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Young Betta albimarginata

You can see that this particular male has been sparring because of the splits in his caudal fin. Certainly doesn’t stop him, though.

You can also see two bettas in the lower picture posturing, too.

At this point, I’ve had one successful spawn and have another male holding (these pictures were taken before then). If the male is still holding in another 5 days, I will remove him just like the first.

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A fun little update, I got a pet betta! Please enjoy my little guy’s origin story!

Just talking about him makes me very happy, so this is going to be a longer post with plenty of pics! So I apologize in advance for how long this is probably going to be. ^-^ (I’m on mobile at the moment so I’ll work on getting a “read more” break soon)

(Also, since it’s been a while since I’ve had a betta, if anyone has any tips, I’m all ears! I’m want to give my little guy the best life possible!)

So, with COVID-19, my mom had to pick our foster cats up from PetSmart, as they closed their adoption centers until further notice. (We foster cats/kittens for our animal shelter, and are the ones who keep eligible shelter cats in the cages at our local PetSmart) Mom’s signing the cats out, as I’m wandering in the store and I stoped in front of the bettas.

Small pause to say, bettas are my favorite fish and I had owned a betta many many, years ago, and really wanted another one after he passed away. At that time, we were moving, and with the cats, it just wasn’t a good idea. And life got crazy. Just recently, I finally had my room (organized mess) to a point that I could get one if I wanted to because it was clean-ish, the feral cats only stay in enclosures, and my mellow cat, Lewis Carroll, is the only cat allowed to free roam in there (because all the other cats are crazy, and if something in my room is not where I know where I put it, a meltdown is eminent). No danger for the fish, all I needed was to find the right betta, I’d know him/her when I met them. No rush.

Back to last Tuesday. I’m looking, and there’s all the pretty colorful bettas in the front, the cheapest tiny ones on the lowest shelves. (Completely unrelated note, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen a Koi Betta and they’re very cool looking!) In the very back, on one shelf, was this absolute gorgeous crowntail!(well, gorgeous to me, anyway, as when I was checking out, the cashier gave an “if you say so” when I said he was adorable)


The picture doesn’t show it very well, but he did have some reddish splotches scattered randomly in the yellowish orange.

I bought the necessities and tank decorations, as I had a 3gal tank, just nothing to put in it!

Now, for people who are reading this as my first post, I’m a haunter (scare actor at the haunted attraction, Arx Mortis), and love the horror genre. I love the Saw franchise as I appreciate all the practical effects, and the first film is one of my favorite movies of all time. So it should be no surprise that I named him Kramer, with the nickname Jigsaw, after John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer.

What makes things even funnier? Take a look at his tank:


Into the tank Kramer goes, after getting him adjusted to the temp, of course. He kinda hides out in the back, which is fine, he’s just had a huge change in environment, I get it.

The next day he’s swimming around more, and he’s developing more red coloring and wow, he’s so pretty! Obviously I’m taking plenty of pictures of him. And I turn my phone and show him the pictures of himself, and he just kinda floats there, just staring. Not puffing up to look intimidating at all. Just looking at himself.

On day 3, I walk up to his tank and give my usual “Morning, Kramer!” And start talking to him. He swims up close to me and is swimming around looking all happy and blowing bubbles! Later that night, I walk in my room and feeding the ferals when I notice him staring at me.


I’m like, “hey jigsaw! How’s it going?” As he’s being his adorable self. So I pull my phone out, and he just looks so excited!


Also, this:


Look at how red he is now!! He’s so adorable!!

Im sure there’ll be plenty more pictures to come!

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I’ve been a bit distant from fishblr lately…

And a few days ago, I had to tear down my aquarium after my betta, Dæmon, died. The whole ordeal has had me in a nostalgic mood. I was wondering if people could reblog this post with pictures of their fish so I could get to know everyone again, or maybe some tank pictures for inspiration? A lot of things have changed, and I’m really hoping to catch up! :)

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Do you have any odd ball fish youd like to have a tank for at some point?

Hmm. None really come to mind, but before you call me a fake let me give you an explanation as to why I like Betta fish so much (even though you didn’t ask for it):

As a genetics person, I love Betta splendens. I have a lot of reasons, from “they helped me get into college and gave me an introduction to research, which has been a huge influence on my life,” to “I love the companionship and being able to care for something so I remember to take care of myself.”

However, another less personal reason I love betta fish is that they look like freaking art man. This… this thing is alive, it’s a living freaking rainbow. The variation in fin type, in patterns, even in scaling is just WOW! I mean, if you need proof that humans can play God, here it is. Yes, betta fish are genetic disasters. They have tumors and cannibalize their own fins and go blind, but damn they can also be so resilient in those little bowls for so long! They have fiery little personalities and I swear they are angry enough about their creation that they will tell the world themselves if they ever get the chance to.

I have been on aquabid the past few days, man. I have seen the most distorted, hunched spines and fins twice the size of the bodies of these fish. I have seen a fish in every freaking color. Yes, the first two are detrimental and I believe it is the responsibility of the buyer to not purchase fish with deformities so breeders are forced to hold themselves to a higher standard (another rant for another time) but my point is that these fish are alive, and if I learned about them from a tumblr post today, I would think someone is lying to me because how does an organism like this exist?

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