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beebeetalk · 11 days ago
How many teeth did I break when opening the beer bottle cap?
Push the beer bottle into the cavity, and use the big teeth to pry up the tight bottle cap, and the romantic and suave temperament blows.
But teeth are not good for a thousand days. According to incomplete statistics, more than 7,000 alcoholics in the world break their teeth every year due to opening the caps of wine bottles.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edo, a young man from Algeria, still speaks a lot.
After failing to open the bottle with his teeth, his tooth fell accidentally.
Because he has no money to fill his teeth, he can only suffer the loss of hollowing out his gums every night, and regret his actions
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Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, no matter how hard it is, it cannot keep up with metal products.
This is the difference between humans and Wolverine, and the essential difference between natural products and man-made objects.
Gonzalez, 37, is a core member of the Hard Bones band and claims to be the hardest tough guy in Florida.
After the tour in Alachua County, he picked up a bottle of beer and put it in his mouth as usual.
As a result, the bottle of beer didn't give him a face, and he copied three teeth.
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"It must have been too much of the pickled cucumber last night, which caused it to loosen."
Gonzalez did not shed tears, but silently calculated in his heart that the income from this tour was not enough for him to inlay a tooth.
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"It's licking blood on the blade, dancing on the wire, why not invest in a decent corkscrew!"
"It may be cool to open a bottle with your teeth, but your dentist will not thank you." Singaporean dentist Tristan Peh said in his video.
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presidentiss · a year ago
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