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Smoke and Mirrors
by YukioMustang

Hey, I’m Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku. Most people would say that Deku is just my hero name, but to me it’s a whole persona. Deku is a way of acting. When I’m Deku, I’m the sunshine child, the innocent, smiling person. But when I’m with the two people I trust the most, Shinsou Hitoshi and Dabi, I’m my true self. Izuku is more cynical, colder, blunt, and sarcastic. Oh, and I smoke cigarettes and vape along with Shinsou because of the assholes of our past.

Words: 716, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Rising Vapor

Read Here:

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Slight manga spoilers - vent post 

Personally, I will probably accept his redemation arc. Coming from someone who was abused by her father as a child, I constantly went through that cycle of “I am going to change for my family” only for him to go back to his old ways within months something weeks. So it is hard for me to accept Endeavor wanting to change but that’s me personally. 

I’m going to talk about some discourse i have seen about him and whether people should forgive him or not from my personal point of view. 

First off, what he did cannot be classified as a mistake. He willingly abused his family to the point of traumatizing them. Shouto will never get back his childhood. He is literally still trying to gain back a sense of normality in his life. He was isolated from his siblings for a majority of his life which plays a huge part in his social development (one of the main reasons he is the way he currently is). Rei will never get to go back and erase the hurt she did on Shouto in a  moment of panic. She will never get to go back and watch her children grow. Endeavor took that away from them and all of their family members. You cannot classify that as a simple mistake. You have to realize that this shit happens to real people. You brushing it off as a mistake just because you want a reason to forgive a fictional character is undermining someone’s real pain. Abuse isn’t a mistake. He willingly did this to his family for years. He knew what he was doing wasn’t okay yet still did it. That is beyond a mistake. That is abuse. 

I have also seen people bring up simping for villains but hating Endeavor calling people hypocrites. This brings up such a good point about the series that I think is overlooked. Most of the villains that we have seen are young. Let’s look at Shigaraki specifically. He’s only 20. He’s still a child. The main difference between him and Endeavor is that all of Endeavor’s actions were done on his own free will with the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Shigaraki was groomed by AFO since he was around the ages of 4-6 (cannot remember the exact age). All he knows is what AFO puts in his brain. He never chose to be a villain that life was forced onto him by AFO. Yes, he is his own person but his current worldview and thought process is twisted because of AFO making sure he was thinking a certain way. Yes, he is a bad person. Yes, he has killed people but he didn’t choose to be this way. He only has AFO and Kurogiri on his side to fall back on. He literally has no support system besides the man who kidnapped him so of course he is going to be bad. 

A majority of the villains in the league had no other choice. They were shunned by society due to their quirks and had no one to rely on. It was do what you have to do no matter how wrong it is because that is what they were forced to do. 

Another thing that I saw was that it wasn’t abuse because there was a whole flashback in the manga and Touya was smiling as a child. All I can say is fuck that and fuck you if you think that a smile can totally erase abuse. “Oh he smiled. He wasn’t abused” 

Again, this is just my personal opinion but I won’t forgive him and no one should unless his family forgives him. 

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Shouta Aizawa (alpha) x GN!Reader (omega)

So I’m like actually really nervous posting this since this is my first fanfic and my anxiety keeps tell me its horrible but I still wanna share!!!! Its mostly just like filler? Fluff? At the end it mentions the readers ‘heat’ so soft lewd but I wanted to post this first to see if it was even worth it to continue working on it

Also there is like multiple ways to spell his name and my brain can’t handle it–

I also didn’t give the reader a quirk and I couldn’t decide what Aizawa should smell like so you get to pick I guess lol

I guess I’ll take suggestions/requests??? But I do have a right to reject any I don’t feel comfortable doing (I’m also very busy)


You were a teacher aid at UA and mostly was in Aizawa’s class, you did occasionally help with teaching but you were mostly there to help any students having troubles understanding the work and you offered tutoring after school hours mostly in the dormitory lounge area but occasionally at cafes with students that were more shy about getting help.

Aizawa’s demeanor clashed with yours, he was stern and reserved, while you were usually 'perky’ though you were relaxed. There were times when even you gave a death glare that definitely made everyone shut up and pay attention, luckily you didn’t have to use it often.

Shota was secretly proud of your progress as a teacher aid since at first you were very timid and would get nervous when a student needed help which made you subconsciously give off a slightly sour smell even with the scent blockers you were taking he could still get a small whiff of your anxiousness.

He wouldn’t admit that he liked being in your presence and liked your sweet scent that you released when you were content/proud with yourself but to the other teachers they could see his slight favoritism towards you when having a teacher aid (mainly because he only let a few teacher aids assist before stating whether he would accept them or not and you were the only one he accepted, of course no one had told you this)

He also seemed to be softer around you which Yamada Hizashi (Present Mic) noticed almost immediately and would tease him about when they were alone

It had been a normal day basically a routine, you get up, take a shower and get dressed, have a quick breakfast, take your scent blockers and then leave your complex after checking you had everything while you lock your door and ride your bike to work.

Once you got at UA and confirmed you were a employee with a small badge you were let in and you quickly lock up your bike heading into the school going to the staff room and sat down before you realized that you had forgotten to pack lunch, you involuntarily let out a small whine very softly only Aizawa looking up from his desk giving you a raised eyebrow

You blush a bit realizing what you did and laugh it off and started to help grade assignments for class. You left notes on some papers of encouragement and some helpful feedback for when someone got a answer wrong.

You weren’t quite done with grading while you heard someone calling your name and you look up seeing Aizawa “Y/N it is almost time for class” you nod smiling and trying to push down your urge to breathe in his lovely scent as you get up grabbing all the papers that have graded and also the ones you haven’t

Shota say you picking up your papers and sighed to himself as his alpha desperately wanted to take them from you and to show his strength

“I’m ready Aizawa-sama!” You smiled brightly at him before he starts to walk to the class and you follow closely behind, he wanted to tell you that you could call him with a more friendly tone but decided not to

You both had desks by each other and you waved to what students who were already filling the classroom shortly after you two walked in. You decided to take the upgraded papers from Shota’s desk and focus on them while he taught class and let Iida make sure the class stayed focus while he went into his sleeping back laying down. You always giggled to yourself whenever you say him do that but switched your attentions back to your grading silently as the classroom was filled with small chatter.

You didn’t notice that it was lunch until you saw students leaving and that Shota was sitting in his chair now calling to you

“Hey Y/N”……“Y/N?”

“H-huh? Oh sorry I was focused heheh what do you need Aizawa-sama?”

He grunted a soft displeased noise as he ,secretly wishing you paid that much attention to him, said “take a break already its lunch” it took you a few minutes to process what he said and you just shyly look away and nod softly

“Sorry I guess I got caught up didn’t I?…” before he could respond your stomach growled and you were immediately flustered while he just stared at you thinking about how cute your were and how he couldn’t wait to make you his omega

You both had a small understanding of each other about appreciating the quiet. He shot you a glance “aren’t you gonna get your food?” He had pulled a snack out of one of his desk drawers “ah… I uh…..” he waited patiently for your response as he suddenly smelled a soft scent of distress which his alpha immediately wanted to jump to you and calm you down with purrs but Shoto resisted the urge as you quietly mumbled “I forgot to pack it….” he thought to himself about offering some of his snacks as his alpha wanted to prove himself by providing for you

You smiled as you mostly went back to your normal scent “its okay though heheh I’m not that hungry anyway so I’m just gonna get something from a vending machine” you explained while you got up and left the classroom but Aizawa had noticed that you were off all day and that you probably took more than your normal scent blockers but decided not to think about it while he ate his snack

You where really hoping no one had smelled your pre-heat at the moment and your mind rushed wanting to make a nest back at yourself home but you knew even if you did that it would feel like it was missing something…… it would feel uncompleted unless you had something that Aizawa had scented, being embarrassed by your own thoughts of wanting to have your long term crush finally scent you and gave you some much needed love. You decided to let your omega have a small victory by getting a sweet snack from the vending machine

Walking back you saw you were getting some strange looks and you were confused until a particular cocky student tried to flirt with you and thats when you realized oh shit they could smell it

You were surprised that they could smell it even with your scent blockers but you immediately BOOKED IT to the classroom quickly eating your snack as you ran in

Shoto was surprised to see you rush into the classroom but kept his poker face but soon realized that you were distressed by the overwhelming sour scent. He began to walk to you but not before you hid under his desk and let out a distressed chirp, his alpha was screaming at him and he increased his own scent in the classroom to hide yours and calm you at the same time

Crouching down he gave you a headpat calming you down “sorry just I am uh….” you don’t think you could look at your crush while you were getting the courage to tell him that you were in preheat

You let out a surprised chirp when you saw him lean in and you immediately wanted to kiss him but you blushed when he leaned towards your scent gland (on your neck) and sniffed it you subconsciously moved your neck so he would get more access to it shutting your eyes nervously biting down on your lip

“You are close to your heat aren’t you?” It was hard to control himself and keep his calm demeanor while your sweeter than normal scent filled his nose all the while his alpha wanting to help you with those needs thinking to himself no wonder you were off al day

You nod softly and looked at him to see what kind of face he had and you couldn’t lie that you had been happy to see a small tint of blush on his cheeks

“I forgot to keep track sigh I only realized because I was getting stares from some of the stronger alpha students”

He immediately wantedto bring you home so you could nest and be protected but then realizedit might be too far away….“How close is your home?”

You mumbled quietly “not that close” which wasn’t a complete lie it wasn’t the closest place to the school but it was closer than most teachers

Aizawa had to think to himself, would you be okay at his place? Did he even have enough nesting materials? While he was pondering he never stopped head patting you forgetting about how close you two were until you couldn’t control yourself from your encouraging omega saying go for it so you shamelessly moved your head into his chest clutching his shirt tightly hoping he wouldn’t be repulsed by you and which how could he? You were just so cute but he still froze up for a split second by the sudden contact before wrapping his arms around you patting your back now instead and released comfort pheromones all the while you just breathed in his irresponsible scent (more so than before)

He practically whispered into your ear “I’ll bring you to my home and keep you safe Y/N”


I hope you enjoyed!!! If not I’m sorry???

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Let’s talk about the villain paradox.
by Red Violet Light

One question can change a person’s life,

“Mom, why do villains do bad things?”

And one answer can change the world.

“I don’t know Izuku, do you want learn about it?”

Or a look at my armature take on the philosophical and ethical issues in the world of My Hero Acadamia.

Words: 646, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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by Inky is always dreaming

Izuku would have to be a naive fool to not realize what the world was telling him. Really, he would. Of course, he’s always wanted to be a hero, and nothing would likely change that, but what he did understand was simple.
People are not, under any circumstances, ever to be trusted, no matter who they are.
Unfortunately, Aizawa recognizes enough of himself inside Izuku to understand the basics of why.
And he decides to try and fix it.

Words: 1239, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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by Inky is always dreaming

Izuku would have to be a naive fool to not realize what the world was telling him. Really, he would. Of course, he’s always wanted to be a hero, and nothing would likely change that, but what he did understand was simple.
People are not, under any circumstances, ever to be trusted, no matter who they are.
Unfortunately, Aizawa recognizes enough of himself inside Izuku to understand the basics of why.
And he decides to try and fix it.

Words: 1239, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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bnha matchups open

hhhh i’m opening up requests for matchups until saturday! i’m only doing one my hero character per person. please include your personality, myersbriggs type (if you know it), zodiac sign, hobbies, and optionally, your appearance/clothing style.

i write for the following characters:

× dabi/touya todoroki

× shouta aizawa

× hitoshi shinsou

× hawks/keigo takami

× katsuki bakugo

× izuku midoriya

× miruko/usagiyama rumi

× kyoka jirou

× mina ashido

× denki kaminari

× himiko toga

× tomura shigaraki

× eijiro kirishima

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