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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The most underrated complexion. Dark skin is BEAUTIFUL! Period. Let’s stop pretending that dark skin is a curse and unworthy of love. End colourism. Stop feeding into the negativity when it comes to darker skinned women.

S/N: and to all of you idiots claiming that I’m sending the “wrong messages” to darker skin women/girls, you obviously don’t understand the point of my appreciation posts. NO ONE is saying that dark skin women “have to look a certain way.” This is simply an appreciation (recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something) to let all of my divine dark skin women know that their skin is beautiful and shouldn’t be seen as a curse.

In no way, shape or form am I trying to lessen my dark skin girls value by these posts. I don’t understand how people take my positive posts and work so hard to deem it as a negative. Apparently I’m suppose to just post unattractive dark skin women/girls in order to make my point across. I’m not supposed to post pictures of dark skin women in makeup or weave… lol. Regardless of the makeup or not, they are all dark skin women who are more than likely to be discriminated against in our own community, told that they are not pretty and suffer from low self esteem. This internalized racism has to end… the hate against darker complexions has to stop.

Dark skin women deserve better from our own men and women. Dark skin is beautiful. Dark skin is divine. Dark skin is WORTHY! Dark skin does not equal ugly, light skin does not equal pretty. Period.

If you don’t like these kinds of posts then simply keep scrolling tf. Don’t come on my blog with your insensitive and ridiculous accusations about my positive posts. Any one who undermines my posts will be responded to with facts and/or blocked. BOM DIA!

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dudebros: why are people freaking out about captain marvel being representation for girls lol I was never bothered about that guy superheroes growing up what kinda feminist bullshit-

Brie Larson: wow I love how young girls can now see so many strong women on their screens

dudebros: ugh I guess you don’t care about all the young boys watching strong women on screens such a man-hater-

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Feryal Özel (b. 1975) is a Turkish-American astrophysicist. She is known for her important contributions in the research of black holes, neutron stars and magnetars.

She obtained her PhD from Harvard University and is a member of the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, a Fellow of the Harvard-Radcliffe Institute and a professor at UC Berkeley. In 2013, she received the Maria Goeppert Mayer Award from the American Physical Society for her contributions to the field of astrophysics.

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Honest Posters Showing What Women Should ‘Thank A Feminist’ For

School of Feminism

An online feminist community called the School of Feminism has suggested and uploaded a series of designs to the internet, listing some of the biggest achievements that societies’ have earned in their quest towards equality.

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Sorry if you already realize this, but the handmaids tale (show, idk about book) deals with stuff that precedes islam. It's not just about present day or even the past 1000 years. But yeah the problem with racist viewership in the us remains.

This was the one time I wasn’t even talking about islam (which is patriarchal bullshit along with every other monotheistic cult, christianity etc) but saudi in particular. I was watching the handmaid’s tale baffled that anyone could make such a clear and unmistakeable commentary about women in saudi arabia (and to a point, women in other heavily religious muslim countries) while making the whole thing seem so whyte and *dystopic*. There’s nothing about the handmaid’s tale that is “a warning” or “dystopic”! it’s literally all happening in saudi arabia right now!

Things that happen both in saudi arabia and in the handmaid’s tale:

- Gay people are executed

- Women are subjected to the will of a male guardian, from which they need permission to travel, study, work and even get medical care.

- Women can’t drive (the driving ban was lifted after tht was made, and anyway the govt made it VERY difficult for women to get a license by making it so expensive very few guardians agree to it)

- Women are treated as breeding stock (no handmaids in saudi as far as I know, but second and third wives are a thing and every woman is expected to have children)

- The “government” is really theocracy

- Dressing immodestly will get women in jail

- The religious police is a thing

- The saudi government/kingdom routinely uses women from the royal family to “show” foreigners how saudi women are not oppressed and are in fact absolutely delighted about their situation, by making them study, travel abroad, go out without religious clothing, etc.

- No saudi can leave islam or be an atheist publicly or the death penalty awaits; foreigners are tolerated for mere economic reasons

- Saudi arabia punishes stealing by cutting a hand and “worse” offenses by beheading/hanging/stoning/public lashes/ you name it.

- Adultery is punished with jail

- A male guardian can sue a woman for “disobedience” or “unauthorized absence” (Women need to ask permission to leave the house)

- Finally, Margaret Atwood herself, the woman who WROTE the handmaid’s tale, retweeted an article drawing the uncanny similarities between her book and the situation of women and minorities in saudi.

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“We are living in such a troubled world that fashion seems completely irrelevant. Yet…it’s a very, very mysterious thing. Why all of a sudden do people like yellow? Why all of a sudden do people wear combat boots?”

~ Diane von Furstenberg

For @athstec

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