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Images of Gods

Women, girls, ladies;

All glorious in every form.

From Africa to Asia, Russia to Brazil;

Everyone a treat to unwrap;

From a smile which can consume your soul;

To those breasts of which to hold,

But a handful and not much more;

Excess is just waste,

Cream overflowing from the patisseries cakes.

The waist on which to lay a hand;

Back to that bullseye between flesh mounds.

I can’t deny love for them quarter pounds in a silky smooth bun.

Thighs of beauty;

Walking away or to,

Wrapped in lace or naked and true, covered in some sort of eye glue.

The way they dress can make you feel as though heaven has already been served. Apple in mouth and erotically served.

Why you would choose to cover up in animal fat masks I will never understand.

Let the cows have their fat,

It looks better on them than you.

The demonic in their eyes can bring the strongest to their knees with not much more than a suggestive squeeze.

Too cheap is to show off on a two bit strip tease or interweave with chromatic steel.

Too dirty to display a heavenly plume,

Shaking tail feathers attracts many a fleshy mushroom.

Alas, I have omitted the greatest of treasures of the female form;

Capable of division of wills, multiplication of semen spills and subtraction of communication skills.

My perch on which the bird can sit,

Any which way,

In pleasure and sometimes in pain,

My hope is these Godesses play an infinite game.

Objectify, admire, it does not matter;

A consenting recipient is all that is required;

To hold, to watch, to conjoin, stroke, taste and wonder.

Wonder of my world measuring immeasurable levels of desire.

To put in too words does seem an injustice.

I think I’d like to roll a la salt and pepper;

Please don’t say like MC Hammer.

Dreams and nightmares,

Lust and fear,

XX is the number and letter to which eyes are drawn.

XX + XY,

Equations Like this.

Let the love juice flow,

And your tonsils it not miss.

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