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napiersmirk · a month ago
A Simple Project - GIFset
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exolssecretsanta · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello EXO-Ls!
Welcome to the “2021 EXO-Ls Secret Santa (SS) Online Gift Exchange.”
We had such a wonderful experience with last year’s EXO-Ls Secret Santa (SS) Online Gift Exchange that I have decided to do it again this year.  I have made some changes to this year’s rules so please read closely.  I hope the 2021 project helps bring you all lots of joy and holiday fun.  
Please join me in this EXO fandom online holiday gift exchange.  How does it work? You sign up to make an online gift for someone and someone else makes one for you.  Simple and fun! Everyone will receive their gift the week before Christmas!  You don’t have to have a EXO blog to join.  If you are a fan - then you can join.
This is a tumblr online gift exchange so all gifts must be digital.  Gift examples: fanfiction, gifsets, playlists, mood boards, photoshop edits, tumblr icons/headers, etc. (If you want to try and make some edits/mood boards here is a website that offers a free editor. https://www.canva.com/create/mood-boards/
The first thing you need to do is sign up HERE .  Once I close the sign up window I will randomly match you up with someone else based on the criteria you filled out in the sign up form.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  SECRET SANTA is to be kept a SECRET.   Do not tell the person you are making the gift for who you are.  It’s a secret until you reveal yourself when you post their gift on tumblr.  
Last year we required participants to send Anonymous messages (of positivity or questions to personalize their gifts, etc) to the person they were making the gift for, but there were difficulties with that.  So, I am not making it a requirement this year.  If you still wish to do this, please do.  I will however require participants to turn on their ASK inbox and allow for Anonymous messages.  That will help those who do wish to send anon messages. 
You’ll have a lot of time to make your gift.  I will have one check-in date to see how you all are doing.  I understand that real life can get in the way, so this check-in date is a way for you to let me know if you can complete your gift on time.  This secret santa exchange is meant to be fun and enjoyable - not stressful so, you do not have to wait on the check-in date to make your gift.  Make it sooner rather than later and all you have to do is post it during the post date period below.
Here are the important dates:
Sign Ups Open: 7 September
Sign Ups Close: 10 October 
Gift Assignment notification sent to your tumblr direct message: 14-17th October. 
Check-in : 4 December
GIFTS POSTED: you can post your gifts any day during 16-18th December. 
You must follow this blog and please reblog/signal boost this informational post.  
Please tag your Gift post with the following: name of the blog receiving your gift and our blog name: @EXOLSSECRETSANTA (the reason I ask you to include our blog name on your post is to help ensure I get the notification. I will be re-blogging your gift to our blog for everyone to enjoy.  Make sure you have the tag EXOLSSECRETSANTA21 in your first 5 tags. 
 Make sure your blog’s ASK inbox is ON and TURN ON/allow anonymous asks.  
All the gifts must be NEW CONTENT.  Please do not recycle a previous fic, gif-sets, etc.
Fanfiction gifts must be 1K+ words. If it will be a WIP you must post the first chapter as your Gift.
Gif-sets: 4+ gifs
Fanart: 1+ 
Tumblr icons or headers : 4+ icons/headers
Edits: 4+ small pngs or 2+ large (540x?)
Playlists: 10+ songs
Mood boards: 2+ boards
Let’s all have some fun!! 
XO your Secret Santa moderator: @mel-loves-kdramas
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sandibullock · 10 months ago
I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on this gifset that you did i really like ittt
Tumblr media
Thank you for sending this in, anon! I’m glad you liked it and wondered how it was made :) Fun fact: the day before you sent this, I had just started working on my next set in that “Select Filmography” series. I hope you like that one too when it’s ready!
I think I should start by saying I’m pretty new to giffing myself and there might be more efficient ways of getting to the same result. However, the point here is to show you the process I went through to make this gifset and hopefully help you understand how to make a similar one.
To follow this tutorial, you will need some version of Photoshop and some giffing knowledge. I know there are multiple ways of making gifs so I’m just letting you know I’m using the timeline and the “Convert for Smart Filters” option (I don’t really know how else to call it).
Now let’s get started!
It might sound obvious but, in my opinion, this is the most crucial step. It’s also the one that takes the longest (along with step 7, aka the coloring).
At this stage, you need to have a general idea on how you want your set to look like so you can choose the scenes accordingly. In my case, I knew I needed two types of shots for each movie: one close-up for the main gif and one mid shot for the shape. I also needed to take two other criteria into consideration: the movement (because of the shape) and the lighting (because darker scenes are such a pain to color). Last but not least, I didn’t want the characters to be talking (but that’s just a personal preference).
With all of that in mind, you can start saving a few screenshots of scenes that meet your criteria (or at least some of them). In the end, there won’t be that many to choose from so be prepared to make compromises.
Now that you’ve preselected a few scenes, you can make a first draft. This will help you turn your general idea into something more concrete.
Basically, this is your opportunity to organize your thoughts. What size do you want your gifs to be? What shape are you going to use? On which side do you want the close-ups to be? Do you want all of them to be on the same side or do you want to alternate from one gif to the other? Do the scenes you chose work together (gif-wise but also set-wise)? Are you happy with the way it looks, overall?
By answering all of the questions you might have now, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, trust me. Of course, you can totally skip this step if you already know exactly which scenes you’re going to use and how you’re going to present them together.
To give you an idea, this is what my draft looked like for Atomic Blonde.
Tumblr media
Once you have a clearer view on how you want your set to look like, you can finally start giffing like you usually would (i.e. importing, cropping, resizing, etc.).
It should then look something like this.
Tumblr media
The important thing to mention here is that you want both of your gifs to be the same number of frames (32, in my case).
Ideally, you should also aim for the ~same~ coloring (especially for the skin tone, since both gifs will be so close to each other). This bit is particularly difficult when you chose scenes which have opposite lighting (see my two uncolored gifs below). Remember how I insisted on steps 1 and 2? It was to help you avoid this. So my advice would be not to choose these types of contrasted scenes, unless you can’t do otherwise and you’re ready to suffer!
Tumblr media
To make your shape, you can click right on the Shape Tool (U) and select the last one, Custom Shape Tool. From the Shape menu appearing on top, you will be able to choose the shape you want from the drop down list and start drawing on your gif.
Tumblr media
To be more precise with the dimensions, you can manually adapt the length and height from the Shape menu itself. I decided to go with the same ones as my gif.
Tumblr media
Once your shape is positioned like you want it to be, you can drag and drop the shape layer under your gif. Next, you will have to click right on the gif layer/smart filter and select Create Clipping Mask. The result is as below. Note that if the size of your shape was smaller than your gif, you would still be able to reposition your gif with the Move Tool (V).
Tumblr media
You can now export your shape gif, reopen it in Photoshop and convert it again to the video timeline and to a smart filter. This is where I’m not sure it’s the most efficient way of doing things but it’s the only way I found to keep the coloring of each gif separate. I also find it easier to work with a smart filter.
To add your shape gif to your main gif, you can simply click right on the shape gif you just reopened and select Duplicate Layer. You can then choose the project which contains your main gif to duplicate it in there. Now go to your main gif and reposition your shape gif where you want it to be (how many times did I say gif here?). Finally, you can draw a new shape, using the same dimensions as in step 4, reposition it and choose any color you want from the Shape menu.
Since you will be repeating this process with your following gifs, I suggest you add a few guides so you know exactly where you should place everything to make all of your final gifs look the same.
Tumblr media
(In case you’re wondering, the “Base” folder contains my adjustment layers/basic coloring for the main gif.)
This step is pretty simple: go on the web and type “[name of the movie] title”. Download the png you like most, open it in Photoshop and resize it to a length of about 150-200 pixels. Next, duplicate the layer to your main gif and reposition it. In case you need to resize it again, select the title layer and go to Edit > Free Transform (Ctrl+T).
This is optional but in case you want to change the way it looks, know you can always duplicate the title layer and play with the blending options (see below). The good thing with a png is that you can also add some effects by clicking on the “fx” button.
Tumblr media
To be honest, I had not planned on coloring my gifs. But I had already spent so much time on them and I was still unhappy with the way they looked. I mean, see how grey-ish they are? Not great...
Tumblr media
So the only thing left for me to do was to add some colors. Now, since coloring is worth a tutorial on its own and it already exists, I suggest you read through becca’s mega coloring tutorial (and especially steps 3 & 5). Seriously, shoutout to her for making this incredibly useful tutorial. She is so talented and I love everything she makes!
My Atomic Blonde gif barely even needed coloring so I’ll show you what I did for my Tully and The Old Guard gifs.
For the first one, once I had found which colors to use with which blending option and opacity level, I only had to remove the colors from the left side of the gif because there was barely any movement in that scene (phew!). For the second one, on the other hand, I decided to color frame by frame because there was way more movement, in comparison. This is quite a tedious process, which is why you want to limit yourself to a certain amount of frames.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ll conclude by saying there are so many things you can do with coloring and what works with one scene might not work with another. So experiment with it: try different colors, play with the blending options and opacity levels, add some gradients and/or gradient maps, etc. Just know it will take some time to get to a somewhat satisfying result!
And that’s it... I hope this tutorial made sense and was somehow helpful. Of course, don’t hesitate if you have any questions! Also, if you do end up making a similar edit, pleeease send me the link or tag me in the replies or something ‘cause I would definitely love to see it!!
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theserenityspace · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson x Female!Reader WORD COUNT: 2.5k SUMMARY: You're back at your desk job at the TVA, suffering the consequences of your mistakes that led to your crash on Sakaar. However, Mobius has a better job for you than doing just paperwork. A/N: I feel like this one has more platonic mobius x reader than loki x reader lol but you know, this loki is meeting her for the first time again. please leave comments, criticism or love, whatever, I love to hear from you guys who are reading this. enjoy xo gif by @alligatorlokis from this gifset WARNINGS: Swearing. Paperwork. support my writing through ko-fi💖 MASTERPOST ; MASTERLIST
The sweet musky smell almost lulls you to sleep as you skim through the case file of a Loki variant, pictures and text of monochrome glaring under the unforgiving fluorescent office lighting. It’s a harsh reminder of your mishap; a simple overlook during a mission that sent you crashing onto the wasteland of Sakaar. According to the reports as you stood on the pedestal, pleading your innocence to the judge, you were there for an estimated 600 years. Maybe more.
The thought of spending six centuries stranded on a planet sends a wave of pain through your skull—it’s overwhelming information but unsurprising. You do feel like you’ve spent 600 years on that God-forsaken planet.
Now, your once fugitive days have been replaced with the return of being trapped behind a desk and having to recount every event that took place during your time there. Word for word. You despise the TVA’s love of paperwork—it’s a fucking nightmare.
The collar of your shirt feels itchy against the back of your neck, bringing your nails to graze it furiously.
You decide to ignore Miss Minutes' cheery voice despite your agitation, your name rolling off her southern accent. It hints at her chagrin towards your disregarding nature.
"Are you even listenin' to me?"
Her voice lacks all sense of her once constant sunny disposition. You spare the projection a glance, watching her rubber-hose-like arms curve to her where you assume her hips would be. She looks at you with an expectant raised brow. You don’t say anything, keeping eye contact as you snatch an empty event report template, spinning in your swivel chair and away from the glowing tangerine clock.
With pursed lips, you swipe the scatter of mess away, revealing an orange typewriter that sits idly within the expense of your stacks of case files and your collection of vintage Earth cassettes. You hear Miss Minutes' sigh as she strides to the other end of your desk, perching on top of a dusty stack of pending paperwork.
“C’mon, it’s just a test,” the animated clock says. You spare her another look as you feed the report template into the roller forcefully. Bing! The return bar dings unceremoniously as it nearly startles Miss Minutes off the stack.
“That is exactly why I’m refusing to listen to you,” you mutter with annoyance, fingers already flying across the keyboard, punching letters onto the event summary section. The loud clickety-clack of the keys makes it impossible to hear over it. “I don’t get why I need to take a test when I clearly know everything I need to know.”
“Well, you were gone for a very long time and we just wanna test your memory on policies and procedures here at the TVA—”
“Then, why didn’t they come and get me earlier? From the moment I stepped foot on Sakaar, I did everything I could to create a Nexus event or even just a spike and you only came when? When I met Loki.”
Your eyes are now on her startled figure, clicks and clacks coming to an abrupt end. You’re upset over your arrest, the whole hoo-ha at the courtroom, and everything before that. Your behavior is nearly childish but understandable to those who express empathy. You feel like you were being used, prioritizing the capture of the Loki variant that has been causing a ruckus to the timeline. But, it is your job to protect the TVA and the sacred timeline. Although you feel that the TVA should be protecting its employees as well.
“Look, I am not taking that test and that’s my final word. Everyone knows I am capable of handling myself. Plus, I do have tons of paperwork to refresh my memory on policies and procedures if that’s what you’re worried about.”
The cartoon clock nods but with hesitation. However, you do make a fair point. Thus, with a swish and a blip, Miss Minutes disappears into thin air, and you’re left to your own devices once more.
Finally some goddamn peace.
As if the universe doesn’t loathe you enough, someone calls your name, approaching from behind you. A groan escapes from your lips, scowling at the glaring keys of the typewriter.
“What?” you spat. In a swift motion, you swivel in your seat and turn to look over your shoulder.
It’s Mobius, approaching you with sudden caution. You let your shoulder sag with relief, happy to see a familiar friendly face.
“Glad to see you’re back and still feisty.” Mobius hesitantly taps your shoulder, flashing you a small consoling smile. Your expression, however, remains unchanged. “Well, you guys did find me after all.” He spots the glimmer of melancholy in your eyes; they avert back to face the typewriter, hands resting on the keys. Mobius shoves his hand into the pockets of his brown slacks, shifting to lean against the edge of your desk. He knows to tread lightly around you after what happened. You’ve changed with wrinkles of age and crinkles of exhaustion. Sakaar must have not been kind to you.
Yet, you’re here, at your desk; alive and well.
“Hey, what’s got you all wound up?”
It’s a stupid question, really but it’s a question to show he still cares. You have every right to be upset. However, you have every right to be thankful. You would have been pruned. Desk cleared and cassettes discarded—it would be as if you never existed. Renslayer would have never given you any mercy after the act you pulled. Disobeying orders and recklessly throwing yourself into danger with the risk of bringing the whole TVA down. You’re impulsive on missions, but it’s your unrelenting determination that drives you to be one of the greatest analysts Mobius has ever seen.
You’re also a friend. A great one. And he isn’t planning on losing one.
“Please prune me, Mobius.”
Your statement comes off as intentionally sarcastic rather than truly meaningful.
“What? I always thought you adored paperwork.” Mobius hears you groan, burying your face in your hands, elbows propped up on the desk. “My back is already hurting, and I have a migraine just thinking about typing out reports of my time on Sakaar. I think it’s quite clear I adore paperwork.” Your muffled voice tinges sarcasm heavily.
Laughter erupts in his chest. He's glad that your sense of humor never changed. Then, the moment quickly passes and he senses a sudden change in the air. You turn up to look at him.
“What was my Nexus event?”
It’s abrupt, almost arbitrary but leads him to even more confusion. Mobius finds himself frowning. “You don’t know?”
You blink. “That’s the one thing they never told me.”
He shifts in his seat on the edge of your desk, blinking up to the ceiling in thought. “Well, from what I heard...it was because Loki willingly helped you. And it wasn’t for his own advantage.”
It’s your turn to frown. “Wouldn’t that be Loki's fault?”
“Apparently not. It was all you.”
You laugh in response; it comes out like a puff of air. “Well, then. That’s a first. I guess I can finally add manipulation to my list of skills. Plus, pick-pocketing weird cosmic fruits.”
Mobius laughs and taps your shoulder again.
“C’mon, take a walk with me. I’ve got a new case that I need your help with.” You shoot him a quizzical look, eyes catching sight of a thick case file in hand—must be important. “I thought I was supposed to be on desk duty.”
“That doesn’t mean you have to sit behind the desk the whole time,” he shoots back a clever answer with a raised eyebrow, beckoning you to accept his offer. Your laugh comes off as more of a snort. It’s the first one in a while. You stand on your feet, stretching your limbs as you shrug on your coat that was hung over the back of your chair.
“Plus, you’re under my supervision,” he says before turning on his heel, heading for the exit. You watch him raise a hand, his back to you, gesturing for you to follow as he pushes through the wooden door. You hum with amusement, trailing behind him.
The winding hallways feel hollow, mundane walls lacking any color of brightness the TVA tries to bring to the space when in all fairness, orange isn’t much of a fun color now that everywhere you look, there’s a tinge of tangerine somewhere. The posters that adorn the walls are your least favorite parts of the headquarters’ decorative choice. You pass one that says 'Always Watching' in big bold letters, ominously glaring at you. The words are far from comforting, almost inhumane—a jarring reminder of where you are and where you stand in the hierarchy of this bureaucratic organization.
Mobius clears his throat from beside you, pulling you out from your thoughts. In a weirdly discreet manner, he hands you the case file with an outstretched hand. You take it, eyeing him and his odd behavior, there’s an unexpected shift in the air.
Then, you glance down, reading the scrawled words on the file that reads: Variant L1130, Loki Laufeyson.
Your strides come to an abrupt end, whipping your head up to see Mobius’ sheepish smile. Your eyes are wide, and you’re shaking your head in utmost objection.
“No, no, no. No. Absolutely no—”
“C’mon, it’s just—”
“No, Mobius. Nuh-uh. I swear, if I have to deal with another Loki, I will prune myself. I literally will.”
You're shoving the file to him, as he attempts to suck it up to you like the optimistic idiot he is although he very well knows once you’ve made up your mind, you cannot be swayed. You’re stubborn, rebellious—it’s what makes you dangerous. Yet, the TVA are pessimists. It’s Mobius who truly recognizes your accompanying positive characteristics that make dealing with your spontaneous character worthwhile.
Then, coincidently emerging from the door of the locker room is Loki himself, dressed in a dress shirt, tie, and slacks—clothes and color schemes accustomed to the TVA’s dress code. Mobius can practically see the wires in your brain short-circuiting as soon as you lay eyes on the God. Your eye twitches and from that, he knows you’re about to go mayhem. It’s the mayhem that’s going to break out on him like a hurricane devouring everything and anything in its way.
“You hired him?! You hired a Loki?!”
Your voice is loud, startling Mobius and Loki as passersby stare at the commotion you’re causing. You find yourself hunching in response, shoulders sagging as if it’s supposed to help with averting the attention away from you. Still, your expression doesn’t falter, and you’re staring at Mobius like he’s nuts.
Your voice comes off as a whisper, tone still harsher than before. “Mobius, are you insane?—”
“Just, let me explain,” he cuts you off with a raised palm to you. You purse your lips, sparing a glance to Loki who seems amused by the looks of the conversation that’s turning to more of an argument because you’re directly questioning your colleague’s sanity in public. Nevertheless, you decide to hear him out.
You watch Mobius sigh at the sight of your raised brow. “We have a variant. A Loki variant that’s been killing our Minutemen and I believe it’s the same one that threw you to Sakaar. So, to hunt down a Loki, what better way than to source the help of another?”
Silence. You’re giving him that deafening silent treatment once more. You’re thinking, he can see the mechanics in your brain running like a steam engine. He observes the way your eyes flicker between him, the file, and Loki who attempts to hide his confusion of you and the whole situation.
You’re not his superior, not even close, but he’s hopeful for your approval of his plan.
You cross your arms, shifting in your stance. “Which Loki is this?” You gesture to Loki with a tilt of your head. Mobius heaves a sigh, a hand to his hip and the other waving in the air.
“He’s, uh, he’s from 2012—”
And you’re back to causing mayhem.
“2012?! Mobius! That’s the worst one yet!”
“Now, hang on just a minute—” Loki interrupts, voice tinged with bewilderment and resentment but with two sharp looks directed his way, he instantly shuts his mouth.
You and Mobius are now back to your whispered debate.
“Look, as much as I hate to admit it, the TVA’s survival all depends on catching this variant and that means our survival. He has potential for change, so much of it...You just have to trust me on this.”
Mobius makes an excellent point but you can't help but feel the queasiness rising from your stomach. It feels like bile. You begin to feel the weight of the case file in your grasp becoming heavier and heavier. It’s the thought of risky business, and you’re almost upset as to why Mobius thinks it’s such a brilliant idea to pull you into this case after the stunt you pulled.
“Care to explain why I'm involved in this? You do know I’m being scrutinized for every move I make, right?”
Following your question, he glances at Loki who seems to be growing impatient, eyes wandering around the hallway. He leans forward and lowers his voice though his pitch raises, like when he's excited about a breakthrough.
“Because I know you’re capable of getting Loki to trust you. It happened once, there’s a high chance it’ll happen again and that’s good enough for me.” He watches you blink once. Then, twice. He continues, “And you’re being scrutinized by me. So, does it really matter?”
You’re silent again but in deep thought and not out of spite. Your troubled eyes find Loki’s. He’s already staring at you and for a moment, you see an unknown glimmer in his eye, expression nearly vulnerable but in an instant, he seals it away from you and averts his gaze, busying himself with straightening his pecan brown tie. It’s a small sign that he must have heard what Mobius said to you quietly. Nothing more.
Your gaze returns to your colleague and you pull yourself together, heaving a deep sigh. “Fine, but I still think you’re insane.”
Mobius beams down at you in an almost proud manner. “Welcome back, agent.” And with a turn of a heel, he waves for Loki to follow as the three of you head down the hallway. Loki quickly catches up beside you, much to your dismay. “So, what’s your story?” he leans into you with a curious smirk. You keep your face forward, shoulder back, and chin up as you reply with a monotonous tone. “None of your business, daddy long legs.”
In your peripheral vision, you note how the God retracts in response to your reply, brows now furrowed as he glances down to his legs in an almost sheepish and innocent way.
You struggle to fight down a growing smirk.
Mobius looks over his shoulder for a moment and catches sight of you and Loki’s expression after your exchange.
It looks like the two of you would get along just fine.
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hyunanet · 4 months ago
We are an open network for everyone who loves Hyuna and wants to participated in the blog. It's a place to find your favorite contents about her.
It’s really simple, if you post something about Hyuna or with her, put the tag #hyunanet on the 5 first tags and we will reblog it on our blog.
The only rule is:
-You have to be respectful with Hyuna and any other groups/idols. (You can follow the blog if you want)
We will be rebloging visual contents. (Reviews and fanfiction are also accepted)
We are also open for gifset requests.
We will be happy if you participate in this project with us.
Tumblr media
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bericas · 3 months ago
Mmmm I'm gonna try to not send too many ships for the ask meme but feel free to ignore any/all: berica, boyd/kira/Isaac, allison/kira/Theo, isaac/scott/kira, allison/Boyd?
i Will be getting to the rest of these in the reblogs i am COMMITTED but it also taking me very long because i am incapable of shutting up so! for now! berica!
What made you ship it?
i am honestly just a simple woman. i was absolutely twelve years old and projecting onto erica and boyd is so hot and then they had them hold HANDS? what am i gonna do, say NO? so to conclude, probably the handholding scene, as i was twelve years old <3 i would like to have a better answer to this but unfortunately. i was just twelve. i don’t think i even saw the episodes yet i took a while to watch s2. i just saw a gifset and said yeah i fuck with that
What are your favorite things about the ship?
their entire little running away together arc was just so sweet honestly! not the circumstances, obviously, but their entire dynamic was so sweet, like erica is so impulsive even without the bite and after the bite boyd still finds his way back to being careful and particular with his actions.
actually what really makes me bananas is that in the first scene we see them in together, the lacrosse game, they kind of switch poles — erica has boyd’s caution, telling him that derek won’t like this when he stands up to join the game, and boyd has erica’s impulsivity, telling her that yes, derek won’t, but he will. we don't really see that interact together after that until they're running away, but i think they play off each other really well!! erica, again, is impulsive; allison shoots her in the leg, she goes down, she screams for boyd to go. we've mostly seen erica's impulsivity in much lower stakes, and it often means selfishness (which i LOVE! go erica go!), but here she's more vulnerable, more caring, she's hurt and vulnerable and protective suddenly and she tells him to save himself. and boyd is careful. he doesn't have a death wish. so he goes.
and then he comes back. which is SUCH a good character moment for him. in the beginning of 211, we see it, too, the way he's instinctively protective, they hear something in the woods and boyd's arm goes out in front of her, and we see the way she tempers her impulsivity, she says they should go and he tells her to wait and she does. but HERE. here it really shows, that in his own way, he gets to follow through with one of the first bits of characterization we get from him; he wants to be like scott, brave and compassionate and caring, and he is, but he's much more selective with it.
they get their best moments together, basically, and i also really really feel that they're the other half of the allison/scott romeo and juliet story. they get the rivalry, but erica and boyd get the loneliness, get the innocent childlike isolation and Only Have Each Other of it all.
and then! after erica's death, he becomes more impulsive, more reckless — he watches erica die trying to fight an alpha. he tries to do the same thing. he's smart; he knows what that means. he's smart; he knows what it says about missing kids that erica dies, what it means about alicia. he's smart; he's never had a death wish before. and yet.
and erica's ending, at least, is less cheap, she gets a circle arc. she starts and ends in the same place. it should've held more meaning for the show at large, but it was something! and it was, broadly, about her and her characterization.
boyd's, meanwhile, was so MORBID when you actually examine it within the context of his own characterization. i think boyd and erica drove each other's characterization in a really effective way and i think it was so well done and it makes me appreciate the ship so much, but that also means that that's how i examine their characters, and the fact that erica dies and boyd, who has never been impulsive and never had a death wish, is suddenly lashing out, is suddenly okay with dying, and all of THAT is viewed through his relationship with derek suddenly... it is so cheap and lazy and meaningless. 
obviously boyd and erica are characters outside of each other! but their stories really revolve around each other a lot at the end of s2, and with all of their parts in 3a, they're the driving force of each other's stories, especially boyd after erica’s death. and i've said this BEFORE in the tags of this set, but the fact that boyd is mirroring erica, to the extent, where they LITERALLY PARALLEL HIS DEATH SCENE WITH HERS, and they still miss the point SO MUCH, make his death coincidental instead of meaningful... unforgivable frankly!! lazy!! cheap!!
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
so obviously them running away together, holding hands, boyd coming back for her after erica tells him to run, etcetera, is indicative of them being paired off!! like it's obviously shippy, whether you think that ship is romantic or platonic. i don't think the decision to run away together was romantic by itself, though; given that the scenes are split with boyd and erica talking to derek, isaac talking to scott, and back to boyd and erica, i figured it was implied that they asked isaac and isaac did not want to go. i also figure that the I Only Had One Friend scene is caused by that, too, but that's a different ship topic.
i'm also not really bothered by the suddenness of their relationship!! like okay so it is kind of cheap, right, and it's been pointed out before, that boyd and isaac suddenly switch their respective positions of derek's righthand man and erica's bestie, but i also think it makes sense? scott and isaac have their Moment in raving, isaac is being drawn out of the hale dynamic and into the mccall one, and it makes sense that we see that distance between him and the other betas, and that the link with his alpha (and also the adult whose care he is currently under!!) is harder to pull away from. this naturally leaves boyd and erica together, and a relationship is implied between them anyway, since they're both betas? like idk!! i definitely see faults in teen wolf's writing but i didn't think this was is inexplicable as i see other people tend to
people also tend to present boyd in a way i don't really agree with. i don't think it's wholly incorrect, but people write him as like... colder and more neutral than he is? like indifferent! and he can definitely be indifferent, but he's not really... indifferent as a person? i think some of that is, frankly, subconscious antiblackness, which the show is also guilty of and definitely encourages, but that's... a very long post in and of itself. i think another part of it (that is not necessarily a separate issue) is that (speaking very very broadly and generally here) a lot of berica shippers tend to be st*rek shippers and a lot of the st*rek fandom is focused on stiles, and so boyd's characterization gets based off of his interactions with stiles. but in the show, boyd does not... really care particularly about stiles? so a lot of the time, he’s written in that light, which is not necessarily true of his character overall.
because we see in his scene with scott in 203, right, that he does generally care a lot, actually! he wants to be like scott, someone who cares very openly and passionately. he winces and looks scared when derek hurts erica and isaac in their training scene in 204. he goes from confident to unsure in the confrontation he and derek have with scott in 205, and the same happens in 207 during the confrontation he and derek have with the hunters, and again in 205 he's scared when erica and isaac are hurt and when the kanima comes out, in a flashback in 305 (i believe), he's willing to kill the alphas and looks concerned about what the the outcome would be for the rest of them otherwise, and in 305 in the present, he is angry, and he wants to fight ethan, even though he knows it's stupid because he watched erica dying trying to fight kali! in 306, we find out he's haunted over his sister's kidnapping, and he cries, and he's scared, and he feels guilty enough about what happened that that is what the Motel Spirtis^TM use to manipulate him into trying to kill himself. scott has his guilt over not being able to save everyone. boyd has his guilt over failing to save alicia.
this is where the show fails, too — boyd dies and comforts derek, instead of dealing with his own feelings, having his own thoughts, it's weak. it's not even about him. it's not even something as simple as it's okay, it was worth it, i miss my sister, i miss erica, he has no feelings outside of derek and the bite he gave him.
ANYWAY. this is relevant i promise, because most of the stuff written about boyd has stiles and derek and is berica-oriented, and they make him the straight man like... all of the time. so thoroughly. and when he's not emotionless, he's overconfident. there's never a balance of his traits, and while this happens to erica too, it happens... way less. and his characterization is often driven by however the author is writing erica. she's insecure, so he's confident; she's confident, so he's insecure; she's passionate, so he's passive; she's hurt, so he's accommodating. like it's just!! he and erica are both side characters so much but even when erica gets to take up space, it's at boyd's expense! and i think boyd is very much a reactive character, very much defensive rather than offensive, very much the straight man to everyone's else insanity, but it cheapens the dynamic. because the dynamic works because they affect each other, rather than erica being the main character and boyd simply being there. like with any rarepair you kind of have to swallow various fics mischaracterizations, but it's like... i've read maybe two fics that even really try to give boyd any depth. 
so to sum up this section: the unpopular opinion here is that boyd exists as more than erica's love interest and deserves to be written as such more often in berica-centric fics, and in fics that have them as a side ship, deserves to be written as erica's equal, not babysitter or rehabilitator or whatever.
send me this meme maybe!
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heroofpenamstan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
to kind of expand on my need for this: i have recently decided to switch jobs quite abruptly due to bad management and the general environment of my workplace, and that has potentially cost me a week’s worth of pay for it ( the alternative being losing the second job offer and deteriorating my mental health further ). pairing that with an acting up bad tooth, i thought i would give this a go if anyone is interested! :)
right now, i have 10 open slots ( if i can even manage to fill up that many ) to begin with now because i want to make sure i can deliver on time what with the limited free time i have/will have.
—PRICES: 1 ko-fi for: fic/asks/blog headers, simple moodboards, uncomplicated gifsets. 2 ko-fis for: complicated gifsets, fully animated moodboards, small templates. 3 ko-fis for: bigger projects ( small video edits/trailers, big templates, complex requests ).
MY KO-FI: here x.
If you do decide to commission me, send me a DM with as much detail and examples and styles as needed, no matter the fandom or character or oc and pairing ( as long as it doesn’t overstep the things i have listed as a no-no in the middle image above )—i’m resourceful enough to adapt, i think; hell, send me a whole chunk of a fic if required to make the team reach the dream! x)
—EXAMPLES of EDITS: i. // ii. // iii. // iv. // v. // vi. // vii. // viii. // ix. // x. // xi. and anything you see on my blog, really. :)
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stetersecretsanta · a year ago
Tumblr media
SIGN UPS 2020 has been a weird year but we can end it on a positive note! Grab your favorite v-neck and packs of reeses and join the merriment! For the SEVENTH year running the best Steter Secret Santa out there is back and better than ever!
  The Plan It’s pretty simple and organized like most secret santas: you’ll be assigned to another participating person and make them a gift. This can be anything such as a gifset, graphic, fanfic, video, playlist, etc. It’s all pretty much up for grabs. This is just for fun so don’t stress about it being the best thing ever (everyone in this fandom is awesome and pretty easy going).
You can join until November 6th
Sign ups: https://stetersecretsanta1.wufoo.com/forms/q1imbymm1aoe2s6/
Just fill out the quick form and you are ready to go.
Assignments will be sent out November 8th via email
On December 21st the exchange will take place
Other Things
I’ll try to pair people up according to their preferences but I do not promise miracles.
If you find out that you can no longer participate message me asap.
Word count minimum for fics is 500 words.
If you want to message your assigned person to ask them any questions please do it anonymously. Be as mysterious as Peter is on the spiral staircase of sass.
On December 21st when things are posted tag your assigned person so they see it or at least let them know it’s on ao3 or whatever. Also if you want to tag anything for this project use “steter secret santa 2020”. An AO3 collection will also be made
Most importantly: HAVE FUN and don’t be an asshat but this fandom shouldn’t have any trouble with that.
If you have any questions feel free to send a message to either this blog, or my main blog @killjoywhatsername, or shoot an email at stetersecretsanta@gmail.com
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riamali · 3 months ago
your odd eye circle gifset looks SO amazing omg my jaw literally dropped!! would you mind explaining how you did the cube and distorted sphere effects?
[the post]
omg thank you so much!! im glad u like it, i'm rlly proud of it :D
so that set was mostly made in adobe after effects! i recently downloaded it (was inspired to do so by @nobie's amazing edits through the program) and i've been trying to learn how to use it!
basically i made those effects in after effects, exported them as short videos, and only converted them to gifs (resized, sharpened, exported) via photoshop for posting. more detail under the cut if youre still interested!
so! im a windows user and i got after effects (aka "ae") through here. there are options for mac there as well but theres a couple extra steps. i remember seeing a tutorial for mac users on here actually but i cant find it rn :( im sorry!
next, i tried following a couple different tutorials to learn how ae works. highly recommend this channel, his tutorials are amazing! for the oec set in particular i followed this tutorial for the cube, and this tutorial for the text effect
again i am very much a beginner at ae, so i followed the tutorials almost exactly (maybe moving a few values or colours around depending on what i liked better) and then saving that. the great thing abt ae is that you can make “compositions” within a project, which are sort of like ps’s smart layers, where you can edit within that smart layer and the changes apply to everything else its in too. so i followed the tutorials for the effects pretty much exactly, then changed them up a bit to fit the purpose i had in mind. that way you can save the effects and use them again without having to remake them all the time !
i also imported the music videos to ae, and edited them within ae, bc i couldnt find out a way to bring a ps exported file to ae lol. again i opened this program for the first time like a month ago. so i followed this very basic colour grading tutorial to learn how to do some colour edits to the clips
next! for the cube effect, you’ll notice that his tutorial makes it a little more of a malleable box. i did the same effect, but when i imported the video clips it wasnt exporting properly ;-; idk why or how to fix it (maybe the clips were too much for ae on my laptop?) so i chose to go with the simple box effect as is. also it was distorting the girls’ faces a bit too much so i just called that a win
instead of the large text he uses on the lateral sides, i just imported the mv clips there. for the top and bottom sides, i used a “4 colour gradient” effect instead of the background “solid” layer
with the text, he uses a “fill” effect to colour the text within the liquid drop, but i used a “4 colour gradient” effect instead, to resemble the gradients on the cube
for exporting i follow this video’s suggestions. sorry if you dont understand the language ;;; just follow any basic exporting tutorial like at the end of this one
after exporting as videos, i imported them to photoshop as “frames to layers” and did some final resizing/cropping/sharpening as needed, since i wasn’t working in the tumblr size dimentions within after effects
and thats about it! i imagine this post was somehow way more and less than you were expecting ;;; im sorry if i was bad at anything ! i wasnt sure how much detail you’d want if it didnt have all that much to do with photoshop..... tho i think you might be able to replicate the effects in ps! the basic concepts are in the linked tutorials, and you could probably translate them to photoshop, it wld just take more time and effort and creativity
if you have a specific idea for these two effects and dont wanna deal with the whole ae business then i wld be happy to help you out! i have the basic effects saved so i should be able to customize them to ur preferences, if ure a creator or my mutual or both :D feel free to dm me if so !
any after effects explanations of mine would be subpar compared to what you can gain from literally anyone else, but if any part of what i said or the videos i linked confused you, please feel free to send an ask or a dm!! i’d be very happy to help you however i can <333
thank you again for your compliments <3 hope u have a great week
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carly-bean-blog · a year ago
Coffee | MYG
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Drabble, Fluff, Slice of Life, Domestic Fluff
Word Count: 559
Rating: G
Synopsis: Coffee date with your boyfriend
Warnings: Reader is written with no indication of gender but they are said to be smaller than Yoongi; hope you like salted caramel mocha
A/N: This is my first fic ever. Saw a gifset of Yoongi talking and thought about how I could listen to him talk for hours, and this happened. (It’s only briefly hinted at, but it’s my intention that Yoongi is an idol and member of BTS, however you can interpret it as you want.) Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! (Also Carlyndra is my pen name.)
Thank you to @ppersonna​​ and @chimoona​​ for convincing me that this isn’t trash and that I should post it, I love you ❤
Warm golden sunlight streams in through the windows. The coffee shop is small, quaint. Cozy.
“One salted caramel mocha for the lovely customer at table C,” a deep voice says playfully.
You smile up at your boyfriend as he places your drink down before sitting himself across from you. You wrap your hands around the hot drink, feeling the warmth underneath your fingers. “Thanks, Yoongi.”
A small hint of his side smile flits across his lips, disappearing as quickly as it had come. “Of course.”
Still the same quiet, introverted man. He’s wearing a simple black long sleeve shirt and his classic black baseball cap. Somewhat shy, at times avoiding your gaze. You can’t help but think of how effortlessly handsome he looks as he fiddles with getting his straw into his drink.
The two of you hadn’t been dating long; less than a year. It was nice that you were able to find a fairly secluded place where you could be out in public while maintaining some sort of privacy. Either the staff and the few patrons that came through here didn’t recognize Yoongi as an idol, or they didn’t care enough to tell the world.
“You’re not drinking... Did I get the wrong type?” His innocent question makes you realize that you had been staring at him, sitting frozen as you studied his soft features.
“Oh, no, it’s the right one,” you begin to stammer, “I was just, um--”
“You were too busy looking at me?” Yoongi chuckles softly.
You’re taken aback. The modest man before you was rarely so forthright.
“Yeah…” you quietly breathe out, averting your eyes to stare at the whipped cream swirled atop your beverage.
“Hey,” his voice is gentle. Yoongi reaches his hand across the table, slightly chilled from holding his iced drink, and takes your smaller one in his. The gesture causes you to look up to meet his eyes. They’re warm and sweet, like the mocha you enjoy so much.
“I like it. Besides, I’m your boyfriend, you’re allowed to stare all you want. But,” his lips curved up into an impish grin as he gives your hand a gentle squeeze, “I get to gawk at you just as much. Deal?”
Your cheeks flush slightly, and you squeeze his hand back. “Deal.”
Yoongi’s smile turns tender as he nods in acceptance of your answer.
Taking a sip of your drink, you return his smile, the two of you enjoying the quiet moment of mutual adoration.
“So,” you begin, “Tell me about this new project you’ve been working on.”
His eyes light up slightly. You listen with great interest as he passionately begins speaking about his latest undertaking. Honestly, you could sit here and listen to him talk about whatever the hell he wanted all day, sun up to sun down, and you would still be ready for more.
The two of you sit chatting until long after your cups are empty. As you exit the small shop, hands entwined, you sneak a glance up at him only to catch him right as he’s peeking down at you. When your eyes lock, he smiles lovingly; a smile big enough that crinkles form at the corners of his eyes. You mirror his expression, heart full, as the two of you plan your next coffee date.
The next date of many, many more.
©Carlyndra of carly-bean-blog, 2020 | Please do not edit, translate, or repost.
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exolssecretsanta · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
*****Sign Up Closes on 10 October*****
Hello EXO-Ls!
Welcome to the “2021 EXO-Ls Secret Santa (SS) Online Gift Exchange.”
We had such a wonderful experience with last year’s EXO-Ls Secret Santa (SS) Online Gift Exchange that I have decided to do it again this year.  I have made some changes to this year’s rules so please read closely.  I hope the 2021 project helps bring you all lots of joy and holiday fun.  
Please join me in this EXO fandom online holiday gift exchange.  How does it work? You sign up to make an online gift for someone and someone else makes one for you.  Simple and fun! Everyone will receive their gift the week before Christmas!  You don’t have to have a EXO blog to join.  If you are a fan - then you can join.
This is a tumblr online gift exchange so all gifts must be digital.  Gift examples: fanfiction, gifsets, playlists, mood boards, photoshop edits, tumblr icons/headers, etc. (If you want to try and make some edits/mood boards here is a website that offers a free editor. https://www.canva.com/create/mood-boards/
The first thing you need to do is sign up HERE .  Once I close the sign up window I will randomly match you up with someone else based on the criteria you filled out in the sign up form.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  SECRET SANTA is to be kept a SECRET.   Do not tell the person you are making the gift for who you are.  It’s a secret until you reveal yourself when you post their gift on tumblr.  
Last year we required participants to send Anonymous messages (of positivity or questions to personalize their gifts, etc) to the person they were making the gift for, but there were difficulties with that.  So, I am not making it a requirement this year.  If you still wish to do this, please do.  I will however require participants to turn on their ASK inbox and allow for Anonymous messages.  That will help those who do wish to send anon messages. 
You’ll have a lot of time to make your gift.  I will have one check-in date to see how you all are doing.  I understand that real life can get in the way, so this check-in date is a way for you to let me know if you can complete your gift on time.  This secret santa exchange is meant to be fun and enjoyable - not stressful so, you do not have to wait on the check-in date to make your gift.  Make it sooner rather than later and all you have to do is post it during the post date period below.
Here are the important dates:
Sign Ups Open: 7 September
Sign Ups Close: 10 October 
Gift Assignment notification sent to your tumblr direct message: 14-17th October. 
Check-in : 4 December
GIFTS POSTED: you can post your gifts any day during 16-18th December. 
You must follow this blog and please reblog/signal boost this informational post.  
Please tag your Gift post with the following: name of the blog receiving your gift and our blog name: @EXOLSSECRETSANTA (the reason I ask you to include our blog name on your post is to help ensure I get the notification. I will be re-blogging your gift to our blog for everyone to enjoy.  Make sure you have the tag EXOLSSECRETSANTA21 in your first 5 tags. 
3)  Make sure your blog’s ASK inbox is ON and TURN ON/allow anonymous asks.
4)  All the gifts must be NEW CONTENT.  Please do not recycle a previous fic, gif-sets, etc.
Fanfiction gifts must be 1K+ words. If it will be a WIP you must post the first chapter as your Gift.
Gif-sets: 4+ gifs
Fanart: 1+ 
Tumblr icons or headers : 4+ icons/headers
Edits: 4+ small pngs or 2+ large (540x?)
Playlists: 10+ songs
Mood boards: 2+ boards
Let’s all have some fun!! 
XO your Secret Santa moderator: @mel-loves-kdramas
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j-pping · a year ago
content creator year in review
tagged by the best @dongslchengs!!  ty bby~ so glad we met this year tbh :<<<
first creation and most recent creation of 2020: interesting, the first of this year was a baekhyun fic (Across Time Zones and Space) written for @baek-byunies (of course) as part of his fluff collection, inspired by his vlive while in LA (i think?) or something he filmed while in LA for SuperM activities. most recently i’ve been working on ficmas!! as a way to end the year with gifts to you all and hopefully make you smile despite 2020 lol
one of your favorite creations from 2020: oooh Fortune Favors the Brave, hands down, because i’m nerdy and it was a passion project AU multichap, and also my first multichap for Sehun! i also got to talk to a lot of ppl (anons, and anons-turned-friends) via this fic and it was such a joy to spaz with @baek-byunies and eventually @dongslchengs about it hehe
a creation you’re really proud of: that’s definitely People You May Know. i’m most proud of it because it was the first fic i wrote for sehun after finding out he was my ult (there’s a story behind that in april lol) but it was... a difficult fic to write, at a time i was pondering some of the themes in the story and having to ponder a lot of difficult topics. the fic came out of a dream and usually i write something impulsively and just post it without editing, but this... this i munched on and agonized over for a few days before feeling brave enough to post it (and it’s the angstiest fic ive written, ever). many endless thanks to @kyungseokie and @jenmyeons for helping me work through this personal piece of writing.
a new style you tried this year and a gifset/fic that uses it : prior to 2020 i mostly had fluff drabbles and two multichaps under my belt, and i wanted to try more oneshots even with AUs, because multichaps are really long and draining and the more i wrote the bigger they got in planning and wordcount. so i’d say i’m really happy with Meminerunt Omnia Amantes because it unites fantasy, romance, (smut oops), and angst into one (and usually i don’t write more than one theme at a time)
a creation that took you forever: i have two, and they’re WIPs: a space exploration angst fic and a detective-based sherlock-inspired fic. at this rate im not really sure they’re much about exo, rather than these fics being about exo as inspiration for moving the plot forward. they will continue taking forever for me -- i have writing software laid out to help organize these pieces and it is a lot lol!!
your creation from 2020 that received the most notes: surprisingly People You May Know! runners up are two baekhyun fluff drabbles tho ofc
a creation you think deserved more notes: none, really. i don’t expect any fic content to do that “well” in terms of notes as i dont write popular topics (typically baekhyun smut, with a bad boy slant). it’s not my thing to read or write but it does “sell” more in terms of fic notes, but honestly as long as i hear back from a small handful of people in anon, comments or rb tags, that makes me really happy. in terms of fics i thought would get more feedback, i think i also think that the answer is “none” because it’s about a consistent rate across the board, though multichaps or AU pieces tend to get more comments, which makes my heart full <3
a new fandom you joined and a creation you made for it: so far i have not written anything for other fandoms, but i am contemplating writing for seventeen (probably fluff) as i had some ideas a week or so ago, but i’ve since forgotten them. EXO are just my muses, i guess hehe
a creation you made that breaks your heart: i know i’ve talked a lot about people you may know but it really truly broke my heart when the idea came to me in a dream and further while i wrote it... i suppose the space fic is the other one
a ‘simple’ creation that you really love: i hadn’t written something shorter in a while, so this “ways to say i love you” prompt fill for Baekhyun, few things as rewarding, made me really happy to write. it’s short and sweet.
a creation that was inspired by another one: Towards a Shared Future was the sequel to A Decade of Midnights, and Jongdae’s news broke out partway through its writing (literally before the final chapter), so it took on extra meaning!
a favorite creation created by someone else: toooooo many to imagine and wow my hunbias is going to show but this year, @jenmyeons‘ Eyes Locked, Hands Locked has my heart (it’s the best hunfic i’ve read all year, despite how short it is -- it is that effective). But that being said I also love very much the moodboards @kyungseokie, @jenmyeons, and @baek-byunies helped design for People You May Know and A Step Over a Threshold
some of your favorite content creators from the year: HELLO HI (also in no particular order, mostly shouting out people i’ve seen around even if i havent talked to you yet!! trying to hype up other exo writers even if ive not read all your work yet) @baek-byunies (yes i counted you) @yeoldontknow @yehet-me-up @blackberrykai @hkynm @jenmyeons @kyungseokie @soos-goddess @his-mochi-cheeks (yes maam im counting you too) @softly-savage-mint-yoongi @sweetjekyll @kyeungsoo @cheolliewrites @riajae @sehunniepotwrites @dropsofletters @ninibears-erigom-fics @soobadnoonecanstopher @soocouldbemyonlystar @baekwell--tart @baekonsforbreakfast @dorkyungsoowrites @clevernewdimension @seihun @yeoldotcom @marshmallow-phd @7wanderingpaws @sooghostwriter @bbyunz @shaalk @rancidtae @breakyeol @technicallymilkshakes @squeallywrites @vampwrrr @writingstuffandmore @brokecollegenerd @kimjongdaely @falsemagic (and ofc @dongslchengs @sehunlyone @whenxoxosmilesunshines and many other talented creators)
thank you all for your contributions to the exo community even if i’ve not interacted with you -- know that you are seen and your efforts this year have meaning!! especially for fellow authors -- it’s definitely hard when the fandom is quiet but know that storytelling is always a worthy cause and that your work deserves to be out in the world. never give up if it’s something you love to do!)
and for good measure, another a couple more creations of yours that you love: i’m happy with my masterlist, but ofc i love everything i’ve written for sehun most hehe.
tagging: like dongslchengs said -- anyone tagged here or anyone else interested in doing this! happy new year, all -- and thank you for being part of EXO-L~~
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elennemigo · a year ago
Last year, during October, I did a special project that I called "my giftober" (check mygiftober2019 tag if you like), taking prompts from several cool lists. I said then that I would try to do it again this year and maybe with my own list.
Just recently, in a shocking turn of events, it came to my attention that October is next week!  😱
So I came up quickly with this very simple list:
Tumblr media
Last year was only Sherlock based. Now the theme will be Benedict Cumberbatch and his characters doing stuff!  🤷🏽‍♀️
(The idea is to make a simple gifset for each day. And since there are no prompts list exclusively for gifs (as far as I know, of course) if any fellow gifmaker wants to take this list and use it to do their own sets with their preferred faves, you're most welcome! )
Anyway, I hope you will join me in this new edition of my giftober, which will mean another big challenge for me. 🤗
Thank you and I´ll see you with this next Thursday!
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elitegleeksrp · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Students sat down to their Literature Class on Monday to a new project; a partner project on social media. You don’t have to do anything for this, but it would be fun if you did. Feel free to reach out to each other ooc to plot with this too. Partners were given in class and this is a week long project. 
Social media is now the best place for us to introduce ourselves to others and the world, right? What we reveal or what we hide about ourselves tells the story of who we are. And that is why we will be working in pairs. You will need to create your partner’s profile for a social media platform of your choosing. We can demonize social networks, like they do in other places, or we can use them as tools for learning. Get the most out of this opportunity, get close to your partner but keep it appropriate. And most of all, adapt it to your goal. Please, be creative. Use photos, videos, interviews, anything. You have access to all of the resources here at Las Dalton Encinas. 
How this will work is simple, you will all get together outside of class with your partner to talk about how you want to go about representing each other. You will all keep your own social media accounts, the accounts for this project will be made brand new. They can be on any social media networking platform, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. You may open up accounts on more than one platform, but only one is required. You will run your partner’s new social media account, and you will do your best to represent them. You will continue to run this social media account for a full week, at which point we will be speaking about this again.
➽ Las Dalton Encinas social media project partners:
Blaine Anderson and Omar Shanaa
David Karofsky and Quinn Fabray
Campbell Clarington and Nadia Shanaa
Patrick Commerford and Oliver Grey
The ooc view for how this will work is simple too. You will continue to post as your own character, and you will continue to post content for your own character’s main social media accounts. You can also reach out to your partner and chat ic to get to know each other ic. You can plot ooc to use this for plotting purposes too. Think about secrets that your character has or things that nobody knows about your character and how you might be able to use that. You can watch Elite episode 2 to find out how it is used for plots on the show, or consider any Glee source material involving two people being alone together and how that opens up plotting potential. You don’t have to do anything at all, these aren’t real school projects and nobody is going to be failing you if you don’t participate, but this is something that you can use to give yourself a reason to be on the dash and I paired people up in a way to allow people to reach out to people that they don’t normally reach out to on purpose. Once you have figured out how your characters are going to hang out to get to know each other, whether you do that ic or ooc, you can then start making social media posts for your character’s partner. You get to make up a URL, pick a social media platform, and post whatever you want, knowing that the goal is to show who the other character is in a full sense. That means more than pictures, it can mean so many things. Think of how eclectic and full a personal Tumblr blog can be, or your Instagram or Twitter. Text posts, aesthetics, moodboards, memes, gifsets, videos from YouTube, and anything else you can think of is on the table. You can even write out full interviews in character through para, phone call, text, pm, etc and then post those in interview format. To keep track of these, I’ll be posting them on the @elitestarters blog so just @ the blog like you do for open starters.
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bang-won · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
RULES: When your work is tagged, show the process of its creation from planning to posting, then tag 5 people with a specific link to one of their creative works you’d like to see the process of. Use the tag #showyourprocess so we can find yours!
I was tagged by Aamna @yibobibo to show the process for this gifset. Thank you so much kleine Maus 🧡 Thank you for showing us your own process!!
Thank you also to @lan-xichens @suibianjie @highwarlockkareena @nyx4 and @aheartfullofjolllly​ for starting this amazing project 🥰
Let’s get right into it, shall we:
I never do much planning. Maybe I should tho... I had this set in mind ever since I first saw that WenZhou scene in episode 32. The intimacy instantly reminded me of the two other scenes I included in this set. For some reason there’s always That Scene That Hits Me in danmei live adaptations!!
At first I had planned to do 6 separate gifs but I didn’t like the format so I decided to try overlays! It was my first time blending two gifs together. I think it turned out quite fine.
So I looked for the respective scenes, cut them into clips, and put them through Avisynth. I decided to go quite big so I chose a dimension of 540x400. (Usually my gifs are 540x370.)
Tumblr media
I save all the clipped out scenes in a folder inside the folders for the respective dramas.
So, for the first gif I first imported the two clips separately. Then I deleted the extra frames for each one and sharpened them (also separately). For sharpening I use this action that includes converting them into smart objects. I mostly use the “Sharpening V1″ option, sometimes if it looks good also “Sharpening V2″.
Now I duplicated the Yunlan part of the gif (left side) onto the Shen Wei part. I tried the “Lighten” blending mode like HanYi explained in her tutorial, but it wasn’t right for what I had in mind lol. So I simply set the blending mode back to normal and added a mask to one of the gifs:
Tumblr media
And I blacked out the area where I wanted the underlying gif to show up. So now it looks like this:
Tumblr media
A bit sad, isn’t it? So in the next step I went through my usual colouring process: Brightness/Contrast, Curves, Levels (sometimes I use them, sometimes I don’t), Vibrance, Selective Color, Hue/Saturation. The biggest problem was to make the skin color vibrant but not too yellow or pink (somehow I always ended up with either of these).
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I’ll be honest, I don’t usually change this much. I don’t normally touch whites and neutrals at all. It’s just that this gif was pretty difficult to colour ksfhsdkjf)
This is what it looks like now:
Tumblr media
I definitely wanted to include typography here, which is also something I did for the first time heh. So I’m sure there’s easier ways to do this but alas, here is how I did it:
I added a text layer and typed in the quote. I wanted to go for something simple so I turned to the good ol’ Verdana font. I wanted it to look like a box, so I played around with the space bar and manually adjusted the spaces between letters which you can do where the little VA symbol is:
Tumblr media
After I was done with all my gifs (lmao) I decided I wanted to add the quote in hanzi too, as a transparent layer in the background. So I looked up the quotes in Chinese, pasted them into another text layer and set the blending mode to soft light. I also played around with font size and spaces. The font I used is one of PS’s pre-installed ones called FZShuTi.
Tumblr media
Added the watermark, and done!! Then I repeated basically the same process for the other two scenes, except that I didn’t need to blend two gifs together for the last one. I had to adjust the layers for colouring individually since they are three different shows with different lighting, setting, and colouring and I wanted it to look at least a bit consistent (🥵).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Special thanks to Kareena who helped me point out some problems I had!!
Yeah so I’m pretty impatient when it comes to posting but I queued this one to post in the evening as I do for most of my content. I loaded the gifs into a photo post, added an ID and the Darwish quote. It was quite difficult to find a quote that fit all of these pairings but that one hit me in the face (Mahmoud pls....).
Added the names of the shows and the episode numbers, plus a link to the set that finally convinced me to make this hehe (thank u Aamna).
Tumblr media
D O N E !
@aikakuu​ and this piece of art (srsly one of my favourite XingChen pieces out there ;-;)
@yutaan​ and this lil Wen Ning!!
@hawberries​ and this piece that took me out
 @shuang-hua​ and these babies (i know it’s watercolour so no pressure if it’s difficult to make a show-your-process post!!)
@weiwuxian​ and the juniors <3 (listen my lack of planning is why i could never do this)
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998th-lord-commander · 3 months ago
n' other salty rant: looking at edits like https://dragonstemper.tumblr.com/post/664595249316904960/the-dance-of-the-dragons-week-day-4 I get so pissed & salty @ HotD. Amateurs are serving 🍵 the looks, fancast, vibes, atmosphere, coloring, power, magic, aesthetic & etc and this million production looks like a school project. Just imagine what ppl in this fandom would pull of if they had been given the chance. I tell you aesthetic wise it would be more stimulating than porn. We would not be able to see the wigs prize tag- 😂
Amateur here being me 😂😂 It’s because as a Targ stan and a devoted reader I try my best to do those wonderful character justice even though all I can make is simple gifsets and they are nothing compared to HBO’s big production. And yet the fans show more love and appreciation than those greedy bastards do. It’s just sad GRRM prefers not to see it because he’s too blinded by the money.
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stealthily · 25 days ago
Pls can you explain in simple terms what Arcane is and about b/c I keep seeing the gifsets you reblog and I'm high key in love with the art but I've got zero clue about League of Legends if it's even about that Idkkkk
@koldtblod  Hey there love, yes, absolutely!! So while Arcane is based on characters from League of Legends, you don't need to know any of the lore to watch it (i knew literally NOTHING about the game going in, and i understood the show perfectly, they do a great job world-building)
So as far as the setting goes, it follows characters from two different parts of a city-- Piltover, which is the wealthy, upper class "city of progress" chasing scientific and magical advancements; and the Undercity, which is the more impoverished, the not-so-pretty side, the ones who have to fend for themselves as they suffer the most from the systemic problems of this world. and tldr; the undercity get taken over by a violent crimelord while most of the rich upper folk turn a blind eye, either out of naivety or corruption, until said worlds start to collide.
BUT, first and foremost, this show is about it's CHARACTERS. they are the absolute heart and soul of what makes the story special. it's about their battles and traumas. It's about characters who choose to break the cycle of cruelty, and those who continue them. it's about family and reluctant partnerships and enemies and learning to trust again. every character in this show is incredibly well-rounded and allowed their morality in shades of gray-- you can understand the motivations of the more "evil" characters in the show, you can see the faults of the more "heroic" ones. Also, the art and animation is GORGEOUS. There is SO much expression in the way all their characters are animated, so much life, and you can absolutely tell that this project was was a labor of LOVE instead of just a moneygrab.   (plus: incredibly diverse character designs, especially for the women, and god bless the amount of buff ladies this show gave us)
So like, full disclosure: I started watching it literally only because I saw gifsets of these two lesbian characters being tender and I thought their relationship looked sweet (spoiler alert: it is) but by the end of Episode 3 the show had already hit me like a trainwreck, and it only continued to get more incredible and emotional from there. It is a work of art in every sense of the word and I'd give anything to have more animated shows out there with this level of quality and care put into it.
I know this ended up being more of a long, emotional rant about how much i love this show and i am... so sorry for that LMAO. But yes, it's on Netflix and season one is only 9 episodes total, so if you have the time to spare, I'd definitely recommend anyone giving this show a shot. <3
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shaofeis · a year ago
How??? Do you make??? Cherry Magic look good in gifs?????????? Pls the yellow taint is ruining my whole existence
well, thank you :’) it’s kind of simple i think? i’ll explain the process.
so the gif starts out like this, right? it’s not the worsttt scene in terms of colouring, but there is a greenish-yellow tint to it that i’d like to fix.
Tumblr media
i start by adding a bit of brightness, levels and/or curves. i use brightness and curves for overall and highlights, and i use levels to make the midtones brighter and shadows darker. then, i can start with colour balance. it’s simple, really. if you look at a colour wheel you can see that across from yellow, green and orange is blue, purple and pink.
Tumblr media
this means that i will adjust the colour balance to add blue and red to each tone, and sometimes i will add some magenta in the shadows. 
here are my settings from this gif to get a better understanding of what i mean:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here’s the results. it hasn’t changed much now, but this is where i add selective colour. i like to make my yellows more red and the shadows darker so i slide the magenta slider in yellows to the right and also slide the bottom slider in blacks to the right. this all depends on each scene, as cherry magic doesn’t have a very consistent look and can even look different in the same set (e.g the office, adachi’s place etc.)
in this specific gifset, after i made the shadows darker and yellows appear redder, i added another colour balance adjustment at the end and only added more blue to the midtones.
Tumblr media
this is how my gif turns out:
Tumblr media
i get this result with these layers:
Tumblr media
i’m not sure if this is much help to anyone, but i think it’s good to understand why these sliders do what they do so it comes to you easier and it doesn’t take much thinking when making a gif, instead of just giving away some psds. each scene is different, and i use different settings for every gifset which means they can look quite inconsistent but everyone has their own style. all i can really say is mess around with your colour balance to achieve the look you want.
little tidbit if anyone is unaware:
Tumblr media
the curves adjustment has these eyedropper tools that you can use to select certain parts of your gif/image to pick the ‘perfect’ colour option (which i think is basically the colour opposite to the colour you’ve clicked on the colour wheel?) for that pic (basically working as the selective colour slider, yellows will become bluer), the bottom is for highlights, middle is for mid tones (i typically use this for yellow/green backgrounds that are supposed to be white) and top is for shadows. the pointing finger is so you can click any area of your project and slide up and down to make it brighter or darker, this is so you can target specific areas that you wish to look different.
that should be all? if anyone has any other questions i’m happy to answer since i’m not sure if this is detailed enough, i didn’t want to make my explanation too long. thank u!
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rebelharrington · 3 months ago
Hi! Your gifs are so cool! Is there any chance you might make a tutorial on how you make them?
Heyyy, first of thank you I’m glad you like them <3
I’d be happy to do a tutorial for you, though I will forewarn you I have a tendency to ramble when trying to explain how to do stuff, so I’ll try to keep it simple but accurate to how I make them :3
Ok so I’m gonna try and keep it simple by showing a tutorial of the current gifset I’m working on which is gonna be part of my “Steve Harrington in Every Episode” series/project whatever you wanna call it. (I don’t know whether it was all my gifs or maybe a particular set or series you found cool so I’m just rolling on my Stranger Things gif obsession right now haha ^.^;) 
To start off I know gifmakers all have different ways of getting the eps/clips/footage they need for they’re gifs (torrents, youtube clips, etc.) I recently started using my old Elgato Game Capture card to record the clips I need from Netflix/Disney+/Wherever (I rarely use it for it’s intended gaming streaming purposes so I use it mainly for this now...)
So to start off I load up photoshop (normally loading up the psd I’m gonna use first depending on the gif I’m making). Then go to file > import > video frames to layers
Tumblr media
I find the clip I want to use and crop down to the scene I want from said clip, normally (if it lets me depending on how long the scene is) leaving some wriggle room between each scene so I get the shot I want, then  click ok and it loads it into a frame animation timeline.
Tumblr media
From there I cut down to the frames I want and crop the gif to the size I want, for this series I usually have kinda a portrait style to focus on Steve.
Tumblr media
When it’s all cropped down I then click the 3 lines on the right hand end of the timeline frame and select flatten frames into layers (for some people it’s not necessary depending on how they sharpen their gifs but this is how I have to do it).
That then adds the frame layers in place, the layers that were originally there I normally delete to not clog up what I’m working on but it’s not necessary and just a personal preference.
Tumblr media
I then click the same button as above again and then click select all frames so that I can adjust the speed of the frames, normally when I import the clip to PS it has a setting of 0.03 (which I find is too fast) and then change it to 0.04
Tumblr media
(phew this is taking a while, any questions so far? i feel like i’ve probably missed some already haha)
Some of the above doesn’t need to be done in this order either it’s just the way I’m explaining and remembering it right now.
So now is the point where I size the gif down to the tumblr dimensions, this particular gifset will have the 268px width dimension, though more recently I’ve just been doing the 540px widths now I’m a little unrestrained on the old size caps
Tumblr media
Now we finally get to sharpening the gif and get to the fun stuff. So I made my own smart sharpening action that can do up to 200 frames of a gif (if i knew how to save and upload it for you guys I would but I have no clue T.T) I used to use a different action someone else made but just found it wasn’t working for me anymore (it just didn’t make my gifs as nice and crisp as i’d like them to look)
So for smart sharpening in general you go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen
(Forgive me I’m raging right now as my print screen key is being selective as to what it is allowing me to capture for you)
I don’t remember the actual setting for it when I made it but they are similar to this;
Tumblr media
You can see it looks crisper now, and before we start editing it should look a little like this:
Tumblr media
(/>▽<)/ Ta-da
Now obviously this isn’t the final product, not by a long shot but we’re getting there haha. Like I said right back at the beginning I normally have psd’s ready and waiting to use on my gifs, so now it’s just a step-by-step of the layers/adjusts I use to make the final product.
I normally start of with a brightness/contrast, the setting depends on the scene but I take the contrast down to -50 to start off with and add brightness.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not much of a difference so far but you can see it’s brightened up the gif a little.
Next I use a curves adjustment layer:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Again nothing to major, and again editing the curve layer depends on how you want the gif to look overall, sometime I use it to add more contrast but for this series I keep it like this.
Then I add another layer of brightness/contrast
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I’m all about that brightness/contrast layer...maybe a bit too much lol)
Then we get to the colouring of the gif (and depending on the gif either my favourite part of least favourite part haha)
I start off with the colour balance layer, and adjust it to each setting on how I want the gif to look;
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then I add a selective colouring, which allows me to tweak certain colours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I often find myself taking colour out of the yellow and/or red because I often find with my editing people the skin tone doesn’t look right (it’s why I'm always questioning my colouring skills for my gifs). Again editing depends on the colours of the scene, there’s no green in this scene so I didn’t need to touch that setting. I know some people as well also do a separate selective colour layer that’s just for the whites and blacks of the scene.
We’re finally nearing the end now, after this I top it off with a last brightness/contrast layer (I told you I like them layers haha)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Normally I add a touch of contrast and sometimes (again varies on the scene) I might add more brightness. 
Now this would normally be where I stop and this would be the final product, but for this series I like to add and extra layer of colour (it was an exclusion layer but I've changed it because I’m preferring how it looks now)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now we are finished (by now you’re probably sick of me talking lol)
I know obviously everyone has they’re own way (and someone’ll probably look at this and think damn you could easily miss some of these steps or incorporate these into one) of giffing, but this is my main way and I hope I’ve covered everything so I hope this was helpful to you anon and have a good day :3
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sumis-edits · 2 months ago
mangos-makings -> sumis-edits
Why hello there! Welcome to our blog!
As of now, we make stimboards, wallpapers (will need size), simple icons, pride icons, reply icons and gifsets!
These are some of the styles i can do, and that you can choose from if you're not sure what to order
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
(7, 8, and 9 are reply icons)
Sources are Vocaloid, Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Persona (3-5) and Cookie Run, although we will do just about anything else!
We will not do:
- Real life people
- Putting it lightly, problematic media (dsmp, harry potter, aot, etc.)
Other than that, we'll do just about anything else!
Tagging System!
- Hope you enjoy! ✿ finished request/project
- How was your visit? ✿ ribbon speaks
- I'm sorry‚ dear... ✿ request declined
- I know a place you'd love to visit! ✿ queue tag
- I'll show you our hospitality! ✿ Promos
When you request something, please specify where a character is from. Otherwise we'll just guess.
Your ask won't be answered until your request is finished, so please be patient.
We have the right to deny any requests we don't want to do
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