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Notes: Previously

“You’ve got to keep those boys of yours out of trouble, Coach.”

“Yes, Yer Ladyship. I’m trying, but those little…” The rest of his sentence was a grumble.

Sansa laughed. “Stop calling me like this. How many times have I told you? It’s Sansa.”

“You’re too kind, Sansa.”

“Well, do you need anything else for the gym?”

“No. You’ve given us plenty.”

“You do good work with those kids, Coach. I want you to keep doing it. Get them out of the streets. But for god’s sake, no more trouble with drugs and guns.”

“How does she know Coach?” Ray, who’d been observing the whole cozy conversation from a distance, asked Ernie.

“Funny story.” Ernie offered. “Her baby brother ran from home few years back. Coach found ‘im. He wouldn’t tell his name, so we called ‘im Grey and Coach adopted the boy. Lady Stark thinks she owes Coach for it, but he won’t take it.”

“So she helps with the gym.” Ray concluded.

“Yeah. Never asked a thing in exchange. Not one single job.” Ernie was giving her a look. “A real lady. And really…” He trailed off when he realized Ray was glaring at him. “Look at you, all jealous. Is she your lady?”

Ray sputtered. “Don’t be ridiculous. She’s my boss.”

“Oh… So that’s how you like it?”

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Okay I need to talk about this dream I had today that I want to do art for later, and will get to eventually hopefully BUT 

If you love Dragalia and you love Magi, strap in, this one’s for you. 

Basically in my dream, there was a new facility event (logically it was probably one of the crossover events like FE or Megaman, both of which I could not play because my phone is old lol) but it was weird because we got Alibaba as a free 4* unit; he was a fire dagger. There was an accompanying pull, which consisted of Aladdin as a 4* wind wand, Morgiana as a 4* fire lance with specific special animations, and Sinbad as the 5* fire unit. 

Aladdin and Morg acted as normal adventurers, where when you paired them with a dragon they would just transform into it. Aladdin had a shielding skill and even though he was a wand he acted as a healer, and again Morg had special actions where even though she attacked with the same range and force strike as a lance, instead of stabbing she did kicks and punches. Kinda like Veronica I guess? Where she has the book but you still get to choose her weapon but she never holds it lol

Anyway the fun part of the dream was Alibaba and Sinbad. So Alibaba was the free 4*, and he could be equipped with a dragon to get the stats BUT, instead of having the dragon next to him to transform, it was Amon’s face. So when you transformed, he went into his full Djinn Equip, and was roughly the size and model of one of the human-like dragons like Apollo or Marishiten. So SINBAD, being the 5*, was like this but ELEVATED. Because it was a fire event, Sinbad’s base element was fire, but like that other post I made about Daoko, he switched attributes depending on what team he was on. And like Alibaba, he had the same system of “gets stats from dragon but transforms into Djinn.” BUT BECAUSE HE SWAPPED ATTRIBUTES, HE HAD FIVE DIFFERENT TRANSFORMATIONS IT WAS SO COOL. So every time he swapped attributes, the Djinn that showed up in the transformation button next to his face was different akfslf 

In my dream he had Focalor for fire, which I think was just the color similarity, but thinking about this later, Sinbad would be a 5* fire sword and his Djinn in accordance to attribute would be: Focalor for wind, Valefor for Water (cuz ice like Lily and Fiorm), Baal for light (cuz he’s lightning, like Albert), even though he was never shown in the anime Crocell for fire, and then because he has no where else to fit Zepar for dark (although Furfur, similarly not shown, is Actually the Djinn of ‘Rending Darkness’ soooo). Their moves would all summon the eight pointed star when used haha, and For Sure Baal’s attack would be Bararap Inquerad Saiqa, and Focalor’s would be Cleaving Wind haha. Valefor’s Stagnation would probably just freeze all enemies on map for a second, which is not how he works in the manga/anime BUT it would be good for cheese LOL

While I was telling my gf about this this AM, I was also thinking how good it would be to have the Ren kids too. Like Kouen as a 5* fire blade or sword with Astaroth and his flaming dragon (and maybe his other skills reference his other Djinn, like he has a healing move for Phenex), Hakuryuu as a wind lance with Zagan or a dark lance with Belial, Kouha as a dark axe with Laraje, Kougyoku my GIRL as a water sword with Venea, and Hakuei as a wind wand or sword with Paimon. Maybe like a prt. 2 of the event or something haha

It’ll never happen, but I think this could work as a really cool event. Especially because I think Alibaba and Euden would get along with each other, and Elly/Morg would probably bond over protecting their idiot blonde fire princes haha Clau and Hakuryuu cooking together, and Aladdin/Kouha/Luca/Ranzal hitting it off and playing pranks. Kougyoku and Hakuei would probably enjoy chilling with Elly and Clau over tea; but also considering how much Vanessa and Yachiyo like to fight, Kougyoku would have a great time sparring them so it would just be Hakuei and the other two sitting by and watching while those three go to town on each other LOL And it would be cool to see Euden learning from both Sinbad and Kouen (and maybe in the end deciding that they’re extreme opposite sides of the same coin, and deciding to continue to pursue something in the center even if it’s harder but it’s because as a ruler he believes it’s what’s right for his people. Sinbad could say something like “that’s how a true king could think,” and Kouen could be like “lofty ideal, but admirable” or something haha)

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Notes: Previously


Even though people insisted on telling Raleigh to keep a distance from Sansa Stark, he didn’t actually talk to her at all. He’d only briefly introduced himself that day when Chuck was around.

Eventually he found out what she did: she was part of the research team and was responsible for the suits they wore to pilot.

That was how he got called to her lab and had a private moment with Sansa.

If he was more of a brat, he’d be very smug about it. As he wasn’t… He was just a bit smug.

“Mr. Becket.” She didn’t even raise her eyes from her tablet. “Can you stand inside that circle?”

“Yes. Should I take my jacket off?” He asked.

“It’s not necessary.”

A blue light seemed to scan his body, and Sansa soon said it was done. She didn’t even look at him.

“Thank you for coming around, Mr. Becket.” She told him, clearly distracted by her data.

“I’d prefer if you called me Raleigh.” He told her.

She finally looked at him. “Ok.”

“Also… “ He paused by the door. “People keep telling me you’re the Ice Princess…”

Sansa rolled her eyes. “How original.”

“Yeah.” He chuckled. “But just so you know, I don’t think they’re right.”

She snorted. “How sweet of you.”

“That’s me.” He winked at her. “Prince charming.”

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Fanning the Flames of Heroic Turmoil
by XXPadfootXX


Despite Izuku’s hero training interfering with with their progress, Izuku & Dakota have slowly grown closer over time, their bond strengthening and their friendship developing into more than just a boy and his pet. Izuku and Dakota are ready for anything. They have each other and that’s all that matters… but will it be enough? Or will some revealed secrets about Dakota’s past and her connection to some of the world’s most dangerous villains tear their bond up from the seams?

Words: 4701, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of The Dragon Academia Chronicles

Read Here:

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i’m not one to post much about tv shows i watch but hailey saying ‘fbi’ when entering that house with her gun drawn made me feel all tingly and warm inside, she’s such a badass omg

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Notes: Previously

So… This is happening. It’s not a drill. I’ll keep on working and see where it gets.

If you guys can leave information about Jax and the people he trusts on the series, I’d appreciate. Who are his bros, what about his mother… Any deets you can think of will be truly helpful. I know he had Tara in his life, but I don’t like love triangles, so she won’t be around this story, but whatever you guys think it’s relevant for his character, please let me know ;)


The closer they got to the address, the more Rickon squirmed. Jax could see that the boy really didn’t want to disappoint his sister.

He could’ve given the kid a free pass, but it was better not. He kept doing shit like that, he might get in even more trouble in the future. He was lucky was fuck that Jax was there when the boy tried to pickpocket one of his men. Some might not be so understanding, since he wasn’t a little kid anymore.

Therefore, Jax intended to talk to Sansa Stark -the mysterious sister -and see what the situation was. Rickon had told him they didn’t have their parents and one brother had died, and that seemed like a dire situation.

The house was small but well kept with an American flag fluttering with the breeze.

Jax put a hand on Rickon’s shoulder as he knocked on the door, then they waited. Soon the door opened and he saw Sansa for the first time.

She took him and Rickon in a second, her eyes widening in concern.

Jax forgot why he was there for a minute. If there was one thing that became quite clear as soon as he saw her face, was that Sansa didn’t belong there at all. She was far too pretty, far too classy for that place. Rich girl fallen into hard times was written all over her.

“Rickon? What happened?” Her upper class Manhattan accent only proved that.

“Hey, San.” Her brother gave her a weak smile. “This is Jax.”

Her eyes went to Jax and he could feel her taking him in.

“Go in, kid.” He told Rickon. “I’ll talk to you sister. No more trouble, you hear me?”

“Yes, sir!” Rickon agreed easily, running inside the house.

Sansa sighed. “What did he do?” She asked as someone who already knew the answer.

“He tried to pickpocket a friend.”

“Oh god…” She crossed her arms in front of herself and gave him a concerned look. “What do I owe you?”

“Nothing.” He assured her. “He’s not a bad kid, but he was to stop this shit.”

“I know. I’ve tried talking to him, but I feel he just doesn’t listen to me.”

“He thinks he’s helping.” Jax conceded. “But he’ll get into real trouble if he doesn’t smart up soon.”

“Thank you for not calling the police.” She told him, gratitude shining from her eyes.

“Yeah, I try to avoid that.” He chuckled.

He could see it wasn’t a reassuring thing to say.

“Sansa? Who’s at the door?” A male voice called from inside the house.

Jax watched as Jon Snow came up behind Sansa. “Teller?”

“Hey, Snow.”

“You know each other?”She was clearly curious.

“We see each other occasionally at the Night’s Watch.” Jon told her.

“Right…” Sh drawled.

“Well, it’s been a pleasure.” He told both. “I’ll see you guys around.” He waved as he stepped back, now even more curious.

Why the hell was a girl like Sansa living with a guy like Jon Snow?

Color him intrigued.

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lmao i just came up with a crossover fic that literally no one asked for (i think i’m the first person to even think of this crossover but i’m not sure, i haven’t seen anything like it before)

description: avalon queen was one of the lakewood seven before her mother decided to take her out of the surprisingly bloody town and back into the corrupt starling city where she was born.

but even when her brother oliver is found alive after five years, she cannot forget about the horrors she’d faced.

arrow && scream tv crossover. arrow seasons one && two, scream tv post season one.

avalon queen, portrayed by kristen stewart.


❝ there are some things you can’t unsee. you should know that better than anyone, oliver. ❞

would anyone like actually read something like that? let me know if you would!!

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My brain had this weird idea of Steven traveling with other people.

And then, for some reason, I thought it would be funny if these people where Leon and Blue (you know cause he is a disaster with directions and is very likely he would end up in another dimension)

I’m gonna be honest, I was so bored and this is the result of that boredom.

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