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this is the prologue to the switch series. you can begin the switch series (of written chapters) here.

⟼ days before you and jungkook are getting married, having made a vow to go two weeks without sex before the wedding.

⟼ dirty talk, romance, mention of masturbation, sexting (kind of)

win a customized smut scenario

author’s note: this is an updated version. i accidentally posted the unedited version (which is completely my fault, and i went to fix it as soon as a i realized). anyway, this one should be better.

This is an original work by Tal (@angelxtal/@admxtal), and @schmudt​ on tumblr for writing. All of my original works are copyrighted and cannot be reposted without my direct and explicit permission. I do not permit the alteration or repetition of my writing. This is purely fiction for entertainment purposes; the characters in my stories are ones that I created, and the BTS members whose names and/or physicality they share are not the same as the ones I write. This is all fiction! Thank you for reading!

author’s note cont.:

- and in this, the posting of any and all parts of the switch series is complete.

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Summary of Namjoon’s vlive 23.4.2019:

  • He finished their schedules and came to vlive with a lamp because it was dark
  • He had removed his make up so his skin could breathe
  • He was nervous because its been a while. He said he will talk about his personal thoughts and interpretations
  • “In this album, I was a lyric writing bot! Except for SUGA hyung and j-hope’s parts, I wrote the lyrics for about 80% of it. It was a tough process but thankfully, it came out great”
  • He was wearing a pink sweater to match the MOTS:P theme aw
  • He often said Love Yourself was his ultimate goal, something he had to do before he died. But it became longer and there were misunderstandings despite its grandness. So they wondered how to think of something grand while being their regular selves and came up with inner self
  • They decided to do smaller things and go back to the start, seeing as bigger things were a little too much to handle
  • He said PERSONA to him is ARMY. Everything he’s been through, his shadows, good things were all from ARMY.
  • He said the songs are like a serenade to ARMY and that’s why lyric writing came very organically to him and he was very satisfied
  • He said lots of people don’t pay attention to lyrics these days rather they like sounds. He wants to move opposite of this mentality
  • “-as someone who wanted to be a poet and recognize the beauty of the lyrics, and since they are the words that I am raising to you, I really worked hard and focused on portraying the messages properly. So as you listen to this album, my request is that you please pay attention to the lyrics, I really want to emphasize that.”
  • Intro: PERSONA was so hard. He felt too much pressure and wrote, reorganized and tore the structure severally. He wanted to give it a ‘What am I to you’ feel.
  • He rewrote PERSONA 5 times as they were traveling in between Hong Kong and US.
  • His throat didn’t feel that good after the 'PERSONA who the hell am I?’ part…. The huskiness didn’t sound refreshing to him so he went back to light rapping as per his guide
  • BTS visited him during the MV shooting even though it was a holiday and he was so grateful it made him think to visit them no matter what
  • He felt embarrassed shouting 'PERSONA!’ in front of his dongsaengs and parents so he told them to leave shortly lol
  • He’s gonna kill it if he gets to perform PERSONA live
  • Boy with Luv’s title wasn’t enough to express the depth of the song so he added A Poem for Small Things
  • Hoseok asked him for help with his bwl verse cuz he felt it didn’t flow but Namjoon was too burnt out at the tunw so he just rapped Hoseok’s verse and that’s how he came up with the first line of his own verse
  • His favorite lyrics in Mikrokosmos is “the deepest nights and the start lightsthat shine brighter’
  • He listened to Mikrokosmos as he was walking home and visualized lights shining down on them as their bodies shone like xrays
  • BWL is a good driving song. And so is Make it Right. A perfect song to write #mood. He thanked Ed sheeran
  • He liked the 'frozen sweat’ lyric and imagined a cowboy struggling in the desert in a lonely painful journey. "An eternal night where I couldn’t see the end, you were the one who brought me morning” That lyric made him so happy
  • Make it right was supposed to be a vocal line song but Edit sheeran insisted they all participate
  • HOME is old school, like the type of music he grew up with (Biggie, P diddy). He was sad they recorded it individually in their own personal studios
  • He said someone who couldn’t Make it Right would return HOME
  • In PERSONA they realize they have to focus on small things then love these things in BWL then all these small things come together in Mikrokosmos and they Make it Right and this becomes their HOME and then there’s despair in Jamais vu but finally the person finds their persona and becomes Dionysus
  • JAMAIS VU is the most sad for it especially when Jungkook sings 'please give me a’. He thought of it as a game where if you die you have to return to the start. He felt the despair like when he’s playing Zelda
  • JAMAIS VU was the track all the members liked the most and those who didn’t participate in where envious especially Taehyung and Jimin.
  • Dionysus was the last song and by the time they were doing it he was mentally exhausted. He didn’t want to do it and then Hoseok came as his savior! Hoseok helped write and Yoongi did good as well
  • He said they don’t worry about vocal line live because the 4 do so well!
  • He thanked BTS for helping him when he needed them the most
  • He said thanks for giving them single digits in billboard and he wasn’t going to take it for granted
  • He said fright wasn’t a word he could use when describing Hoseok and choreo
  • He pushed for blonde hair but its hard to maintain
  • Best songs to listen to while walking along Han river is BWL day time and Mikrokosmos at night
  • He’s been correcting his hunched posture by using core strength and doing pilates
  • He hopes the rest of BTS also share their experiences while recording the album
  • He said he’s a proud Korean but he’ll make a country in his heart and we can all be citizens
  • His computer was dying so he had to say goodbye

Trans ©cafe_army

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BTS Reaction: You Give Them Flowers

  • a/n. A soft post with BTS as cute boyfriends.
  • warnings ⚠️ none! all fluff.

Taehyung — Will absolutely do something artistic with it. Tae hates seeing them wilt so he will dry the primroses, peonies, and zinnias flat between old book pages so they will last a lot longer. Afterwards, he might arrange them on a canvas, perhaps as a collage with pictures, or stick one pressed flower to his tie slash suit’s chest pocket, whatever works better. The best part is when he waits for you to recognize it with twinkling eyes.

➸ Jimin — He’ll get sentimental. Even a bit teary when it’s beautiful apricot and crimson roses. His favorites. Jimin can’t believe that it’s for him, and just because for that matter. Presents like that make excited mochi’s brain go all mushy. He’ll cling to you throughout the day and try to reciprocate. Probably with an even bigger arrangement of flowers, you know, Gatsby style, Jimin is not above pulling such an exuberant move. 

Jin — Wow! Awesome. Now he has become the perfect modern Seoul gentleman. Only an ample orchid bouquet was missing to complete the entire look. Time to definitely take a picture for your recently created couple album. Out on the streets, in the garden, at the gleaming Han River bridge nearby. Kim Seokjin makes a good model and photoshoots are a fun pastime. Anything floral looks just wonderful on him.

➸ Yoongi — He’ll admit that it’s a bit similar to holding an award at a ceremony. In other words: That means a lot. Yoongi will look cuter than ever, tiny guy he is, with a huge cascade of flowers in his arms. He’d smile quietly to himself and most importantly, smell at it all the time and ask questions about how you got that idea. He will try to keep it in a vase for as long as possible in his studio, regularly cutting stalks and exchanging water.

➸ Hobi — Gorgeous sunflowers for Hoseok! That’s pretty straightforward. It’s basically an exact replica of him as a present, because well, Hobi evidently is a stunning flower. So he will dance, cheer because of it, and not stop kissing you until he tires out which um, doesn’t happen for long so there will be many spare pecks and selcas. By the end of the day, the entire world knows what pretty gift he received because he’s so excited.

➸ Namjoon — It’ll be an unorthodox, but adorable reaction. Dreamy botanics lover Namjoon will jump in circles, and then? Surprise surprise, recite you the symbolic and historical meaning of these freesias and lilacs, including their color psychology. So you are bound to research a bit beforehand. It’s all about conveying the right message for the philosopher right there. Loyalty, wisdom, ease in life. Beauty and enjoyment. Trust.

➸ Jungkook — Loves a loose bundle of handpicked countryside flowers like daisies so he can braid or stick them into his hair just for fun’s sake. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate bouquet that will drain your wallet big time. Jungkook might even like sturdier pot plants like dragon trees, anthuriums, or an aloe vera succulent because now he has a long-term task and gets reminded of you each time he takes care of it. 

artStill Life of Flowers (1614) — by Ambrosius Bosschaert 

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Cr trans

  • I removed the makeup to let my skin breathe. Please understand
  • It’s like an annual event that RM chit chats! I don’t use a perfume, but when you smell something good, it remains as a good memory, so I try to use a scented candle at my studio
  • This will be very personal opinion and thoughts. It’s not always correct, I talk as a person who participated in the album. I wrote lyrics 80-90% of the album. I was passionate about it and also they trust me in it.
  • Do you see my T shirt? I matched with our album color! (It’s a pink shirt)
  • Persona. Usually in a movie, when there’s a character, we often say it’s a persona of a director. To me, persona is something social. I understand that the word is originally come from Greek’s mask
  • This LY message became bigger. Since we talk it “Love Yourself” so the message became too big and sometimes misunderstood. So we came back to inner self. We talked like it’s time to talk about small things.
  • As I said before, the message became bigger than we can handle so we talked the PD nim and decided to do this album. What is our social persona.. Our persona is ARMY. BTS=ARMY. That’s why we can’t help but talking about you guys.
  • I wanted to write the most beautiful words that I can say to people I’m grateful for… So I spent lots of time on it. Nowadays, people don’t really pay attention to the lyrics. However, I want to go back to the time. I want to go against the trend.
  • Nowadays, people more focus on vibes but I wanted to focus on the lyrics. Also, it’s for you guys. It takes lots of time to select raw gemstones
  • It’s been 5 years since i did the intro. The pressure I had. I don’t know how many times I fixed the lyrics. First it was simple, but I wanted to do it right. Since I showed a calm side in mono, so I wanted to show what I originally like, a wild vibe.
  • The melody. It’s simple. So the track 100% depends on the performer. It was harder than What am I to you. But the result is great. I recorded 5 times. The originally tone was clearer, higher pitch, but I use up my voice during concerts so the voice gets lower.
  • But I wanted to bring that clearer voice, so I recorded 5 times but I ended up using the first recording. Yes. “look at wildflowers.. ” Purple you! Suddenly? haha Tablo complimented the track via Kakao. So I was really thankful and glad that it came out great.
  • Do you see my robes? Artisans’ work! All members visited the MV shooting spot despite it was their vacation.
  • I’ll kill it in live performance !! haha I’m looking forward to perform live!
  • The original title was Boy With Luv from the beginning. I thought it would be less convincing if we just go with Boy With Luv (so put Small Poem title) The composer who also sang as a chorus at SNL, so thankful for her
  • The melody. Try to put Korean lyrics. It’s really difficult. It was really tough to find Korean lyrics for the melody. “wings” that I always mention, “It’s too high, I want to eye contact you” I wrote it but I think I did great.
  • It was so difficult to find “모든게 (everything)” sometimes the simplest word is hardest to find. You know, “Hope World!” I did that part haha
  • Hobi wrote his part but he asked for help. I wrote the lyrics but I didn’t finish making my part but I helped his part as well. (He played the original Hobi version and his version) Hobi liked my version so we ended up making successfully. I wrote my rap at the last.
  • I was burnt out but I had to write for the title so I was like ‘yes let’s say honestly’. The song can’t be described only with Boy with Luv nor a Poem for small things. The double title is perfect to compromise each other.
  • Mikrokosmos. It’s already good from the beginning. This song will be a killer at a concert! When we sing “I got you” part together, you know it’s “we are the world” feeling.
  • The bummer is I couldn’t add this “dugudugu.. HEY!” I forgot to put this. Whenever you listen to this song, you need to shout this by yourself, ok? ………….HEY!
  • When the vocal line record, they pronounced -야 우린 part softer, so I asked why and they said cause that sounded better.. so we went for that. It’s a joke between members but when we record we were like “Soju one shot!” (Mikrokosmos = 소우주 (so-woo-ju) sounds similar to soju
  • We had Korean lyric part but the song writer asked to keep the original so we kept it and it was a good decision so many people can sing together. When I worked on this song, I imagined a cowboy travelling around a desert and sea. Having an image helps you a lot
  • This song could have been a vocal line song but Ed hyungnim wanted it to be a group song like Spring Day.
  • HOME - You can hear my ad lib. As you know, we compete when we work on music like the best melody, lyrics get the part. So I felt it’s a bummer that vocal and rap was a bit divided so [he added his ad lib to harmonize? I missed this part]
  • I’m so glad to have “mi casa” in the lyrics. We had many challenges until find the right lyrics. Wherever we are, where you at is our home. That’s what I wanted to say. The song order has a meaning. We’re made from small things, we became a Mikrokosmos, and where you at is home
  • The opposite of Deja vu is Jamais vu. When I walked at Hongdae, I went there more than 10 times but I couldn’t find the place. So I thought is this Jamais vu? Is Jamais vu is a bad sense of direction?
  • Whenever I listen, it’s a sad song when I hear JK’s voice. We had a concept for the song from the beginning which was a game. I tried to put what I felt when I played RPG games.. the feeling of less.. At last, you can hear Hobi’s voice.
  • “Over” part, Jin hyung’s voice was too bright at first so it made my laugh XD - Dionysus. A person who was looking for his persona becomes Dionysus. That’s what I think. When I made this song, I already worked other tracks so I was so tired.
  • I can’t sleep when I’m stuck. I keep thinking and thinking. I wished someone wrote it for me.
  • As you can hear, it’s a multi-layered rap (but you can’t really hear doubling in the final version so NJ thinks it’s a bummer) I’ll tell my opinion next time. (I was tired) so I was like, someone help me~~~ The original melody was like the sound dropped at the end.
  • PD nim suggested raising the end and I and Hobi disagreed. We imagined it as people nodding on beats but he persuaded us that the beat needs to hit. And with the performance, it was the right decision.
  • I trust the members on performance so I don’t worry at all. I thought we really grew up a lot. Thank you for accepting this album. It’s a miracle that we did #8 on the Hot 100 among hottest artists.
  • Done, guys. I did an hour. I will accept 10 questions and I ’ll go. There are several schedules. I have a practice schedule in the morning. Did I make any mistakes today?
  • Q. When will you build “Namjoon Nation”? I heard it from my friends. As a proud Korean citizen, I’ll build a nation in my heart. Move in!
  • Q. Does Hobi get scared when he does a Dionysus choreo? Dance is what he got so never. Hobi is the one who leads choreo. Dance and fear can’t be together in Hoseok.
  • Q. Music for Han river? At day time, Boy in Luv At night time, . Mikrokosmos. AH, this is a small universe! AHI should’ve done Live while turning off the light.
  • The family photo with a frame! It’d be perfect when we had Hobi flower. I thought ARMYs might feel sad if they don’t get it in other pre-rec so I asked the company to put the family photo.
  • Am I still doing Pilates? Yes! I do! 
  • It’s time to go. I hope you enjoy it. I couldn’t talk everything, like other member’s episode while recording the album but it’d be fun to hear the behind story from other members as well.
  • This album is solely for you so thank you for knowing that. We’ll work on the next album, I’ll try my best to bring another great song. Will work harder on choreo as well. Thank you. Good night! 


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