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#gaim ot3
asknarashikari · 29 days ago
Gaim Fantasy AU idea: Kouta and Mai are a pair of gods who fell in love with their high priest Micchy (who also happens to be the younger brother of the king) and Kaito is the exasperated royal guard who really wishes those two would stop giving the king so many headaches and heartattacks. (But really Kaito just uses it as an excuse to fight a god.)
Oh wow this is <3
I can totally imagine Kouta and Mai trying to court (*cough seduce cough*) Micchy by coaxing him into private meetings and such. At first they talk about serious stuff, like the kingdom’s affairs and religious events and whatnot. But as they get him to ease up around them they start being a bit more bold with their advances. By the time Micchy realizes he’s being wined and dined by his own god and goddess, he’s basically tied around their fingers too lol.
Takatora... oh poor man. He’s got a kingdom to run, and now his baby brother got himself entangled with their gods. While he does see the advantage of having the gods as possible familial ties as a king, he can’t help but worry for Micchy’s happiness. 
And Kaito wanting to straight up fight a god and using “protecting the high priest/prince at all costs” as an excuse is such a Kaito thing to do.
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asknarashikari · 22 days ago Minific of Micchy receiving a suprise visit on his birthday?
Wait... he's only 25? What? I could've sworn he was older?? Gaim was 8 years ago... So he was 17 in that?
What wait cannot compute... Well, I mean, I did, but... he’s younger than I expected him to be...
Micchy didn’t really expect anything special to happen on his birthday, not these last couple of years at least. 
Sure, his brother would make sure to celebrate with him, taking the day off just to spend time with him. And he would also spend some time with his friends from the dance troupes, who would even go out of their way to surprise him with a party every year even though he’d insisted on not having one. Honestly, he appreciated everything they did to make his birthday special.
But... it hadn’t been the same, not without them.
Of course, they would visit him in his dreams, that very night, and spend every minute they possibly could with him. But Micchy almost always woke up the next day wanting more than just a night of the sweetest dreams with them, wanting to wake and see them, feel them by his side. He knew that their duty to keep the Invess appeased enough to not invade Earth once more was more important than his silly birthday wish, so he kept mum, year after year after year.
Which is why, when he woke up on his birthday with both Kouta and Mai on either side of him in his bed, looking down at him with amused smiles on their faces, humming the birthday song to him, he honestly thought he had somehow slept through the whole day and was dreaming again. 
Kouta obviously read his mind, because he reached out and flicked his forehead teasingly. “You’re not dreaming, Micchy. We really are here.”
Micchy blinked at them blearily, rubbing at the spot Kouta flicked. “What... But why? Shouldn’t you guys be Helheim? Why aren’t you-”
“To celebrate your birthday with you, silly,” Mai chided. “You didn’t really think we’d let another birthday pass without visiting, our sweet Micchy?”
She leaned down to kiss him, and Micchy quickly lost his his train of thought, thoroughly distracted by the goddess- no, his goddess- kissing his brains out. By the time Mai pulled back, Micchy was pretty sure that he was wide awake, in more ways than one. 
“Mai-san... Kouta-san...” he gasped as the two crawled over him. “What are you two...”
“Shh, Micchy.” Kouta hushed him. “It’s your birthday, isn’t it? So let’s celebrate it properly for once...”
(Micchy would come to regret that celebration when he walked into his own birthday party with a limp, two rather smug gods as his dates, and a re-traumatized older brother.)
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asknarashikari · a month ago
Minific of team gaim (the dancers, not the riders) taking turns using koutas musou saber to play irl fruit ninja?
I- I’d like to think that even if Kouta wasn’t responsible enough to keep his weapons out of someone else’s hands that Mai or Micchy (after he be done with his yandere phase) would be... like... I’m pretty sure they can keep at least Gaim in line, because Kouta sure as hell can’t 
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