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Anonymous asked:

Can you write about Angela discovering the Quileutes’ secret (but not the Cullens’) and going to confront them but becoming an imprint in the process?

Angela Weber reeled back with shock, covering her mouth with both hands as she slowly began walking backwards.

There was no way what she’d seen was real. She was probably inhaling too much cigarette smoke from her mother and classmates (Lauren went through a pack a day minimum) and it was affecting her sanity, eyesight, whatever. Because there was no way tall, muscular boys (and one very gorgeous girl, in Angela’s opinion) from La Push were randomly shifting into furry wolves, just like that. It was impossible.

So she went back home, made excuses to her parents for her wide eyes and blush and skittish demeanor, and slept on it, but woke up the next day with a burning curiosity and a sharp determination. She didn’t know who she could really ask about this - Bella? Jessica? - but those people who had shifted. Was it, like, for a movie they were filming? A green screen, maybe? (The trees were certainly green enough.) But it looked so real, and the cracking of their bones reshaping themselves were loud in her ears, still, hours after the event had happened.

She dressed herself in a white t-shirt, a silver crucifix pendant around her long neck, and wore loose grey dress pants and white sneakers. She tied her dark hair up in a tight ponytail, thinking back to those boys and one girl who had - supposedly - shifted into wolves. Having her hair loose might not be the best idea should she need to make a quick escape.

She then walked to and over the La Push border after texting her mother, stating that she would be out for the morning (at least, she hopes she’ll only be out that long). Her mother replied with a short paragraph, reminding her of safety and pepper spray and please come back on time, which Angela rolled her eyes at.

She glanced around, seeing some houses nearby, and walked towards one at a leisurely pace. Best not to act too threatening, or try to be tough, you probably won’t win. She took deep breaths as she sharply knocked on the door, which appeared to be made of some very grainy, coarse wood the color of coffee.

The girl she had seen yesterday opened the door, and once again Angela was struck by her beauty. This girl was the same height as her (very rare) with copper skin, silky dark hair cropped into a pixie cut, slim waist and legs that went on forever. Even though she, too, wore a t-shirt and pants Angela felt very under-dressed all of a sudden.

“Um…” Angela took a deep breath as she looked directly at the other girl’s eyes. “I…” This was such a terrible idea. What was she going to start with? Hey, I saw you turn into a wolf, what the heck was that about? Yeah, if what she saw was actually true, she would probably have been killed for knowing this. “Never mind,” she mumbled. She took one last look at the beautiful girl, and was stunned to see the expression in her almond-shaped eyes.

The girl’s eyes were widened, and shocked, but more than that they were adoring. They swore to protect, to cherish, to love - Angela looked into those eyes and swore she saw an eternity in the fathomless brown irises. She fought back a shiver and took a step back, surprised at how reluctant she was to do so. What was happening to her?

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The part in the first Twilight book where Bella talks about her theories on how Edwards a superhero aged both amazingly and slightly cursed now that he’s batman because the whole “What if I’m not a superhero? What if I’m the bad guy?” Thing is exactly what Mr. “My Parents Died And Now I Hunt Crime Dressed As A Bat” Would say.

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Give me your thoughts on The Host!!

don’t worry i plan on writing a full review when i’m done (or shall i host - pun intended - a read a long ??)

i have actually read it once before when i was deep in my twilight phase at age 13/14 BUT i’d had a big fight with my parents and read it in one sitting while crying locked in my bedroom SO i have a weird vibe with it and don’t remember much of the plot so so i’m really excited to replace that memory with a new one !!

what do ppl think of it ?? how does it compare to twilight ??

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