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forlornalbatross · 13 days ago
“I understand no more. Thy words are riddles.”
Euripides - Alcestis
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bumbl3-bee · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
general warnings: smut, dirty talk, afab anatomy, creampie, unprotected sex
fics will be linked as posted. days will be added once created.
bold&&italics = dark content (READ WARNINGS ON ACTUAL FIC)
Tumblr media
10/01 → Velate
10/02 → Lapine
10/03 → Somnium
10/04 → Puer Amans
10/05 → Venerem
10/06 → Grata Domum
10/07 → Futuo
10/08 → Negotiationis Lux
10/09 → Vestimenta Sua
10/10 → Praeter
10/11 → Constupro
10/12 → Ludere Se
10/13 → Intuitu Aliorum
10/14 →
10/15 →
10/16 → Primum Tempus
10/17 → Sacerdos
10/18 →
10/19 → Liberum Spatium
10/20 → Invidentia
10/21 →
10/22 →
10/23 →
10/24 → Relicta
10/25 →
10/27 →
10/26 → Odio Irrumabo
10/28 →
10/29 →
10/30 → Intima Ante Alios
10/31 →
Tumblr media
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piclergiremez · 8 months ago
canim mafya kocam vuruldugunda hastaneye gidemeyecegimiz icin tibbi ilk yardim dersi aliorum
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vladdocs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ENG: The original letter of Vlad Draguli Tepes, governor of Sibiu, dated 1475 October 13, in which the governor confirms to the head of Sibiu, Thomas Altemberger, the receipt of 200 Hungarian guilders. ______ RU: Оригинал письма воеводы Влада Драгули Цепеша от 1475 октября 13, в котором воевода подтверждает главе Сибиу Томасу Альтембергеру получение 200 венгерских гульденов. ___ Original in Latin: Nos Ladislaus Dragkwlya vaivoda partium Transalpinensium notificamus et recognovimus publice per praesentes quibus incumbit universis, quomodo spectabilis vir magister Thomas Altemberger magister civium civitatis Cibiniensis in sua et aliorum civium civitatis praedictae et Brassowiensis personis ad rationem arendationis vigesimae ad literatorium mandatum gratiosissimi domini nostri regis ducentos florenos Vngariales effective nobis dedit et assignavit. Super quibus ducentis florenis dictum magistrum civium et consules praedictarum civitatum liberos reddimus et per omnia absolutes harum nostrarum vigore et testimonio literarum mediante. Datis in Bolkach in festo Colomani martyris, anno domini Mo CCCCo LXXV.
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thus-said-the-soul · 9 months ago
“Are we shards of the same soul, responsible for each other's sins, or entirely different people, pale copies of some long-forgotten original?”
Latin: Sumus fragmenta animae similis, responsa peccantis aliorum, aut homines differentes integre, pallida copia aliquia pridem oblitae originis?
Greek: ἐσμένὀλίγον τι τῆς ψυχῆς τῆς αὐτοῦ, αἰτίας τὰ ἀλλήλων ἡμαρτημένα, ἤ οἱ ὅλως διαφόροι ἄνθρωποι, τὰ ὠχρῶν ὁμοιώματα τοῦ τίνος ἀμνηστούμενου μακρὸν χρόνον πρώτου;
—Rene Descartes, 7 Lives of Rene Descartes (1637)
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gidisim · 29 days ago
ya ne güzel bazı kızlar yiyo yiyo kilo almiyo allhm ben yemesem bile kilo aliorum ya niye ya allhm neden
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bildirimsesimsin · 2 months ago
tumblardan bile mesaj aliorum nası hawaiyim
Tumblr media
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dionysus-complex · 8 months ago
Also tagged by @cithaerons​ (thank you!!!) to list some snippets of literature/media that live in your head rent-free to the point where you have them memorized; write them down from memory, no cheating allowed. 
(All translations are mine!)
currite, ducentes subtegmina, currite, fusi (Catullus 64)
“Run, spindles leading the cross-threads, run on”
non modo aliorum sed etiam nostri superstites sumus (Tacitus, Agricola)
“We are survivors, not only of others, but even of ourselves”
forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit (Virgil, Aeneid 1, I know, I know)
“Perhaps someday, these things too will be pleasing to remember”
"You, Tityrus, lying beneath the canopy of a spreading beech-tree, contemplate the woodland Muse on a slender reed-pipe; we are leaving the borders of our homeland and our sweet fields. We are fleeing our homeland: but you, Tityrus, relaxed in the shade, teach the forests to resound “lovely Amaryllis” (Virgil, Eclogue 1, I only have the first line memorized in Latin though!)
“These things remain to be suffered again: this is how it goes in the order of war; this will be the outcome of civil violence.” (Lucan, Pharsalia 2, I can’t recall the exact phrasing of the second line so I won’t try to quote the Latin)
Λυσανίη συ δε ναιχί καλός καλός· ἀλλὰ πρὶν ειπεῖν  τοῦτο σαφῶς, ᾿Ήχω φήσι ‘τις αλλός ἔχει' (99% sure my accents are wrong but I didn’t want to cheat by looking them up!)
“Lysanies, truly you are beautiful, beautiful - but sooner than I say this clearly, Echo says, ‘someone else has him’” (Callimachus, Epigram 28)
“Some say an army on foot is the most beautiful thing on the black earth, some say an army on horseback, some say a fleet of ships: but I say it is whatever one loves.” (Sappho 16, my paraphrase)
“Hunger allows no choice / to the citizen or the police / we must love one another or die” - W.H. Auden
“History is not the past. It is the present. We carry our history with us.” - James Baldwin
“And while the future is fast coming for you, know that it always flinches first and settles in as the gentle present.” - Welcome to Night Vale
Tagging @home-made-dynamite and anyone who’d like to do it!!
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forlornalbatross · 14 days ago
“Now there were stars overhead, hanging like frozen spears of light, stabbing the night sky.”
Neil Gaiman - American Gods
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acid-gramma · 5 months ago
nej aklıma iki erkeğin drde nej bunu okudu(serenad) ben de bunu aliorum dediği geldi
ben inanmiyorum bu hikayeye hala
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piclergiremez · 8 months ago
dogecoin aliorum.. koy beni ulkenin basina 2 gune duzeltirim ya ekonomiyi
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woossexyponytail · a year ago
Shadow Born Chapter 10 This means war. Final.
Tumblr media
Back at the house the guy's sat around the lounge as I quickly ran upstairs to grab the book that Wooyoung found last year, I opened up the door to auntie room looking around for it, thankfully it didn't take long since it was by the window.
Walking up to it, the book was open on a page that said "Hymenaeum accire ope aliorum animo subvenire." I read out loud, I frowned at the page, 'Did auntie see this coming?' I wondered to myself. Shaking my head I picked up the book and ran back downstairs.
"You have it?" Yunho asked looking around at me and standing up once he saw the book in my hands. I nodded placing it down on the table opening it at the page I found it on, Yunho read over the texts and looked up with widened eyes.
"The book was open here on this page, auntie must of known what would happen to her" I told him, Yunho nodded reading through the book, he looked over at Mingi and Seonghwa.
"We would need help, the more people the powerful the spell is" Yunho said looking over at San and Jongho as well, the four nodded looking back at me.
"So what's the plan then?" Seonghwa asked, I looked over the book reading through one more time.
"Candles, lots of candles" I told them standing up the guys all helped as we collected as many candles we needed for this spell to work. After about an hour we had a black bag full of candles that sat in the middle of the living room.
"So what are we going to do with all these candles anyways?" Yeosang asked looking between us, Yunho picked up the bag and started walking to the door.
"We're going to summon some help" I said following Yunho out the door, San grabbed my wrist stopping me, turning around to look at him with a raised eyebrow.
"I'll help, we all will, right guy's?" San said looking behind him to the others, they all cheered agreeing as we walked back out and to the forest.
❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖
I placed the candles around in a circle as I stood in the middle as the guys stood around watching, Yunho came over to help as Salem, Stolas, Vinegar Tom and Leviathan were protecting us if the angel came back.
"Why are you doing it here?" Jongho asked looking around the forest, Yunho turned around ready to explain but Seonghwa beat him to it.
"Yn doesn't have enough power to do the summoning so she needs more energy that she could borrow from the earth's core. Which is here" he said Yunho nodded turning back to help me. I could see Wooyoung and San share a look with each other.
"Could you all stand around the candles please" I asked they all got in to place around me and the candles. I closed my eyes as I focused on the surrounding, feeling the wind the earth the sky the heat, I am going to give it all I've got.
My eyes snapped open but I couldn't see anything I felt the flames from the candles as I started chanting, hearing Yunho, Mingi and Seonghwa help as I felt myself getting stronger.
"Did you know her eyes could turn red?" Wooyoung turned to asked San, he shook his head no, asking if Wooyoung knew, Wooyoung also shook his head no both of them gulping as they turned back to me.
The sky turned dark grey clouds circling around us the wind blew aggressively around us, thunder crashing and lightning hitting the trees. The lightning hit the ground causing a circle of fire around us.
Lightning came like a rip in the inky night, as if behind the dark canvass was a brilliant light just waiting to flood through any crack no matter how small.
"What...What's happening?" I heard Yeosang ask as he watched the sky, the others looked around at the fire. The thunder crashed as lightning flashed behind all of a sudden thirteen people stood around us.
"What's going on? Who are they?" Wooyoung asked, my sight came back seeing the new group of people. They all had their heads down black cloaks on hidding themselves.
"Who summoned us here?" One asked I stepped forward looking at them, the fire stopped as I walked out of the circle towards them.
"I did, An angel killed my aunt, which means that the war has started again. We need help, please." I said, the one who asked stepped forward taking his hood off showing a middle aged man.
"Don't worry dear, we'll protect you and your friends" he said, the others took of their hoods as well showing all of the shadow born, they ushered us in to the house.
"What do you need us to do?" Yunho asked as we sat down on the sofa, the others sitting around us, the new shadow born grabbed things from the garden.
"What you need to do is stay here and look after your friends protect them, we will handle the angels" the man said, I looked over at Yunho as we both frowned.
"We will leave now keep safe" one of the women said to us as they all left outside the door, leaving the rest of us sitting in the living room in silence.
❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖
I paced back and forth across the living room, San, Wooyoung and Seonghwa watched me as the rest just stayed silent, Yunho stood up grabbing my shoulders and stopped me.
"Calm down it'll be fine, just breath okay" Yunho said, I nodded sighing and sitting down on the sofa inbetween San and Wooyoung, I layed my head down on Wooyoung's shoulder as San rubbed my arm.
"I just have a bad feeling" I said sighing as I rubbed my eyes, still emotional about auntie death, as we sat in silence Wooyoung stood up and walked to the window along with Hongjoon and Yeosang.
Just then the window smashed broken glass flying everywhere, I bent down covering my face while San protected me as well, we all look up seeing that Wooyoung, Yeosang and Hongjoon are all laying on the floor covered in cuts.
I ran over to Wooyoung crouching next to him, he held on to his right thigh as he grunted in pain, I moved his hands away seeing a large bit of glass digging in to his thigh.
"Ok Wooyoung, look at me, on three I'm going to take this out and heal you ok" I told him, he nodded at me some tears at the corner of his eyes. I counted to three and pulled the glass out of his thigh, Wooyoung screamed in pain as blood ooed out of the open wound.
"Sh*t!, my magic isn't working!?" I said then grabbed the blanket ripping it and tying it around his thigh, looking over at Yeosang and Hongjoon seeing if they were ok, Seonghwa Mingi and Yunho helped them up, both still bleeding as well.
"What the hell was that?" Jongho asked looking out the now broken window, we all looked out, Wooyoung leaning against me as we saw out the window a figure in the distance.
"What is that?" Hongjoon asked rubbing his shoulder, I paled seeing an angel, I looked over at Yunho as we both started panicking.
"Oh that's not good, okay! Time to go!" Yunho yelled as he helped Wooyoung out the door, I grabbed the familiars following Yunho, Seonghwa and Mingi helped Yeosang out and San and Jongho helped Hongjoon.
"Guy's he is coming after us!" Wooyoung yelled, Seonghwa then let go of Yeosang, Mingi holding him up, Seonghwa went to leave but I quickly grabbed him.
"Where do you think your going?" I asked him, Seonghwa stopped looking down at me a small smile on his face.
"You all go on ahead, I'll deal with him" Seonghwa said nodding over to the angel getting closer to us, Seonghwa kissed my head walking off, I tried to grab him again but I was pulled back by someone.
"Let him go" San whispered in my ear, hearing that I started screaming for Seonghwa to come back, Yunho came up to me letting San help Wooyoung while Yunho picked me up carrying me away from what was going to happen.
"Don't look, keep your eyes forward" Yunho repeated to me as we rushed away, I looked behind me seeing Seonghwa collapse to the floor a lot of blood splattered everywhere.
"NO!" I screamed struggling against Yunho as I tried to run back to Seonghwa, not believing him to now be dead too.
"Yn! STOP! I'M sorry but he's gone, look we need to get the others to safety okay, can you focus on that?" Yunho said to me looking in to my eyes, I closed my eyes taking a breath, then nodded.
We all started to running but the angel appeared infront of us stopping us in our tracks, Leviathan flew over to the angel pecking at him as Vinegar Tom slithered over to the angel, wrapping around him and squeezing the life out of him then biting the angel over and over again.
As the angel was distracted we ran off in to town, getting behind one of the stores we collapsed to the floor out of breath, I sat against the wall with Wooyoung checking on his thigh, putting my hand on his shoulder he looked up at me.
"How are you holding up?" I asked, Wooyoung chuckled resting his head on my shoulder, I stroked his head kissing it as I hugged him closer to me, Yunho and Mingi checked on Hongjoon and Yeosang seeing how they're cuts were.
"That's pretty bad- Uh I mean it's fine totally fine" Mingi said looking over Hongjoong's back until Yunho hit his arm to stop Hongjoong from worrying.
"I really don't feel well, can you just tell me how bad it is" Hongjoong said looking over at me, I nodded getting up to take a look at his back.
I grimaced at the sight of it, I looked up to Yunho and Mingi as they shook their heads at me, I sighed as I turning to Hongjoong again, he looked up at me waiting.
"I'm so sorry Hongjoong, it's quite bad. If we don't get it healed now you will lose to much blood" I told him, he looked down taking the information in and nodded standing up.
"Ok let's get help then" he said as he looked between all of us, looking at Wooyoung and Yeosang asking if they were alright to get going they both nodded.
"Uh leaving is a great idea since he is back!" Jongho said pointing out the angel, the man came storming towards us a glear on his face as he brought out a crossbow, I quickly helped Wooyoung up with San's help, Jongho helped Yeosang up and Yunho helped Hongjoong.
"Mingi? Where are you going?" Yunho stopped watching Mingi walk towards the fuming angel. "You guy's head off, I'll hold him back" Mingi said light forming from his hands.
"Mingi no don't!" Yunho yelled, I looked down knowing that Mingi wasn't going to make it either, I grabbed Yunho's hand, he looked over at me tears in his eyes.
"We've got to leave him" I whispered to him, Yunho looked back at Mingi, I got Yunho attention back a we telephoned away from the alley behind the shop.
❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖
As we all telaported I fell to the floor with a thump, looking up seeing trees surrounded me. Looking to my left San was on the floor as well, getting up and walking over to help him up.
"Are you alright San?" I asked pulling him to his feet, he nodded his head rubbing the back of it, I turned around seeing Wooyoung struggling to get up, both San and I ran to help him.
"Guys! Come here! It's Hongjoong!" Jongho yelled, we looked over seeing Hongjoong just laying on the floor not moving.
"Hongjoong! Hey get up!" Wooyoung yelled at him shaking him, I knelt down checking his pulse, the guys looked at me as I shook my head.
"No this can't be happening" Jongho said as he started tearing up, San hugged him as Jongho cried. I leaned my head down my eyes getting teary again.
"This needs to end" I said standing up and walking around taking a look at where we are, I closed my eyes and took a breath to calm my power.
A flash of blue appeared in front of us as we all watched what was happening the angel appeared out of the blue light.
"Oh come on!" Wooyoung yelled as he tried getting up again, I walked forward towards the angel closing my eyes, I felt both hands being taken, looking up Yunho, San and Jongho all held hands with me as we stood in a line.
"Ego quaeritur de potestate sol et luna, quia illa potestas est ad nos commodare. nobis auxilium prohibere ad angelum meum qui praecedat." I chanted, Yunho following after.
Wooyoung and Yeosang sat beside us as we chanted louder, the angel pulled out his crossbow aiming it at the two. Jongho saw it first as he broke off with the connection and jumped in the way, the arrow plunging right through his chest.
Jongho fell to the floor blood pooling out of him, Wooyoung and Yeosang quickly got over to him to check if he was alright, the two stayed silent and we just knew at that moment Jongho was the next victim.
"quod exterminastis dolorem!" I yelled, the angel dropped to the floor holding his chest in pain, looking up he aimed the crossbow one more time and shot it.
The angel finally collapsed dead on the floor, I let go of San and Yunho hands as we ran over to Jongho, seeing him laying lifeless on the floor broke my heart, looking over at San seeing him crying over his cousin.
I saw Wooyoung struggle seeing him touch his stomach in pain, he moved his hand and my eyes widened as I saw his blood staining his shirt.
"Wooyoung!" I ran to him lifting his shirt seeing a huge hole in his stomach, I put my hands over putting pressure on it, I looked up seeing him really pale as he fell back to the floor.
"Wooyoung! Stay with me Wooyoung!" I begged tears blinding my sight, his hand placed on top of mine as he looked up at me smiling, he placed his hand on my cheek whipping away some tears, he opened his mouth to say something so I leaned down.
"I love you.." he said, I started sobbing my head against his as I kissed him, pulling away slowly his eyes were closed and pulse was gone, San wrapped his arms around me as we both cried now over Wooyoung's death too.
"The battle is over, but the lost was great, I do apologise for the loss of your friends" the shadow born said walking up to us the twelve others behind him.
"Can't you bring them back?" I asked looking up still in San's arms, they all said no with a soft whisper.
"We can make it easier for you to explain the deaths though" one of the women said as she lifted her hand, our surrounding changed as we were all back at the house.
Looking around Seonghwa, Mingi, Hongjoon, Jongho and Wooyoung all layed on the floor, the look of peace on their faces calm me a bit, Yeosang stumbled over to us as Yunho caught him sitting him down on the sofa.
"You know what to do from here" they said as all thirteen of them disappeared from the room, a few seconds later a siren was heard as we told the police about the men that broke in and killed our friends.
❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖
It was past midnight as I sat down on my bed Yunho was already asleep Yeosang and San staying over too. I couldn't sleep the images of them all dead I couldn't save them any of them.
There was a soft knock on my door as it opened revealing San as he walked in sitting next to me on the bed.
"Can't sleep either?" He asked, I shook my head leaning in to him as he hugged me, we both layed down as we cuddled. The night got calmer as we just layed there, San started playing with my hair.
"I love you" San mumbled in to my ear as I hummed at him turning to face him giving him a kiss, "I love you too" I whispered back to him, laying my head on his chest, I felt tears down my cheeks as I thought about Seonghwa and Wooyoung, I wonder if auntie knew all this was going to happen? I sighed closing my eyes as we both drifted off to sleep.
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coldkingcycle · a year ago
Aliquam MI Brand | Lotus oratio 莲花演说
writen by ZHOU Junjun
Tumblr media
Primum story
Trahere fessi quis venit in domum suam, eius uxorem interrogavit: "quam tam sero autem reversus est aliquis extra ??" De viro, subito sensit valde irata dixit ad uxorem suam: "? Non intellego quam ut 'postero die profecti sunt ut ingrederentur in rebus civilibus hendrerit mutata card ad ......
Secundum fabulam
Post genere, magister ei discipuli: "Si autem effectus, ut monere te mutatio scholarum, et erit valde difficilis ut autem." Home, mater accusatus puer tenens papers turn ferrum in ferro, dixit: "In paucis anno collegium ostium examen vides quid agis respicias experiri quam scholam quomodo euentura quam propediem eam "vespera nactus tutor inquit" !. docere totiens vos facitis malum est in ea? "nocte, alumni in domo misit se a tutela mortuus est in eodem loco, et non esset annorum sedecim annis ......
Tumblr media
In tertia historia
A decade studebat difficile, est schola celebre gangsters, nobilis conatibus aequum officium, in Interviewer dixit ei: "inducere te". Qui dixit: "ego ...... ah ...... ah ...... ego ......" in Interviewer dixit: "ego paenitet, placere postero." portae ex se, cubuit in pariete, ut iterum laceratum ......
In quarta historia
Parata ipsum mensem ficti diversas rationes Annual expectata diu tandem induxerat. Vestibulum sensim Praesidem arcessitos podium tortor attigit inventus fuerat in eloquium tribunal ingenti hominum vidit audientibus duorum radiantibus oculis suspirium subito sensit frigus sudores caput, ...... pedes potuit contremiscat medio decurrere migrationemque podium, tortor ponitur accidens cecidit turba subito excitatus fuit surdus risus. Omnino attonitus ne memineris argumento orationis paulo impeditis tussis bis inclinavit tollere tortor inquit "!! tyvm omnes manducare bene bibere gratiae» et fugis camelum terga vertentes descendat sedem properata tulerunt extergere linteo chartam sudoris sudore gravi corde micante diu non discuti auribus ......
Quintus historia
Business Roadshow SCENA, bigas ut totum mensem et suscepit circum horologium ad negotium consilio 200,000 fans sunt iam princeps viscositas, sperabo. Cum traditur in manus tortor ligula, facilisis, elit dixit: "In tres sententias explicare project tuam". Qui dixerunt: "Non est nobis uh ...... ...... est ......" obsido, dicebat: "Gratias tibi placere altera est. "discumbere erat conjuges amare miris deposuit caput et humeros surrexerunt et ......
Sextus historia
In antiquis temporibus, Jia est centum annorum Xu damnationem belli captus, Zhang Yi inrepit et lingua percutientium alteram ad Leones decies. Interpretatio historia a populo, a populo, a populo interpretationem sociali vita mutavit. Hodie prae omnibus rubrum machinae dum falsae omnia genera quaestionum esse, omne querellis dicimus quod ex homine. Respiciens die tertio quod - communicationis - fecit;
Nth story
"Lotus oratio 'a' eloquens ab heri vomitum Lotus", maxime describere Plebs imus, articulate, articulate, sicut pulchra lotos flos. Lotus sunt integritas, integritas, felix significatione. Ku nunc tolle cor 'Lotus oratio ", id est, si mundus et rectus incesseris corde viri: omnis homo bona verba dicere, ut populus tuus gaudebit tecum cor meum, curatores bene, inclusive etiam eu mores, fatum potius esse Shushun. Second Italica, forenses, possit articulate velut umbra, quasi bella.
In hoc heram celeriter mutato technology, mobile Internet altum in omni libro vitae nostrae, mutata est socialis viam nostram, videtur quod breve intervallum inter homines. Contrario modo «mutuae" quisque has a calidum topic facti sunt, qui sunt in actionibus prompti discere "motus intelligentia," "intelligentia;" "interpersonalem artes."
Ku dicitur hodie, in corde, et auxiliatus est ei, qui de millibus participantium, ob forenses pax, oratio inventa est disciplina, et saepe in via recti, non solum patitur esse plures homines bene solvere ea quae impediunt convenientia forenses, sed magis melius et negotium artes communicationis, relationes quoque una cum cotidie melius habere positivum. Hodie antiquis cor populi hujus mensis: Hucusque auxiliatus est millia propter communicationis, sermonis quoniam confusa negotiorum quae sollicitant homines. Hodie, omnes super regionem Lotus orationem quam primum-terno civitates, factus Sinis scriptor interactive grauissimi sermonis disciplina instituta, studentibus multum laudem.
Gu Yue pectore annis duodecim, totis viribus et industria dolor communicatione orationis causa in posterum semper ...... iustus prodesse voluit plus solvendum communicationis problems ut non propter communicationem quaestiones familiaris iactura communicatio quaestiones amittere tempus volutpat communicationis nolite diffidere quia communicatio quaestiones mittere non errasse poeniteat.
 沟通,让你学会怎么好好生活;沟通,让你学会怎么面对他人;沟通,让你学会怎么认识自己;沟通,让你学会怎样把握机会;沟通,改变命运,演讲,改变人生……古月今心说:人一生,学会好好说话,你会发现满是惊喜 。 提升演讲,做一个懂得一对多、一对一沟通的人。
Communication, ita ut discas quam vivere bonum vitae, communicationis, ut et tu discas quam facies aliorum, communicationis, ut et tu discas quam scire se, communicationis, ut et tu discas quam ad capere occasionem, communicationis, mutare fata oratione, nostram vitam quae transfigurat ...... Ku hoc animo: persona est scriptor vitae discat bene loqui: et invenies plena obrepserit. Augendae presentations, facere multa scire-unum-persona communicationis.
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Ritual Chant of Self Empowerment - DB Salazar
Hail Satan, for he is the embodiment of truth and wisdom.
In wisdom do I find strength, in truth do I find power.
I am a child of the dark, for I am no slave to the will of others.
I am a Satanist, the true embodiment of human life, the enforcer of my own free will.
Only I can change the course of my future, through seeking knowledge and wisdom will I find my path.
I will not encroach upon the freedom of others, as to not forgoe my own.
I am a Satanist, the true embodiment of human life.
I will seek justice, passion and balance.
I will enforce my own free will.
I will follow the path of wisdom to seek higher knowledge.
For I am a Satanist and I will not bow down to any king or god.
As above, so below
Hail Satan
“Ave Satanas, ipse enim est formam veritatem et sapientiam.
In sapientia invenio fortitudo, in veritate invenio virtus.
Puer ego sum tenebris, quia non sum servus erit de aliis.
Ego Satanist, veram formam humanae vitae, enforcer meum liberum arbitrium. Tantum possum mutare cursum meum futurum, per quaerens scientia et sapientia, ego invenire semitam meam in via.
Non intercedere super libertate aliorum, ut non forgoe mea.
Ego Satanist, veram formam humanae vitae.
Ego quaerere iustitiam, passionis et statera.
Ego exigendum mea libero. Sequar viam sapientiae quaerere superiori scientia. Ego enim sum Satanist et non adoretis quis rex vel deus.
Quod superius, sicut inferius
Ave Satanas
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dionysus-complex · a year ago
I posted a brief excerpt of this a few weeks ago but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this heartbreaking passage from the prologue of Tacitus’ Agricola (1.2-3) about surviving the rule of Domitian, and I finally decided to post it here in full (the translation is mine, and Tacitus is difficult to translate literally but I hope that I’ve captured the sense and a little bit of his style because it’s quite beautiful): 
Memoriam quoque ipsam cum voce perdidissemus, si tam in nostra potestate esset oblivisci quam tacere.
Nunc demum redit animus; et quamquam primo statim beatissimi saeculi ortu Nerva Caesar res olim dissociabilis miscuerit, principatum ac libertatem, augeatque cotidie felicitatem temporum Nerva Traianus, nec spem modo ac votum securitas publica, sed ipsius voti fiduciam ac robur adsumpserit, natura tamen infirmitatis humanae tardiora sunt remedia quam mala; et ut corpora nostra lente augescunt, cito extinguuntur, sic ingenia studiaque oppresseris facilius quam revocaveris: subit quippe etiam ipsius inertiae dulcedo, et invisa primo desidia postremo amatur. Quid, si per quindecim annos, grande mortalis aevi spatium, multi fortuitis casibus, promptissimus quisque saevitia principis interciderunt, pauci et, ut ita dixerim, non modo aliorum sed etiam nostri superstites sumus, exemptis e media vita tot annis, quibus iuvenes ad senectutem, senes prope ad ipsos exactae aetatis terminos per silentium venimus?
We would have lost memory itself along with our voice, if it had been in our power to forget as much as it was to keep silent. 
Now at last our spirit is returning; and immediately from the first dawn of this blessed era Nerva Caesar mixed together things once incompatible, the Principate and liberty, and Nerva Trajan increases the happiness of the times each day, and the public composure has not only taken up hopes and prayers, but faith in prayer itself and confidence. 
Nevertheless, it is the nature of human frailty that remedies are slower than maladies; and just as our bodies grow slowly but are extinguished in a brief moment, so too will you find it easier to crush talents and passions than to revive them. For there is also a kind of pleasantness in languor itself, and the idleness which we hated at first finally comes to be loved. What about the fact that, if through fifteen years, a great period of a mortal lifespan, many fell to accidents of chance, while the bravest were cut short by the cruelty of the emperor, a few of us remain and we are, if I might say, survivors not only of other people but even of ourselves? So many years have been taken away from the middle of our lives - years in which those of us who were young have come to old age, and those who were already old have arrived nearly at the very endpoints of their waning lives - in silence.
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ediitor · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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forlornalbatross · 14 days ago
“I love you is a good thing to say if you can mean it”
Neil Gaiman - American Gods
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basimagrio · 4 months ago
kendimden asiri derecede 2. erkek vibei aliorum boyle mutlu edicem guldurcem sonra beni secmicek kalicam oyle cunku yeterince cool zengin badboy (🤢) degilim tam olarak ben
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