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lorge teeth (im an idiot and deleted this on accident asdfg)

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Been playing Fallout 4 for almost a week now and I found the Vault Tec Rep who sold us our spot in the vault. He works for me now and is happy.

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that… is a very good question lmao

let’s see first we have black haired human kaneki, white haired tortured ghoul kaneki, centipede kaneki, sasaki haise, black reaper kaneki, one eyed king kaneki……. i wonder if i missed any hahaha

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the girl hums random songs. the problem is, she doesn’t know what song she’s humming because she picked it up from kobra and ghoul, who always have some sort of song in their head, and now she’s perpetually stuck in the cycle of “i’ve heard that, where have i heard that?”

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Aether: Is xe always like that when he loses?

Terzo: You should have been here for the Great Jenga Tantrum of 2020.

Me: You bumped the table and you know it!

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thinking about how adam would have the perfect skill set to be a search-and-rescue medic (the Coolest™) once he graduated and how he end up didn’t. i am Vibrating.

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Evil AU productions (@tapefish) presents. Jet and Ghoul hcs

Jet star

  • Age: 21/22 
  • TWO rayguns, and a crack shot.  
  • Wears gloves 
  • Darling (derogatory)
  • Jet’s draws attention and is intimidating without really trying, his type of intimidation isn’t direct, less like a knife to your throat but more catching a flash of his tucked gun.
  • Owner of the trans am, it’s what he has left from his old crew.
  • Knew Newsagogo for a bit
  • Used to sticking it out on their own
  • Zone infamous! Their reputation has been building for a long time.

Fun Ghoul

  • Age: 19/18
  • Thinks everything is funny, especially if it’s really not. Behaves like this to throw people off.
  • Short + baby face + longer hair makes them look really young.  Is aware of this, and it gives them a lot more second chances than they deserve, even if it didn’t stop people from roughing them up
  • Like Party, they aim to be loud, flashy and intimidating, but for the purpose of keeping people away
  • Demolitions expert 
  • Jumped around between many crews before finally staying with the fabulous killjoys 
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ive never really clearly shown what fun ghoul’s scar looks like. so heres this! taking a laser to the face isnt fun

[Image ID: a shoulders-up digital drawing of fun ghoul, staring blankly ahead at the viewer. he’s wearing his canon yellow shirt and choker, with pierced ears and a lip ring. his bangs are pushed out of his face, revealing a patch of scarring that covers his right eye and cheek. the eye has no pupil, and is a lighter, duller brown than the other. his right ear is also slightly warped. End ID.]

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jet star headcanons. part one of a kajillion.

- jet is born into a loving family. hardworking parents- his mother, a hairdresser, his father, a car salesman. an older brother of whom teaches him all he needs to know. steadily, as there becomes less needs for his parents’ jobs in battery city, their funds decrease. they move to a smaller part of the city, a close-to-border town called jersey. in the nicest way possible, its a shithole. juvie halls and heavy crime, the streets patrolled either too much or too little. childhood isn’t easy.

- it doesn’t get any easier. his parents stretch their already low amount of money to take jet to a planetarium for his fifth birthday. its here, that his father tells him of his much too outlandish childhood fantasies of becoming an astronaut. of finding something new every day out in space, seeing the stars. even in the planetarium, jet can see the stars now but he wants to see them closer, up high, close and personal. he wants to do it for his dad. maybe he’ll take him with him some day. but it’s too late. on the way back, they’re ghosted, both parents and his brother. dracs thought they were going to sneak over the border. jet wishes they did.

- he doesn’t see another planetarium again, both because they- and other “unnecessary gathering grounds”- have been wiped clean from the city, and because jet star’s been living it up as a street rat. he does so for four years, somehow, ‘till he’s reported at nine and brought into a facility, one that trains you to be a kid soldier, a killer, a drac. jet escapes two years later.

- eleven. off to the zones. walking around for days straight until he sees any sign of life. unbeknownst to him, he’s walked through for zones, almost five. WKIL greets him. a man, one in a wheelchair, old and useless looking. jet’s not glad to see him, but he stays there anyway. stays for years while these people show him love he doesn’t accept and a life he doesn’t want to live. he doesn’t mind the freedom, he just wants a family, his family. no one can convince him that he has it.

- the only thing that makes his days better and sufferable is not a thing, but a person, maybe people if he’s being kind. show pony, and occasionally cherri cola. but show pony, quick witted and kind, sharp and sassy, full of energy. pony tries to teach him how to use roller skates. when he fails, they try something new. like wearing skirts, that goes south quick. what about painting? oh no, not at all. every day, it’s something new, a new adventure or activity, something bright and colorful. pony says he needs a little color. he begs to differ. sometimes, cherri, the eldest of the three, will drive them out, far along on route guano, far enough so they can scream. they stand, the three of them, under a blanket of stars and over soft sand, screaming and kicking and running 'round rapid 'till their hearts give out. jet’s always the loudest. doesn’t mean anything.

- sixteen. jet meets party poison and the kobra kid. he isn’t sure about them. the two don’t talk much, and the only way he knows they’re not mute is because of show pony, who must prod at them incessantly and report it back to him. jet thinks he’d rather hear it from them, anyway. even so, he doesn’t know if he wants to get wrapped up in that. fresh city kids, already trainwrecks. he’s heard that the youngest has nightmares, screams in his sleep, and that he’s reckless, too, always getting himself into shit. jet starts to think its purposeful after a while, the hurt, that the kid can never catch a break- afraid in his sleep and out, so he does what’s most accessible. getting himself hurt, involved in danger. he understands. he’s heard that the oldest is the worst though, party poison. that they’re an addict who can’t get their shit straight, thinking that they’re destined for some greater thing, some higher power. yeah right. jet thought he’d go to the moon one day, how’d that work out? pony never told him any of that, of course- they still want to give the two a chance. but jet, not so much.

- jet star should really start getting used to change. not more than a few months later, he’s sitting on the roof with pony, talking of nothing and everything. he’s craving some canned peaches. pony gets a transmission. kobra. kobra saying that poison’s wasted- not new- or that they might be wasted, he’s not sure- new, red flag- and that they’re talking about going back to the city- definitely a fucking red flag. pony and jet take the van. cherri and d ride along. it doesn’t take long to get there and read the room. poison’s yelling and kobra’s crying, and poison’s wearing that goddamn too-small jacket they never take off now. jet breaks it up. feeling small, like the kid alone in the planetarium, he doesn’t yell, but pleads. “i’ve been where you are, following things that are gone. i’ve been lonely too. but you aren’t like me. you have these people that love you, and you’re just going to leave them? you’d rather go back to a hell where no one knows your name, when the one thing i remember you ever telling me is that you want people to know who you are? you’re going to risk it all for that?”

- it doesn’t take long for poison to back down. they cry and go to kobra and they sit in the sand. cherri goes to them, then d, wheeling over, and pony looks at jet. looks at him, distraught but proud, quiet but loud, and jet nods. they go over, too. if this isn’t family, then what fucking is?

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I feel like i’ve talked quite a bit about how Ghoul doesn’t like to break things, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it at all or that explosives are the only way. What’s peculiar, though, is that it’s always his things that he breaks. It’s carelessly sweeping his tool and projects off the workshop’s table, it’s toppling racks that are his weight and a half, it’s ripping the few decorations in the room he’s come to consider something of his own, it’s throwing the little contraptions he’s soldered together at the ground without caring if they fall apart.

Ghoul doesn’t want to hurt those he cares about by destroying everything, but he has no qualms over destroying his own- afterall, that’s what he deserves for being a violent little shit, doesn’t he?

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you’re telling me that prince phillip isn’t fucking dead

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