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#dimension 20 the seven
urmaj35ty · 2 days ago
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so much happened last episode but i ceased all higher brain function the moment brennan said ‘masquerade’
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charlilil · a day ago
I’m not sure what this would be classified as but here’s a Sam video! I keep hearing this song on tiktok and keep thinking of her so…
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colombinna · 2 days ago
Erika "Three Times d20 Veteran" Ishii asking about exits and plants because they know what scenery sounds exactly like a battlemap
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i-am-corbin-dallas · 2 days ago
How i imagine the marriage conversation plays out
O: "No, no hear me out! I marry Katja, Penny marries Sam, Antiope marries Zelda, and Yelle... Wait no"
Y:"What if, I marry Zelda, Penny and Antiope get married, Sam marries Ostey, and then Katja. Fuck. How can we make this work?"
P:"I heard plural marriages were legal on Leviathan!"
Z:"Yeah, but thats just a pirate wedding, its not recognized in other countries."
S:"Wait, guys... If we get married, would our group name change to The Seven Brides?"
K:"Would we have to consumate our marriage?"
K:"I'm just saying, we can't stay maidens forever... Can we?"
O:"If we join Kristens old church we can become nuns and be married to Sol..."
A:"Yeah, that's for sure not happening."
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calico-and-lace · 2 days ago
part four of the seven laughing: erika
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blandview · 2 days ago
so when are we going to do an oceans 8 au for the seven because
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Tumblr media
The Seven is the first fandom to make me actively want to draw fanart in years and of course I’m gonna draw fanart of the magical horses! First up is Katja’s Cinnanon, who I based off of a Quarter Horse, a breed known to be friendly, willing to please, and versatile. Also featuring lovely calligraphy from my wife @toriasimmons
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heythatsmika · a month ago
i imagine a board room meeting where they were trying to decide what to do for the next dimension 20 season and brennan just slammed his fist on the table and said "women."
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d20brainrot · 9 days ago
baron from the baronies haunts us all
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Aabria: You said mirrors and the Baronies and I got concerned.
also who knew hearing erika say "romænce partner" was gonna be everything
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Tumblr media
Persephone: I swear to god, if a romance partner comes, I'ma leave.
Erika(in Baron voice): A "romance partner."
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trackeroshaughnessey · 25 days ago
ok i DESPERATELY need an adventure with becca's penny and murph's riz. even if its just a one-shot, i just KNOW their energies would be amazing
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agenderelf · 10 days ago
Brennan: *mentions the Baronies*
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colombinna · a day ago
okay but what if we got a few bonus the seven scenes that are just their stories during Fantasy High Freshmen Year but from their point of view. Like.
Ostentatia at her house party suddenly finding out her best friend is a bitch, or Sam. Oh my god oR SAM. And her whole thing with Johnny Spells and Penelope. And what was going through Penny's mind during the arcade fight JESUS CHRIST.
How about that huh.
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calico-and-lace · a month ago
you’re telling me this adventuring museum has the bad kids in it????
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sad0nion · a month ago
one thing i love about The Seven so far is just... how many times they say 'i love you' to each other. and they all kinda have different ways of saying it, but all with the same immense emotion behind it.
Antiope says it with care and understanding.
Danielle says it like 'of course, i love you', like it's a given.
Katja says it with sadness and hope and heart.
Sam says it with fierceness and passion.
Penny says it with positivity and happiness.
Ostentatia says it with intensity and force, 'i LOVE you'.
and Zelda says it with shyness but total trust in her friends.
telling people you love that you love them is such an important thing and to see them really embrace that just makes me very happy
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eury--dice · a month ago
i am so glad that rekha decided to deliver this season’s worth of emotional devastation in a horse girl who smiles after saying the most heartbreaking shit like it’s nothing
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