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#green team

Late and very messy Halloween doodles with the green team! Obligatory ‘dressing up as each other’ shenanigans ensue

Also just realized that if they were an actual team, their name would be OOP. And that’s the best name a team could ever have.

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In my last post, someone wanted Ozzy to give the kiddos some magic lessons and I think he’s totally the kind of guy to switch randomly between being patient and just throwing people into the deep end.

Also, if you saw this before, no you didnt. (Repost cause I forgot Penny’s magic eyes 😭) maybe I’ll continue this. If I have the energy.

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I just woke up from a dream I was playing DK64 except during the final battle with K. Rool in the boxing ring he suddenly interrupts the battle to announce that he has recruited a new partner and it’s Fawful flying in with rocket powered shoes and a ray gun in each hand while both of them laugh maniacally.

I think that was the most amazing boss battle I’ve ever fought and it was in a DREAM. EVEN THE MUSIC WAS GOOD AND NOW I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO HEAR IT AGAIN—

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Whoops sorry this took a bit, life is chaotic and The Green Team require my full attention, much like how they Demand Attention from each other.

As always, I have a (fairly short!) additional relevant meta hammered out by yours truly, but that was from ye olden days before veth got turned back and i think before fjord abandoned his texan ways.

Honestly though? I’m not sure much has changed, although the mutual “what the fuck is their deal” i mention in the previous meta has uh, been cleared up a bit? In that: 

- Veth can now look at Fjord and be like: oh he’s NOT unnaturally smooth. He’s a dork. He’s a dork who panics all the time and is constantly trying so hard to be competent and calm and smooth that it comes off correctly. He cares so much all the time about what other people think.

- Fjord can now look at Veth and go: Oh well of course she wasn’t trying to gel with the rest of the group, her priority wasn’t us, it was her family. Like her child. And Caleb. Of course she was scared of water. Also she does not give a Flying Fuck about making other people like her, but she will go feral for her loved ones. And if she just feels like it.

- And then they, both aware of all this, can go: Okay, now I’m going to continue giving them shit.

Which. Like. Cmon. Hilarious. Wonderful. Admittedly at least a portion of their banter can be attributed to Sam and Travis giving each other shit, but enough of it is definitely meant to be, like, Veth and Fjord. Constantly making snide comments or dunking on each other, and fantastic. I’m looking forward to the day that the compilation of their friendship is made- quick cuts between them hugging each other and screaming as a huge turtle approaches, “what’s your mothers name??”, “tell fjord he killed me”, “veth don’t you have some super cool insta kill rogue ability”, “if you make a comment about my strength i will throw you in the lava” “well, you couldn’t”.

(Also, while I’m here- that scene? Where Fjord is finally left vulnerable, no more masks left, all secrets out on the table? And Nott ribs him about strength and mourns his cool accent, and treats him exactly the same- because that was important to Fjord! It was vital, because Fjord had been so scared that the moment everything was revealed, the Nein would toss him aside. And here was Nott, treating him exactly the same- slightly rudely, giving him shit, making jabs. Nott saying: “This changes absolutely nothing in the way I view or treat you, you nerd.” and that is. So damn meaningful.)

And you know what, that scene is even more important because. Usually they don’t really get each other. Even now. I think sometimes their blows still land a little under the belt. (Veth saying “You were so much cooler before” comes to mind).

They are still prickly and clash occasionally over methods and miscommunicate, and I think that inherently, the part of Fjord that automatically facades to appeal and charm everyone he meets, and the part of Veth that does not give a Fuck about pleasing people other than who she decides are Important, will never truly gel. 

And that’s okay! That’s part of the beauty of it. It’s Fjord “We are All One Crew” and Veth “Its Me And Mine” not really fully comprehending each other and being on the same side anyway. It’s the dichotomy of Veth going “you are part of My People now, with everything that entails”, and Fjord going “I am okay with making a fool of myself in front of you and taking all your ribbing with good humor.” They don’t get each other. They do these things against their nature anyway. That’s so good, isn’t it? That’s so damn good.

Anyway so I’m ending it with the reminder of the e94 

“Nott doesn’t seem to care about me, but I care about her, thats okay.” *petulantly* “I care about you, Fjord.” 

“Tell me that again.” 

*with a deep eye roll* “I care about you, Fjord.”


“I’m sorry for always calling you weak, but its because I know you’re strong enough to take it.” 


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Amanda: Guinness and Lamb stew, the only thing she thing she’s likes about the O’Neill family is their amazingly tender and thick Guinness and lamb stew which her uncle taught her to cook. Suprisingly, she’s pretty good at making it and it’s an good excuse she has to be anywhere even near an alcoholic drink .

Constanze: Black Forest cake, though she doesn’t get to eat it offen, she loves it when her mother bakes them and sometimes will go to a nearby cake shop in town and buy some to share with the team (she gets full easily) though it’s never the same as her mother’s one.

Jasminka: Pancakes, though she loves all food equally, she LOVES pancakes and the idea of a fluffy stack of sweetness and happiness.

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It’s green squad time!

  • All three members of green team like video games! Constanze actually has a cool gaming set up that she’s put in the dorm. You can usually find Amanda playing a whole range of games from Mortal Kombat to Wii sports (for the memes of course). Constanze can usually be found playing either COD or retro 8-bit RPGs. Everyone thinks Jasminka plays Cooking Mama only but she’s actually REALLY good at fighting games! They like inviting the others sometimes to play Mariokart with them (Mario Party was banned after friendships and relationships got tested to the max).
  • As a team consisting of a non-stop eating comfort friend, a tiny mute engineering kiddo with an extremely long name and a delinquent lesbian jock, they get picked on and bullied a bit. Because of this, Amanda has become quite sensitive to bullying and will stand up for ANYONE who is being bullied even if its not someone from her team or even one of her friends. After she shows up, people usually stop messing around with whoever they are picking on and if they don’t, they usually make a huge mistake wanting to fight her which usually ends with both Amanda and the bully in the infirmary though the bully is usually way worse off than Amanda thanks to her ability to be able to decently fight (which usually gets her in trouble)
  • Jasminka once had a crazy idea that she decided to get the other team members to join her in. Buying one of EVERYTHING in a candy store and eating it all. Needless to say, Conz and Amanda felt sick the next day whilst Jas was completely fine.
  • Constanze has a full illegal firearms arsenal in her workshop that she has completely safed up. She jokingly says it’s so she can Amanda-proof them (which is partially true) though mostly, it’s so she doesn’t end up becoming the tiniest and most wanted criminal in the area.
  • Green team once tried to host a food fight in the cafeteria which all three of them had a part in planning though they all got sent to detention after Finnelan discovered their plan
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Guess who got their hands on some offical LWA: The enchanted parade key frame scans!


These key frame scans (obviously not the real drawn frames) were given out at the film’s premiere in 2015 in Japan. The frames also came in an offical TRIGGER folder!

I plan on framing the frames in my room so I’ll post a pic of that once they’re all framed up


I also got a small book with storyboard art from episode 16, 17 and 18!

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-Constanze runs it, but Amanda and Jasminka are in on it too. Amanda’s there runner- she helps people smuggle larger quantities in for a small tax, and Jasminka is their hitman; anyone who dares snitch will face her wrath. 

-If you want in on it, you’re under Constanzes watchful radar- she’ll quickly learn everything about you, from you name, number, classrank, to your bloodtype. 

-Rather than making money, all currency works on a trade system in the form of goods; kind of like an older, more tribal system. Since there aren’t more than 200 Students at Luna Nova at first, this is very easy to maintain, but gets harder to handle after more students enroll when Akko and Diana bring back magic. Fights and territory disputes run rampant when a younger group of witches try to take over the system.

-Constanze puts them in their place though. The green team is feared by all who dare infringe on their business endeavors. 

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