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Sonictober day 9: Crossover

Drew this last weekend and it’s based on a silly dream I had one night. Of course I would combine my 2 special interests for this prompt!
Sorry sonic followers this the last sonic related art yall will be getting for a while. I am very behind on sonictober but I have darkwing brainrot.

I’ll tell yall about this crossover dream I had.
It was kinda long, but to summarize. Shadow went off on his own to investigate what eggman was up to, discovered a dimension portal machine, had a fight, and then accidentally ended up in the ducktales 17 world, in st canard. It was only shadow tho. (also he was wearing a cool fluffy jacket cause the secret base was in a super cold place)
He was lost, then met dw and lp, and they wanted to help get this lost teenager back home. but then were getting attached and basically wanted to adopt him

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they got caught and ejected but dont worry they will just float around for a bit until spring comes to pick them up in a spaceship.

meanwhile sprinkles:


he is waiting.

dont worry springbonnie is coming to pick them up too.

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It’s… significant, that you and your brother feel that familial bond. 

I admit, it’s difficult to imagine a continent with 44 nations the size we have here in Fódlan. Perhaps if humanity had been so great in number, the false goddess would have a more difficult time manipulating us… Doubtful, but possible. It’s far more likely that she would use our number to divide us further still. 

As you’ve said, we are stronger together.

Regarding the potential faults of these alliances, I would be interested to hear more if you are able to share. Where unification is our goal, it would benefit Her Majesty to be aware of the common pitfalls of such an endeavor before we reach that stage.

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Contest (Beetlejuice x LSOH)

Well.. This happened.😆 So, lemme explain a tiny bit.. I was listening to Little Shop of Horrors on YT, and I had this idea for Beej and Lydia. This was originally gonna be just a crossover of the stories, but it got confusing. Eventually, I got a costume contest idea instead.😅

Anyways, I hope you guys like this, and tell me what you think!🖤⭐️

Art/design is by me

Characters belong to Tim Burton/ Inspired by Little Shop or Horrors 

Beetlebabes do NOT interact.

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Heroic Spirits
by GBAC77

It turns out Izuku did have a quirk. He just could never use it. It was something that stole people away from their homes. Made fictional characters real. A summoning quirk.

Words: 219, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

Read Here:

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