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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Now that the spring semester of my freshman year of college has ended, I’ve had extra time to write. The next chapter of “The Forsaken Knights” is about halfway done and I hope to have that up soon, but until then here’s the next chapter of Shadows of Doubt, titled Divide and Conquer.

You can find it at the links below on both my and AO3 accounts:


Hope y’all enjoy it :)

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⚡ Aesthetics || SHARE-A-LAIR Thunderbolt ⚡

It has occurred to me whilst I have been enjoying these libations that I haven’t ever made any aesthetics for Share a Lair, so since I have been in a moodboarding mood this week, I finally did one and I honestly feel like I can’t tell when these things are good or not. But, TAG anyway!

To (or At, I mean) @kiddangers @chenoahchantel @adorkable-blackgirl @famousflowermagazine

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Time: ???
Location: ???, The Digiverse
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

In amongst a sea of nothingness, you can hear his voice calling out to you. It sounds like your hearing’s been muffled by cotton wool.
Again, his voice seeks your attention. You’re incredibly tired, although the fatigue is slowly fading.

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Demigods & Magicians

Rick Riordan Discord Roleplay Server?

Hey guys! Is anyone interested in joining a small rp server I created set around five years after the events of Heroes of Olympus?

There’s a tight storyline that will force various heroes from different mythologies to come together and uncover the secrets behind why the mist has begun to dissapear, and what they can do to bring it back. But there are also opportunities for free roleplay and just a bit of fun.

It is mainly focused on Greek campers and Egyptian magicians interacting, but Roman and Norse characters are accepted as well!

While this rp is canon for most of Rick Riordan’s series, it assumes our dear Apollo never became human and was forced to live as Lester Papadopoulos- that means no Trials of Apollo. It’s nothing against the series itself or the characters it introduces, but I couldn’t find a way to include it in this storyline.

Rp as demigods, magicians, gods, whatever you feel like! Both canon characters and original characters are encouraged.

It will probably be mostly semi literate, but everyone is welcome. If anyone is interested, send me or my dear friend @bluecookiesforrick a quick message!

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A/N: Took me a bit longer than I wanted, but here’s part 3. And we’ve finally got some action starting. But since the last two parts were from Amelia’s POV, this one is from Cade’s. Also, since I remembered that your fic is an AU of season 1, we’re just going to ignore some things that happened in later seasons of  Flash and just say it’s because of the AU, lol @darknightfrombeyond


“What’d you think?”

“I don’t know if the jewels have been switched out yet, I haven’t gotten a good look.” Cadence smiled when Barry gave her a half-startled, half-amused look. “I knew what you meant, and, honestly, I think any woman who can marry Oliver is a saint.” She thought for a moment. “Or extremely patient.”

Barry laughed quietly, pulling Cadence closer to him as the big band music slowed down to a jazzier tune. He slipped his arms around her waist, keeping her close. “You think she knows he’s the Arrow?”

“Well, if the glare he sent you didn’t tip her off, I don’t know what else will,” Cadence remarked. She shook her head. “No, I don’t think she knows. Which will make tonight interesting if things go the way we’re expecting.” She removed her hand from Barry’s, lightly draping them around his neck. “The second they start the bidding, they take everything to the back and revel it one by one, then we’ll be ready.”

Barry nodded. “Do you think Cisco and Caitlin hate us yet?”

“For being stuck in the STAR Labs mobile unit doing surveillance while we’re inside looking for the looter?” She grinned. “I think they started hating us about an hour ago.”

“Well, the quicker we find this meta, the quicker we can get out of here,” Barry said.

His eyes shifted around the ballroom filled with investors, collectors, and the elites from Central City, Starling City, and Metropolis. One of those was a meta that seemed to be able to move as fast and the Flash could, in and out, being able to take the most valuable items and take them out of circulation. All until they popped up again, having been sold in some of the more obscure places that made it difficult to track.  

“The jewelry is coming up next,” Cadence reassured her. “Just wait until the biggest of jewels and they can’t resist. There’s more than a million dollars worth of jewels here.” Barry’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. “It’s not just in one piece, it’s on all of them combined.”

“That’s still a lot,” Barry said. He thought for a moment. “I don’t think my mom even owned anything that was worth even more than two hundred dollars.”

Cadence gave him a funny look. “You own STAR Labs, do you know how much that costs?”

“It’s not like it’s going to be switched out with another building.”

“Have you never heard of alternate Earths?”

Barry laughed at her teasing. “Shut up.” They finished the dance as the music petered out and Moira went up to the stage to tank the guests, once again, for coming to the benefit backed by Queen Consolidated. Barry and Cadence moved to go back to their table, but Thea came up to Cadence before they could make it there.

“You think you could entertain Amelia for a little while?” Thea asked, arms folded, her phone dangling from one hand. “Mom suddenly decided she wants everyone to know she has a daughter and she wants the original one.” She rolled her eyes, twirling her finger in the air.

Cadence smiled back at the teen. “I know that feeling well,” she replied. “You become a teen mom and suddenly you’re only needed when you want to look good.” She nodded toward Thea’s hand. “You sure you’re not off to have a party favor, first?”

Thea’s eyes narrowed in only the way a spoiled brat could. That, along with her smirk that seemed to be her default. “Don’t act all parental with me, I’ve already got enough people breathing down my neck, acting as if they care, I don’t need it from you, too.” She spun her phone in her hand then placed it in her purse. “And any party favors I might have, I’ve taken before I got here, so it’s already too late.” Her eyes shone with mischief.

“Your mom’s going to have a field day with that one.”

“Are you going to help me or not? Amy looks like a deer in the headlights every time Oliver leaves her side and I can’t imagine what the board members are going to ask her once she’s alone.” Thea nodded toward Moira, who had then called Oliver up to join her as well. “I mean, it might be funny, but mom worked hard for the night, you know?”

“Fine,” Cadence said simply. She reached out and brushed some of Thea’s long curls behind her ears. “Just so long as you know you owe me one. I already hate having to talk to these guys, having to talk biotechnology and clean energy isn’t my favorite thing in the world.” She paused, bringing her finger to her chin. “Maybe I should get Barry to keep her company.”

“Sure, if you want him to bore her to death.” Thea grasped her arm in a thankful squeeze. “I owe you one.”

“You owe me a lot.”

Cadence started to head toward Amelia’s table, glancing at Moira as she went, so not to appear rude to not pay attention to the speech. Cadence didn’t know Amelia enough to have a complete idea of what she thought of the new bride. But could tell, from the use of her powers, that Amelia was at least being genuine with the way she presented herself to those she came across. Nervous, but genuine. Who wouldn’t be nervous in the world that the Queens brought? Unless you had the same amount of money or was brought up in a similar amount of wealth, it was a culture shock for any one.

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin were continuously surprised when Cadence would make an offhand remark to the wealth that she’d grow up with, that was as normal as breathing to her. (Though which Cadence now looked upon with a sense of contempt). She could only imagine what it would be like for anyone to have been thrust into Oliver Queen’s world. Let alone if she didn’t know he was the Arrow.

And Amelia didn’t strike her to be the kind of person who would make those sort of comments. She seemed a little shy–who wouldn’t be with the sudden attention–and learning the world of the Queens, but was taking everything in stride. It’d take a special woman to do that, for Oliver to marry her. And Amelia seemed genuine in at least enjoying Oliver’s company. Cadence hoped, if anything, she and Amelia could become friends, like how Oliver and Barry were friends in their own way. She had a feeling Amelia knew, at least, of her as soon as Cadence revealed her name, but was too nice to say anything about the rumors and sander.

A change in the people Cadence had come across in Metropolis. They could be great friends.

Minus the whole metahuman thing of course.

Cadence took her gaze away from Moira and turned back to Amelia’s table, frowning when she didn’t see the young blonde woman sitting there. Cadence slowed her steps and looked around the crowded ballroom, silently cursing to herself that she lost her already. It was like Thea had at least implied, Amelia was new to the life of wealth and notoriety of being joined to the Queens, she was blood to sharks in the water. Couldn’t be left alone for too long, the sharks were attracted to it and would look for her weak points to rip apart; whether for gossip or to find a way to break into—or break apart—Queen Consolidated.

For a moment, she thought of asking Cisco and Caitlin to keep tabs on her, but her attention was brought aside from the jewelry on the podiums being walked backstage by the stage hands of the night. The moment they were taken backstage, the meta was sure to strike. Cadence looked across the room, locked eyes with Barry, who nodded back at her, and made her way across the floor of the ballroom with purpose.

“The jewelry’s moving backstage,” Barry said into his hidden microphone, his words being broadcasted simultaneously to the STAR Labs mobile unit and to Cadence’s ear. “Be sure to keep surveillance.”

“Excuse me?” Cisco’s voice came back with massive amounts of attitude. “Do you know who I am? Do you know how long it took for me to ensure that all of the surveillance equipment was put in there, in strategic places to help you out?”

“You may have made the technology, but Barry’s the one who ran around putting it up,” Caitlin reminded Cisco.

“And it wasn’t easy, do you know how much security Moira hired?” Barry asked.

Cisco, we’re all in awe of your hacking skills,” Cadence said. “But don’t be jealous because you drew the short straw and you had to be stuck in the van.”

As long as you bring me back some cream puffs…”

“Let’s just focus on the jewels for now,” Caitlin said, bringing their attention back to the matter at hand. “We need to get to them before the meta.”

I’m on it,” Cadence replied. She slipped out through a service door, following behind the stagehands, and sighed, finding herself unable to move further, a maze of hallways staring her in the face. The Queens really knew how to keep things safe. She looked around for a moment, to be sure she was alone, before tapping into her thermal vision.  All at once, she could see through the walls, could see the figures of the stagehands all moving in the similar direction nearby.

Then noticed another figure; a smaller, lithe figure that was following them closely, like a shadow creeping on their heels. The figure moved slowly, almost cat-like as it followed the stagehands. The body temperature of the figure seemed to increase with each step, as if nervousness was getting to her. Cadence could tell it was a her from the way she moved, sensual and dainty compared to the stagehands who were all men and plodded forward with obvious power.

Cadence tilted her head to the side, watching the figure stalk them until they came to a large room, where the figure seemed to suddenly…disappear into the ceiling. Disappeared without a sound, with only a whisper. She blinked once, returning her vision to normal.

“Found the meta,” She said to her friends. “Following them now.”

Cadence flicked her wrist to the side, as if starting a car. The bracelet around her wrist popped open in a rush of flame—which as Cisco explained to her after presenting it, was actually flash paper—and her suit covered her body.

She took a step forward, teleported, and followed after the figure.

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