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I’ve been borned and raised in a very “important” and old family with a lot of money and many huge egos.

When I was a little girl, I wore pretty pink & white dresses, I learnt how to play piano and I did horseback because that’s what little girls do in this family..

I learnt to shut my mouth when my father, uncles and brothers were speaking. I learnt how to quietly clean the table while they were talking politic, smoking big expensive cigars. Because that’s what women do in this family.

When I still was a kid, barely a teen, I met that boy in high school. He was handsome and kind. He was from another important family also. That was a deal.

I was 16 at that time, but my parents saw me married with that guy already. Finally, and without any surprise, my boyfriend proposed the day I turnt 20. I said yes. Of course I did. Our families organised a huge party.

It sounds like middle age? No, no, no. 2010′s in Europe.

I wasn’t happy. He wasn’t bad with me but I wasn’t in love with him. But I liked to tell to myself that I didn’t have any other choice. At a young age, I had a nice boyfriend, we were even engaged. We had a big and pretty appartment in a beautiful city. I hadn’t to fear  unemployment because after my studies, I’d have a good job in Family Business. I didn’t dare to complain.

Then… I grew up. I met free people who looked happy and wild. I discovered some wonderful people on the internet who chose their own lifestyle which make them truly happy.

I wanted to do the same. I was tired of faking some ridiculous and old fashioned happiness.

At the age of 23, I left my ex-fiancé. Everybody was pissed. For the first time in my whole life, I did a thing against my family’s odds and they weren’t happy about that, far from it. They didn’t left me, they aren’t monsters but they made me understand, everyday, how much I was wrong.

And now… Now… I want to keep going. In September, I’ll move in a new unknown city. I’ll still work in family business, I’m still scary to cut all bonds. I feel deeply insecure and I feel unable to live by my own yet.

After the piano, I want to learn to be happy by myself without any father, uncle or brother to tell me what to do. I want to explore my own sexuality, I want to be able to please myself. I would love to try new things with… Girls, or boys, I don’t really know yet.

I want to free myself. This is only the beginning hopefully.


Originally posted by rimani-con-me-almeno-tu

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I’m 13. When I was 8, a boy punched me in the stomach and threatened to kill me ad my family. When I was 11, a 13-year-old boy asked me for my number, and wouldn’t leave me alone even if I asked him to, he was known for harassing girls. When I was 12, a boy pretended to try to kiss me. When I was outed by someone, 2 boys asked me invasive, gross questions about being a lesbian. I blocked a guy on social media because he wanted to send me a picture of his penis when I blocked him he used 2 alternate accounts to send them to punish me for blocking him. 

I’ve been harassed so many times, by so many people, and not one of them was punished. I didn’t have the heart to tell teachers or authorities, because they already told me to ignore it, but that doesn’t work. So what can I do? What are my options to keep this from happening to me again? There are none, until my teachers, and authorities stop blaming me and blame the boys who made me dread going to school or going online. 

I don’t want to fear men, I really don’t

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Book Recommendations, week #2: Here, The World Entire

Here, The World Entire is a self-published novella by @teashoesandhair, a retelling of Ovid’s Perseus and Medusa told through the eyes of the gorgon herself. This tiny book is a beautifully written work of art that is both tragic and poignant, empowering and striking. Hayward has an excellent grasp on the art of prose, and this book is a sterling example of that. It’s a feminist retelling at that, and because it’s told in Medusa’s perspective we get an entirely different view on the myth than the one presented by Ovid. to summarize it; Medusa is raped by Poseidon in a temple of Athena, and when Athena sees this she punishes Medusa for her ‘transgression’ by turning her into a gorgon, having anyone who looks upon her turn to stone. Later, once Medusa has holed herself up inside a cave, Perseus finds her and speaks to her. I won’t go any more in-depth than that because of spoilers, but be aware that there are discussions of rape and sexual assault in this book, so if that’s a trigger for you perhaps don’t read it. This novella is a quick read–I read it in one go and it took me less than an hour–that addresses both the sexual assault side of Ovid’s verse and the Perseus side of it eloquently and intelligently, and is a novella I’d recommend to most anyone. 

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For everyone to know about our situation. These are the numbers of feminicides in our country, from January-June of this year (and still counting).

This is the reason why women are marching/protesting. Enough is enough, we are tired of the violence and injustice. The government doesn’t care about us. We must be heard!! People need to listen!!

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