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All I want is one producing bell pepper plant. That’s it. That’s all I need. Please, Mighty Persephone and Great Demeter, help me with my gardening. I’m terrible with plants. Constantly killing plants while worshipping the Goddess of Spring is extra frustrating. Please help me keep my garden alive this time.


By Your beloved names 💜

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Have spent part of the last two weekends doing bits and pieces of gardening. All the overwintered plants are out, and while quite a few of them died, quite a few lived. The mints and saffron that stayed outdoors survived.

Some of the plantless planters I’ve emptied of soil, aerated and turned and mixed nutrients back in, and planted a few new baby plants. I’ve done the same with the tub gardens. I’ve got a list of plants to buy again, that produced last year and I’d like to see further produce. I still need to turn, etc., the rest of the planters, but that won’t take too long. A couple of nights of frost severely damaged three of the baby tomatoes, despite being covered, so I’ll pick up replacements tomorrow night.


Have planted five sets of six-pack veggies: brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, red cabbage, swiss chard. Had to update the tub-gardens because I’d bought an extra six-pack in my over-enthusiam. Added a tub, extended the frame for the netting (to keep birds out, and the cat(s)–they ignored the tubs of soil all fall and winter, but when I pulled the first one to turn the soil, someone quickly began using it for a litter tray. *sigh* So, netting secured at bottom as well as top now. *fingers crossed*

Those red lattice-type things I’ve used in various capacities over the decade I’ve lived here, from grape arbors to rose trellises, and they’re the perfect size (raised on bricks) to keep the tubs off the ground without warping the plastic. Last year I used bricks and decorative garden frames to support the bottoms of the tubs, always a little unwieldy. I think they must have been gates or fencing of some kind.

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Purchases of seeds has commenced:

bia don bholg: radish, chantenay red core, sugar peas (climbers), brussels sprouts, lemon cucumber, broccoli, pole beans, zuc, red cherry toms.

bia don anam: hollyhocks, violas, bachelor buttons, straw flowers (because my eldest daughter was with me and she want to make flower crowns), and glad corms because they were 50% off. I’ll pop them in the fridge and then in the ground next week if we aren’t wading through the wet.

Forgot to get a new seed box so stowing in zipper bags.

Not much accomplished today except planting of parley (curly and Italian flat leaf) which managed to stay in small pots all winter on the back stoop and survive. Popped them in a terracotta pot next to the leaking water bib and potted up an oregano in my aunt’s old terra chicken pot… I have lugged this around for ages.  I always keep some sort of potted herb in it (usually oregano, strange, I wonder what the connection is).  I love it much because it reminds me so much of her.  Its all I have left of her except for the memories. She wielded a mean wooden spoon and was generous in application. I loved her in spite of her temper. I also cleaned out one of the composted worm bins, tossing hand fulls here and there but mainly at the gooseberries – for some reason all the soil is being washed away from their roots.  I need to mulch it up, I guess. I don’t know what else to do for them at the moment nor why this would be happening. Observation and research as why they would be heaving.

I dug a nice load of sun chokes out of the ground.  They are so invasive, once planted, you never truly get rid of them.  They are great potato sub for diabetics who are watching carb/ starch intake. The thing is, no one in this household likes them.  I am thinking perhaps I can mash them up to make like a potato crust and really season it up so not one suspects.

But that was the end of that for the day as it just became too wet that only some one desperate or sadistic would stay out trying to garden.  The buttercups and herb robert can wait while I go in for the day, enjoy the warmth of a cup of tea in front of the heat.

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My New Years resolution was to start a flower garden. I am 36 and have never gardened before in my life! I have spent the past few days nurturing these castoffs from the clearance bin at Walmart and they are perking up! Soon as the frost is over, I can start my little flower garden outside. It’s making me happy, and right now that’s enough for me. I even snagged a few hyacinths because I saw they were going to be in New Horizons.

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Garden update 2/23/2020

Backyard update 1 of 2


Back garden pea row=

top left= kale,

Bottom left= what we think is a wild Chamomile and some spinich that will be pulled for new plants in the next week or so.

Too right=blue bean bush, borlotto di vigevano nano beans

bottom right= kale tuscano


Top left= we think there’s a celery growing and what we think is kale. The questionable kale will be pulled soon to make space for crop rotation.

Bottom left= onions

Top right= lettuce that we are letting go to seed

Bottom right= lettuce that may also be allowed to go to seed.


On the left side is a Moringa tree that may or may not be dying but we won’t know for a few weeks more.

The lemon tree has lots of little buds on it and is currently kind of covered by the Michillin cabbage that we are allowing to go to seed.

Top right bed is Copohagen cabbage and the bottom right has squash seeds that have yet to show.


An almost full view of the space we have to work on the back, I moved all of the extra debris and such to one space.


Beans from the other side




The questionable Chamomile, spinich to be pulled and Kale




Onions, possible celery and the to be pulled kale


Copohagen cabbage and not yet sprouted squash.

*reposted because for some reason tumbler is eating/goofing my posts

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