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Long time, no post!

I took swing at Afrofuturism! I just got an idea that I couldn’t shake off. I’m super proud of this. I haven’t drawn for fun in almost 2 years and it’s great to see how far I’ve come!

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From Beetlejuice on, Tim Burton has always been about the lighter and more playful side of Halloween. In the CBS Metaverse, he is able to commune with ghosts. So Tim Burton is able to gather up his ghostly buddies - and, together, they would help to create and populate Halloween Town in the cyberscape.

Tim Burton would also help some of his buddies out with the creation of Christmas Town and Easter Town - along with other holidays that have an intriguing aesthetic. Fourth of July and other national holidays would no longer be a thing - since, by the 1980s, all government-organized states would have long since become decentralized communities… with “freedom of movement” being a major concept.

Although, of course, freedom of movement would still be much easier to do in the cyber realm than on the physical realm. Are you a cyber resident of Halloween Town who is getting a bit tired of Halloween? Well, Christmas Town and Easter Town are just nearby. Just be mindful to respect the customs of other communities, be it cyber or physical.

There is also Terra Town, which is a lot like Earth - complete with four seasons. Terra Town is about as large as all the holiday “towns” combined. While Terra Town is generally magic-less, they are largely the first people to make contact with the rest of the Metaverse shortly after “going live”.

The creation of Halloween Town, Christmas Town, Easter Town, and the rest would “go live” on April first of 1983. All of them have 250 years of history.

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It’s not about the productivity. If we worked less, we’d have time to cook our own meals, fix our devices, do DIY projects, grow food, talk to our neighbors, improve our communities, get our stuff from real stores instead of ordering on amazon, maybe even go around and find a small business instead of just going to walmart because it’s easy, walk or bike instead of drive, play in the park instead of collapsing in front of the TV to turn our brains off, look around a public library instead of just buying online, etc, etc, etc

Exhausted people are easy to sell convenience to and easy to isolate. If we had time, we’d realize we don’t need them

Liberalism can’t explain things like why we still work 8 hour days when it’s well-proven that 4 hour days increase both happiness and overall productivity because it can’t recognize the fundamentally adversarial relationship we have with the owning class. The missing piece of the puzzle is that the rich directly benefit from keeping us miserable, and that will continue to be the case as long as they’re rewarded for exploiting us. Reform won’t fix that, taxation won’t fix it, redistribution won’t fix it. Only abolishing centralized ownership of the means of production will

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Portabellas and peppers marinated over night in soy sauce, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chipotle, and paprika, then processed overnight in the dehydrator.  I hesitate to call it jerky, but it’s… trail mix I guess?  Vegan jerky? 

You could do this with a solar dehydrator, but mine is electric. 

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if you have the time Pops? my county is included in a Community Action (started in 1965 b/c War on Poverty) & has 0 local chapters of commonly rec'ed groups. i can see the appeal of stuff like Food Not Bombs not involving means testing but i'm a bit torn on stepping on their toes - they already have arrangements w local stores to give away fruit+veg that would otherwise be thrown away f'ex. for baby steps into mutual aid (+needing to start stuff) would it be better to avoid overlap like that?

Those things can coexist! I assure you there will be no downside at all to starting a mutual aid group like FNB when there are already statist or NGO organizations around - in fact, you might be able to fill a need that isn’t already met (for instance, at least in my area, most food banks and soup kitchens don’t operate on Sundays)

Do you have 2 or 3 radical friends? That’s all you need to start an affinity group. That may not seem like a lot for an activist organization, but think of how much more 3-4 people can accomplish than just one working alone. FNB is definitely one of many great models for a small group to follow, but you should focus on what you see as the greatest need or what you have the most interest in working on

Can you collect used books and write letters for prisoners? Can you build benches to leave at bus stops and in public spaces? Can you construct sharing spaces around your communities? Is there a need to stand up to fascism in your area? Could you raise awareness for ongoing issues, such as the struggle of the Wet’suwet’en nation against invasion, via banner drops and the like - or even blockades and occupations? What can you do to help your migrant neighbors? And there are dozens of other strategies you could take

One person is a nuisance. Three people is a threat. Hell, even two can do a lot more than just one. And there’s so much to be done - your contribution would be a big help

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Vegetarian Homemade Feta


Alright, here it is, the recipe I used for my first batch of cheese. I was just going to have two cheese making posts, but in the process of writing this post I realised that there are a few other things that I need to talk about, so there are going to be some other posts. I’m only going to talk about the recipe and methods here, and I’ll have a separate post to discuss tweaks and DIYing the equipment. I’ll link those at the bottom. 

Vegetarian cheese is made without rennet, which is the enzyme responsible for curdling milk to make many of the harder cheeses of the world. Rennet is extracted from the stomach lining of animals like cows and goats, hence, it’s not vegetarian. Instead, some substance with a low pH (an acid) is used to curdle the milk, like white vinegar or lemon juice. Neither of these have a strong enough flavour that it will be terribly noticeable in the end product.

However, because this is a different method of curdling, this cheese will be softer and more prone to crumbling than rennet cheese, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. It’ll require a little more time to strain out, because you’ll want to force out as much whey as you can to get it to hold a shape. 

  • 1 gallon milk
  • your choice of culture, optional
  • ½ cup of vinegar or lemon juice, roughly
  • stockpot or slow cooker
  • cheesecloth
  • colander
  • wire rack, or some porous surface
  • salt, several tablespoons
  • herbs and spices, optional
  • form & follower
  • a container for brining

1. Heat the milk slowly in your stockpot or slow cooker, up to about 90F/32C, stirring it constantly. The trick here is to not let it heat unevenly, or burn on the bottom. Once it’s warm, add in your choice of culture, if you’re using one. If you’re not, skip to step 3.

2. Once your culture is added, stir a little and cover the pot. You want to keep it warm, but not hot, and let it go relatively undisturbed for an hour or two. If you have a pot, turn the burner off but don’t move it away and wrap it in towels. If you’re using a slow cooker, put the lid on and keep it on warm. 

3. After you’ve let it sit, pour the vinegar or lemon juice in, a little at a time. Continue stirring as you pour. You can stop once you see the curds have formed, they’ll look like the clumps on the slice of bread in the picture, but smaller and looser. 

4. Once the milk has curdled, strain it through a colander lined with cheesecloth. The curds should look like little white clumps, and the whey should be a yellowish clear liquid. If you can, save they whey. 

5. Now you want to get as much whey as you can out of the cheese. Let it sit in the colander until it has mostly stopped dripping (keep it covered to protect it from flies), then lift the cheesecloth up around the curds. Bring the ends together and twist, so the curds are squeezed by the cheesecloth and more whey is released. Be careful that you don’t force the curds through the loosely woven cheesecloth. 

6. After you’ve squeezed it out well, sprinkle about a tablespoon of salt over the curds and mix them around. The salt will dry them out and push more whey from them. At this point, add in whatever herbs or additions you’d like to your cheese. 

7. Settle the cheese, still inside the cheesecloth, into your form and place your follower on top. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the DIY equipment post) Put the whole contraption on a drying rack and set it over something to allow it to drip. After an hour or two, flip it over, sprinkle more salt across it, and put in back in the form. Let it sit in there for a while, until you feel like you’ve wrung all the moisture out of it and it holds the shape of the form. Usually, I let this part happen overnight. 

8. At this point, it’s time to brine the cheese. Fill a container with a couple cups of water, or some of the whey from the cheesemaking process. It should be just enough to cover the cheese. Stir in some salt, how much depends on you. The cheese will absorb the saltiness of the brine, so you should only make the brine as salty as you’re willing to eat. If you fuck up, you can always increase or decrease the salinity of the solution later. Place your cheese in the container, cut it up if necessary. 

9. Now, you can store it in the fridge or eat it right away! It’ll age in the brine and keep for 4-6 months (which seems incredible, compared to the shelf life of store bought feta??) but it’ll probably taste the best after a month. Enjoy!


Homemade Feta (Non-Vegetarian) (not posted yet)

DIY Equipment

Tweaks and Notes

Uses for Whey(not posted yet)

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Tweaks and Notes on Ingredients

There are a lot of choices for milk to use. Personally, I favour whole, raw goat’s milk. Goat’s milk has a slightly stronger flavour in cheese, and has more vitamins in it, but it really comes down to a matter of personal choice. I prefer goat’s milk, but cow’s milk is usually easier to find and will work just fine. I’ll definitely be making cheese with it myself later on, and I may make another post on the differences when I get around to doing that. I’m sure sheep’s milk would be great also, unfortunately it is not readily available where I live. 

You don’t need to use whole milk either, 2% or skim will work, but the higher fat content will give the most flavour. Raw or pastuerised is fine, the only thing you shouldn’t use is ultra-pastuerised/UHT milk. Tbh I would reccomend you stay away from UHT milk in general. Milk is the main ingredient, quality of the milk will have a significant impact on the quality of your cheese.

Adding a culture to the cheese in the first few steps of the process isn’t strictly necessary, so it can be skipped if you don’t have the time or materials, but it will add flavour and is well worth trying. Just about anything that will culture dairy will work. I’ve used dairy kefir and water kefir both, by adding about a cup of the ripened liquid (without the grains) to the milk. If you’re not someone who keeps a shitton of cultures on hand, store-bought yogurt will also work. You’ll want to make sure it says it has “live and active cultures”, and add about a tablespoon of that. Filmjolk would also work, or buttermilk, etc, as long as you know the culture that you’re adding is active. 

As far as the additions go, there’s really not much to say. If you think it’ll taste good, add it in. I’m definitely going to use up some of my thyme plant next time I make cheese, and once my basil gets big enough I’ll try that too. I’ve seen & tasted some good results with adding honey, and I’ve heard good things about toasted sesame seeds. With honey, I’d imagine there might be some difficulty keeping the consistency, but otherwise it’s relatively straight-forward. A warning, if you use some herb with bright colours, don’t be surprised if the colour bleeds into your cheese. It could turn out very pretty!

Links to my other cheese posts:

Vegetarian Feta
Homemade Feta (not up yet)
DIY Equipment
Uses for Whey (not posted yet)

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Helpful starting points for minimizing waste/clutter

Disclaimer: these tips are based on my experience and I acknowledge that they may not make sense/work well for those whose life experience is different from my own.

Start with things whose presence annoys you

My examples include the stash of paper and plastic bags under my sink, the drawers in my bathroom that don’t open easily because of the amount of stuff in them, and the box of spare parts from my furniture. Because there’s no emotional attachment (obviously I want to hang onto the furniture parts for practical reasons), it’s easier to think of creative solutions for getting rid of them.

Research how to recycle properly in your area

Recycling is not the ultimate solution for disposing of unwanted plastic/paper/etc. I prefer to think of it as a stop on the way to ultimately finding alternatives that don’t create that kind of waste at all. However, it’s important to know how to properly recycle in your area for two reasons. First, a bin of recyclables with even one item in it that can’t be recycled often means the entire bin goes to a landfill, which defeats the purpose. Second, knowing which products you regularly use that can’t be recycled can help with prioritizing where to start with finding more sustainable alternatives.

Use it up, don’t throw it out

Exceptions include totally unopened/unused products (which can usually be sold/donated) or things that are expired, unsafe to use, or have bad side effects (think that concealer that doesn’t match your skin tone or the coffee filters left over from an old machine that don’t fit your new coffee machine). But, if it still does what it’s supposed to do, it’s a lot less wasteful to make a point of using up what you do have before replacing it.

Switch to shopping brick-and-mortar

It can help minimize unnecessary purchases, and also keeps you from having to deal with excessive packaging (not to mention the environmental impact of shipping via truck/plane)

Register to vote!

It’s one of the simplest ways to influence policy changes to make a low-waste lifestyle a more achievable goal. Research candidates (especially in local elections) that care about environmental policy as much as you do and show up to the polls.

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They sprouted today!! My little tomatoes!! 💗🌱

These are some Tommy toes tomatoes or whatever I bought from Aldi, that I then dropped on the ground into some nastiness, but I decided to try to grow them instead of tossing them out. I’m surprised they’ve grown at all!

I’m going to try to make a hydroponic grower out of a tote or something to put them & other plants in. We’ll see how it goes!

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This is a cyber realm in CBS Metaverse that has an aesthetic made up of balloons, bubbles, and various inflatables. Most buildings are reminiscent of bounce houses, complete with bounce furniture. The few things that are not bouncy are table tops, as that would be impractical. The primary forms of transportation include hot air balloons (without the fire chamber) and transport bubbles. The former are faster and can fit more people.

Flowers in Balloon Heaven usually have a soft balloon-like quality, particularly when the blossoms close at night - with some blowing bubbles a la bubblegum, and others releasing bubbles a la soap bubbles. The former are near opaque, while the latter are near transparent. Fruits are usually round, a la blueberries and tomatoes.

Aside from humans (most of them being technicoloured), much of the other sapient animals have balloon-like qualities - both on land and underwater. Two popular species designed by Nintendo (the Kirby and the Jigglypuff) are quite populous. They come in a variety of pastel colours - and they can even inflate to full balloon for long and/or high flights.


Drifloons (another Pokémon/Nintendo creation) are also populous. They are *always* in balloon mode, with string-like limbs connected to hands the texture of inflated latex gloves that they can use for easy grasping and manipulation.

Boons (reminiscent of boos from the Super Mario franchise) are populous, as well. They are about the shape of rounded balloons with two stubby arms and a stubby tail. They inflate to about five times its size for long and/or high flights.

Blow Birds are reminiscent to certain designs of Angry Birds, although they are not usually angry. Unlike the aforementioned species, the Blow Birds were not designed by Nintendo. They are the shape of rounded balloons with beaks and a few feathers atop. As with the Boons, they inflate to about five times its size for long and/or high flights. Blow Birds come in a variety of colours and designs.

Quite naturally, frogs are also plentiful. Frogs are a jumping anthropomorphic species that are slightly smaller than humans, and they come in a variety of colours. As tadpoles, they are inflated similarly to puffer fish. Frogs are capable of making various sounds that humans cannot make, which include inflating their chins like balloons.

Balloon Heaven also contains a vibrant underwater civilization. Colourful puffer fish are plentiful. They have bodies with the consistency of inflated latex, and they do not have any sharp spines.

Cephalopods (octopi, squids, and cuttlefish) are a set of colourful species with inflatable heads and tentacles. Colourful jellyfish are also numerous, as they have balloon-like heads with tentacles extending extended from it.

Most of the aforementioned species (humans excepted) have bodies with the consistency of soft inflated latex.

Air bubbles are used for the air-breathing species (including humans) to safely visit underwater, while water bubbles are used for the water-breathing species to safely visit above water.

Soap creatures are also numerous underwater. They come in various shapes and colours, and they leave a foamy layer atop the bodies of water - similar to that of a bubble bath. As such, it is common for humans to bathe there. Also present are amphibious rubber ducks of various colours that inflate to a large balloon with a duck bill either when going underwater or flying up in the sky.

Quite naturally… beach balls, inner tubes, and inflatable rafts are also in large supply. Also, not all balloons are sentient or sapient - which are distinguishable by their lack of faces. The balloons that originate from Balloon Heaven are very durable, have long inflation periods, and have very soft latex skin. In addition, the balloons also light up in dark places.

After “going live” in 1981, bubbles with gateways to various dream realms (later including Nyx and Zendikar) began to appear between sunset and sunrise, and visiting the dream realms became a very popular nighttime activity.

Balloon Heaven has equal lengths of daytime and night. At nighttime, colourful balloon street lamps and porch lamps light up - along with any species in full balloon mode… and regular balloons.

This cyber realm was created in 1981 by Soft Touch. While not a Magic the Gathering realm, Balloon Heaven (along with various other cyber realms) have been connected connected to the MtG group by late 1989. This provides Balloon Heaven with easy access to the Shandalar Carnival, a bazaar from Mercadia, easy access to Kylem TV, and various others. In turn, not only do realm walkers have easy access to Balloon Heaven - but, for a certain amount of mana points, denizens of MtG (and other connected realms) can purchase a special bubble from a Mercadia bazaar… which allows them ease of access to Bounce Heaven. They can be temporarily barred from Balloon Heaven, if they have a low amount of mana points.

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I hear people talking bad about going to community college, but I’ll tell you what. My community college has a course on beekeeping, so excuse me while I save 90% on tuition for almost identical courses and keep bees in my backyard.

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We start this week literal seconds after where last week’s ended, with Ash and River in their first fight scene (and their only one for a while) against a cult. Warnings for blood, gore, violence, strangulation, and everything you’d expect from a brawl with swords, really. Also implied sexual assault in backstory, which is both accidental and odd because for all the shit River went through, she wasn’t actually sexually assaulted so much as just real worried about the possibility back before her rescue. 

But anyway. River and Ash kick ass.

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Scenario: me, at home with a fever. My boss, who shows up only whenever they’re in the mood for it, which means once or twice per week or even less (they haven’t shown up for weeks). Their guard dog/our supervisor.

I already got two phone calls from a colleague and I just got a message from my supervisor saying “you must come to work tomorrow, we’re working on [thing]”

And for a moment I was like… ok… how dare I get sick when their majesty finally shows back at the office… like… they spent weeks doing whatever the fuck they cared but now I have to show up even if I’m sick solely to please their majesty?

here’s a fun thing royalty may not exist anymore but if you can pass huge amounts of wealth to your kids to be used as a mean to play with the lives of people as if they were toys? That’s not much different.

See, this is why going to therapy for my anxiety always felt worthless, it’s like emptying the ocean with a colander… I want to live in a society where anxiety and other mind-related issues aren’t consistenly fed by the system.

Would a solarpunk life cure my anxiety? No, but it wouldn’t peak as much!

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ imagine: ✨a future where we feed off of each other without ever bothering animals again✨

feed off of ourselves. with enough passing time, the means to which meat can be laboratory-grown will be accessible to anyone, to than a point where the middle man(lab people) will be cut off. a machine that cultures meat will be in every home.

| IS CONSENT          |
| AND NO NEED       |
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

| THAN BLOOD            |
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

let’s hope we taste like chicken <3

in the shadows elites will nonsensically dry to death who(kids and minority probably) they believe procures a more high-quality meat. cos we can never have nice things.
eat the rich before they eat us!

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