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Hello my darlings!! I’ve missed you so! New chapter in the works! (we’re getting there) in the meantime, here’s a teaser of Y/N singing to ????? (You could fill Brian, Roger, or Deaky in those five ?’s) up to you to guess who it is!! (By the way that’s me singing in the audio I just recorded that 5 mins ago lmk what you think it’s probably really bad lol) Love you all forever! Even though this fic hasn’t blown up yet (which is totally fine but I’d love to be writing to a bigger group of people!!) y’all in the CLGOL fan group are amazing and I love you all forever♥️-C

Taglist: @yourlocalmusicalprostitute , @bismillahnah , @deakysmisfire , @queer-heart-attack , @everything-you-dont-wanna-be , @mercurycrowley , @ikbenplant , @xcdelilahxc , @chekovs-davy-jones-wig , @laedymoon , @manicpixydreamgirl , @jaylikesguavass , @brianskindofcheese

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Hello beautiful! Are you taking requests? If so, could you do something with “I dreamt about you” with Ben?

You can always send something in, it might just take me a while to get to it! Enjoy love!


You had felt his eyes on your for what seemed like ever. At first you had tried to ignore it, but after a while it became increasingly hard. It wasn’t everyday that you had a gorgeous man watching you so intently. When you couldn’t take it anymore, you flicked your eyes up from the book you were reading and met his. His cheeks flushed a bright pink and he coughed lightly as he took a sip of his coffee.

Maybe you had been wrong and he hadn’t been watching you. Turning around in your seat, you looked to see if it was possibly something behind you. There was nothing of note there, which left you puzzled. Sighing lightly you turned your attention back to your book and notes, determined to concentrate on studying.

After a while more and more people started to clear out, soon leaving only you and the mystery boy. But after a while, when you thought you were safe and sound, the chair across from you scraped loudly and you tried to find him looking at nervously. His lips were parted like he wanted to say something but not words came out.

“Please,” you gestured to the seat, trying lessen his nerves. He gave you a quick nod before sitting down and and wringing his hands anxiously.

“I know this is strange,” he said after a moment, and you nearly melted at this warm, rich voice, “but I-I had a dream about you…not you, I don’t think, but someone just like you. Oh lord, I’m rambling, this is awkward…”

“It’s okay,” you said quietly as you reached across the table and out your hand on top of his, “I’m Y/N.”

“Ben,” he beamed at you, “do you…want to get out of here and go somewhere else?”

“Yes,” you replied in an instant, your heart already captured by his, “please.”

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Your weekly Queen/BoRhap Fan post (one day early)

  • Brian May is bloody brilliant. If you want proof just go listen to Sail Away Sweet Sister (which is probably not his best song but is my personal favorite)
  • Oh and ‘39. I nearly cried. Jesus Brian how do you manage this???
  • How could people say the editing on BoRhap was bad?? I was in awe the whole time I was watching of how good it was
  • Watch count: 8. It’ll be 9 later.
  • Really though, going back to that first one, go listen to Sail Away Sweet Sister. Brian’s voice and the guitar on this song are just so melodic and beautiful and meaningful when connected to the lyrics. So go listen to it right now. (I think I’ll send it to my sister when she graduates high school)
  • Go follow @irvinis!!! They have the most amazing Queen fanart I’ve ever seen in my life and I can’t get over it.
  • I’m writing a book. Queen is a subject. Prepare yourself for tons of random facts and possibly pictures.
  • “You’re an overgrown schoolboy” in Death on Two Legs 😂 I need to know which of them wrote this who was it??
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Series summary : Y/n, a native to London England, gets asked by the legend himself, Freddie Mercury, to help manage the band. Obviously she accepts, and it ends up being the best decision she has ever made. Quickly she becomes close with each member of the band, Roger Taylor specifically…

Chapter Summary : Queen has a meeting with EMI records to discuss Queen’s second album. Afterwards y/n goes back to Roger’s house for some tea.

Word Count : 4.6k

Pairings : Ben!Roger Taylor x Reader 

Warnings : Swearing, SMUT,

a/n - Sorry it took so long to update! This chapter is MUCH longer than usual, but that’s because so much shit is about to go down… 

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so i wrote an au based on this post, because apparently i like to hurt myself. you can read it if you like to hurt yourself too. 


w/c: 1.8k

no warnings, just fluff 

A/N: this is an au in which roger is ben’s dad, and for the sake of ease/clarity/my laziness, his mum is a fictional woman. i didn’t want to get bogged down in research and step-parents and exploring those relationship cause this is just a light-hearted wee blurb. don’t get mad about it. right. that’s the admin done with. 

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This is a dad! Ben Hardy imagine that is part of my Little James series dealing with Ben’s son who has autism and ADHD. I have finally gotten back to writing for this series again. Feedback is always appreciated.

Taglist: @lunaticspoem @butlegendsneverdie @langdonzvoid @jennyggggrrr @rogmeddows @radiob-l-a-hblah @rogertaylorsbitontheside @chlobo6 @rogertaylors-lipgloss @sj-thefan @omgitsearly @luckytrashgooprebel @scarsout @deaky-with-a-c @killer-queen-ofrhye @bluutac @vousmemanqueez @jonesyaddiction @rogahs-drowse

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Turning her head, (Y/n) looked down at James who was sitting next to her on the bed. Her chest constricted when he suddenly clamped his hands down on his ears before beginning to shake his head as his eyes snapped closed.

They were currently having some chill time as part of a new routine for him that they had come up with.

After preschool he either did colouring or he sat and listened to some music or watched a DVD and after dinner he had quiet time where he either played upstairs in the den or he had a nap. Routines were important to James but at the same time, sometimes routines did annoy him if they made days feel like they were mushing together and he felt stuck. But for the time being this daily routine was working so they kept it up.

The last visit they had to the doctor showed that James was developing ‘sensory overload’. Where either he was overloading his hearing by loud or quiet noises or gaining headaches from colouring or sometimes it was eating the same food repeatedly which made him go off the food. They had to make sure he had quiet time to stop this from happening because it was beginning to make him worse and more frustrated which they didn’t want nor need.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” (Y/n) had a suspicion what the matter was, he had been fidgeting more and more over the past few minutes and he hadn’t been singing along either. They were watching Mamma Mia because James liked the songs and he could sing along with them.

“Too loud.” He muttered, suddenly shaking his head from side to side as he looked like he was about to cry, even when (Y/n) turned the volume down on the tv. Sometimes he had just been listening to voices or to the tv or music for too long and it gradually upset him like it was now.

As soon as the volume was turned down James suddenly let out a sharp cry, his hands removing from his ears to tap and hit at (Y/n) to try and get her to make the noise stop completely. James had sensitive hearing, the tv could be on low and it would be too loud for him. He hated any noises too loud, especially people shouting but if the volume was on quiet so it was like a whisper it seemed to mess with his head. He hated muttering and he couldn’t handle the quiet noises because when they stopped it still relayed in his head for a moment or two.

(Y/n) fumbled to pause the movie before she wrapped her arms around James and held him to her chest. Trying to shush him as she got to her feet. He needed some quiet time and that was always something he did when he was in the den. He sat with his teddies and blankets and calmed down, sometimes he started to read and other times he just sat and waited until he felt better.

“Alright baby, you can have some quiet time now.” (Y/n) cooed, pressing her lips to his temple as he clung to her neck just a little too tightly. His knees digging harshly into her hips as he didn’t seem to want to let her go or he thought she might drop him.

“No, I don’t wanna-”

“Yes, darling you have to calm down now. No music or tv for a little while, you sit in here and try to have a nap.” Entering James’ room, (Y/n) bent down on her knees in front of the cupboard. Gently setting him down and watching him scurry into the cupboard that was one of his safe places.

James grabbed his Harry Potter blanket which he threw over himself before grabbing a teddy and putting it under his arm in a death grip. He glanced his baby green eyes over to (Y/n) before attempting to reach up for the small purple CD player resting on the lowest shelf in the cupboard. A whine mixed with a cry left his lips as he slapped her hand to try and reach for the player again.

James wasn’t so good with quiet time because he hated absolute silence. Even though the music a moment ago had been too loud, he had been talking and listening to the tv for an hour, going from that level of noise to complete silence wasn’t going to go well with him. But (Y/n) knew if he continued to watch tv or they chatted it was only going to overload his senses even more. And he hadn’t had a nap today, he was due to have an hour sleep or just half an hour, he needed some time to calm down.

“No music.” (Y/n) stated with a shake of her head, her tone gentle but stern enough to show she wasn’t compromising on that.

“Mummy!” He cried, suddenly throwing the teddy in his arms down in front of him as he tipped his head back as he cried. (Y/n) closed her eyes for a moment to stay calm when James suddenly screamed very sharply as soon as she took the CD player off the shelf. Attempting to leave him in his room to calm down without the temptation of playing music and upsetting himself even more.

“Buddy, what are you doing?” Ben suddenly questioned, walking into the room with Lola in his arms. James seemed to be having a lot of tantrums lately but he did settle a little better with Ben. He clung to (Y/n) when he was doing activities such as watching movies or especially when he was colouring but when he was upset Ben had the ability to calm him down.

Ben rocked Lola in his arms in a failing attempt to get her calm enough to go to sleep. The two-year-old was recovering from pneumonia and was therefore coughing and wheezing a lot. He had her resting on his chest, her head on his shoulder as he had her fluffy Winnie the Pooh blanket tucked tightly around her to keep her warm. She had her hand gripping his shirt as she had her eyes wide open and staring at him to show she wasn’t going to sleep just yet.

He moved and sat down on James’ bed, his eyes glancing between his boy and his wife to see what the problem was. Sighing when he noticed the CD player in her hand implying she was trying to get him to have some quiet time.

“Why don’t you play the raindrop CD for five minutes?” Ben questioned, seeing it was a compromise he used a lot with James. It was simply a record of the rain pattering against windows and against the ground and it was rather calming and it wasn’t music. It did get repetitive but for now, it might just be enough for him. James nodded his head frantically, his hands latching on (Y/n)’s arms to try and get her to agree.

“Five minutes. Then you have quiet time and settle for a nap.” He nodded again at her words, breathing in relief as he stopped crying when (Y/n) set the CD player back on the shelf. Scanning through the CD collection before finding the right one.

(Y/n) made sure it was on quiet, watching as James laid down with a few teddies hugged to his chest before she and Ben left the room. They needed to get James to have quiet time because the more he was around noises all day with no break the more it upset him. Especially at night when they couldn’t settle him because it was either too loud or too quiet. He had to start having breaks to calm down or he would get himself worked up.

Ben headed back into the girl’s room, sitting on the rocking chair next to Lola’s cot to see if that would settle her down for her own nap as (Y/n) went into her and Ben’s room for a while.

When (Y/n) headed back into James’ room after a few minutes, he was bundled under a few more blankets with his teddies cuddled against him but she could instantly see he was no calmer than before. He was wriggling under the blankets and his breathing was laboured. A sigh passed through her lips when his foot suddenly lashed out and hit against the wall. They had set pillows around the walls of the cupboard so if he lashed out and hit or kicked he wouldn’t hurt himself. Which was something that seemed to annoy him as he couldn’t get his frustration out whilst kicking a pillow.

He instantly stopped kicking the pillow when (Y/n) turned the CD player off and took it from the shelf so he couldn’t turn it back on. His ash-blond hair was ruffled as he pulled the blanket away from his head so he could look up at his mother. His face burning red from anger and tears before he suddenly wailed.

“Mummy no! I want it back… mummy!” He screeched and started to thrust his legs at the wall before bashing his hands against the blankets when she shook her head.

James rolled himself onto his stomach before bashing his fist into her leg which actually did hurt a bit. He started to hit her foot, not bothering to get up as he was either too tired or couldn’t be bothered. When (Y/n) moved out the way he leaned further to try and hit her, managing to scratch his nails against her leg before he started hitting the floor again.

“That’s naughty, we don’t do that James. It’s quiet time now, so you calm down and you stay here for a while.” (Y/n) left the room, shutting his bedroom door as she took the CD player and left it in her and Ben’s room. Sometimes when James had a tantrum they left him to burn out his energy and then they went to him when he was finally calm. It was only when he started to really kick up a fuss or was in danger of hurting himself that they had to intervene. If they kept going to him everytime he got angry and smothered him he would act up more when he thought it got him his own way.

Setting Lola into her cot as she was finally dozing to sleep, Ben quickly left the room when a rather loud crashing sound caught his attention. He followed (Y/n) into James’ room again, both of them leaning around to look in the cupboard.

Bending down on her knees, (Y/n) moved so she was just on the threshold of the cupboard. Her hands reaching out to try and move James as he had realised he could cause noise and quite a lot of chaos by hitting the shelves that would creak and quite possibly break with the right force.

(Y/n) quickly reeled back and let go of him when he lashed out, hitting his fist against her neck. James never meant to hurt anyone and it wasn’t very often that he did hit or kick but he didn’t understand he could hurt people when he did that. He just knew that lashing out made him feel better and released the frustration he felt. He had noticed that when Ben carried him and he had a tantrum Ben sometimes let him thrash around in his arms but not always.

Leaning down, Ben quickly slipped his hands under (Y/n)’s arms and pulled her to her feet.

“Out.” He ordered, nodding for her to stand out of the way. He knew James didn’t mean it but Ben didn’t like James near any of the girls when he got like this in case he hurt them by mistake.

(Y/n) stood a few feet back near the door as she watched Ben struggle to get into the cupboard that wasn’t made for his frame and build. Leaning down as much as he could in the small space, Ben reached down and held James’ wrists in his hands before effortlessly pulling his only boy to his feet. James thrashed in Ben’s hold, trying to fall back down so he could curl up or continue to kick out but Ben held him up to his feet.

He shuffled out of the cupboard, pulling James with him who let out a scream, still not done with his tantrum just yet. He had his eyes snapped closed as he bent his knees to try and sit down but Ben wasn’t having it anymore. He couldn’t let James continue to thrash around because he would hurt himself if he tried to hit the shelves or kick the walls. The cupboard was good to let him sit and read or play or have a nap but it wasn’t the best for temper tantrums because the size meant James could hurt himself.

Lifting his arms up, Ben lifted James from his feet and set him down on the bed. He grabbed the fluffy blanket neatly folded at the end of the bed as he knelt down in front of James and quickly wrapped the blanket around the little boy.

James tried hitting and thrashing but all he could manage was writhing his body side to side and bashing his fist against the blanket. Ben knew constraining him like this wasn’t the best idea but it meant he couldn’t hurt them or himself and he was hoping it would show him he couldn’t lash out and would make him stop.

“Right. You’re going to stop hitting out and either sit here and talk to me or you go sit back in the cupboard and calm down. Which is it?” Ben rose his brows when James slowly opened his eyes to see what kind of expression Ben had. He seemed to learn more and understand situations better by facial expressions and right now Ben was looking unhappy but with a certain calmness that showed he wasn’t going to shout.

Ben took a chance and let go of James to see what he would do but the little boy simply pulled the blanket over his head and curled up on the bed. Writhing around under the blanket before kicking at the mattress.

“Temper tantrums don’t work, James. They don’t get you anything or make it better.” Ben folded his arms over his chest as he waited for a response either verbal or action. His head turned to the side, nodding at (Y/n) that she was okay to leave when they both heard Lola begin to have yet another coughing fit. “Big boys don’t have tantrums like this and they don’t ignore their dads either. Are you a big boy or not?”

James let out a wail but he stopped thrashing around and Ben knew he had him there. James loved Ben referring to him as a big boy, he felt special and he liked being told he was doing something right or that he was like his dad. He continued to say nothing but he moved the blanket so he was looking at Ben. Waiting for him to continue talking as he was going to listen now.

“Big boy.” James suddenly whispered, tucking the blanket tightly around him as he leaned his cheek against the mattress. Watching Ben fold his arms on the bed and rest his chin on them so they were level.

“I thought so. Now, what did we say when you get angry like that?” Ben watched his boy as he frowned in concentration, trying to think what Ben was referring to but he couldn’t remember or be sure. “When you get angry you can throw teddies but you do not hit anyone. And we don’t get angry around the girls, do we?” James knew it was okay to throw teddies, he could bundle up in the blankets or hit the blankets or some pillows but he had to at least try and be cautious around any of the girls.

“Wanted CD.” He muttered quietly, refusing to meet Ben’s eyes.

“Yes, but you don’t hit your mum when you don’t get your own way and you know that. If you’re a big boy then you’ll go and apologise when you feel better, okay?” If James couldn’t help but lash out then he had to get in the habit of apologising after he did so because it would help him to learn that it was something he should try hard not to do but if he did it would then be okay to say sorry because he never meant it.


“Good boy. Now you still have to have quiet time because it helps to get you to sleep and you’ll feel better. So are you going to have quiet time on your own in the den or do you want me to lie with you for a bit?” If James suddenly thought a tantrum stopped quiet time he would carry on with that and they couldn’t keep going through this.

He had to have a wind-down time so he could get used to the peace and quiet, overwhelming and overloading his senses may be something he thought he should do because he didn’t like silence but he had to have quiet moments every now and then. The more he got used to having these sessions in the day and learning to take naps during them it would make him feel better and it would help him get to sleep quicker at night. Right now it was taking them at least an hour or more to get him to calm down, try and ignore little noises he focused on and wait for him to stop jittering or tapping the wall or the bed and let his mind shut down.

“You stay with me.” James responded before shuffling over so that Ben could climb on the bed with him.

He opened his arms to let James crawl into his embrace, tucking himself under Ben’s arm as he kept the blanket tucked around himself. He fisted Ben’ shirt in his hands as he let a few tears fall, burying himself further into his dad when Ben kissed his temple.

“No tears buddy, you’re alright. Try and go to sleep.” Ben slowly turned over so he was laying on his side with James tucked up against his chest. Clinging to him as if to make sure he wasn’t about to leave. Ben could feel James slowly tracing his index finger over his chest, drawing a few patterns and tapping against him because he couldn’t lie still with his ADHD. But Ben did notice his son’s breaths evening out as he was beginning to calm down, clearly having used up a lot of his energy thrashing around.

James calmed down even more when he felt Ben carding his fingers through his blond locks that matched his father’s except that Ben’s hair curled more than James’ did. He rhythmically ran his fingers through James’ hair, brushing it back as he felt himself almost drifting to sleep too.

“Go to sleep, buddy.”

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Don‘t be sad if you can be fabulous, Darling

what to do when you‘re sad…

Freddie: He can‘t stand seeing someone unhappy so he immediately drops everything and rushes to your side. He loves to sing to himself when he‘s sad so he does the same for you. Even though you‘re insisting that you can‘t even hit a single note he‘ll keep telling you how wonderful your voice is. Then he‘ll gently wipes the tears of your face, playfully wraps a feathered scarf around your neck, grabs your hands and starts spinning you around until you both collapse on the floor, laughing.

Brian: When you come to him upset he suggests to take you for a walk outside. He takes your hand and tells you little stories about flowers or small animals you see along the way. He would never pressure you but when the fresh air clears your head and you are finally ready to talk about what bothers you he listens intently while stroking your palm gently with his thumb. He will always make you feel like you‘re the most important person in the world.

Roger: When he sees you moping around he will scoop you up, throw you over his shoulder and takes you for a ride in his car. He’ll put on your favorite songs on the radio and then you’ll stop at your favorite place so he can get you a milkshake and chocolate cake to cheer you up. While eating candy he cracks some jokes that you’re finally laughing so hard the milkshake comes out of your nose. He ignores the hot blonde waitress and tells you that even with mascara all over your face you‘re the most beautiful girl in the room.

John: When he realizes you‘re upset, he hugs you and sits down with you in the kitchen where he can make you a cup of tea while asking you what‘s wrong. He is the best listener and makes sure you don’t forget to take care of yourself (eating, drinking, sleeping). When you‘re tired from crying, he sits by your bed, holding your hand and waiting for you to fall asleep. He won‘t leave in case you wake up even though his arm went numb.

haven‘t had the best day today, so this just popped up in my head…

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This is another murderer! Ben Hardy imagine I had an idea for which I hope you all will enjoy.

Taglist: @lunaticspoem @butlegendsneverdie @langdonzvoid @jennyggggrrr @rogmeddows @radiob-l-a-hblah @rogertaylorsbitontheside @chlobo6 @rogertaylors-lipgloss @sj-thefan @omgitsearly @luckytrashgooprebel @scarsout @deaky-with-a-c @killer-queen-ofrhye @bluutac @vousmemanqueez @jonesyaddiction @rogahs-drowse

Murderer! Ben masterlist



(Y/n)’s eyes went wide the moment she opened the office door.

Her body leaned against the gleaming white door as she took two steps over the threshold into the room before coming to a sudden stop. Her eyes latching onto the two people who were in the office who most certainly shouldn’t be there.

Scanning the office to see what was happening, (Y/n) felt her hand tightening around the door handle as she noticed both men were rooting through the safe that Ben had in the cupboard behind his desk. A safe that only he should know the combination to and one that held documents no one else should be going through or have a need for. Her eyes narrowed as she saw there was a bundle of slightly crumpled papers in Joe’s hands as Gwilym was either trying to sort through them with him or take them off him.

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Ok I’m probably not the first person to realize this but in the song ‘39 they sing “in the land that our grandchildren knew” which confused me until I thought about how it’s about space pioneer people going on a voyage and when they come back the earth is like dead and it’s because time works different in space. Like one year flying around in space is actually more than one year on earth because of velocity-time dilation which basically means the faster you’re going the slower time moves. Like how the people on the ISS are moving super fast around the planet like they age slower than people on earth because they’re moving so fast. So when the space pioneer people came back to earth after moving really fast around space they were still young and everyone they knew on earth was like dead which is why they say in the land that our grandchildren knew. Just wanted to share that.

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Ben Hardy x reader

  • Words: 1k
  • After filming a movie together, during an interview you finally open up about the arrangement Ben and you have.


“You haven’t been here in forever!” Ellen exclaimed as you seated yourself on the couch next to her armchair. She was right. The last time you had been on her show had been last year after your successful Netflix show had aired its last season.

“I know!” you answered with a smile, before reaching out to take a sip of water. “I have missed you.”

“I’m honored.” the short haired woman in front of you joked back and grabbed her note cards from the coffee table between the two of you.

You had never been particularly fond of interviews, but you couldn’t deny that you actually enjoyed Ellen’s show as the atmosphere was always relaxed and felt less like a performance and more like two friends hanging out together gossiping.

“You were in a new movie.” Ellen read off her cards. “That won an Oscar. Congratulation on that first of all.”

“Thank you, thank you. It’s been a great experience really. I have never shot a movie before, being part of something so big was incredible.” You had said these lines on the promo tour so many times, you didn’t even know if you still meant them. Probably. Just the after the movie part was not your favorite. You enjoyed acting and were proud of your role, however being in the public eye was something you couldn’t quite get used to.

“Now before we start talking about your upcoming projects, we have to address something a bit different.” Ellen began as a picture of Ben Hardy popped up behind the two of you on the big screens.

You rolled your eyes with a smirk. You knew this was going to be asked. Because in the past three weeks of interview after interview you had been asked this question. Every. Single. Time.

“It is rumored that Ben and you are the newest couple on the celebrity it couple list. Do you want to talk about that?”

It was true. After playing lovers in the movie, the rumors just wouldn’t stop. During filming, you and Ben had hit it off almost instantly. You shared the same kind of humor and both enjoyed each other’s company. However, “Ben and I are not dating.” you repeated for the probably tenth time alone this week. It was a Thursday. “Sorry to disappoint.”

“You know, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but actually we have collected a few pictures here. Let’s just go through them together.” Ellen laughed as the screen switched to a photograph of Ben and you having coffee together. The two of you were sitting on a bench during lunch break while on set. Ben was still in costume even. He was evidently telling a story using both hands as you sat to his left, your legs crossed and laughing along with him.

“Ben is great. But we really are just friends.” You tried not to sound annoyed. But you were just so damn tired of it. Maybe today would be the day you’d finally drop the bomb.

Ben and you had talked about it on the phone a few days earlier. He was back in London working on his new project already.

“Just tell them the truth then. I really don’t care, (Y/N).” he had said after you had complained once again about the reporters not shutting up about the subject.

And maybe you would. Maybe today you finally would.

“Okay.” Ellen continued with a small chuckle. “What about this one then?”

You turned around in your seat to get a better look at yet another picture of you and Ben. You remembered that night. You had gone to a Queen concert together. In the captured moment the both of you were facing the stage lights, his muscular arms tightly wrapped around you from behind. You were leaning against his back as the two of you were screamed the lyrics along with everyone else. It had been a great night. But of course paparazzi just had to take pictures.

“Like I said, we are just really good friends.” you repeated once again. The smile on your face hopefully didn’t look as forced as it actually was. You were tired. So, so tired.

“Alright. Last one and I promise we will move on after that.”

You nodded as you looked at the screen once more. You couldn’t hide the small blush that spread across your face as you tried not to smirk. You also remembered that moment. It was the morning after the Oscar’s. Ben and you were sitting on the balcony of your hotel room, croissants and coffee on the table between you. Both of you were wearing sunglasses that had been necessary after that hangover. You had your feet pulled up under you as you watched Ben, a cigarette lazingly hanging from his fingers as you lit your own. It looked like a picture taken straight from an earlier century. Just in high quality.

“So Ben is wearing the pants he wore to the Oscar’s.” Ellen began with a knowing smile. “but he is topless. Because you are actually wearing his shirt.”

You watched as a picture of Ben’s outfit popped up. “You did some detective work here.” you laughed and took another sip of water.

The picture had gone viral so fast, the two of you had not even finished your breakfast yet when your best friend had called you. Still, you liked the picture. You had also liked the night quite a lot, but that was a different story.

“But you are just friends.” Ellen repeated your statement from before in a mocking tone.

Yes, you agreed. Today was the day.

You sat up straighter, raising an eyebrow in a knowing smile. “We are just good friends that like to have great sex sometimes.”

And with this the crowd erupted in noise.


This has been in my head for so long now. Might write the night of the Oscar’s if anyone is interested in that :)

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Summary: You just can’t believe in God anymore and your mom is worried about you losing your faith. Luckily the new Priest is more than happy to help

Word Count: 3K

Tags: Smut, Priest kink. fingering, blowjobs, handjobs, all the good sin.

Authors Note: Wanted to start this new blog off with a bang so what better way then Priest kink!

This is smut so 18+ ONLY. Please do not read if you are underage


“Mom I told you I don’t want to go.” You say loudly to the closed door as your mom stands on the other side and lets out a loud sigh.

“Honestly Y/N I have no clue what has gotten into you but you need to cut it out. We had you baptized and went through all the sacraments and you wake up one day with an attitude and telling me you don’t believe in God. How does that happen overnight?” Your mom says impatiently as you tear through your closet to find your boring church dresses that are hidden in the way back.

“Mom I’m twenty years old I think I can decide religion for myself thanks.” You snap back as you change quickly and run your brush through your hair before throwing it up in a messy ponytail you know your mom will hate.

“I just want you to explain why. You were always so good. Our golden daughter.”

You roll your eyes to that.

“Then you graduate high school and now you are in college probably experimenting with drugs and I just want to make sure my baby is okay.” Your mom nearly sobs as you throw the door open and stare at her.

You do feel bad, really you do. But so much has happened in the course of a year that made your belief in God just disappear.

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Another part of my latest royal1 Ben Hardy series involving a love triangle with Joe. Feedback is always appreciated.

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“What do you want me to do?”

(Y/n) spoke the words with a sense of fury in her tone but there was also a sense of defeat with her words. She didn’t know what he was expecting of her and she didn’t know what else she could do in this situation except lie because telling the truth was not going to achieve anything.

A cynical laugh left (Y/n)’s lips when Ben didn’t give her a response just like she was anticipating. He had his hands resting on his hips as his expression was darker than usual. His eyes burned into her own when she laughed, looking like he wanted to shout at her for acting this way but he wouldn’t. He stayed silent because he didn’t know what he wanted (Y/n) to do. He didn’t have a plan in mind and that hurt and annoyed both of them because if he didn’t have a suitable plan or idea then (Y/n) was going to have to lie even if it upset both of them.

“See, you don’t know what to do Ben and all I can think of is telling Joe this baby is his. So if you don’t have a better solution that’s what I’ll do.”

(Y/n) wasn’t going to get rid of this baby and she couldn’t go and tell everyone it was Ben’s child because that came with horrible consequences. If people found out Ben’s reputation would be shredded and (Y/n)’s life would be ruined. Joe would surely divorce her, he would never bring up his brother’s child and she was married to him and not Ben so it would never work. (Y/n) wouldn’t be able to stay here because this was Joe’s home more than it was hers and if she went back to her parents she would disgrace them and she doubted they would take her in.

It seemed like the only option was to lie even if it was something she did not want to do.

Her eyes locked with Ben’s as he advanced towards her, she could see the subtle shaking in his hands and how his breaths were becoming laboured as he tried so hard to stay calm and collected but it wasn’t working well.

“Nice to know where I stand.” He snapped causing (Y/n) to bite down on her lip as she turned her head away from him but he gripped her jaw and turned her head back to face him. “You think I’ll stand by and let you play happy families with my child and my little brother?” There was something about the look in his eyes that made (Y/n) quiver and her knees quake to the point she thought they were going to cave in.

Lying and pretending the baby was Joe’s was going to hurt everyone and she knew it. It would hurt Joe because he was going to be deceived and if he found out he would be crushed. It was going to hurt (Y/n) because she didn’t want to be with Joe and she didn’t want to lie to him or her child and pretend he was the father when he really wasn’t. But she knew it was going to be worse for Ben because he would have to stand by and watch them. He wouldn’t be there at the birth, he wouldn’t get to look after his child and they would grow up thinking he was simply their uncle instead of their father.

Ben would watch his brother bring up his child and that was something he simply wasn’t going to do.

“So what do you suggest we do?” (Y/n) responded as she pulled her jaw from his grip but this time her voice was quieter, it was weaker and trembling because she was afraid. She was afraid of what was going to happen now and she was afraid of what Ben was going to do and how he was going to act if there was no other plan.

“Leave him.” He spoke so calmly, said the words so easily as if it was the most obvious and easiest thing in the world. “You don’t love him and you certainly didn’t want to marry him in the first place.”

In the beginning, Ben hadn’t cared when his mother told him Joe was going to get married. He didn’t know whether Joe had been courting someone for a while or if it was arranged but he didn’t care either way and he didn’t bother turning up to the wedding, much to his mother’s disappointment. But now he did care. He cared very much that Joe had gone and married (Y/n) of all people because Ben was beginning to fall for her and he felt so sorry for her. He felt bad that she didn’t get to be courted by someone or choose who she wanted to marry or that she didn’t get to decline Joe’s offer of marriage. She had been forced into this and it wasn’t fair.

Ben thought it was the most obvious thing in the world because (Y/n) didn’t love Joe and she didn’t want to be with him. So if she left him she wouldn’t have to lie and she could be with Ben instead.

“Leave him and be with you, you mean?” (Y/n) spoke softly but the pained look on her face showed she knew that wasn’t a viable option even if it was the one she wanted to choose.

“Why not?” Ben didn’t have to ask if she wanted to be with him because he knew she did. All she had to do was leave Joe. Simply tell him that she didn’t love him or she didn’t want to be married to him anymore, say it wasn’t working because it clearly wasn’t.  Joe had no right and no way to force her to stay in a relationship with him, (Y/n) could leave if she simply told Joe she wanted to be divorced from him.

“If you weren’t the King-”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with this!” Ben snapped, his eyes narrowing as he felt like crying. His status had nothing to do with this, him being who he was didn’t come into the situation. This wasn’t about him this was about her and her marriage to Joe which had to come to an end if they wanted to be together with their child.

“It does if you want to be with me.” (Y/n) quickly brushed a single tear from the corner of her eye as she saw that Ben wasn’t on the same train of thought. He didn’t know what she was referring to. “If I leave Joe then that means you’ll be living in sin with me and our baby will be born out of wedlock because you won’t be able to marry me, Ben. You’re the King, you can’t marry a divorced woman you know the rules. Your reputation will be ruined because people won’t support you living and having a child with someone you’re not married to.”

Ben’s face hardened as he held his breath to stop himself from screaming or lashing out and punching the wall behind (Y/n) because he knew she was right.

There were certain rules that even Ben had to follow because he was the King and he had a responsibility. If (Y/n) left Joe there was the option of Ben living in sin with a married woman or living with a divorced woman and neither of those were good for his reputation. Ben couldn’t marry a divorced woman because it was as if he was being a rebel, it wasn’t allowed because it was frowned upon. If he went against the rules and married (Y/n) then the people would lose respect for him and right now he had a lot of respect and was on top of his game.

Then there was their child to think about. If they weren’t married and they had their child then they wouldn’t technically be in line for the throne because they would be born out of wedlock.

(Y/n) would gladly divorce Joe to be with Ben but she didn’t want to be the reason the people turned against him. She didn’t want to ruin Ben’s reputation or destroy what he had worked to build up it wasn’t fair of her to do that to him.

Closing her eyes, (Y/n) pressed her face into his chest, holding her breath for a moment when his arms wrapped around her tighter than usual. He encased her to his chest that was heaving from his laboured breaths, she could feel him shaking from the need to punch something. Since he started boxing it was a tradition for Ben to start boxing if he got angry because he had a short temper that was only under control when he was punching someone or a punching bag.

“Sweetheart, listen to me. My reputation doesn’t mean anything to me but you and this baby do. I’m not having Joe bring up my son or daughter so you can forget that idea, we’ll have to figure something else out.” Ben couldn’t sit back and let his brother bring up his own child, Ben would die before he let that happen.

His reputation did mean little to him because being King was never something he had been fond of even if he had taken the role and done a good job so far. Ben would give up the throne if it meant being with (Y/n) and their child but he wouldn’t stand by and lie about his child. But then again giving up the throne, as much as he would do that, it did still make things complicated. There was no easy way of looking or getting through this.

“Like what?” (Y/n) whispered against his shirt, not daring to pull back and look at him. She couldn’t think of anything that would work out for both of them. It was more Ben and Joe she was thinking about more than herself because they were going to come out of this worse off. If Ben really did want to be with her then she didn’t have to be afraid of going back home and being outcast or left with no home. But it was going to be harder for him to try and work this situation out and Joe was never going to come out better off.

“I think I have an idea… but for the time being, you may have to lie to Joe because you can’t exactly hide the baby from anyone.”

(Y/n) could practically hear the wheels in Ben’s head turning around and around as he seemed to be working out some kind of plan. She knew he was right about the baby, she was about three months gone now so she couldn’t hide it for very much longer. It would buy them some time of (Y/n) just told Joe she was pregnant because Ben did have an idea but it wouldn’t be put into action straight away.


There was no going back from this now.

(Y/n) dared not let her eyes lift from the glass in her hand as she was sitting in the dining hall with everyone else. The heels of her shoes tapping against the tiled floor that was gleaming from lacquer and polish.

The moment she had told Joe that she was pregnant she felt like shrivelling up and disappearing into nothing. The disbelief and the broad smile on his face was enough to make her stomach churn as she let the tears fall which he clearly thought were happy tears. Despite her not being happy in the marriage he had helped arrange, (Y/n) knew he didn’t deserve this. Joe didn’t deserve to be tricked into thinking he was going to be a father when in reality the baby was his brother’s child.

But if (Y/n) didn’t tell him he would found out anyway when she started to show. And if she told him the truth she would face the repercussions and be sent back home to a disgraced family that would not want her anymore.

Ben had an idea that (Y/n) was apprehensive about but at the same time, it was the only plan they had that meant that Ben could keep his crown and his reputation but still be with (Y/n) and the baby. Either leaving or getting divorced from Joe was always going to be on the cards, there was no way after this baby was born that an affair could carry on.

The plan was one that was risky.

Clearly people had to know about the baby since (Y/n) was going to start showing in about a month or so and that meant leaving with the baby when they were born was going to be complicated. But Ben thought that if when the baby was born, they told people the baby had passed away, it gave them a chance. Joe wouldn’t have to find out about the affair and (Y/n) could tell Joe that she didn’t want to be with him anymore and blame it on the heartache of losing a child.

Ben was the King, he was part of the royal family and therefore this wasn’t the only home/ estate he had. So when the baby was born, (Y/n) could say she was going back home but just go somewhere else and then Ben would leave and stay with her.

Marriage wasn’t something that meant much to either of them and living together without being married didn’t bother either of them. The plan was risky but Ben would keep his reputation and still be able to be King and be able to rule in the same way. (Y/n) got out of the marriage she didn’t want to be part of in the first place and they could have their child together. Otherwise Ben was at risk of losing the throne and Joe would be hurt further and a scandal was not what any of them wanted or needed.

Allowing her eyes to lift from her glass, (Y/n) looked around the table they were all sitting at. Joe was on her left, as usual, Ben was on her right at the end of the rectangular table. The boy’s mother was opposite Ben at the other end and both of (Y/n)’s parents were sitting opposite her and Joe.

Out of them all, Ben looked the most unamused and bored but his mother and Joe had wanted him to join them so he had been conscripted to this dinner. He was swirling his index finger around the rim of his glass as he had his chin resting on his fist. Every so often his mother would shoot him a glare or raise her brows in an attempt to get him to straighten up and look more engrossed in the conversation but he wouldn’t cooperate.

He did however nudge (Y/n)’s elbow when he noticed she hadn’t heard what Joe had just said and he saw that she didn’t even feel Joe’s hand enveloping over her own. Picking her head up, (Y/n) glanced her eyes quickly around the table before feeling her heart picking up speed when she noticed the sudden smiles and cheers indicating Joe had told them their announcement.

“Ben, dear aren’t you going to congratulate the happy couple?”

(Y/n) watched how his bored eyes looked at his mother before he glanced to the pair sitting on his right before he shook his head.

“The baby isn’t born yet, mother. He doesn’t need congratulating for pulling his finger out and-”

“Alright, that’s enough.” Beatrix hushed with a shake of her head. Ben simply didn’t see the point of saying well done and congratulations when the baby wasn’t born yet. The hard part of labour hadn’t taken place yet, when that happened he knew (Y/n) would deserve all the praise in the world that he and everyone else could give.

(Y/n) sighed as she kept a forced smile onto her lips but she simply looked at her glass instead. Her father’s words washed over her head, Beatrix’s kind yet overbearing remarks went in one ear and out the other. As for her mother, her gushing and praise simply made a fire spark up inside (Y/n).

All of her life (Y/n) had wanted her mother’s approval and for her to praise her for something or to just take an interest. Now her mother was praising her for finally doing something that she could talk about to others. Something she could boast and something she deemed as good and acceptable and amazing. It made (Y/n) want to shout at her mother, to make her angry and tell her she had had an affair because it really would break her mother. Her mother would walk away with a red face and tears of frustration that the daughter she had raised to be a lady had passed away and the daughter she didn’t pay attention to was now a disgrace.

As soon as Amelia’s name left her mother’s lips, (Y/n) sat down the glass in her hand and pushed herself to her feet.

“Excuse me.”

Turning around, (Y/n) left the table of people who had now suddenly stopped talking as she started to leave the room. She couldn’t sit and listen to their praise or their comments and plans for the future that were never going to happen and that she didn’t want to hear. She brushed a tear from her eye as she tried to calm down.

Why had she married Joe?

Why had she gotten into an affair with Ben?

Why was she going along with this lie?

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