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part 4: hangover W

The drive to the local café was quiet due to the fact that jungkook and jimin were recovering from last night. mid drive they decided to get coffee instead of breakfast. yuri stared at the buildings quickly passing by. the only thought that lingered in her mind was whether today would be a good or bad day.

once they arrived jungkook was desperate to avoid the mild conflict the three would have. who would pay for the coffees just didn’t seem like something to argue about when his head was throbbing, so he willingly volunteered to pay for their coffees.

❀ ❀ ❀

yuri tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as a soft chuckle escaped her lips. as amusing as it was to watch jimin joke his way out of his pain yuri thought that it was time to give the boys the hangover medication she had been secretly keeping in her bag.

“you know yuri…you can be a bit of a bitch,” jungkook said in a jokingly manner. yuri simply shrugged her shoulders. the boys chugged the liquid medication before jungkook’s name was called.

it wasn’t long before jungkook came back with three hot cups of black coffee. yuri always loved how her and the boys shared the same taste buds. many might find black coffee bitter but that bitter taste reminded her of the two boys waiting back home. a soft “hmm” escaped yuri’s mouth as she felt the warm liquid make it’s way down her throat.

“for someone who is lactose intolerant, yuri really likes her coffee,” jimin said to jungkook. with a disgusted expression on his face jungkook nodded in agreement. a group of men walking into the café loudly laughing and conversating caught yuri’s attention. that’s when she saw a familiar boy with washed out blue hair. he dressed like a student that majored in art and looked like a person without a soul.

yuri looked away when that boy started to study his surroundings. “she’s drooling,” jimin said teasingly. going along with his game, jungkook spoke up, “here clean it up,” jungkook handed yuri a napkin but she slapped his hand away. she rolled her eyes, “you guys are so annoying” jimin chuckled.

“so which one is making you drool?” yuri rolled her eyes again “you see that boy with blue hair?” yuri and the boys tried to make their starring unnoticeible as their eyes landed on the boy. “yeah,” jungkook whispered. “he’s the one that drove us home,” saying this made the boys dramatically gasp, catching the group’s attention. the three of them turned around and tried to look as natural as possible, but jimin couldn’t seem to get his look right.

a loud obnoxious laugh escaped jimin as he slapped jungkook’s arm. jungkook watched his friend with an uncomfortable expression on his face. yuri slowly lifted her head only to see the boy walking their way. “holy shit,” she muttered under her breath. before the boys could question her the boy took the seat besides yuri’s.

“i see you guys are just as loud sober as you are drunk,” the boy’s words made jimin and yuri blush. “i see you’re no longer tipsy,” he was now looking at yuri who was desperately trying to avoid his gaze. “thank you…” jungkook said calmly.

“for taking you home?” the boy said with an obvious forced smile. “no, for not raping my girlfriend,” yuri choked on her coffee when the words came out of jungkook’s mouth. “girlfriend?” jimin and the boy asked at the same time but in different tones. “i-i mean yeah, thanks for not raping his girlfriend,” jimin tried to cover up his confusion but it wasn’t convincing enough.

the boy looked at yuri with a smirk on his face, “she isn’t my type. i wouldn’t even fuck if i had consent,” yuri couldn’t help but feel offended and she wasn’t the only one offended. “are you saying she isn’t cute?” jungkook shot in a tone dripping with light anger. jimin placed his hand on jungkook’s shoulder, “what my friend is trying to say is we’re grateful you weren’t some creep just trying to fuck her while we were passed out drunk,” jimin wasn’t making this awkward conversation any better.

yuri unintentionally sunk down in her chair, get me out of here, she thought. “you’re welcome…uh” he was waiting for names. “oh this is jungkook, and i’m jimin, and that girl next to you is yuri, we’re best friends,” the stranger nodded his head, “i’m taehyung,” even his name was impressive.

“taehyung! stop trying to hit on that girl and come on!” the sound of one of his friend’s loud voice made taehyung chuckle. with a smirk on his face taehyung’s gaze everted back to yuri, “unfortunately for me she has a boyfriend,” with a wink of the eye taehyung was gone. yuri was left with a heated stomach and fluttering butterflies.

the only words that managed to come out were “he’s so handsome,” despite being told she wasn’t attractive enough to fuck, yuri sure was gushing over taehyung’s looks. “he’s a dick. definitely not your type,” jungkook on the other hand was feeling a completely different way. “he’s sad,” jimin saying that made the two of them chuckle.

“he’s too cocky to be depressed,” jungkook scoffed, yuri stayed quiet. “i’m telling you, there was a look in his eyes…i didn’t want to bring it up but i see it in yuri too,” yuri felt her stomach turn. she was scared to admit what jimin was saying was true. jungkook laughed even louder, “yuri? depressed!?” but what he didn’t see was the silent conversation jimin and yuri shared.

jimin saw her eyes flicker, he saw her demeanor weaken. “yeah, maybe i’m wrong,” with no emotion in his tone jimin changed the subject. yuri looked away and out the window. that’s when she saw that taehyung boy brushing his fingers through his hair as a black haired boy was speaking to him. they both seemed troubled.

is jimin right?

❀ ❀ ❀

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Anon Request: Dad!Bangtan, your kids find your condoms. (WHOOPS!) 

Tags: BTS, BTS Drabble, Bangtan Boys, Dad!Bangtan, Husband au, Dad Au, jin x you, yoongi x you, hoseok x you, namjoon x you, jimin x you, taehyung x you, jungkook x you

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Suggestive Content, Sexual Themes

Title: An Unfortunate Find



Originally posted by softjeon

“Jagi, do we have any bananas?” 

You didn’t turn at the question from your husband, simply throwing out over your shoulder from where you stood, folding laundry at the counter, “Yeah, they should be by the fridge.” 

“Thanks.” He pecked a kiss on your cheek, and after finding what he was looking for, left the kitchen almost as quickly as he had entered. 

You paused in folding the laundry, the question that Jin had asked finally falling into place in your head, and you scrunched your brows together in thought, suddenly surprised that he had asked about bananas. Ever since the House of Army shoot, when he’d had to eat around a dozen bananas while filming his scene with Jimin, he hadn’t touched them since, claiming that the yellow fruit, “offended his sensibilities” now.” 

Setting down the rag you had been holding in your hands, sudden suspicion rising in your chest at the curious question from your husband, and the quiet that you suddenly noticed filling the house, which wasn’t common with three overly eager children, you left the laundry and walked down the hallway, intent on finding out what they were up to. 

You walked into your bedroom, and saw your husband, sitting cross legged, like a large fourth child, in the middle of your bed, your two older sons sitting beside him, watching intently what he was doing, their younger sister eagerly climbing on their backs and watching over their shoulders, wanting to be involved. 

“Now. Condoms are made super stretchy. So see? You can pull them on like this, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking.” Your husband was explaining when you entered the room, holding up the long, yellow banana, as he showed your two sons how to place a condom on the end of it, and roll it toward the stem. 

Your mouth dropped open, and you couldn’t help yelling out, “Kim Seokjin! What on earth do you think you’re doing?!” 

At your outburst, the lesson halted, and Jin looked up at you, as unruffled as always, as he shrugged his wide shoulders slightly and then said, “They found them on the bedside table. So I figured I’d just get it over with and give them the talk all at once and be done. Right?” 

“And you thought it was appropriate for our five year old daughter to be here?!” You asked, darting over to the bed and pulling your daughter away from her brothers, as you hurriedly placed your hands over her eyes, as she giggled, trying to see around your fingers. 

“I mean. Boys are stupid.” Jin shrugged once again, handing the banana to your oldest son, who began to fidget with the condom and practice what his father had shown him moments before. “She might have to be the smart one in the relationship and show her boyfriend how to do it. It’s good to know.” 

You huffed out a sigh, pulling your daughter from the room, as you said over your shoulder, slight defeat in your tone, “Fine. You can teach the boys. But leave our daughter alone. At least until she’s ten!” 



Originally posted by btsgotsvt

“Kook, are you sure you got enough?” You asked, as you cleared the dishes off the table following supper, glancing over at the younger boy, who was leaned back in his chair, satisfied after the large meal. 

“Yes, noona. I’m sure. Your cooking is always enough.” Jungkook laughed back in response, winking at you as you crossed the kitchen to place the dirty dishes into the sink, where Yoongi stood, his hands submerged in hot, soapy water, as he scrubbed the dirtied remains left over from dinner. 

“You shouldn’t worry about him, baby. That kid eats enough for all seven of us on a daily basis.” Your husband said as you came up beside him, shooting Jungkook a teasing glare, as the maknae grinned at him in return, standing up from the table to help you clear the rest of the food. 

“I always worry about you. All of you. It’s just my nature.” You said, pressing a lingering kiss to Yoongi’s cheek, as Jungkook came to join the two of you, dumping more dirty dishes into the sink as he did so. 

“And that’s why we all love you, noona.” The younger boy said, kissing your own cheek affectionately, as you swatted at him playfully, slightly embarrassed by his kind words. 

“Kiss ass.” Yoongi grumbled good naturedly from beside you, and you both laughed. 

“Mama, mama!” 

You glanced over your shoulder, as your two children came barreling into the room, socked feet skidding on the floor, as they slid to a breathless stop beside the grown ups, little chests heaving with excitement, their eyes sparkling mischievously, before your daughter, the oldest, exclaimed, “Can we have a piece of candy? Since we ate all our dinner?” 

You smiled at them, starting to dry the dishes Yoongi was steadily piling up on the sideboard, and then said thoughtfully, “Well, I dunno. You both ate well, you’re right, but I’m not sure we have any candy.” 

“Yes we do!” Your son, slightly younger than his sister, danced excitedly beside her, glancing between your daughter and you, before he blurted out, “We found some! In the drawer!” 

You glanced over at Yoongi, your eyebrows raised quizzically, not sure what candy they were referring to, and he shrugged, before you turned back to your children and asked, “Okay. Show me what you found. And we’ll see, okay?” 

Nodding, your daughter and son both pulled their hands from behind their backs, unfolding their fingers, revealing brightly wrapped square packages held in the palms of their hands. 

“Ohhhhh.” You drawled out awkwardly, and Yoongi turned, his hands still wet, at the tone of your voice, to see what your kids had to show you. 

“Uh oh.” Kook spoke up from where he was leaning against the counter, watching the interaction with eyes sparkling with humor, trying to contain his amusement, as he flashed you both a grin and then said quietly, “Good luck explaining that one.” 

“Um.” You knelt down in front of the still excited children, offering them a slight smile, as you reached out, taking the brightly colored packages from their hands, silently cursing that condom companies had to make their packaging so bright and eye catching these days. Should have gone with the boring ones. It was no wonder your kids were drawn to the tiny, compact squares, covered in fun colors and patterns, thinking it was candy. “These are actually just for daddy and mommy, guys. But.” You stood, shoving the offending condoms into Yoongi’s hand, so they were out of sight, before giving him a pointed stare, as you said, “Let’s go see what’s in mom’s purse. I bet I have kid candy in there.” 

Whooping, the children set off out of the kitchen, and you followed them, glad the crises had been averted with no further questions. 

After you had left, Yoongi released the breath he had been holding, and threw the loose condoms to Jungkook, saying gruffly, “Go hide those. And make sure to do a better job than I did.” 

“Wow, hyung. Extra large, huh?” Jungkook asked, grinning at Yoongi, his eyebrows waggling suggestively at the slightly grumpy older man. 

“Shut up, Jungkook.” Yoongi grunted out, turning back to the dishes, ignoring the younger boy’s pointed stare. “Jealousy doesn’t suit you.” 



Originally posted by jiminsasscracck

Closing the door, as silently as possible, on the bedroom where your sleeping twins were finally quiet and down for the night, you tiptoed down the hall and into your own room, letting out a slight sigh of relief as you closed the door behind you and whispered, “Okay. They seem to be asleep. Finally.” 

You felt hands cup your face, and you opened your eyes, managing a smile for your husband, who stood in front of you, hands on either side of your face, one eyebrow raised, as he said quietly, “Good. Now.” His hands, sliding down the skin of your neck, long, slender fingers playing with the neckline of your sweater, he shot your a roguish grin and whispered suggestively, “Do you have time for me?” 

“I mean.” You reached up and your fingers played with the buttons of his shirt as you offered him an innocent look through your lashes, biting your lip slightly, before murmuring, “I guess it depends on what you had in mind.” 

“I’ll just show you.” Hobi said, suddenly picking you up, your legs going around his waist, your arms around his neck, as he carried you, almost as if you weighed nothing, to the bed. 

Dropping you onto the bed, his hold never leaving your body, he straddled you, knees on either side of your hips, hands on either side of your head, long fingers splayed against the comforter, as he flashed you a smirk, so different from his normal smile full of sunshine. This was darker, seductive, promising of things to come. 

“Mmm. I like a man who can take charge.” You hummed out, as he leaned down to you, his lips brushing across your ear and down your neck, his tongue darting out to flick across the hollow at the base of your throat, making your shiver slightly beneath him. 

“I know.” He breathed out against your skin, before moving to cover your lips with his, his hands going down to the hem of your shirt, his fingers brushing across the warm, bare skin that he revealed there. 

Breaking your contact for the briefest of moments, he pulled the sweater up and over your head in a smooth motion, his lips quirked up in the faintest of smiles, as he ran his palms, fingers splayed, down across your ribs and abdomen, relishing how your bare skin felt beneath his hands. 

Reaching up, you pulled him back down to you, your lips smashing against his once more, hot, passionate, and your fingers went to the button of his jeans, fumbling with the closure, as his lips moved against yours, insistent, his tongue flicking out to trace your bottom lip, making you gasp slightly at the sudden warmth. 

“Hobi.” You gasped out as you broke contact, turning your head to the side, as his teeth grazed the lobe of your ear, before starting to move down your neck. “We need a condom.” 

“Mmmhmm.” He hummed in affirmation to let you know he had heard you, his lips still flush against your skin, and he reached out a hand blindly, searching through the drawer of the dresser, briefly, before he pulled back slightly and looked down at you, his expression suddenly annoyed, as he said under his breath, “Well shit.” 

“What?” You watched as he crawled over to look through the drawer more thoroughly, already missing the feel of his body on yours. 

“They’re not here. Where are they?” Hobi stood and moved across the room, ruffling through dresser drawers, swearing lightly under his breath as he did so. 

You groaned and flopped back on the bed as he continued to search with no luck. “Hobi. We can’t do this if we don’t find them. Because I swear to God, I am not ready for another kid.” 

“I know, I know. Me either.” He rushed out, still looking around the room for the missing condoms. “I’ll go look in the guest bath. Maybe they got put there on accident.” 

You heard him hurry from the room and he was gone for what felt like eternities, before you heard him come back and shut the door quietly behind him. 

You glanced over at him, his bare chest tan in the light from the bedside lamp, as he climbed onto the bed beside you, and offering you strange look, said, “Okay. Good news and bad news. What do you want first?” 

You sighed, sitting up, running  a hand through your tousled hair, as you asked, “What is it? Good news first then.” 

“Good news. I found the condoms.” He held up a hand, stopping your from interrupting him, and then said, grimacing slightly, “Bad news, so did the boys. And they’re currently in use all over the playroom.” 

“Ughhhhh!” You let out a groan and fell back on the bed, covering your eyes with your hands, as you said in irritation, “Well, there goes our plans.” 

“I’m gonna go and look if there’s any still in the package, okay?” You heard Hobi get off the bed and head to the door in one last attempt to save the night. “Wait here, okay?” 

You waved, and then said slightly sarcastically, “No where else I’d rather be.” 



Originally posted by parkjiminer

You looked up from setting the table, as the door to the apartment opened and your husband entered, looking tired, but wearing his customary dimpled smile, as he crossed the room first thing to press a kiss to your head, as you asked, “Hey, baby. How was your day?” 

“Good, good.” Namjoon sighed, shucking off his overcoat and sneakers beside the door, before he sank heavily into the couch, running a hand through his hair as he continued tiredly, “We got a lot done today. I was proud of the boys.” 

You finished setting the last place, and then wiping your hands on your apron, crossed the living room to him, settling down on his lap, your arms going around his neck, your fingers tangling into the hair at the base of his neck as you said with a soft smile, “I know. But does anyone ever tell you how proud they are of you?” 

He returned your smile, and his arms went around your waist, as he leaned forward to press a kiss to your lips, pulling back reluctantly after several seconds, as he said fondly, “Yes. You do. Thank you, baby.” 

Pushing his hair back from his forehead, you pressed a kiss to his now exposed skin, before saying, “You’re welcome.” 

“Daddy! You’re home!” 

You both glanced up as one of your daughters came running into the living room, her favorite doll clenched tightly in one fist, her hair wildly splayed about her flushed cheeks, her eyes bright as she caught sight of her father. Throwing herself on top of the two of you, Namjoon chuckled lowly, one of his arms releasing you to embrace his daughter as she snuggled at his side. “Hey, there’s my girl. What have you been up to today?” 

“We’ve been playing dolls.” Your daughter held up the doll in her hand, dressed in multi layers of bright clothing, her hair twisted back with multiple clips and flowers, obviously placed their by he young mistress. 

“Oh?” Joon winked at you, as he kissed your daughter’s head. “And what have your dolls been doing?” 

“They’ve been camping!” Your daughter exclaimed excitedly, just as her sister appeared in the doorway of the living room, her own hands filled with favorite dolls. 

“Yeah, look! They have everything they need.” Your other daughter joined in the conversation, handing a doll to her father and you to inspect. 

“Ohhh…” You said, your mouth dropping open slightly at the sight of the dolls held in your hands. You glanced over at Joon, above the heads of your oblivious and still talking daughters, and he raised a brow at you in return, as you struggled with what to say. Holding up the doll, you pointed to her and asked your daughters, “And what’s this around her legs?” 

“That’s her sleeping bag, silly.” Your daughter piped up, distracted by the doll in her own hands. 

Namjoon snorted slightly at her words, obviously in an effort to hold back his laughter, as he cleared his throat before saying steadily, “Wow. They look really warm and comfortable.” He grinned at you, holding the doll up in his hand so you could see the condom stretched tightly over her plastic legs. 

“They are.” Your daughter responded factually, taking the dolls back from the two of you. 

You covered your mouth, as the two girls retreated from the living room, talking happily about the next destination their dolls would be traveling to for camping. 

After they had left, your husband laughed, wiping at his eyes, as he said in amusement, “Well, sleeping bags sure are stretchy these days, aren’t they?” 

“Joon!” You swatted his arm playfully at his joke, still slightly horrified that your daughters had been playing with condoms all afternoon, but not able to help the amused smile that was flickering on the edge of your lips. “Go right now and hide those better!” You couldn’t help it, you returned his grin, before saying, your voice filled with mirth, “I don’t think the dolls can handle anymore camping trips.” 



Originally posted by amsimaria

“Jin-hyung, would you mind watching her for just a minute? I want to show (Y/N) the new studio space I set up.” Jimin, his fingers intertwined with yours, motioned toward your young daughter with his head, already pulling you toward the door, as if he already knew the older man would say yes. 

“Of course! Come on, bug, you can hang with Uncle Jin.” Jin didn’t hesitate, scooping your daughter up off the floor as she giggled, and walking her over to the group of boys, taking drinks from water bottles and lounging around after a hard hour of dance practice. 

Leaving the practice room, you let Jimin pull you down the long hallway and toward the back of the building, smiling at how cute he was, eyes glowing with excitement, as he rambled on about the new studio space he had been granted. 

Coming to the door, a pane of foggy glass adorning the upper half, your husband looked back at you, kid like in his excitement, as he said, “Okay, ready?” 

You nodded, biting your lower lip between your bottom teeth to stop yourself from grinning stupidly at him, and he pushed open the door, reaching the flip on the light as he pulled you inside his studio. 

“Oh, Chim! It’s beautiful!” You exclaimed, letting out a slight gasp, as you released his hand from yours and walked slowly around the small room, taking it all in. 

It was perfect. 

You could feel Jimin’s eyes on you, watching, as you ran a hand over the desk, the computer, the producing equipment, filled with awe. Moving on, you ran a finger over the smooth leather of the couch taking up one side of the room, and then glanced across the pictures adorning one of the walls-pictures of you and Jimin and your daughter. 

“Chim.” You turned back to him, taking his hands in yours, and pressing a quick kiss to his lips before you glanced around once more, saying excitedly, “This is perfect. It’s so you! You did an amazing job.” 

“Right?” He sighed happily, bright eyes taking in the expanse of the room, and you watched him briefly, glowing with pride, happiness oozing from every inch of his being. 

You loved that man. 

Pulled from your thoughts by the sound of the door shutting, you raised an eyebrow at Jimin, who was looking at you strangely, full lower lip sucked between his teeth, as he raised an eyebrow and said in a low tone, “Also. I was thinking. This place hasn’t been christened yet. And I think I know the perfect way to do that.” 

He tackled you onto the couch behind you, both of you going down in a tangle of limbs, as you laughed, before he finally got his hands on either side of your head, looking down at your with a triumphant smile as you said teasingly, “Really, Chim? Here?” 

“Come on, baby.” He cajoled, pushing your hand back with his fingers, rings glinting in the light, as he teased you with a pout, his full lips pulled down. “We used to do it in crazy places all the time. It’ll be like when we were dating.” 

“Fine.” You sighed, rolling your eyes playfully, before pressing a finger to his lips as he tried to lean down to kiss you, stopping him in his tracks as his eyes went wide in surprise. “But, you have to find the condom in my purse first. And have it ready.” 

He pulled back from you, sitting back on his haunches, as he reached down beside the couch, digging through your purse, a smug smile on his lips as he said, “I knew you couldn’t resist me.” You watched him, returning the smile, but soon, the smile dropped from his lips, and he came up empty handed, as he said seriously, “Baby. There’s no condom in your purse.” 

“What?” You sat up, as he threw you the bag, and you began to dig furiously through the contents. “I always keep one in here. For spontaneous moments. Shit.” You swore, not finding it as well, as you glanced over at him, disappointment clear in his eyes. “I’m sorry, baby. I have no idea where it could be.” 

“Wait.” Jimin’s eyes widened slightly, and he suddenly stood from the couch, panic written on his features. “Didn’t you let mini me play with your purse on the ride here?” 

“Oh shit.” You laughed, humorlessly, and dashed out of the studio after Jimin, both of you suddenly realizing that you had left your daughter, a condom, and six boys disguised as adults in a room alone for far too long. 



Originally posted by cutae-hyungie

Dropping the bags of groceries onto the counter, you hurried to put away the food where it belonged. It had been a long day at the office, and you were ready to relax. You wanted to spend some time with your husband and your daughter, and maybe later, some long time alone in a hot, steaming bath. 

“Tae? Princess?” You called out, finishing up with the last of the groceries. You didn’t hear a response to your call, and you pushed the fridge door shut with your foot, before taking off your coat and slipping out of your tall pair of heels. 

Hearing the sound of your entrance, Yeontan appeared in the living room, tail wagging, tongue lolling, eyes bright. 

“Hey, Tan!” You greeted the fluffy dog enthusiastically, crouching down to scratch behind his ears and under his chin, as he yipped, just once, in excitement at seeing you, his tail going a million miles a minute. You gave him another ruffle behind the ears, saying slightly under your breath, “Where’s your daddy and sister?” 

Picking the dog up under one arm, his warm, little tongue giving you a few eager licks on the cheek before you settled him against your side, you walked down the darkened hallway, pausing at your daughter’s door, as you heard laughter and conversation come through the crack, spilling out with the light. 

Smiling to yourself, you stood there, silently, briefly, listening to Tae say something to your daughter, which in turn made her giggle. He was a good dad. 

Pushing the door open, you leaned against the doorframe, Tan still held securely under one arm, as you started to say, “Hey, you guys….” 

You stopped dead in your tracks, not expecting the sight that was before you, as your husband looked up, slightly guiltily, at your sudden entrance. 

Your daughter, face awash with a bright grin, waved at you and said brightly, “Hey, mommy!” before going back to what she had been doing when you entered. 

“Hey, jagi.” Tae said, giving you a slightly sheepish wave, a condom held in his hand. 

You swallowed, and then asked calmly, “What’s going on here?” 

“I found some balloons! And daddy said we could blow them up and have a party!” Your daughter said, blowing up another condom, her cheeks going red with the exertion. 

“Oh, he did, did he?” You shot Tae a sharp look, as he shrugged slightly, not able to say anything, as he currently was busy blowing up another “balloon” for your daughter. 

“Sorry, jagi. But she found them. So we had to use them.” He offered you a boxy grin, and you felt your annoyance slowly burning away at the happiness that covered both of their faces, as they sat, surrounded by blown up condoms. 

“Okay. But after the ‘party’s’ over.” You quoted the word party in your sentence. “You have to throw them all away okay?” 

“Okay!” Your daughter said brightly, as she gave her father a high five. 

“And you.” You pointed at Tae, setting Yeontan down at your feet, as you fixed your husband with a serious stare. “You’re going to go to the store later. For more….balloons.” You raised an eyebrow at him, hands on your hips. “Because you and I won’t be having a party later if we don’t have any.” 



Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Jungkook sat on the couch in the living room, controller in his hand, video game playing on the large TV across the room, as he said something into his mic set to his teammates. 

You glanced at him from around the corner of the kitchen, and rolled your eyes slightly as he yelled something about the game, sitting straighter on the couch as he got excited. Your husband didn’t get much time off. And so when he did, you were more than happy to let him play his games for awhile. 

Returning to cooking, you hummed happily to yourself, the sounds of the video game echoing around the apartment. 

You heard the patter of small feet, and smiled to yourself, as you paused in what you were doing, listening as you heard your son say from the other room, “Daddy. What are these?” 

You couldn’t imagine what he had found this time, but it was usually a bug or toy that your son had never seen before. He was curious, inquisitive, just like his dad, and it was always nice to see Jungkook handle the quality he himself possessed so strongly when it manifested in his son. 

There was a slight pause, and then you heard your husband say from the living room, “Uh…..You know what, buddy? Why don’t you go and ask mom about those?” 

Curious now, wondering what they were referring to, you went back to stirring the pot on the stove, the steam making you sweat, and it wasn’t long before you heard tiny feet come into the room, slapping on the tile, and then your son’s questioning voice, “Mommy, what are these?” 

“Hmmm, love?” You turned, offering him a smile, wiping your hands on your apron, as you looked down at what he was holding out to you. 

It was your box of condoms. 

Mouth dropping open slightly, the only thing you could think to do was shriek out over the video game sounds into the living room, “Jungkook, you asshole!” 

You heard him laugh from the other room, obviously thinking he was hilarious, and you quickly took the box from your son’s hands, as he looked up at your with wide eyes, before saying innocently, “Mommy, what’s an asshole?” 


You crouched down in front of your son, silently fuming and promising to get Jungkook back for this later. He wouldn’t think his joke was so funny when he tried to get handsy later. 

“Sorry, baby. Don’t worry about that. That’s just a mommy and daddy word.” You swallowed, the box of condoms still held behind your back, out of his view, as you struggled to think of what to say next. “And those things you found? They’re just for mommies and daddies too, okay? So how about we go and find some of your toys now?” 

He nodded, and you ushered him out of the kitchen, and when he had disappeared down the hallway in front of you on the way to the toy room, you paused in the living room, before chucking the box of condoms as hard as you could at Jungkook. 

“Hey!” He called out, caught off guard, as the box bounced off his head and into his lap. 

He removed one of his headphones to glance at you and you glared at him, before pointing at him sternly and saying fiercely, “Hide those better, Jeon Jungkook.” You stuck your tongue out at him. “Because heaven knows, after that stunt, you won’t be needing them tonight.” 

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part 30: the last pod

- dream, reality

namjoon x yoongi [ soulmate au ]

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a/n: so yeah yoongi has a cat named migi :) definitely watch parasyte 9/10 good anime :) if you think i’ve forgotten about the taehyung juul incident,,, think again luv

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Jungkook, playing with the BTS Mattel Dolls: [With Jungkook Doll, in deep voice] ‘So, Namjoon, at last we are alone!’ [With RM doll, lighter voice] ‘Oh, this is wrong, yet, I find you strangely attractive’ [As Jungkook doll] ‘Of course you do! I am good at everything, with money and power, now kiss me!’

Hoseok, bursting into the room:  JUNGKOOK!

Jungkook, grabbing all the dolls in a panic: WHAT?!

Hoseok: You’re needed in the studio, stat!!

Jungkook: Knock on my door, knock next time!!!!

Hoseok: I’m sorry!

Jungkook, panicked:… Did you see anything?!

Hoseok: No, Jungkook! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!

Jungkook: Good!

Hoseok, leaves, shutting the door quickly:

Jungkook: ….

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[8:30pm] “stay a little longer?” jimin murmured gently, the light inside the pillow fort making his skin glow like frost.

“i really wish I could,” you dragged, tilting your head in guilt as you sat with your knees to your chest. “but i have to get back before it gets too late. it’s already dark.”

he hadn’t even thought about that. his focus had been purely on you all day, and the fact that he had finally been able to spend time with you. never in a million years did he think he’d have so much fun sitting under a mission of blankets and chairs; the only thing available being the sound of your voices communicating about your day, and a whole bunch of venting about the trials and tribulations of life.

“what if…what if you stayed here?” he questioned, scared of the rejection, but knowing he would do anything to have you for a longer amount of time. he needed to stare up at the lights and talk to you more. he craved the unknown that was watching your body relax as you fell asleep, and being able to keep you warm in his chest.

“jimin…are you sure? i don’t want you to feel like you have to do something you’re not—

“shh.” he placed his chubby finger to your lips, before rising from his laid position and kissing your cheek quickly. “i want you here with me. if it was up to me, you’d be here forever.” his cheeks were making themselves out to be a bright red color. the way your gaze was burning into his only made it worse, and as he watched you lean closer to him and finally place a soft peck on his lips, fireworks—no, an explosion erupted all over his anatomy, and he was positive he invented a new shade of red with his cheekbones.

“i’ll stay as long as you want.”

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