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by CaridfwynnBrett

(Yes, I know it’s probably not a very original premise)
I saw a pic…and I just had to. Figured I’d share, ‘cause who doesn’t need a laugh right now?
Alya and Marinette being teenage girls -doesn’t want him to leave, butt how she loves to see him go.
Who’d’ve thought a nice ass is all you need for a reveal.
Inspired by the DeviantArt of Saij-Spellhart (an aged-up Cat Noir - She’s awesome!) and by Piers Anthony, a king of puns (Xanth novels).

Words: 557, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Akumas and Amoks
by PotatoTrash0

I assume Lila’s the Rena Rouge impostor?” He growled, the girl was always trying to pull some trick. Frankly, he was sick of it.
Ladybug sighed, sounding exasperated, “Yeah, as usual, she’s doing something. This time, she’s not akumatized, but unlucky for us, she’s clever even without the influence of Papillion.
Somehow, she got the Fox miraculous and the Turtle miraculous. I managed to catch her before she got the rest, but she’s more dangerous now.”

Chat whistled lowly, “Damn, we’ve got our work cut out for us, huh?”
Or, a little practice with writing fight scenes! I’m pretty bad at them, don’t get your hopes up.

Words: 1186, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Miraculous Ladybug: A Series of Independent but Related Drabbles!

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On Weekends and Holidays
by ConfusedGreenWitch

When Shouto gets his quirk, everyone in his family know his father won’t go easy on him. Rei is terrified. Scared for her youngest son who hates his own quirk. Scared for her daughter who feels as if she has to be a second mother. Scared for her middle son, who thinks all there is to life is being ignored by his father. Scared for her eldest son, who she can tell is reaching the end of the line.

So Rei Todoroki does what a mother who is scared for her children does, and takes her husbands ass to court.

Two lawyers, multiple confessions, and a few court fights courtesy of her mother bring a divorce and an escape that Rei can only hope saves a little bit of what’s left of her crumbling family.

Words: 1871, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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by SocialMonster

“There once was a boy named Midoriya Izuku. Although the world mistreated him, he lost nothing of his kindness and love for all creatures alike. Even the sun, moon and stars above bow to him, for his pure soul shines even brighter than them. This is his story.”

Midroiya Izuku lost his mother at a very young age and got taken in by a foster family. Therein he found both good and bad, new parents with the wrong reasons to own a child, but also a new friend in the very same home. A friend that would change his life and give it a completely new trajectory.

This is a multi-chapter fic following Izuku as he discovers a whole new side to his beloved realm of heroes.

Words: 2874, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Guns and Balloons
by Maplefudge

“Oh my god,” Denki breathes with wide, startled eyes. He glances around quickly to see if anyone’s currently listening to him, because he needs to voice out his discovery. Nobody’s looking at him, but he says it anyway. “It’s the Bakusquad versus the Dekusquad!”

“The what now!?” Bakugou yells at him, snarling. “How many times do I need to tell you not to fuckin’ call yourselves that!?”

“The… Dekusquad?” Midoriya blinks, giving Todoroki a questioning look, who simply shrugs back at him.

It’s beach day and the class finds out that the Bakusquad and the Dekusquad are just as competitive as the other.

Words: 2140, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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by onelittlebirdiesittingonthesill

Midoriya Izuku has always been a bit strange.

Anyone will tell you that he’s a ray of sunshine, and fun to be around– but they might also tell you not to feel bad if he seems to suddenly look through you with his unsettlingly pale eyes, or to refrain from asking about his family, or his Quirk. He’ll always be at the Viridian Cafe, serving pastries and smiles, in the warm atmosphere of fresh-brewed coffee and cats running amok. But you may also find him elsewhere– observing heroes’ fights, or heading somewhere with a flower bouquet.

Indeed, Midoriya Izuku is a bit of a mystery, but as long as you respect the cafe and don’t try to pry, the Viridian will open its doors for you, too.

Words: 3425, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Princess Justice
by The Resurector of fallen

Chat Noir is done with his late night patrol and is getting ready to go home. But when sudden intervention needs to be done in the past and his new team needs to go him on his mission to restore order

Words: 2254, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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Not Second Best
by Xennyskye

A few months had passed since Hitoshi’s adoption into the Aizawa-Yamada household, and Hizashi had never been happier. Even though Hitoshi had a higher regard for Shouta, Hizashi was fine – It wasn’t like the kid was disobedient, anyway. Or that’s what he had thought, until the day Hitoshi deliberately disobeyed him. Contains parental spanking and lots of Dadmic and Dadzawa.

Words: 5696, Chapters: 1, Status: Complete, Language: English

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Ladybug Can Lift
by MalcomReynolds

OK… so I watched this video

and got this stupid plunny… which I now pass along to you.

Another prompt from tumblr’s @mlweeklyprompts

Words: 986, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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The Long Road To Self-Love | By: Kaminari & Friends
by green awkward jan

Year 3 Denki Kaminari, gets caught up in a villain attack and suffers through a coma. He creates a new reality and he doesn’t want to leave. Kaminari starts to think everyone hates him back home because of the failure of the mission, how weak, and dumb he is. But, when Kaminari finally does wake up, his parents, his friends, and teacher are waiting for him.

Aka// Chapters of Bakusquad helping Kaminari through self-doubt

Words: 994, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Viridian: The Green Guide
by myheadinthecoudsnotcomingdown

After his dream is finally crushed, Izuku isn’t quite sure there’s anything left for him to live for, but…he can’t exactly kill himself either, not without hurting the people he cares the most about. So, when he realizes that the quirkless can’t technically be vigilantes, it seems like the best of both worlds. He’ll be able to save people even without being a hero and, if he happens to die while he’s at it…well, like Kacchan said, maybe he’d be born with a quirk in the next life.

Words: 1121, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of For The Want Of A Nail

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Online Classes
by MadCrazyChloe

Class 1-a go into lockdown and have to use online calls for class and in doing so they learn a lot about each other and there home lives, some good some bad

Words: 1452, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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Dad, I’m Scared
by FeckedSpectrum

Kirishima, Midoriya, Ashido, Uraraka, Koda, Kaminari, and Hagakure have earned their place on a certain list of Aizawa’s. A list of students who aren’t allowed to watch horror movies late at night. He’s gone so far as to inform them of that, and yet, this keeps happening.

This shouldn’t keep happening. Especially given that they’re third years.

Words: 1992, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Balancing Act
by TheyAlwaysUseADagger

Marinette has successfully handed off the mantel of being Ladybug. Fed up with how he is being treated, Adrien tosses away the chance to be a hero. As luck would have it, the bluenette is given the opportunity to play hero again, if it is indeed good luck to be wearing black instead of red. Master Fu is in quite a tizzy as he tries to right the imbalances made. Rated T for violence

Words: 66743, Chapters: 8, Status: Complete, Language: English

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