chasingrabbits-art · a day ago
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Crossover Danuary week day 1: Avatar the last airbender
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thegardenofmara · a day ago
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A lil practice comic I made a while ago. Wasn’t sure if I should’ve posted it since I didn’t really have any direction as to what I wanted to write. Just kinda went for it with this one.
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the-b1ah · 20 hours ago
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I don’t know if i can do all the days for danuary but I’ll try. Since i need to the homework im procrastinating this is one hours worth of animating.
The idea is that the gaang are like hmmmmm how can we stop the firelord without killing him??? Oh! Why don’t we ask the spirits!! And then they summon danny by accident. This au isn’t super thought out but i had this one idea for a line of dialog…
Danny: so let me get this straight you want me to help you stop this evil guy but also keep him from dying?? You do realize I couldn’t even keep myself from dying right??
Aang: *sad kicked puppy eyes*
Danny:….I’ll try my best….
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melony-lemony · 2 days ago
the reason batman crossovers work so well is because most medias have children with traumas and a will to do good and batman is a serial adopter of children with traumas and a will to do good
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days ago
Hi. I love your work it's super hilarious and always makes me smile no matter the bad I had. I know you mostly only do bat family only. But I really love the BuzzFeed unsolved segment you did with Batman villains. Would it be alright to ask if you could do more of that?
Again love your blog. It's so refreshing.
"Hello and welcome to another season of Buzzfeed Unsolved. Today we'll be covering the enigmatic case of the Riddler."
"I see what you did there, Ryan."
"Thanks, I appreciate it."
"Yeah, I love a good wordplay."
"It's a double wordplay, actually, since his true identity—as we'll dive into—is Ed Nygma."
"That's a stupid name."
Shane: "I'd love to sit down for a dinner with Poison Ivy."
Ryan: "Except she could strangle you with her plants."
"She seems like a decent lady."
"She's an eco-terrorist!"
"But she's got a good point."
"—and that's when Roman Sionis became the notorious crime boss Black Mask."
"Wait, so he fused a mask to his face?"
"Pretty much. Kinda gross when you think about it."
"I can imagine. Like, you know when you were a kid and you'd cover your head in saran wrap and try to melt it on with a hair dryer?"
"You didn't try to encase your head in plastic when you were a kid? That was a whole thing at my school."
"The fuck kind of school did you go to?"
"You didn't do that?"
"Why the hell would I do that?!"
"Harleen, known for her genius-level IQ, got her PhD in psychiatry at Gotham State University."
"But Gotham's not a state."
*wheeze* "I mean, it's so cut-off it might as well be."
"Also, if my math's right, that means she went to school with Bruce Wayne."
"What are you implying?"
"You know how college is."
"So you think Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn were—"
"Smashing pumpkins?"
"... Sure. Let's go with that."
Shane: "If I was Mr. Freeze, I'd give up evil and just drive an ice cream truck."
Ryan: "No offense, but you'd be the stranger danger that parents tell their kids about."
"You don't want my ice cream? My evil Arctic laser ray sundaes?"
"Actually when you put it like that it sounds pretty good."
"Here we are in the Joker's abandoned theme park. I'm gonna turn on my spirit box and see if we can pick something up."
"I thought he was alive."
"Depends on your canon."
Shane: "Fuck, marry, kill: Two-Face, Mad Hatter, Man-Bat."
Ryan: "Kill Man-Bat and uh... fuck Two-Face and marry the Hatter."
"Interesting. Care to explain?"
"Well, Man-Bat's, like, an animal, right? Or at least part animal. And I'm not into the furry stuff anymore, so—"
"It was an experimental phase."
"Sure. A 'phase'."
"It was!"
"Don't worry Ryan, your secret's safe with me." *winks*
"I'm not—" *takes a deep breath* "Anyway, so kill Man-Bat. Then I'd have a one-night with Two-Face 'cause I think his two halves can get creative, you know?"
"Why're you asking me if I know? Do I look like I know him?"
"Honestly I wouldn't be surprised at this point."
"And then I'd marry the Hatter 'cause Batman's gonna send him back to Arkham in like a week anyway so I'll be free."
"Welcome back to Buzzfeed Unsolved: Postmortem, a show where we answer your most pressing questions about the latest episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, which was Red Hood. All the questions we have today are from our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and directly on the video on BUN."
"Our first question comes from user@jasontoddsnotdead on Twitter: Is it possible that Red Hood was actually a former protogé of Batman who felt he was let down because Batman won't do what's needed?"
*Shane and Ryan glance at each other*
Both, in unison: "Nah."
Ryan: "Our next fan art comes from @robin4 on Instagram. It's basically the Ghoul Boys as a vigilante duo."
Shane: "Would you ever become a vigilante, 'cause I wouldn't."
"Sure. Just not in Gotham."
"The Hotdaga's coming to Gotham City, and this time, they're facing off against the evil Condiment King."
"That's not a real villain."
"It is."
"I don't believe you. It's too over-the-top even for Gotham."
"Well, you better believe it, 'cause we even got a special performance from Catwoman herself."
"Why did I agree to this show?"
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eyesofcrows · 19 hours ago
So I don’t know a lick about A:TLA so I went with the word prompt ‘pardon.’ And as a xover, I bring you John Constantine and Danny!
John Constantine has many interactions with the supernatural (some more intimate than others) so he doesn’t bat an eye when he senses a presence outside his apartment door. He has wards against all the nastier ones so it must be something other than a fight. Maybe it’s that cute vampire he flirted with in the pub. Or it’s a nymph who’s entire family for murdered and needs vengeance.
But no, as he opens the door with a bottle of booze in hand, he sees something completely separate from magic. No, it’s Danny Fenton.
More accurately Phantom, with his white hair and glowing, green eyes. He floats a good foot in the air and John has to look up to make eye contact.
Danny’s startled, his hand out ready to knock at the door that was just swung open. He awkwardly places his hand into an imaginary pocket and waves with the other. Any other day, John would’ve deadpanned a ‘what?’ because Danny obviously wants something, but his eyes drift to something new.
There’s a bloody crown over the boy’s head.
“Hey, Constantine, mind if I come in?” Danny asks, faking casualness.
John’s speechless but gestures with his head a ‘go ahead, come inside’ and the half-ghost zooms past him and onto his living room couch. More accurately, criss-crossed above the couch. (John didn’t blame him, the couch has seen better days.)
John plops himself down on a nearby armchair and takes a glut of the bottle. He’d thought he’d share it with the presence but Danny’s much too young and he’d rather not waste a good drink.
Now that Danny’s closer, John also notices a glowing ring on the boy’s right hand. It has a skull engraved into it with red, glaring jewels for eyes. He could sense dark magic coming from it and assumes it’s part of the dilemma.
“So I see you noticed the new drip,” Danny jokes, tapping a finger on the flaming, green crown above his head.
John scowls. “I’m sorry, but wouldn’t you be surprised if I came galavanting into your home with a bloody tiara on my head?”
The ghost laughs, folding into himself slightly. The crown drifts as his head moves, completely upright all the while. That’s one for the crown being physically attached to the ghost kid.
“I should probably explain this now, shouldn’t I?”
John rolls his eyes. “Don’t keep me in suspense.”
Danny grins before his face smooths into a semi-serious expression. “I know we only met a few months ago, but you mentioned that if I ever needed help with the mystic arts or other, I could go to you.”
John searches his head. He doesn’t remember but it sounds like the type of off-hand comment he’d make. “You’ve messed with something then?”
Danny nods. “I don’t think you know this—it’s a little exclusive to Infinite Realm ghosts—but I defeated a king a few years back. I didn’t even kill him in combat! Just imprisoned him. But, well, it had other consequences than just keeping the human world safe.” He sheepishly shrugs and keeps his eyes pointed at the air around John.
John sighs, of course it’s Infinite Realm business. Those folk are always more secretive, thinking themselves as separate from the magic world. Half of them even believe that they’re not magic! Just scientific reasoning and laws that work differently because of their realm. And the ones who do think they’re magic hate to associate with ‘living magic’ as if it were the plague.
That being said, Danny obviously is desperate enough to go to Constantine. He’s seen the grimace Danny pulls every time magic gets involved. It’s practically in his blood to hate it.
“So you’ve become king of a sector of the Infinite Realm, huh?” John reasons. “There’s no real going back now, they’ve got that rule of power only being handed around by combat and I don’t think you’re planning to belly up anytime soon. What section have you got? The icy one? Those medieval blokes? That one place with every lost item imaginable?”
Danny purses his lips and tries to think of how to best say whatever he plans to say. John takes it as time to drink again. After a bit, Danny finally opens his mouth.
John chokes on his drink, harshly putting it down and coughing up his liquor. When he regains function of his throat, he croaks out:
Danny shrugs again. “The King that I defeated was… Pariah Dark, the Ghost King. So it’s not a sector, per say, it’s all sectors.”
The crown seems to grow brighter, the full power it holds becoming more evident. Christ almighty, is the lad honestly becoming ruler of one of the most powerful realms?
Knowing Danny’s luck, he sure as hell will.
“I’m not hammered, right? Zatanna didn’t spike my bottle again?” He almost wishes Danny would nod and say ‘yes, this has been one giant hallucination. Care for some business with the Easter Bunny now?’
Danny gives no such reprieve. “Your relationship with her is so concerning,” he mumbles. He speaks up again, “We’re getting off-topic, I need your help, Constantine.”
“I don’t think you understand my profession, your highness, but I’m a bloody occult detective! Otherworldly politics isn’t exactly my cup of tea.”
“Yes, but your magic,” Danny stresses. His body unfolds and he’s closing in on John. “And Pariah’s crown and ring are magic. Living magic! I don’t know how a magician of yours wandered into the Zone but they were able to make a Crown of Fire and a Ring of Rage made completely of ectoplasm and magic! And I can’t understand how either of them even work!”
Danny’s teeth grit with clear agitation. His eyes burn and John knows for a fact that Danny is desperate. The bloke stressed himself silly, his burst of anger as evidence.
Danny deflates after a beat of silence. He floats back into where he was before and exhales. “I’m sorry, that’s the Ring talking. The Ring of Rage and all.” He puts a hand behind his neck and glances at John from the corner of his eye. “The Zone doesn’t normally mess with magic but Pariah obviously had different plans. Nobody’s really held either item other than him, and going to him to find out is off the table.”
John scoffs. “I bloody well hope it is.” It’s enough to make the half-ghost smile.
“I just need to find out how this works and try to use the power to fix up the Ghost Zone,” Danny says his plans out loud, as if it was easy as that. John nearly snarks but keeps it to himself. No need to stress the kid any more.
“Fine, we can probably help you,” John relents. He stands up and pats off his pants.
“We?” Danny asks hopefully, floating away and following John.
“JL Dark, of course. We can take this to the House of Mystery and Z has a million tricks up her sleeve. And then we’re going to take this to the Justice League because I’m not going to bloody let a teenage wanker lead alone when we’ve got literal gods as mates,” John says.
He grabs a coat from a nearby chair and slings it on. He digs through the pocket and finds a loose cigarette. Within seconds, he has it lit and in his mouth. With another second, he mumbles a spell and a portal to the House of Mystery opens up.
John looks back at Danny, who has the goofiest grin.
“You’re less of a bastard then you let on, you know that?”
John glares then saunters through the portal. “Yeah? Like anyone’ll believe you. Now come along, we don’t have all day, Danny.”
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french-fry-gallery · 2 days ago
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Adrien as the Little Mermaid
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tatthepumpkin · a day ago
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They're besties now
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silvervictory · a day ago
Bought Dead Cells recently I think the beheaded would be intimidated by Drifter lol!
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carefreejules · 20 hours ago
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I’ve been sick the past week so I spent it brainstorming some new acrylic charm/sticker ideas for Night in the Woods :^)
I hope I’m building up a reputation of being that artist that makes merch for Pokemon AUs and crossovers akjdhasd
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yari-saber · 20 hours ago
Silly Idea Andy’s Apple Farm but there Pokémon!! Only base/first Stages right now
Tumblr media
So for the types
Andy - Grass/Normal
Felix - Water (would evolve to be part ghost)
Melody - Fairy/Psychic
Claus - Psychic/Steel
Margret - Fire/Ground
Baylee - Bug/Electric
Peter - Grass/???
Andy, Felix and Margret would be Starters
Peter is a pseudo legendary (strongest non-legendary Pokémon of a region) 
I might make this an Au with the human characters from the game as the trainers of these little guys! Also might Sprite these in the Pokémon pixel art style (I really like them)
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sysaiyan2000 · a day ago
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The Sailor Uchiha family with “painted” background 💕
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l-darklilac-l · 2 days ago
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dr-angel23 · 2 days ago
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Hello [[Peter Pan]]
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the-b1ah · 4 hours ago
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Another quick animation I made in two class periods(I’m so busy omg) also I could not be bothered to make a background so sorry for the poor quality.
Anyway do you ever simp so hard for someone’s art that you make fanart of their fanart? @the-stove-is-on-fire art is just so good I can’t even! they draw danny so well!!!
This was inspired by this drawing, so go check them out if you haven’t cause you are missing out!
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mightydragoon · 2 days ago
Life Curse, Death Gift (a small collection of the many memes I have acquired)
@sadieyuki​ this is for you. Thank you for your fantastic fic. 
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nadsdraws · 18 hours ago
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Happy birthday @naromoreau !!
Everyone, meet Witcher Aziraphale from Naro's fic tread on my dreams (monster hunter Aziraphale/harpy Crowley) !
Aziraphale has been hunting for the Angels for decades, but he believes there must be more in life than this.
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ladylynse · 23 hours ago
Summary: Mabel wasn't convinced the summoning would work, despite the rumours of the place being haunted, but she wasn't about to let her brother get into trouble alone. Meanwhile, Jazz wasn't about to wait for her brother to show up when there was a chance she could do something to help. One-shot.
Also on FFN. Written as a thank you for the kind anon who donated to my ko-fi.
“Do you really think this is a good idea if this place is haunted?” Mabel asked.
“The point is to summon it into the circle so it can’t start attacking everyone—”
“You mean us.”
“—so yes. You saw the newspaper stories. You know what the chances are of that being coincidental.”
Freak ice storms coinciding with disappearing kids that tracked back over decades. Yeah. They’d been doing this for long enough that she didn’t question that something was up; she just wasn’t sure why Dipper was convinced it was a ghost and not something else. Then again, he knew more about what else it could be than she did, so it wasn’t like he hadn’t done any research before settling on ‘ghost’.
Mabel huffed and resumed her watch. Behind her, Dipper started to say the words of the summoning.
The room grew cold, but it was supposed to do that.
“Uh— Maybe we should move back a bit.”
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chasingrabbits-art · 17 hours ago
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Crossover Danuary week day 2: Marvel
In all honesty I'd let Sam Manson and Rogue from X-Men Evolution beat me up and I'd say thank you
Bonus: Team Halloween sketch I abandoned after my friend suggested I do Rogue and Sam
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