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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#edward cullen

bella swan was just a lesbian who never felt attractive to anyone before edward so she became unrealistically attached to him and got into a bad relationship with him and then became a vampire because she felt obligated to be with him forever. stephanie meyer is just a coward and doesn’t want to admit it.

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every case of a haunted house in Forks is actually just Edward loudly weeping while listening to youtube rips of Howlin’ Wolf in the crawl space

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Did I just indirectly quote Edward Cullen?

Yes yes I did, the line was “No measure of time with you will be enough, so let’s start with forever.”

The line I said was, “No measure of time will be enough, but let’s start with forever.”

So basically I just told my boyfriend a line from a wedding scene because I love him that much and my brain automatically thought to something romanic from Twilight

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all the kids who thought augustus putting an unlit cigarette in his mouth was the most sophisticated metaphor they had encountered clearly never saw the scene in twilight where edward is glaring at bella in the bio classroom, thinking of all the ways he can kill her efficiently while also having intense emotional turmoil about how giving into his natural masochistic instincts will unequivocally  disappoint his only father figure (that we know of) and further his eternal damnation, with the stuffed owl wings behind him looking like an angel’s wings and hence depicting how his sense of morality and empathy make him undoubtably good, despite his own personal beliefs of his soul (or lack thereof)

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I am begging you guys to stop being rude about my religion. If you want to insult Smeyer there are plenty of ways to. My religion is not why shes a shitty person; shes a shitty person just because she is one. I cant go into the twilight tags these days without seeing stuff bashing mormons bc of her and that is deeply hurtful because she’s bad. My religion is not.

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It’s explained early on that when transformed, vampires become the perfect version of their human self. They have perfect hair, perfect teeth and the perfect body. Well to go with the perfect body do their genitals become the “perfect size”? For example, if someone had a regular sized dick would the transformation cause their dick to grow to the perfect size. Then depending on what is judged as being a perfect size, would some people’s dicks shrink during the transformation as well. This also goes for females, do their boobs grow or shrink to become the “perfect size”. Or do we truly believe that whatever overseer of the world that caused the vampires to transform in such a way believed that every body was perfect. So possibly body shape and size stays the same while looks get changed to draw in humans? 

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