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Got to meet Jack at Vidcon this weekend! This was the art that I gave him, pretty sad that they had to start rushing people so I couldn’t say everything I wanted to or get him to sign something, but I’m still extremely happy that I got to say hi after watching him for so long :’)

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Rotten Pubby…

He’s a good pubby nonetheless.
More Resident Evil!Robbie because I love him <3 You can check his first version here !
 This is a smoll gift for my buddy @easy-hard​ ,hope yo’ure gonna like it bud!


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small 2001 Update!

I thought I’d finish ch2 pt 2 buuut I ran into some things last week. No worries tho! I’m not like burnt out or anything, I just had some priorities to tend to~

Until I finish part 2, here’s a sneak peak at the JSE egos in panel 1, plus a process gif!

  1. Thumbnail sketch (5 mins)
  2. Clean up sketch (25 mins)
  3. Lines (25 mins)
  4. Base Color (20 mins)
  5. Highlights, Mids, Darks (20 mins)
  6. Background color (20 mins)

Approx. 1 hour and 55 mins for one panel

*Not included: dialogue bubbles/annotations

Ch2 Pt 2 is like,,, nine panels?

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Trapped Chapter 3: Pages 21-24

Hello hello everyone!!! It’s been awhile ^^ here’s a brand new trapped set that me and the amazing team have worked on!!!

A huge thank you to @bluebirdii for shading page 21!!

A huge thank you to @glazedteddy for shading page 22!!

A huge thank you to @lumenzoomen for shading page 23!!

Glad to know that Wade made it there safely!! Will the way back be the same though..?


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I kept meaning to do another giveaway, it’s been a hot while :D This is for one needle felted Sam, just the right size to fit cozily in the palm of the hand, with a wire tail long to wrap around a finger or small fixture. 


-Your Top-Secret Location: You will need to be okay giving me an address to ship to. If you’re under 18, you need a parent/guardian’s permission, as I suspect no parent very much likes having things randomly sent to their tender younglings by mysterious strangers. I will not share your address with anyone for any reason, and won’t be retaining it after mailing.

-How to Enter: Your reblog equals your entry, no need to follow (although I do appreciate it). Only one entry per person.

-How Long: Raffle ends Tues, Feb 25, at 5:00 pm EST.

-Winner: Will be chosen via random name picker, and I’ll message you to let you know and get your address. If I don’t get a reply within two days, I’ll draw for a new recipient.

I’m paying for shipping (yay!)

I will ship outside the US! (yay!)

I can’t replace anything that gets lost in the mail. (boo!)

-Keep in mind I’m doing this freely because I want to do it, so don’t be a stinker, and that I can change or cancel any of this for any reason. If you have any questions about the giveaway or need clarification etc. feel free to comment or message me.

PS If you wanna reblog but not enter, just pop a comment or tag to that effect, and thanks. :)

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W̴̹̌ẹ̵̛l̵̜̀c̵̬͘ö̸͖́m̷̰̓e̴̢͂ ̷͉̔t̵̳̀o̷͓̒ ̸̧̑Ẁ̸̘i̸̳͊r̶̖͋e̴̥̾l̵̰͛a̴̺̕n̴̛̖ḋ̶͔

Does somebody have an iPad and stylus, because sweet Lord ALMIGHTY! This took the life out of my fingers. Pretty proud with how it turned out though. Can’t wait for Glitch!

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