelings. And tries, and tries, and tries.)
Centrifugal Motion - SpicyCheese 
“It’s not,” Kara hushes into her phone. She crosses the lobby of Lena’s apartment building, heading towards the elevators. “She invited you guys too…” ... “She told you to pick her up at her apartment. It’s a date,” Alex levies. “The question is, if you’re going to finally do anything about it.”
Jealous Needs - offscreenmusings
Lena has a new assistant that always makes sure her boss has time for lunch/dinner and Lena tells Kara how wonderful she is so Kara is SuperTM jealous and trying to get Lena’s attention back
time there was and time there will be (where does that leave me and you?) - seabiscuit
After Mon-El leaves earth, Lena and Kara find comfort with each other like best friends do.
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fahye · 4 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your post: to all the lovely people who have sent me asks...
plz share book list!
LIST, curated from asks:
Botticelli's Secret by Marina Fiorato - fiction about Botticelli’s Primavera
Provenance by Sujo and Salisbury - non fiction about art forgery, sounds great, I am LOOKING FORWARD TO READING THIS
Rape of Europa by Lynn Nicholas - non fiction about the Nazi obsession with art
The Passion of Artemesia by Susan Vreeland - fiction about Artemesia Gentileschi
The House of Medici: its Rise and Fall by Christopher Hibbert -  non fiction
The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant - the only one I’ve personally read so far, historical fiction set around the Bonfire of the Vanities, I enjoyed but didn’t love it; it worked well as a historical novel but felt like it was trying to be a romance as well and the romance fell utterly flat for me.
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 2 years ago
do you have a hypothetical best case scenario where Lena could come to trust Sam and Alex again? even in your wildest dreams?
Yes, I figured it out yesterday. Still working out on how to execute but if you’re curious about its nature, you should know that my first reaction to the idea was:
“Oh, they’re going to hate me…”
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chainofclovers · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
ratherembarrassing replied to your post: Killing Eve episode 3 thoughts and spoilers behind...
i actually liked the really ham-fisted foreshadowing because when we set off after that i figured there was no WAY a tv show would be that blatant, and so i was completely shocked when they did it! and in hindsight it was blatantly obvious that bill had been baited into noticing and following villanelle from the second she bumped into him, but they’d completely thrown me off the scent.
OK, that’s a great point, that the foreshadowing was intentionally over-the-top...
When I watched that scene with Bill and his baby, though, I immediately thought “OH NO ARE THEY GOING TO DO THIS?!?” and had this horrible feeling that they were, though that says less about the show choices and more about my paranoia re: Bill’s safety. (I’m also very worried about Elena’s safety, though maybe she’s good for another ep or two--or more--now that Bill isn’t?) 
I do really like that moment relatively early in the ep when Villanelle bumps into Bill. What do you think was his motivation for not saying anything to Eve? Was he worried Eve would get distracted from her more immediate task? Did he fear Eve would put herself in danger? Did a misguided desire to protect her make him fail to protect himself?
(Not rhetorical questions! Actual questions for @ratherembarrassing or literally anyone reading this!)
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jennamacaroni · a year ago
jenna i cannot deal with the tears on eve's face when she turned her back to villanelle. cannot. deal.
literally no one in villanelles life up to that point cares enough about her to ask such a simple question but EVE DOES EVE CARES EVE LOVES HER
eve loves her enough that she CRIES when villanelle tells her to walk away and not to turn back
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fahye · 4 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your post: how do you pronounce your name? because i've been...
the h is for hemphasis
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professorspork · 2 years ago
when I see you on my dash I think "I wonder how long ago Leah queued this post?"
(1-4 days)
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door · 3 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your post “i was tagged by @spicycheeser​ to answer these Qs and then ask some of...”
The plural of octopus is octopodes!
according to my mom, an octopus enthusiast currently reading a book about octopuses and giving me daily updates on them, it is octopuses! according to wikipedia, octopodes is the rare plural, which i think means that possibly you are the only one using it
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rtarara · 4 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your post “Does anyone know why James isn’t running the alien story? He IS the...”
he's not a writer, he's a photo journalist?
He’s the acting CEO of Catco Worldwide Media. They had that whole scene where he laid down the law and showed he’s Snapper’s boss when push came to shove. Though Snapper is only in charge of Catco Magazine. James essentially has the same powers as Cat so he SHOULD be able to send out an alert or run a news story on one of the radio stations, tv stations, websites or publications. 
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amaltheaz · 2 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THANK YOU FOR THIS BIRTHDAY GIFT now i just have to get through a day of work before i can enjoy!
You are welcome for this gift on my birthday 😂
I hope you'll enjoy! ❤️❤️❤️
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jedifighterpilot2727 · 3 years ago
Supercorp Fic Rec
(will try to add more to this as i find the ones I read/read more!)
[yeah, we really are] by bs13 - basically the supercorp version of a cheesy hallmark christmas move but 1000x better!
There’s Been a Myx-take by karalovesallthegirls - Supercorp meets The Good Place - omg! hilarious and amazing!
your future is someone else’s past (so tread gently) by tomas_abe - honestly, this reads like a sci-fi novel and was just fantastic
a bit of you, a bit of me by darkemberdagger - there’s an accident and a familiar looking face
kiss me till dawn by pirateygoodnes -Kara has certain . . . tastes when it comes to Lena’s lipstick
I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Silent_Specter - Lena just wants to spend and uneventful Christmas with her wife, is that too much to ask for?
it takes a muscle to fall by ratherembarrassing - the five stages of falling in love with your best friend
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smallandsundry · 2 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your photo “have a hawkeye au for supergirl because i haven’t blasphemed enough”
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fahye · 3 years ago
ratherembarrassing replied to your post: That Ask the Doctor panel sounds super...
please answer my question about getting stabbed in the boob again, too
yes of course. shove it officially in my askbox so I don’t forget about this deeply educational and important medical query.
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