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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
I'M SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU'RE FINE!!^-^ Hope you will be back soon and see so much more of your art!! Take good care, ily♡▪♡

AHHH YOU’RE SO SWEET, THANK YOU! I finally got electricity back last night, so I should be back in my usual groove very soon! <3

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
Hii! Loving so much your art*-* take so much care on this season!^^

THANK YOU!! The hurricane has passed, I just got back phone service today but I still don’t have any electricity. I’ve been dead to the wolrd since Sunday morning. I hope to be fully back soon! :’(

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
This is bit of a long shot but is there any chance you'd be drawing snape x hermione? I love your art!

Thank you! <3 And tbh probably not unless it’s commissioned. I’m sorry. :(

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
I'm in love with your style!!

AHhhh thank you!! I’m always happy to hear people like my art style ;u; <3

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoText

tagged by: @fa1-1 & @visa0003 (thank you fam~)

rules: answer the questions and tag [20] followers you’d like to get to know better

name: Kassandra
nickname: Kass
zodiac sign: Gemini
hogwarts house: Slytherin
height: 5′3″
sexual orientation: it’s a rumor, a legend, a mystery
ethnicity: Cuban-American
favorite fruit: Strawberries 
favorite season: Fall
favorite book series: Harry Potter & A Song of Ice and Fire
favorite fictional character: Too many, but my current is Mary Saotome. Lightning Farron is forever present.
favorite flower: Sunflowers and lilies
favorite scent: That new parchment smell or sweet pea bodyspray lmao
favorite color: Yellow-gold. Olive green is second.
favorite animal: CATS
favorite band: Florence + the Machine
average hours of sleep: 6-7 
number of blankets: Two
dream trip: I want to travel to so many places, let’s just say every Disney Park Resort for now.
last thing i googled: “white rabbit express review”
how many blogs i follow: 107, need more tbh
number of followers: they all dead (I don’t blame them, I was inactive for like a year tbh)
what i usually post about: fanart… so much fanart… lots of Kakegurui and Harry Potter tho, sprinkled with some other animes and Final Fantasy.
do i get asks regularly: I get a few a week, so I guess so :0

I tag whoever wants to do this!! (sorry but I’m a lazy bum lol)

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
When did you start shiping YuMary ??


Started to ship it at the end of episode 2, but was really cemented for me by episode 3! Both Yumeko and the audience got to see Mary at her worst in the first episode, such as abusing Suzui as well as her inflated hubris. We also saw Yumeko completely crush that pride in a single match. Upon seeing her at her lowest in episode 3, we truly see the toll of her reputation as housepet has taken on her. And yo, that look Yumeko has on her face as Mary walks out of the club room in utter defeat, you knew she wasn’t going to just standby and let it go. At this point, Yumeko has seen Mary at her worst and at her lowest, and still finds her a worthy person to stand for. AND BOY DOES YUMEKO GO IN. Comparing Yuriko to a loan shark and to human excrement, all in defense of Mary. THAT was the moment I knew YuMary was sign, sealed, and delivered for me. 

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
Have you watched 'million yen women' on netflix? It totally seems like something you would watch to me

oooh!! I have not, but I’ve also haven’t opened netflix in quite some time haha sigh… I’ll definitely check it out, I trust your recommendation, anon~

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoPhoto

slip away // a yumary playlist

01. i’m callin’ - tennis // 02. crave you - flight facilities ft. giselle // 03. talking in your sleep - the romantics // 04. fire meet gasoline - sia // 05. pretty thing - broods // 06. lost kitten - metric // 07. e.t. - katy perry // 08. fire - ingrid michaelson // 09. what your mother taught you - kingsfoil // 10. what’s it gonna be - shura // 11. sweater weather (cover) - postmodern jukebox // 12. shark in the water - vv brown

listen on: youtube, spotify, playmoss

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kassillus-archive·3 years agoAnswer
oh my jesus, your kakegurui art is heavenly. thank you for being such a wonderful and talented artist + drawing my favorite gfs/anime of this season <3

oh goSH thank you! Your ask made my day, I have such a smile on my face omg, I don’t even know what to say but thank you so much aahhhHHH!!

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